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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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t. question more. free . education free. free. free free. free. free. free books video for your media project free media oh don carty dot com. max kaiser this is the kaiser report as we count down to the first public hanging of a banker stacy well max the wall street journal is asking should crimes of capital get capital punishment and the reason for this op ed overheard in midtown manhattan
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at the lunch hour another day another financial scandal new regulations prosecution getting hauled up in front of congressional hearings nothing seems to stop it the person another person responded maybe we need to try something more drastic like what well there is always the death penalty right well you know we've been saying it on the show a lot of people are now coming around to this way of thinking whether it. be any or joseph stiglitz that there needs to be some deterrence remember after the crash of twenty nine there was the pechora commission and a lot of bankers went to jail after the s. and l. crisis a lot of bankers went to jail the bankers have been allowed to run riot and there's no jail time for them and now people are wondering why how do we stop this and they figure well jail is one possibility but this phrase should there be capital punishment for crimes against capital that's a. phrase that i coined
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a couple years ago so i'm glad to see that others are picking up on that but this is a real problem and this is a real solution in my opinion well they actually say it's a it's been a solution for thousands of years they start with the code of hammurabi more than three thousand seven hundred years ago stipulated that any mesopotamia him who violated the terms of a financial contract including the futures contracts that were commonly used in commodities trading in babylon shall be put to death as a thief now compare that to the commodities traders at m.f. global who sees the hundreds of millions of dollars of funds of these of these small farmers across america and where's john course on where a strong core design. needed to turn to mean something that will give people a thought a second thought about committing crime if there's a penalty involved and they might think twice about committing a crime or programming a computer to commit the crime for them they also note that in seventeenth century
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britain counterfeiters were smeared with tar from head to toe tied or shackled to a stake and then burned to death so we often talk about the counterfeiters of today using naked short sales and naked credit default swaps and creating capital out of thin air and using that as a weapon against us that's exactly equivalent to counterfeiting and counterfeiting has to be punished you can't let naked naked short selling and naked credit default swap trading go on completely and punished and then any hauled before congress claim that you're making a market or adding liquidity that you know you don't anyone can say they print counterfeit money and that's somehow adding to liquidity yeah in a pigs are you but it's still counterfeit and now this writer here keeps on suggesting that but despite all of these harsh punishments the bankers continue to do it through out years thousands of history does it matters even in the case of seventeenth century britain they couldn't stop the counter. fitters what history
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suggests then is that so long as people think they can get rich by bending or breaking the rules it doesn't matter all that much how tough the rules or punishments are wall street offers it's risk takers the potential to earn tens of millions even hundreds of millions of dollars when bets pay off with no real penalties when bets go bad until or unless that culture changes nothing fundamental will change well look at the example of the one nine hundred twenty s. you have the same bankers doing the same things who are getting wealthy by gaming the system they resulted in the crash than there was to provoke or a commission i just mentioned they actually investigated and they actually meted out penalties and then there was reform and regulations like f.d.r. who came in with his reforms you have to see glass steagall which set the stage for what's called the american century thanks to f.d.r.'s bank reform that's the last another depression this is the one completely krugman gets wrong completely what ben bernanke a good strong their lessons from the depression are completely wrong they think
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it's about a fiscal policy or a monetary policy we need to avoid those mistakes move imagine the fact that there were penalties meted out for financial crimes to wall street and the book or a commission that's what set the stage for the american century f.d.r. wall street ok you libertarians out there you know recognize that because you're intellectually lazy and you're well here's another reset of this banker here that because there is no punishment no deterrent let's look at this exclusive several banks seek leniency in e.u. europe or probe several banks under investigation for suspected euro rate rating have joined deutsche bank in giving information to trust regulators in the expectation of lower fines if found guilty the european commission is investigating possible manipulation of interbank lending benchmarks including the hero interbank offered rate or the london interbank offered rate library and the tokyo interbank offered rate tibe or if these. politicians want to go back to medieval times
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here about the presidents election america they're talking about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin they're not talking about real in the lightened meant type policies that would in a rich the community a large they're caught up in a religious theocracy they start religious wars in the middle east they start christian fundamentalist wars in america they want to go back to pre-enlightenment they want to go back to medieval days that that's true then you've got to use the punishment for medieval days so when you find jamie dung stealing money you gotta draw a cold room you've got to split him down the front end discourage him dispell long but is put his guts in a wheel and roll it down to the middle of town you can't be him you know posted lighten men think or about banking crime and say well what we need to do is bring about a change in consciousness through digital manipulation of the cybersphere maybe this will change their behavior but at the same time we want people to vote america based on medieval concepts of ripping people apart by the state because nobody has
