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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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this is r t the international news broadcaster from moscow our top stories this monday night more than one hundred killed and many others wounded in iraq as militants stage a nationwide offensive just days after al qaeda vowed a violent comeback. and that terrorist group also deepens its roots next door in syria with a war torn state now under international scrutiny over what might happen to its chemical weapons. plus. the social networks have complied with around a thousand requests to hand over personal data this year alone despite users setting their info confidential. to reflect on the legacy of the soviet union in the rise of nationalism the supposedly multicultural you're up.
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jeffrey roberts professor at university college of ireland thank you very much for being with us today thank you so here in russia there are two dimensionally different takes on sterling some say he was a great guy who won the second world war and he actually gave the country an immense first another state at that actually he undermined the economy which led to the eventual collapse of the u.s.s.r. what's your take on that when stalin dog winston churchill was reported to have said that stalin found russia with a wooden and he left it with atomic bombs and i think that statement sums up
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stalin's achievement was to modernize the soviet union to urbanize is all you need to dust your life to solve it you need to build the foundations of a country that was able to withstand the germany in beijing in one nine hundred forty one and go on with a picture of fascism and also the foundations for you know the post-war role is to solve it you to a nuclear superpower. you know if russia is still a great country. with an important role to play in the world and enormous potential for the future it's because of the foundations that were late during stalin's time now having said that of course there could be lots of questions and discussions as to whether or not this modernization of russia had to have been as brutal as it was because of course started in my modernized russia but you know in the post-war russia the pre-war russia as well but starting was also responsible for the deaths
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of millions of people taken over. discussion about the cost you can have a discussion. about time tips about whether or not different courses of action and events would have been. perhaps more effective than the ones that are starving starving persued. but nevertheless in the end it's a historical fact that. the soviet union was successfully modernized under stalin albeit one i have a very brutal basis so the cause of the collapse really is to blame on other leaders they came after styling rather that what because that's just teleports my course is that the system that stalin built them which persisted off to his death ok when he died. some are more brutal aspects the system disappeared such as the mass terror but sensually it was still style the system but i system is a very defective system in many ways it was those defects in the end result. in the
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collapse and also the mentality you know that stalin sort of try to establish and said he needed the mentality that he left after his death was also to blame for the collapse at the end of the day you know well it depends what kind of mentality you're talking you know stalin was a communist he believed in in socialism he believed in a communist utopia he believed in the soviet system he believed that the soviet union was a model for the whole the whole world know one doesn't have to agree with his beliefs for that reason but one has to recognize the power of. the power of everything was very very important in the historical development of the sort you before starting with a life and then subsequently because what happens is gold which of comes along and he questions and challenges that traditional soviet self image and attempts to reform the system inquire radical what and the result of course is the. the
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eventual collapse of the system talking about sterling as a political figure i guess people in the west mostly know him as the man who lacked fresh air to win the second world war see here for us at home there is no doubt that we won the war and without russia second world war would not have been won are there doubts in the west about that and how is there a genuine interest actually in the west to really find out about the role of russia and how it really wrecked the war today while there are people in the west who would want to do more to russia the soviet union's role in winning the second world war well because it's uncomfortable true for them to face up to this all for a terrier socialist communist regime under this dictator stalin was responsible for tito to defeat a few of our men and in fact was responsible for as opposed to nazis well the the
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the those kind of people also tend to have the view that there was no great difference between naziism and communism in that started in that were just as bad as each other but i don't think that would be the most prevalent view of the most prevalent view will be one of the would recognize the differences between nazis and communism and the differences between hitler and starred in that hitler was a far more dangerous dictator for the world than starving ever was so i think and i think there is now there is creasing recognition of the soviet role in winning the war and of course there are always people who want to present a different view present a distorted view of events of the second world war so you are someone who knows a lot about it and who studied stalin you wouldn't say that at this point in the west there is a deficit of knowledge about stalin and his world and russians role in world war two but there's always a deficit of historical knowledge as deficit of knowledge about the world not just in the west also in russia
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a. but you know i don't think that deficit is to grow. as i said i think there is now a days much much greater recognition of the soviet role in the second recognition of the soviet role in the second world war more recognition than people in russia actually recognize because to what your science moves something the russians royce saying to me why why don't they recognize our rolling when the sun will go on our side to actually most people most people do particularly since the end of the cold war during the cold war there was your logical struggle going on and thought that i'd look was an effort by western cold warriors to didn't know i the reality of the soviet role in defeating nazi germany and their western cold war is to the existing they're still making the same kind of arguments but they're not as widespread and effective as the east but yet you think that people from that war are still alive
