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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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you're watching our t.v. just in time for a recap of our headlines syrian rebels have obtained heavy weapons from abroad for the first time despite american officials say they might be used to talk a civilian airliner that's. concerned that students seeking to julian assange case and just solving the sex crimes complaint as it refuses an invitation to question him in london. and arab israelis i'm no longer exempt from military service risking a call up to fight against their own people. and be labeled
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a trite. next to the former top legal man at the european consul explains why he things europe's economic troubles are natural and part of a transitional step forward coming up. today we're joined by a. legal counsel of the european council and he also spent more than two decades as head of the legal service of the e.u. council of ministers and yes participated in a lot of the important decisions taken over the past twenty years notably the adoption of the new treaties in the european union thanks very much mr pearce for joining us today i'd like to start by quoting something you had written in two thousand and eleven and the financial times you had written it's time to admit that the large part of the you was too rapid europe citizens no longer understand the purpose of the e.u. and for all its increased powers the european parliament the supposed repository of
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democratic legitimacy in europe is a relative failure like to ask is is there something fundamentally wrong with europe at this point you know this whole. venture is something which is new has never been made. so we are experiencing the problems with the currency i'm sure we. exempt but. we have faults in the beginning. to bring. making or members. will bring more. diverse work. for example but. this has been decreasing or. experiencing.
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adventure as well then again there's the question of sovereignty where individual member states feel like they're just giving more powers to brussels these. and union a lot of them owed nation states. history. civilization behind them so it's difficult for these states maine very good greece spain or portugal and so on france. to. share what you say to share that power. and this is city i think in the more than the word first of all and we have been to the european union all the peace between us because we have been seen also or the time during these two and then we have decided to try to have more power spurred to build an internal
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market among all of us which is five hundred million consumers and then. but that's the argument always presented by the e.u. this notion of there being no war being more peaceful but if you look at the situation the economic and social situation of individual member states this isn't exactly a conducive or a recipe for peace is it really crimea to thirty does agree with you the has cannot make any decision that some member states so if you have the year you say that's a story of the story of the number states no member state would remain in be if it was in its interest. in it and. there is states because they think that european union is helping if they want to simply seeing european union is a creation of states that are you worried about the growing social unrest in
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individual countries as well as the rise of the extreme political left and right of course. it is wise since. one year when your half i am trying to give my two to two to gave a little bit grain of sand to the discussions and to try to accelerate their way without taking decisions in order to finish with their usual crisis. because we cannot go on in some countries with austerity and not giving hope to the people it is not possible just possible that people are desperate there will be near stuff falling unemployment is increasing and so on and so forth and we have the heavy price paid to co-produce towards green party's because obama and you have these reactions of people in the streets which are completely understandable they have no
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hope of pull so i think we have to give hope to these people and to take this season's visible credible understandable as soon as possible and now it's obvious that we cannot go on we have a simple fact that we need strong wars legally binding hooves fall the member states to behave and to have a lot of convergence of the budgetary and economic policies in order to establish who really are and you economy and monitor you know what you've already had these rules before and you just added new rules and those old rules don't really help that you know we do know how this was we did not say that. a national budget you are going to make we are going to say yes or no before you are going to be able to accept it we have said before taking any economic policies
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of importance you must discuss and have the green light all of your companions in the common currency that's all the work we have to do now and the work which. begin two years ago in the which is world advanced now not enough we should go much for that but it's precisely bs words isn't it of control of getting more powers from individual member states that is creating this recess defense from those countries . for by your companions you are in the same boat you are i'll be nice to a team of. clambers of a mountain linked together by. you in the same boat rowing if one is fading the others will fail probably it's a team so you are sharing the powers we're deciding to give and no one should be
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the weakest link which might bring a catastrophe how long will people have to bear the brunt of the consequences of a few you are crisis that we're in i think i do think that the time has come to take the final decisions the final decisions and that's a question for me holding weeks of hmongs lot of years i'd like to bring up a question that's been thrown around by some analysts and observers do you really need the euro to pursue this european project this is not the question we have the euro this question was twenty years ago which has been solved by governments polymaths and so on they have an issue isn't that their currency so now we have the currency and what would happen if you were exploded that would be a catastrophe totally catastrophe only for greece portugal and so on but the
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country which has been benefiting from the most is probably germany and that would be a catastrophe for germany. if you look at the trade again. of course they do a lot of trade with china but if you look in. people church china is a tiny part of the external trade most of the trade is done the review what do they do with. you know if you were exploded what be the consequence some currencies new currencies. devaluate and there will be a war of the valuations and there will be a great banjo for interval market and there will be a great danger for the european union as such european integration do you think that members of the government. or longer of a month and so on would take the responsibility to both the worlds this would i
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don't think so now one of the pillars of the e.u. was this free movement of people no internal borders but there has been a lot of talk about strengthening border controls and also a rise in the anti immigration rhetoric where does that leave europe first we we have this freedom of movement but actually the number of workers going from one thousand three to end is unfortunately the quite weak weak you have example because of the language main leak and also the attachment to people to their regions so we have to take or decisions we can to improve the mode b.d.t. of. within the union and what i'm proposing some measures in my book on this and then the thing is immigration reform countries you know with all the demographic trend in the countries over european union they have just got past
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perfect just such as in the russia such as in other countries as well. that means that we have more. people and. younger people are to support them so we will need to be grecian for my the counters as well and we have to prepare people and we have i think to have a career in order to see you in the european countries do to prepare ok i'd like to bring our defense and military spending and particular with regard to syria now a lot has also said that a military intervention is not off the table in the context of via un security council however when france does that when it's ready to spend on a military intervention given it does small finances of the e.u. many members of the european union and how broad with the impact be on the whole economy where i don't think you know maybe i was one thing syria is another thing
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is much more this being. bigger contrie and songs of war and i don't see an intervention all the new words such in syria would would we. that means to do that. because it will be a pretty big crisis you know i was spending in the media expenses have decreased a lot in order for encounters and libya has shown that. we have to figure these big operations outside of our territory. thanks very much for this interview. if they shoot something inappropriate for a public they can easily be. casualties of war.