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any individual rights over themselves no that doesn't make sense either you're medieval peasant or you're some postum like thinker unfortunately america because three hundred million peasants debating christian fundamentalism while they're having all their bull stolen barcelona's on wall street and they're doing nothing about it because their brains are i don't. justin scalia this past week did give the peasants an option and that's their second amendment right he said they have a second amendment right to bear shoulder launched missiles that could be a way to defend yourself from wall street who knows i know i saw this judge scalia business you know he's a supreme court justice he says you know maybe you've got the right to carry shoulder missile launching grenade launchers and you know he does have a point because in america the second amendment everyone's got the right to bear arms as a result everyone in fact in america. as a gun so just having
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a gun doesn't really protect you you need one of these you need a shoulder to shoulder mounted missile launcher you know you need a brand name launcher so you know if exercise my second amendment rights i need the right to bear grenades if i go to baghdad somebody might be in there with the go on or to attack assault rifle i mean one of these the production is a second amendment rights and you know the second amendment right argument in america by the way is completely specious for the very simple reason if you thought you were protecting the second amendment to protect against terror me you would have acted already the fact that you haven't proved your. week but speaking of missiles you know there are missiles all over the apartment buildings across east london. apparently defending the sponsorship rights to the sponsors of the olympics well olympics anger as visa cards crashed at wembley many football fans at wembley were left hungry and thirsty after till stopped accepting card payments spectators
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were told that they could not use visa the only credit or debit cards permitted because of their status as an official partner of the olympics and had to pay cash max score twenty seven from shepherd's bush said the queues were ridiculous i had to trek around the stadium to find one. picks the london olympics really is the new verizon boris johnson is like louis the sixteenth illegitimate step nephew and of course the queen plays herself and this visa problem shows what happens when you don't have competition it shows what happens when a free market capitalism breaks down it shows what happens when you have an elite monarchy running the show for the benefit of the elite monarchy it shows what happens when the people in verizon i start to lose touch with the three hundred million peasants in america the millions of peasants in britain the new peasant class all over europe and the existing present class in asia of course which has
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been active the most active of all the chinese peasant class you know they're the ones that have always been reliable these last hundred years or so but they have experienced what could be in our future of being wiki leak this is you being cut off from the financial grid and chaos ensues especially and our debt addled societies where everybody you know even affording a hot dog is impossible so you have to put it on credit tweet from the new york times bill keller there is a fake pad going around under my name about wiki leaks emphasis on fake as in not mine i had to show. out because of course he's in shouty caps as he wrote that so you know we can you leaks released a basically a fake pad under bill keller's name and which starts off with the leaks a post postscript fake bill of keller wrote as rumors build about the potential financial black paid against new york times by visa master card american express
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for hosting us government cables published by wiki leaks i find myself in the awkward position of having to defend wiki leaks but wiki leaks is the resistance this guy keller of the new york times is clueless it's like i saw that h.b.o. show about the newspaper business which was like the new york times it's called the news room and the number one guy. trying to figure out what to do about this massive story breaking in the gulf and second by second by second by not a single person mentions twitter ok so that right there you realize that the writer of that show sorkin the guy from the west wing has been living in a bubble for the last fifteen years and has not really stepped outside of his bungalow in malibu so you know these mainstream liberal new york times op ed writers are pathetically out of touch and within the rubric of the new york times bubble machine of out of touch this of course you've got paul krugman you've
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got thomas friedman who's who if you were to parse you know matt taibbi did a fantastic job parsing the letters thomas friedman editorial it's completely so contradictory and makes absolutely no sense but it's great if you're you know trying to get all of your opinions from inside a warped fortune cookie written by some guy just drop massive tabs of acid. yes but finally on this you know bill keller's all caps shouty tweet just reminds me of going back to the beginning this opening of the olympic ceremonies where the n.b.c. journalist is sitting there there's an honor to some guy named tim berners lee who the heck is that you know this is the divide between this old school and then the new school wiki leaks no idea who started the worldwide web. links is the resistance wiki leaks is really ground zero for the global insurrection against banker occupation give me that really this i'm off to do i know you need one of
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these maybe i'll give you the necessary or nice. now that's a date most dangerous thing i've ever seen stay server whether i'm ready to go and join wiki leaks. was reporting that thing for our state server thanks so much for being on the cars report thank you max now go away much more coming your way. i moved former soviet soldier. more prisoner. her. husband. a father. an alien in the beginning stages.
