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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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fighting rangers in serious key city of aleppo made some calls for humanitarian corridors moscow says the violence is stemming from foreign support to the rebels. the world's top will blow or might not need to go to sweden up to all that is if stockholm agrees to at the door of all virtue question julian assange in its london embassy instead. and with the olympic summer spectacle only hours away its corporate giants left grabbing the gold with the people fleeing london's traffic jams and political controversies. hello and welcome to our t.v. this friday with me karen you were on screen and online twenty four hours
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a day seven days a week well and almost a week long battle for syria's city of aleppo looks to be entering its final stages syrian opposition fighters are massing ammunition and medical supplies while government troops say they're preparing to halt their offensive some states are calling for humanitarian corridors to be set up but moscow says that's impossible amid the violence which is being fueled by the foreign backing of the rebels archies oksana boyko reports from syria. the efforts to put an end to violence in syria or on the country to stoke tensions in this country that depends on your worldview or worse still continuing just a few days ago the arab league has called for an emergency meeting of the un general assembly to discuss this stablish meant of humanitarian corridors now in theory the square there should alleviate human suffering and allow for the safe passage of humanitarian workers and refugees but in practice when you look at the map of syria it is surrounded by the countries that are being used to smuggle
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weapons for the free syrian army we are talking about turkey lebanon on iraq possibly even jordan just a few days ago the reuters news agency published a story quoting an f.s.a. officer who was boasting about new deliveries all rocket propelled grenades katyusha rockets and missiles on the top of that refugee camps on the border with these countries being used as a recruitment grounds for the syrian opposition my colleague mario financial trouble to one of them on the lebanese border just a few days ago and she says that people who run these camps make no secret that they provide humanitarian assistance only to the f.s.a. sympathizers so in this context it's hardly surprising that the syrian authorities reject the idea of humanitarian corridors they believe that all these humanitarian talk is here and not they're asking for it to be a strategic military advantage to the other side also even such corridors were
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established the syrian government would automatically cede control over a certain parts of its turn true and they believe that it would seriously undermine their efforts to fight against terrorism now russia does side the syria on this issue russian foreign minister sergei lavrov ruled out the idea of humanitarian corridors indic current circumstances when certain countries openly supply arms for the syrian. opposition or acquiesce to their territory being used for arms smuggling to get out of also sad that if the west and its regional allies were truly interested in putting an end to violence and stopping platic they should first start arming the free syrian army. government consultant christoph horse stall who's been to syria recently and believes despite rebel fighters being armed to buy their arab and western backers they'll lose the fight for a lot. the attack on damascus was pushed back very successfully they're now seeing
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the house chicks in the massacres going on by the army by the government army and what we have in aleppo is of course a fight for the me a production in the trade center that is very serious for the survival of the government and as for now i'm quite confident the pushing back of insurgents coming terrorists will be successful but we had an influx of one to two times ten thousand fighters from. syria into syria mainly from jordan and lebanon recently and these fighters have made their way. because we have a. group of small. attack teams very highly trained obviously and my best guess with a secret service background sponsored by the usa. so i have for you this hour war
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for some show time for others. really something that you want to see some oh i don't read story no replies will be present but there isn't a threat should concede defeat that that you could prize that movie and. we report why a vantage point on the israeli border with syria has become a tourist map for people armed with binoculars and cameras. are also criminals no more the u.s. could make a u. turn on its attitude to hackers and start involving them in matters of national security as we report in a few minutes right here on our t.v. . there's a glimmer of hope for whistleblower julian a song after news that a long time demand he's been making believes it will help refute allegations against him could now be met the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's currently taken refuge says swedish authorities are welcome to come over to question of songe
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over sex crime allegations of a south american country is currently said to be seeking assurances from all parties as to the wiki leaks editors final destination if extradited from the u.k. assad's fears if handed to stockholm he'll end up in the u.s. which wants him in the dock over the release of classified diplomatic cables by his website wiki leaks ecuador says they will decide on whether to grant asylum after the london olympics which end on august twelfth michael ratner a legal adviser to both julian assange and wiki leaks says ecuador does offer hope to a song. that's positive in two respects it's positive because julian assange made a choice not to go to sweden because he knew in sweden he would be put in prison. not given bail and that it was more likely than not that my view was that the american lawyer for julian someone that it was almost one hundred percent of the.
