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thanks for joining our team for a look at your top stories fighting rages in syria's key city of aleppo where the rebels are massing ammunition all government troops say they're preparing to hold. amid some calls for humanitarian corridors and there is concern the violence is stemming from foreign support to the rebels. the world's top whistleblower might need to go to sweden after all that is at stockholm agrees to call for question julian assange in its london embassy instead the south american country is currently said to be seeking assurances that a song from rome eventually be extradited to the u.s. . now with the olympic summer spectacle just underway the athletes and spectators have certainly it all wrong but it is corporate giants love grabbing the ball with
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people traffic jams on political controversies. up next sophie shevardnadze talks to history professor jeffrey roberts about the legacy of the soviet union and the rise of nationalism in a supposedly multicultural europe. geoffrey roberts a professor at university college course an island thank you very much for being with us today thank you so here in russia there are two dimensionally different takes on sterling some say he was a great guy who won the second world war and he actually gave the country an immense post another state at that actually he undermined the economy which led to
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the eventual collapse of the u.s.s.r. what's your take on that when stalin dog winston churchill was reported to have said that stalin found russia with a wooden plow and he left it with atomic bombs and i think that statement sums up stalin's achievement even was to modernize the soviet union to urbanize a so you need to dust your license so that you can to build the foundations of a country that was able to withstand the german invasion in one nine hundred forty one and go on to would have been trolled fascism and also the foundations for the post-war rise you to a nuclear superpower you know if russia is still a great country to die. with an important role to play in the world and enormous potential for the future it's because of the foundations that were laid during stalin's time now having said that of course there could be lots of questions and
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discussions as to whether or not this modernization of russia had to have been as brutal as it was because of course modernized russia but you know in the post-war russia the pre-war russia as well but starting was also responsible for the deaths of millions of people so you can have. discussion about the cost you have a discussion. about time tips about whether or not different courses of action and events would have been. perhaps more effective than the ones that starving starving pursued. but nevertheless in the end it's a historical fact that. the soviet union was successfully modernized under stalin albeit one i have a very brutal basis so the cause of the collapse really is to blame on other leaders they came after styling rather that what because that's just teleports my course is that the system that stalin built them which persisted off to his
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death ok when he died. some are more brutal aspects the system disappeared such as the mass terror but sensually it was still style the system but i system is a very defective system in many ways and those defects in the end result in the collapse and also the mentality you know that sterling sort of try to establish and set it you need in the mentality that he left after his death was also to blame for the collapse at the end of the day you know well it depends what kind of mentality you're talking you know stalin was a communist he believed in socialism he believed in a communist utopia he believed in the soviet system he believed that the soviet union was a model for the whole the whole world no one doesn't have to agree with his beliefs for that reason but one has to recognize the power of that person and the power of everything was very very important in the historical development of the sort you
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before starting with a life and then subsequently because what happens is gold which of comes along and he questions and challenges that traditional soviet self image and attempts to reform the system inquire radical what and the result of course is the. the eventual collapse of the system talking about sterling as a political figure i guess people in the west mostly know him as a man who lacked pressure to win the second world war i see here for us at home there is no doubt that we won the war without russia second world war would not have been won are their thoughts in the west about that and how is there a genuine interest actually in the west to really find out about the role of russia and how it really wrecked the war today while there are people in the west who would want to do more to russia the soviet union's role in winning the second world
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war well because it's uncomfortable true for them to face up to this whole for a terrier socialist communist regime under this dictator stalin was responsible for tito to defeat a few of our men and in fact was responsible for as opposed to nazis well the the the those kind of people also tend to have the view that there was no great difference between naziism and commons and when that started in that we're just as bad as each other but i don't think that would be the most prevalent view i think the most prevalent view will be one that would recognise uncertainties between nazis of course and the differences between hitler and stalin and hitler was a far more dangerous dictator for the world than starving ever was so i think and i think there is now there is creasing recognition of the soviet role in winning the war and of course there are always people who who want to present a different view present a distorted view of the events of the second world war so you are someone who knows
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a lot about it and who studied stalin you wouldn't say that at this point in the west there is a deficit of knowledge about stalin and his world and russians role in world war two there's always a deficit of historical knowledge as deficit of knowledge about the world not just in the west also in russia a. but you know i don't think that deficit is to grow. as i said i think there is now a days much much greater recognition of the soviet role in the second recognition of the soviet role in the second world war more recognition then thinking russia actually recognized because to what your science moves something the russians roy saying to me why why don't they recognize our role in when the second world war and i was there to actually most people most people do particularly since the end of the cold war during the cold war there was just ideological struggle going on and part that i wrote was an effort by western cold warriors to did no i the reality of
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the soviet role in defeating nazi germany and their western cold war is to the exist and they're still making the same kind of arguments but they're not as widespread and effective as they used to be yet you think that people from that war are still alive and the memories of that war are still so fresh you'd think that would learn our lesson but then you see these huge nationalist dressing up in europe what's to blame well that that's that's not the extreme right movement in europe ultranationalist in the national journal is not a new phenomenon i saw a recent not know it's true that recently. the political influence of national gnashes of its very strong particularly the more extreme forms has grown in various countries of europe. i think that has mostly to do with the economic and political problems that europe is. facing at the moment which poses a dollar for it to know the whole future of the european union i think is also
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partly to weave the fact that you know as time goes on the war you know receipts from many memory becomes a much more distant event and the more time of that says. the more possibilities there offer people to you know which. distorted accounts. of the war so i think it's partly a function of of the distance we've got to travel from war to partly explains. this development of nationalism out for national extreme nationalism in europe but then because the moment the main reason it's to do with contemporary politics i know economics robert that. history now and that's that's not to say that history isn't important course because there are many many lessons of history which are open to the contemporary crisis seem relieved to have faced the worst crisis that here are right now is experiencing if that is to last or get worse that will also.