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i wish she would have never happened but it has happened. in a war a t.v. camera becomes an unnecessary what does the. own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave. and it's clear what happens with such witnesses i got on my site camera one. ready to protect me to. prove. a pearl shooting merciless shooting. in full started here before going global and now it's pulling the fire of. law again.
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choose your place take your stand. in the establishment. make your statements. and spread the word purplish you plug holes through the lloyd's. perv. if you. are going to take three years for charges read. three. three. two three. golds three blown
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live video for your media project a free media dog r t v dot com. syrian rebels are thought to be getting heavy weapons through turkey which is warning that president assad's days in co-op unnumbered. concerned that students seeking loyalty judy in the son's case than just solving the sex crimes complaint as a group use an invitation to pressure him in london. and the arab league's rabies i'm no longer exempt from military service risking a call up to fight against their own people. and be labeled a traitor. and now it's time for sports update including the latest from the olympics.
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and i would thank you for joining me for the latest sport on day five of the longer the olympics headlines. silver lining russia win a three medals on day four of the london olympics mom reassure her that leads the charge in the women's tennis this afternoon. while sumo very similar to my little girls and wins again to claim an unprecedented nineteen and then take medal shattering a forty eight year old record held by russian. fans going for gold we look at russia's hopefuls on the wrestling match as the world's best team aims to do better than that three top guns in beijing. lol. so let's start with the olympics where russia fails to pick up a gold medal on day four of the london games however there were a couple of silvers to sweeten the pill as rich van port reports two silvers and a bronze was russia's medal haul from day four of the two thousand and twelve
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olympic games here in london although high hopes for russia's female gymnasts have a team event but they can only claim a silver behind the united states who won by a large margin over main favorites coming into the competition but russia they were hindered really by mistakes from victoria. those mistakes really because from the battle try and win the gold but nevertheless it was a credible four months by a very young and talented side and hopefully they can go from strength to strength in the individual competitions and win more medals for the russians or there was another silver for russia and the women's weightlifting in the sixty three kilogram category which was won by sort of carry over where she went up against her perennial rival from kazakhstan my dear and it was eventually because i had one bad events with the last lift of the competition to bring home a. gold medal for her country and russia had to settle for silver nevertheless she
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was content to pick up a medal for russia in the weightlifting. i'd been preparing to fight for the gold medal but as many of you may know my injury got in the way so my primary counselors to help the team and if anything is going out the way i want them to come to try make the podium so you taking my injury into account i have been to one thing then i was not a bronze for russia in the judo and so on to be a student and to expand to the amount you've done in front of the survey just to win a medal for them of i could only get rid of a final but nevertheless he was more than contend to win yet another medal for russia in the judo. you know in the buildup to this olympics i picked up a very serious muscle injury six months ago so i underwent surgery to get a tried and i want to say thank you to my german doctor made it possible for me to win this medal or book a near miss for russia in the men's skeet shooting events where. we're celebrating
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in fact is forty first birthday couldn't quite get the perfect birthday present a bronze medal as he eventually lost his shootout for the bronze medal with his qatari opponent of russian had come into the competition the second doctor qualification but his concentration just let him down at a vital moment and he was unfortunately unable to get on to the podium for russia's basketball team but he continued to go from strength to strength the men's team winning their latest match against china by some different points to a fifty four of a ready one two from two and a looking to qualify from the quarter finals at such an early stage in the competition so that will give david blanche side a lot of confidence van and also great news for russia's female tennis players with wins for maria sharapova maria kirilenko viewed as one of the all over and not a patrol as probably looking to try and repeat the success of the last of the big games in beijing in two thousand and eight russia completed a podium lineup of gold silver and bronze promises to be unfolding day of action on
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day five with more here is under a farm and. now that you day team are leading the russian charge in london at the moment and on wednesday they do have an outside chance of getting a third gold medal kid with any self will compete in the ninety kilogram section in his day has been a world champion he will not be a favorite this time around but it doesn't mean he can't spring a surprise just ask his teammate one sure to upset the odds to claim and the olympic gold just a couple of days ago but you can if you come through anyone out. i wouldn't like to make any predictions only the mud will sure who has what it takes to win i'm sure the condition will be fair and square and all silver of my kitchen for it's we're definitely looking forward to getting more olympic gold and with desperately supporting our team mates we're one team and i know where they can do it.