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he was going to be indicted and extradited to the united states never getting out of prison so the fact that he might be able to do what he has been demanding for almost two years which is to be question in london about these allegations would be a major step because it means he could answer questions so it's a major positive development it's one that join us on has been demanding for a long time but despite that the man sweden refused to in the second respect i think it's our hope that when julian gets an opportunity under the circumstances that sweden questions him that he would be exonerated of these allegations and that would be the end of it he should feel wrong first of all that the united states is going after him that you know i'm a man who should be protected by our constitution and the first amendment why if the united states gets its hands on will be put into an underground prison and treated cruelly like bradley manning was treated the man who allegedly got access to the documents so he's obviously very worried about that situation and very angry
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that the united states is wanting to suppress what probably one of the major truth tellers in the world today. all eyes will be on london later today when the olympics extravaganza kicks off the athletes and spectators have arrived but the proper ration is for the games have been plagued by countless security traffic and political problems a british prime minister claims the country can deliver many among the public will seem to disagree as artist laura smith reports. it's been seven years in the making and the greatest show on earth is finally kicking off in london but not everyone's please this circus has come to town in fact according to research by currency exchange firm travelex londoners are fleeing their city in droves people are saying specifically that they want to avoid the lympics you know they look at the streets
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and they look at congestion and they look at the charges a particular on the london area so they have taken the decision to go earlier a third of people traveling this summer will head off during the games but for those who stay behind it will be a television only affair millions ended up disappointed in the public lottery to get tickets and it's recently been revealed that hundreds of thousands of tickets returned by foreign olympic committees are being privately sold to corporate sponsors it's provoked outrage but not surprised have gone to not only the corporate sponsors but big corporate sponsors of the packages in general is an inevitable result of the way the goings of done primarily for the interests of the rich in the olympics i'm afraid are just the epitome of some of the worst things in the world and the removal of resources from poor people and giving it to rich people here is stop at states and they can be no doubt what's going on the whole place is branded london twenty twelve i'm also surrounded by massive billboards on
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every building there's an advertisement for one of the main corporate sponsors b.m.w. lloyds t.s.b. . but over here is the stratford that always was struck. it's full of independent traders who've come up against the big corporate sponsors unlike rich corporates locals stallholders on to learn how to capitalize on this world class event in their hometown edicts from the brand police mean they can't even use words like a limb pick some or all gold in their advertising any games related merchandise must be official and according to stallholder darell that's not easy it's too much for rich we really small businesses we call open an account with huge companies and that's one experimental version as well. you know it's really small business i would love to but would like to it's created an uneasy relationship between locals
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and the games with the corporate monster is such that it's given a whole negativity to the games itself which is just what's a local people a bit upset and not particularly positive to the caves but is really odd to see structures with being covered and coated with corporate sponsorship so from that point of view i don't like it despite the much vaunted olympic spirit it turns out the greatest show on earth isn't for everyone while the fat cats sit back and watch the limpid cash raised in the london as the streets seize up because of special olympic traffic lanes and their commuter trains grinds to a halt as they route the day the games picked their city the first thing i did when i heard. one of my good friends in paris and congratulations laura smith
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r.t. london. and had online to find out that london isn't the only place holding an eleven x. today in india. victims of the world's biggest chemical spill are staging an event in protest at the fact one of the sponsors of the london games was the company responsible for the accident back in the one nine hundred eighty s. . the pentagon's biggest conventional bomb is ready for use to wreak destruction upon the enemy is of the u.s. more details are waiting that are called. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its all you need is your mobile device more charts to be any time.