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but it would also incite that they rise of more national nationalist sentiment i think there is there is a great danger if the eurozone collapses the e.u. collapses the most likely. it will be replaced by different forms of national. question is what forms an arson some extreme and dangerous take on herself i think there are great george michael's that's the historical lesson of what happened before the second world war particularly in the nineteenth for that is where you had a similar crisis the world we got from one of the result. of the rise of notions of extreme nationalism in europe and. the motives of a number of for terrorism and fascist. regime so that so the less there is the historical lesson there is that there is a great danger that developed i don't see is by any means being. simple i
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think the difference between now and then is that democratic culture democratic institutions are much stronger in europe than they were before the second world war so i'm confident i'm hopeful that european democracy can subodh its current crisis do you think talking about democratic institutions to think that a politician with anti-democratic views could rise to power through those democratic institutes what that that's exactly what happened in the case of hitler didn't it and that's what happened in a number of other countries in europe but before and all through the second world war so it's it's a distinct possibility that it will be a challenge it will be a test of western democracy not just western democracy but european international democracy kind of if you survive the challenge of a kind of nationals in which chemicals for all life in conditions of economic
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collapse political disorder could. sticking together as a united europe maybe work as a magic potion against president. i don't think it's a part of the cea. but i sincerely hope that the european union doesn't collapse because for all its faults the european union on what it represents is much much better than the ultra nationalist. who knows what's going to happen. i think it's possible the european union will survive and i hope it does support if and if i were russian if i would russian i would actually be hoping that that's the case as well because the collapse of the on the rise of extreme forms of nationalism in europe is going could pose the question if you can challenge for russia. for this until you.
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hear. we're going to local and.
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fighting rages in syria the city of all let go the rebels are massing i mean ish and while government troops say they're preparing to hold their offensive amid some calls for humanitarian corridors there is concern the violence and stemming are in support of the rebels. the world's top whistleblower might not need to go to sweden after all that is if stockholm agrees to edward or saul to question julian assange and its london embassy instead a south american country is currently said to be seeking her and says that it won't eventually be extradited to the u.s. . and what the olympics some respect to go getting closer by the hour the athletes and spectators have arrived but it's corporate giants left grabbing the gold with people leaving london the traffic jams and political controversies. up next it's all the latest from the world of sports with paul.
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thank you very much caren welcome along with to the world of sports here is what we've got for you the time. after seven years of planning the twenty twelve london olympics officially begin later on friday. in the waves ahead of those games are to me sylvia swimming legend got even some new calls to see what he makes of russia's chances in the pool. and the italian job former england manager fabio capello is on a veiled as the new manager of russia to lead them to the world cup in brazil. but first only one place to start and there are just hours to go before the opening ceremony of the london olympics russia has sent just over four hundred athletes with the mission of bringing back twenty five gold medals but it's not just on the
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podium where the country intends to leave its mark with more from the english capital is andrew pharma. after seven years of planning and at a cost of fourteen billion dollars london is finally ready to stage the biggest show on the russia has arrived today with the i'm a finishing third in the medals table the majority of the squad on ice settling into the athletes' village base at the olympic park in the northeast of the city that is where the majority of medals will be won and lost over the next two and a half weeks and to give us a flavor of what it's like up there is which of ample flaked overspent our fleets village just behind me there will be five ten thousand sportsman and official staying in the village triples games including the whole hundred or so russians will be using but two thousand and twelve weeks i don't walk around in the pillage but we could go so i did as i was very very impressed with the whole setup it was a much improved from beijing years ago that's all now face to. face with the press
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all. respects the chance now to demonstrate we should enjoy this story that spoke a small but not complete it was for russia will be hoping for a more improved performance of the vancouver games ok that was winter olympics this summer olympics russia something they'll be hoping to try and get around twenty five gold medals try and seal third place in the middle table overall image trying to ensure the likes of china and the usa have a moment just for believe much not realistic but certainly they can hold on to for a place that will be a very good spring hole for the russians but overall i think the athletes will have a fantastic time and the game has been really well with my so far cation here in stratford just in the east of london. this whole impact honkies to be just a few years ago before london won the right to win the bid and yes said i mean the athletes really should enjoy this stay here and hopefully brochure they can win as