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and also fighting for a medal will be russia's fencing team they have one bronze medal at the moment look out for the name so people can buy in the individual saber and in the pool russia's swimmers are hoping to add to their bronze nikita lopin said has reached the final of the hundred meters pressure and the women will race in a four by two hundred meter freestyle relay the weather has turned a little bit here in the british capital and rain is predicted over the next couple of days but that won't worry one russian cyclist old as evidence guy if you remember when a bronze medal in the pouring rain in the women's right race at the weekend and she will compete in the time trial and dennis menchov will compete in the men's event but in the warm indoors the russian male gymnasts in artistic gymnastics will be going for a medal in the all around competition. has been a decent if not spectacular start to be one two thousand and twelve games for russians
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are two golds two silvers and four bronzes to show off four days of competition but with big events to come where russia should do very well by boxing and wrestling lots of hopes of bacon increase their medal haul over the next few days. d'arcy london. and let's stay in london where swimmer michael phelps has claimed his record nineteenth olympic medal after helping the u.s. four by two hundred meter freestyle relay team to gold phelps was the last swim in the quartet with the goal of becoming his fifteenth top bomb the twenty seven year old suppose the record of soviet you know there is that latina who won eighteen medals from one thousand nine hundred fifty six to nine hundred sixty four individual record of fourteen medals still stands but american fans are certain that phelps overall record after these games will be almost impossible to beat. we were here for just the eighteen or nineteen and we got it all we can say is it will
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be a cold day in the building so for somebody other than phelps owns that record gosh it was unbelievable but you know the rain started really strong and then we had it we had a lead that it got close but then to see michael just pull it away at the end and watch you know some history was really a very special time for me. and there was more joy for america in the pool as alison schmidt beach the olympic record in the women's two hundred meter freestyle two page number in london while another allem pick maga fell in the women's two hundred meter medley as a sixteen year old chinese star she went added a second gold to her recent world record in the four hundred meter better. while on another note eight asian badminton players face charges for trying to throw their respective group matches for female pairs had already qualified for the quarter finals and it looked like they intended to lose on tuesday to secure a favorable draw reigning doubles champion you yang of china is among those who could be disciplined if found guilty. and as we had earlier in the tennis pool
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russian women are playing in the third round of the singles serena williams has already thrashed verizon a rival six one six love maria kirilenko is in action against syria again it is from germany it's two one in the first set but the match is delayed due to the rain not have a throw of our take on top seed victoria azarenka. russia's main medal hopes maria sharapova will play germany's sabine at this it's game. and finally russia will fight for medals in all seven white categories in the wrestling and are expected to dominate across the board while trying to improve on their beijing result of three gold two silver and one bronze the long course or it introduces the team. the basic google for one bronze in beijing in the fifty five kilogram class four years ago is the only one of the seven wrestlers making a second dylan bigots and this time though he will try his luck one step over his previous weight in the sixty kilograms division jamal adar soldano will defend the
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russian colors in the lightest fifty five k. division that breeds on european champion won his ticket to london by defeating world champion victor live a diff in the russian nationals ok on to the sixty six kilogram class where a long go guy is certainly on a mile or so after that's when it's a year old one of the most recent european championships and the russian sides all in st petersburg the gum petition for a place in london in the seventy four kilo category was widely considered the main event of the russian nationals in st petersburg featuring a clash between the city champion of downside and suits on a world champion uprising and they did denise our wish despite his brother bo bice or supports who is a three time olympic champion himself citee of lost even target the coveted place on the team and zero to ship of russia's republic of alba jean o'boyle korea to wrestle in the eighty four kilogram class while that's once a twelve european and russian champion albus along that diesel will try to rule the
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match in the one to sixty loads of vision the super heavyweight category of one hundred one to kate features the explosive dug astonied below all michael who missed the previous games she's on the us. olympic wrestlers are in for five ballots if they are to go all the way that is starting on the fifth of august ramon cos rev ortiz. funny to football a new top manager i'm driving less bush says his slide all starts to kick start their quest for the english premier league title after finishing the north american tour with a two one win over t.r.e. on recent new york red bulls its first one next phase two more exhibition games in europe before i think their domestic campaign and you can also want or because the eighteenth spanish finished fourth last season but missed out on the champions league places after chelsea the title talk show they can be contenders and once again. which i mean to write until january last season so we know we've
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got a good enough scope you know we can compete and as i said we've just got to keep a bit more consistent towards the end of the season and i'm sure we'll be right challenging. and that's all the sports news i can.
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well from the fukushima it's technology innovation all the rest of elements from around russia we've got the huge earth.


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