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hello and thank you for joining r.t. at thirteen minutes past the hour hundreds of human fetuses found in a forest in central russia may have been removed from a local medical university police are questioning every search area who worked with the feet assess the scientist however was fired last year and there speculation she could have taken the material with her that's now try and get some more on this lie from marty's sean thomas sean so what is the line exactly the police are taking in all of this. right now the investigation is focused on two parts first how did these four plastic containers containing two hundred forty eight fetuses end up in the woods about seventy kilometers north of bird. by a medical waste our human flesh is classified as a by a medical waste and as such it has to be incinerated to be disposed of properly and this service is often contracted out now the company that contract this out from
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the three local hospitals in the region says that they do not use a blue containers rather they use yellow plastic bags so they're saying they are not responsible and this is not very doing so investigators are trying to find out exactly who is responsible for getting these fetuses to this area in the first place now the second part is also probably the most controversial and the most perplexing is why and where did these fetuses come from a. possible explanation is legal scientific research we do know that all of the fetuses that are in question here were terminated between twenty two and twenty six weeks this is well past the twelve week mark which is considered legal abortion in russia after twenty two weeks of women can only have an abortion only for medical necessary reasons so is this illegal abortion operation or is this scientific research no one really knows they're trying to get the bottom of that we talked to one medical doctor this is what they had to say about the subject. some
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sort of organs were removed from fetuses to extract in essence is theoretically can be used to rejuvenating people practiced only with the use of animal tissue not babies of course it existed in the west but it has been banned since it can bring about dangerous illnesses that there was a criminal case in ukraine who want to go when women would just say you've been to the terminating pregnancies quite late to extract tissue for rejuvenating purposes . and as you mentioned earlier there is one woman who is in charge of some scientific research in the area she was terminated in two thousand and eleven police are looking to see if she had taken some of the material she was working with with her when she left and if this could possibly be about material on a very serious scientists tell us have there been any other theories perhaps put forward well certainly there are skeptics who say that this scientific research
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idea is just not panning out primarily because all of the fetuses were being stored in from out of hiding from aldehyde reportedly destroys the tissue so that it is not viable for scientific research now there are some other disturbing theories saying that illegal scientific research could be behind this find as well in fact this is what one medical expert says on the subject. he sets them off and it may sound a bit fantastical but these fetuses could have been the product of cloning despite its universal ban and that's why they were thrown out like that these were not future human beings but how few might have artificial creatures it's a very daring with this might of course have been the product of miscarriage and the fetuses could have been thrown out in purpose to create scandal and i tracked attention maybe attract attention to the ban on cloning humans or to abortions to shock people with the sight of these speeches that it's. now whether it's cloning scientific research or illegal abortion operations we've been tracking this story
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from the very beginning following the developments and the. that we're getting is that it touches at the very core of what people believe in so it's a controversial story it is sean for many people around the world of course will be continuing to follow developments online at r.t. and here on the screen as well as they become available. thank you very much for those updates artesian thomas. well the u.s. could start actively engaging how ckers in matters of national security they report surfaced after it was confirmed america's surveillance chief is due to attend the largest annual hacker gathering in las vegas and that could represent a major u. turn on the u.s. government's approach to cyber war warfare as artie's marina explains. over the past two years the f.b.i. has arrested and jailed dozens of alleged how curves and or whistleblowers in connection to groups like wiki leaks. anonymous and the file sharing
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site mega upload but in addition to prosecuting master hackers it appears as though the u.s. government may soon begin aggressively recruiting them now one indication that many are pointing to is the fact that the head of the u.s. national security agency general keith alexander is expected to speak at the def con conference in las vegas now this event is considered to be the world's largest gathering of hockey and so-called computer geeks and this year an estimated fifteen thousand people are expected to show up general alexander's attendance at def con marks the first time america's top surveillance chief would be participating in this event since it began two decades ago but today in an air of cyber warfare many experts believe that washington may soon begin employ the same people that they've
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been jailing if it means that the u.s. government stands to benefit from having hackers on team usa reporting from new york. r.t. . time now to some other stories making international headlines hundreds of protesters in tunisia provincial government headquarters angry over poor living conditions police responded by firing warning shots and tear gas demonstrators also tried to set fire to the local office of the ruling islamised party after bursting into it last year the country's long time dictator was driven from power by a revolt which sparked the arab spring. and identified gunmen have attacked riot police in the south east of. stunnel wounding four earlier government troops launched an offensive against militants in the area killing thirty and capturing forty later a ceasefire was announced and talks began the mountain region is still volatile