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and the memories of that war are still so fresh you'd think that would learn our lesson but then you see these huge nationalist pressing up in europe what's to blame what that that that's that's not the extreme right movement in europe ultranationalist in the national general is not a new phenomenon or recently now it's true that recently. the political influence of national nationals of its very strong particularly the more extreme forms has grown in various countries of europe. i think that has mostly to do with the economic and political problems that europe is. facing at the moment which poses a dollar for it to know the whole future of the european union i think is also we've thought you know as time goes on the war you know received from many memory becomes a much more distant event and the more time elapses. the more possibilities there
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offer people to europe which. distorted accounts. of the war so i think it's partly a function of of the distance we've actually traveled from war to partly explains. this development of nationalism out for national russians and in europe but then because the moment the main reason it's to do with contemporary politics i know an economics. history now and that's that's not to say that history isn't important of course because there are many many lessons of history which are open to the contemporary crisis seem relieved this the worst crisis that here are right now is experiencing if that is to last or get worse that will also. but it would also incite that they rise of more national nationalist sentiment i think there is there is a great danger of that if the eurozone collapses if the e.u. collapses the most likely. it will be replaced by different forms of
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nationalism. questions will forms and i sense some extreme and dangerous take on herself i think there are great thank you because that's the historical lesson of what happened before the second world war particularly in the nineteen for that is where you had a similar crisis that will be going on the result. of the rise of notions of extreme nationalism in europe and. the emergence of a number of the four terrible fractures. so that so the less there is the historical lesson there is that there is a great danger of that development i don't see is by any means being. simple i think the difference between now and then is that democratic culture democratic institutions are much stronger in europe than they were before the second world war so i'm confident i'm hopeful that european democracy kinds of its current
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crisis do you think talking about democratic institutions to think that a politician with anti-democratic means could rise to power through those democratic institutes what that that's exactly what happened in the case of hitler didn't it and that's what happened in a number of other countries in europe but before and all through the second world war so it's it's a distinct possibility that it will be a challenge it will be a test of western democracy not just western democracy but european international democracy kind of if you survive the challenge of a kind of nationals in which chemicals for all life in conditions of economic collapse and political disorder could. sticking together as a united europe maybe work as a magic pushing against president nationalism i don't think it's a part of the cea. but i sincerely hope that the european union doesn't collapse
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because for all its faults the european union on what it represents is much much better than the ultra nationalist. or alternative. who knows what's going to happen. i think it's possible the european union will survive and i hope it does support and if i were russian if i would russian i would actually be hoping that's the case as well because the collapse of the on the rise of extreme forms of nationalism in europe is going could pose the question if it can challenge for russia france which are from upwards thank you very much for this into your. culture is that so much of me is going to make a lot of people here you look at the recently published report minus really judge
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took stories from our team more than a hundred killed and many others wounded in iraq as militants stage a nationwide offensive just days after al qaeda vowed a violent comeback. on the terrorist group also deepens its roots next door in syria with a war torn state now under international scrutiny over what might happen to its chemical weapons. plus a previously social networks have complied with a rather thousand requests to hand over personal data this year alone despite use a setting that info to confidential. world sport. well i would like you to join me for the monday nights for round up here the headlines. take to your ass this yarn scored twice as carson garstang twice former
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champions for being two one in the russian premier league. while something else south african early else claims his second i put in for a decade long wait as adam scott implodes on the final day. fighting talk with ali klitschko reveals his boxing idols to r.t. as the heavyweight star prepares for his next back here in moscow in september. but first to football where rubin have been stunned in their premier league season opener as the twice former russian champions lost to war that krasnodar the visitors went into the match on the back of a morale boosting to no victory over is it late in the russian super cup earlier this month but they found themselves training just before the break as you would love to see an exhausted home on the edge of the box and to strike out maybe to brace a salute inverted a penalty with apparent ease fifteen minutes into the second hole of. the brass knuckles hold long back were being just minutes later also from the spot they
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couldn't find equaliser as krasnodar hung on for the two one victory. we did make some mistakes which resulted in us conceding those two days and it took quite an effort to get back into the match but i'm still happy about the level of commitment about it still mistakes like these are just unacceptable. to me was done by unconfirmed russia coach fabio capello watched champions need to get their campaign off to a winning start on home is this a petersburg side beat on cartoon will the man should off provided for alexander kirchick of the open after thirty seven minutes and a similar free flowing roofs on the home side awarded a penalty on the hour mark. the sad case the man was found in the box because your god made it to brace from the spot to mail it finished last season's champions running out comfortable winners. one and august on the savings and if you came from a goal down to him to want to time to get them after just forty three seconds a pos deflected off offended shall call us and looped over a keeper leaving
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a guy who lost their visitors in front but half an hour later much pressure later that so levels for who she. and just before the interval. set up to beat on let's see the try all right to strike home last week the winner against his former club to watch. while a late penalty helps clear sets off not a one one draw or a time to tear and ten minutes not to be even on the gross nice side in front but a shot that had the better of surrogates i don't call bounce the chechen side were denied victory eight minutes from time as the ball finally had to spend a deal so in the penalty area and power going forward luis caballero made it one one hundred others even. got me while champions league winners chelsea salvaged a late one one draw in new york in a friendly against big spending paris and your mark in the first of a football match played at the new yankee stadium appears to have been grabbing the