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many medals as possible now after the russian athletes have finished their events you might actually see them in the west end of london at either the russia. not she will need to explain more is constant. during the olympics there will be a little bit of russia in the center of london the queen kindly allow the russians to host events in one of the royal parks kensington gardens you can go to russia park well last minute preparations are being finished with a chance of meeting one of the russian athletes and just have some fun at concerts and another thing the russian culture and if it's too hot you can chill out at such a park that presents the next winter olympics visitors of the venue will be able to see preparations for the olympic games watch figure skating shows on the nice rink and explore what the city has to offer thousands of people are expected to visit russian venues in kensington gardens that will be open during the olympic games and it seems like no one will have disappointed so plenty to look forward to but not
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everyone is happy because some london is all grumbling about the traffic restrictions in the center of the city during the games did they have a point well over the dunya and has been gauging the mood but the nation. have come to one of london's most famous places to follow their square find out of the way people feel about the upcoming games and some olympic innovations the point is that the cd has gained some special olympic lanes linking olympic venues and making sure athletes and officials get difference on time there are also some restrictions to the way growth can be used by coming drivers especially in central london. the traffic will be gridlocked in and around central london. they haven't really feel about where the traffic going to go as long as the family can get around london can shuffle and it will shuffle to the twelve oldest london has been privileged to
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house summer olympics for the third time and most of people here are already joining an suv braving the suspect yes it's very very good it's going to be something which. we'll never see again i guess and it's very not so despite some little difficulties that may be the expense of common people being part of the olympics is just priceless well the weather alone is enough to make you cheerful at the moment because after the wettest june on record it's been lovely here in london over the last couple of days let's hope that continues for the ceremony on friday and beyond but whatever happens come rain or shine we will be here to keep you updated on russia's progress over the next seventeen days of competition and our take london. now staying on an olympic fame and moving to russia swimming prospects because our take has sat down and gauge the thoughts of the monster in the way that four time olympic champion let me make something because.
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i got this positive energy from my favorite movie so i learned you know like the star was excellent and the force should be with you and i actually. i was every time i see some little thing speech not maybe. not right i was thinking. before the final i saw the clouds in the sky or the sky became gray and dark and so i thought ok this is a good side. to me and i showed my best. during this race a lot of my pictures from my life were possibly in front of my eyes and it was the most difficult race of my career was a couple of very painful and i was you know. but you know i keep
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myself. if i go down to the bottom on the poor soul nobody really have to live so i'm just trying to. you know keep some kind of sense of humor some kind of sense of control and i found that they really could control my body hundred percent but at the same time it was extremely. pleasant feeling that i would feel every cell of my body but second feeling was probably i will get this feeling again in the next three years because i knew before that it's going to be my last. you can be wrong in your predictions and i don't like to make any so i can only say we. can really. have a good sprinter so my pollution is the or the all going to get into the final ensure
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their best results this result will be good enough so there will be a medal but i cannot before we get into the boy. while away from the olympics in football for my anger manager fabio capello has finally signed a two year deal to guide russia to the world cup in brazil the sixty six year old italian replaces dick advocaat who left after russia failed to make it past the group stage at this summer's euros capello stepped down as england coach in february in protest against the f.a. stripping john terry of the captaincy the italian has won the league title with every club he's managed to including real madrid ac milan roma and eventers russia will host ivory coast in a friendly next month before kicking off the world cup qualifying campaign with a double header against northern ireland and israel in september. i believe i can create a fantastic golden center to have experienced and young players playing together
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but also i fundamentally believe experienced players must be a part of any young and aspiring team as they can provide the necessary passion needed to move forward. well capello's appointment has prompted a swift response within russian football with new locomotive manager slaven bilic giving the italian the thumbs up i think it would be good for russia. to him because he's got one big advantage and the one big quality he's workaholic and he. was just a couple of teams here in russia you definitely have a lot of potential that's a lot of quality players here i'm going to be afraid to take a player over from start and see if he thinks he's good enough and i think that is what lacks or elect in the last ten years and finally go see things angie have eased into the third qualifying round of the europa league they won the second leg of their time with f.c.
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hong by four nail in budapest to claim a five nil aggregate victory samuel eto scored twice either side of goals by seeing a try all right on the lead shot of products for the last match class sizes for test of the netherlands. but that is all from the world of sports now but to be plenty more later here on r.t. the world weather is next followed by the headlines with carol. culture is the same i understand not going to exploring the moment but let me look at your marketing feelings. what explains my level of meeting. that's going to really promote public safety and.
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world. science technology innovation all the mist of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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