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fifteen years after a civil war and is seeing heavy fighting between government troops and militants loyal to a former more lord. thousands of people have rallied in the romanian capital budapest in support of the president who is facing an impeachment referendum on sunday that i am buses schools burgers i believe his opponents are trying to seize control of european union funds however his rivals are claiming the president was meddling in government business the political turmoil began after a new opposition premier came to power in may following the collapse of two proboscis school governments. the raging conflict in syria is not just of interest to politicians and journalists it seems but also to tourists in israel thousands have been flocking to the border for what they're calling a must see event but as our policy or reports what's pain and heartache for some is
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a little more than a photo opportunity for others. up close and personal you don't get basic ringside seats in this this is the israeli syrian border and it's now also the latest israeli tryst attraction feels good to be able to get close to it a little bit besides seeing only the items on television i was actually thrilled to come here today to over look into syria to realize that with only a few kilometers and that country unfortunately there are hundreds of people being killed every day it's the perfect spot it seems for voices keen on getting a glimpse of syrians killing each other from a safe vantage point the only hard way they carry binoculars and cameras rely on our armed forces that this is. the situation and they take all the precautions and so i feel i feel very safe. forty against the syrians nearly fifty years ago
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the border areas which could erupt again as the free syrian army takes on assad forces. certainly if. withdrawn will have. a regime which could be muslim brotherhood trans national muslim organization or we could have. been in the way it would be like changing the boston strangler for jack the ripper or vice versa. but for now it's good business and two guys are making a killing it's really something that you want to see some oh i know it's war i know it might not be pleasant but there is an attraction to see the thing that actually occupies the media now it's like you feel you are in the center of stuff the fad was sparked when israeli defense minister who came to see for himself what was
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going on. here in the border with real fighting in syria and you can hear the mood . spalling you were one kilometer from the border. of all children who couldn't wait to get or who jewish parents fled syria in the early fifty's who thought this was it is a dream come true it's like the motion because my parents sleep the air and they can't be that daily bury these. people and that's why as we worry when these. some two groups are now thinking of including the syrian and risk on the list of must see excursions they may be day trips now but disasters on the horizon should the fighting get closer until of choose to get involved. r.t. on these raids syrian border. are a time now for the business nears and it seems b.p. finally will start to put the lid on the gulf of mexico oil spill marina toss more yes carol basically the company is close to finalizing a deal with the u.s.
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authorities so and all civil and criminal claims part of our own or it is that your boss of course it's not that easy to draw a line and other such disasters. this is turning into a huge costly concern for the industry scientists here at the institute of oil are trying to find a way to contain what's become an ecological and publicized. russia spill six b.p. disasters a year from it says one report that's more than any other country even volatile nigeria the african superpowers just point show for its biggest. two years of the world's largest of show b.p. is nearing a deal to settle all outstanding claims but fishermen affected say it's impossible to count how much and how long it will continue to be hit fish of the coast of louisiana being born with disease and missing in the gulf six times more dolphins
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than usual still. this week is the second anniversary of the costliest on shore oil spill in u.s. history protesters shouted the color of the eight hundred thousand gallons of crude spilled into the river people no longer put up with the help from polluted learned water but with ever more. filling stocks of crude is the of the conflict will only get worse then you will show. well it's likely that the markets will continue with oil and natural let's see what the figures are saying prices are going back up as you can see lights are trading at around eighty nine dollars and sixty cents per barrel and. then five dollars also sixty cents and one other prices are going back up after the head of the european central bank said that predicted in fact that they will survive and also we have economic reports suggesting growth in the u.s. which is of course the world's biggest crude consumer let's move on and take
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a look at asia which is the only market trading right now and there is a positive sense of both the nikkei and the hang side one percent that also comes out. the european central bank pledged that the eurozone will remain intact and also in south korea big giant there and i'm told that samsung electronics is helping suppose said cement after adding quite significantly let's move on to currencies and see what the euro dollar ruvell are telling us this hour when it comes to the euro it's a flat against the u.s. dollar and when it comes to the ruble game begins both major currencies that was on thursday will give you updated figures when the russian markets will open which is in about two hours from now but let's take a look at thursday session before the minutes gains both the r.t.s. and the mindsets or the ideas that are almost two and a half percent and that's a stark contrast to what we saw in the beginning of the week which was so steep losses across the board and of course a stronger crude prices are helping because russian economy is very energy
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dependent all right all the news let's focus and go back to europe to the u.k. which has now topped the list of countries exposed to that crisis in europe and new research says it relies too much on exports to the continent and europe's banking system also there's little britain can do if you have collapses and that's because of its strict austerity measures now fallen in this less poland hungary and the czech republic. also many believe that the summer olympic games could help the u.k. get back on track sadly historically they almost always leave the host in country with financial troubles greece spends billions to make the two thousand and four games a success but now it's called me is collapsing one positive thing about the olympics is that it increases foreign trade by an average of one percent. and of course after this all wraps up we will see how this affects london of course the u.k. and it's called me but for now back to you carol in the studio all right thanks for
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that update. next hour. now in a few minutes well be looking at the rise of nationalism in europe with our special interview but that's after an update of our top stories stay with us.
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