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headlines with aguilar to pre-season spending policy defended by coach carlo antrel to. reach a day hike no one in football and europe be out there spend money you have to do investment and. she made this him and this investment that he has a goal and they are at the top but he's a man started last year and they want to be quickly. go to the top of the european football. now and to go for that he also finished his second open title off the long time leader adam scott spectacularly crumbled at royal lytham in saddam's the south african birth to the eighteenth to finish seven on the pa as a story and scott both of the last four holes to come second by one shot else began with a six trucks behind scott who led since the sixth hole of sort of a and this four shots clear with four holes to go and then at the last he needed to
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hole from ten feet to force a pile and for files to hunt else a stunning victory we told him a favorite tiger woods was joined for with one side. oh i just said a good five you know this weekend. my wife's been telling me to. believe in myself like they believe in me you basically you know i mean everybody else believes that you can do it you better start behaving yourself and i just you know i felt good to a week for some reason you know i stayed in and i said tell your state the same i tell them ninety six or so tony jacklin thanks james. cycling now and bradley wiggins won't be celebrating his tour de france victory instead he's turning his focus to the london olympics after becoming the first ever briton to win the world's greatest road race on sunday the thirty two year old finished ahead of sky team a crisp room off the blowing away the field during saturday's time trial and wrapped up the formality of victory at the arc de triomphe and britain's one
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hundred nine year wait for a champion fellow sky team rider mark cavendish was also the winner about one hundred twenty kilometers stage we give this will now target olympic glory in the men's road race and the individual time trial in his home city. and with five days to go until the london olympics there are no real surprises on the roster for the russian basketball team coach david platt announced his twelve man squad after their comfortable win in a friendly with with you amy and just outside moscow the host trailed by three points after the opening quarter but they overturned that deficits to ease to a one hundred one two seventy nine victory if it's on notched up a game high twenty six points for russia as the shooting guard proved why he was a part of the olympic squad along with other big names such as under a killer lanka cash account and the famous goal of russia faced great britain in their open up on sunday. one in barcelona the united states held on for an eighty
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six eighty victory over argentina in their second exhibition game given your own top score to the reigning olympic champions with twenty seven points as they kept a gritty argentine check to send out a warning to their rivals in london however the next phase of friendly against european champions spain on tuesday will be a rematch of the final from beijing four years ago. i mean all this plenty of pressure on the russian women's volleyball team. signed off faced with a challenge of bringing home the first olympic goal since ninety eight. the courts . the women of the soviet union were well used to dominating competition at the net winning for gold from one nine hundred sixty eight to nine hundred eighty eight but they've been deprived of the best spot on the podium since then unable to rise above second place in one thousand nine hundred to two thousand and two thousand and four the team finished outside the top four in the ensuing two thousand and eight games in beijing this year russia fielding one of the veteran teams in the
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games with an average age of twenty eight six players on the team also participated in peter greece or in china the squad also monk is the most physically imposing the seven players measuring taller than one hundred ninety centimeters cuba are sure to be amongst russia's main rivals the country taking the baton from the soviet union by winning it all in barcelona atlanta and sydney two time gold medalist china and the star studded two thousand and eight winners brazil could also prove troublesome for the russians but the likes of thirty one year old you could syrian a god of all will be banking on their big game experience when they arrive in london only to go in the middle of the vase a weighty time world champions so we've played in begin impeachment before i participated in finals twice before we had a subpar outing in beijing so i think this is the perfect chance for us to win it all they see in a few other russian players have been there and done that which could serve as
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a game breaker in their opening preliminary round match against great britain the hosts along with turkey will be making their olympic debut in their july twenty ninth clash so a squad of seasoned veterans primed to bring russia back to its former glory as they see the country's first gold in twenty four years uganda gorski r.t. . finally boxing and heavyweight champion vitaly klitschko is due to defend his w.b.c. belt against german manuel charge here in moscow in september but in the meantime teach him the chance to ask the elder klitschko brother and he considers to be his only those off the record. begin his chance to prove my boxing skills against strong opponent strong as a boxer in my career there are forts they gain so strong. against a strong. box always. good boxing skills never.
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means so many so many punches in the fight saying for them for legs for great experience what i have and it's experience gives me the quick ration for why we should fight them why personal opinion he was so one of the greatest fighter. ever one of the strongest for the same level as mohammed ali the same level as mike tyson lennox lewis. i am huge fan of. sure are a learner and for me he was one of the best good movement good correction. great technique and. great fighter ever. i like ohio mentally i like linux smike dyson but.
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probably personally i'm sure a loner unbeatable to break this if you put it all together over skills old walking skills. you have to feel that and decide right now's a moment to leave the sport. i hope i hope i find some. time point when i write typo and. when i do it. make sure i know i'm forty and mostly young sportsman but anyway. my blood of war and. we were very good performance and side fight and many young boys doesn't help or. to beat me many of them promise but i can do it. and that's all the support for this monday by.
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the sky. still. russian airlines for. mine.


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