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a son. a brother. alien in ukraine. craving for my home.
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but come back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time now to go to iceland and talk with her to get doug jones a terror member of parliament in iceland is about to launch the pirate party in iceland brigade to walk on back to the kaiser report thank you for having me again all right brigade to you are forming of a pirate party in iceland what is it why are you doing it while the card could be started in two thousand and six cents way then now that. responds to. that very harsh legal caps on the people behind the pirate bay as we have asked the park already has developed it's actually looks like it is the new wave of the u.s.
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. when the new party in the world sort of taking over the role that that means used to have a long time ago when entirely different kind of politics went. in particularly focused on online rights. and freedom of information right pissy and all these things are or of great concern to us to use the internet on a regular basis and so we you know i spent. how are establishing this new party looking up the german purge party they have had tremendous success in germany this we've got two members of the e.u. parliament and there are pirates all over the world and i've been following this very closely because i feel that i have very much in common with the
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poets because i have been specialising in laws. erosion of freedom of information and an expression. one line which of course affects us offline and of course my own personal experience with previous issues. to look further into previously rights on my real scarce an update on this you mention your privacy issues of course it's talking about your twitter account the direct messages have been subpoenaed and what is the status of that case right now and get people to give a little bit of history of that about a year now have i got an email from twitter sit in that u.s. authorities wanted to get them to move back and the information meaning. my private message is when i can on my bank account information and then of course the only reason i managed to get this information was because twitter to. you know the
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department of justice to court and menace to secret document document that insisted that there were ordered twitter to hand over this information without my knowledge within three days. that i took this to court with the help of the yes the other trying to. get you well unfortunately we lost on every account we took in through our three point status and we lost and that means basically that all of us lost so basically wants me loose in this case means that. now we've all become american no way the u.s. authorities can actually go into every person's account without their knowledge any time because they want to and of course i was called seduce the collector a murder video the video that it takes leaked in april two thousand and ten.
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but i still feel it is an extremely far beat. the government of the united states to go into personal information of an elected. me presented to know the country. because as far as i'm concerned i haven't done anything illegal co-producing a video. even if it's to be something journalists will do anything right so as a elected representative of an iceland you know full well the political process available to you to fight this or perhaps secret form but i guess the strategy now is to create a new party the pirate party and to get as many seats as possible in as many jurisdictions around the world as possible and then fight this this incursion by corporate interests by creating a powerful counter republican party it's interesting that you mentioned that this is really picked up for more of the green party really has left off because the
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green party in many countries has not been able to gain much support or sustain itself but the pirate party is growing quite rapidly. it is all over the world is a it's a global movement and i think to put it simply what it represents would be an expansion of the public domain as a way to check for the growth and incursion of the private domain so is am i correct in saying that that was part of the strategy of starting the pirate party in iceland is hopefully get enough political momentum of the new party to simply overwhelm the forces that are working against the public interest as that concept is understood in various constitution is around the world with an overwhelming new political force your thoughts absolutely i think it is very important there's a huge vacuum where young people are not interested then politics i mean one of the big aims of the pirates is direct knock whiskey which is something our democracy is
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desperately need we need people to be. more responsible juan cole shaping their own societies what would have what we're having today we need to get rid of bank secrecy we need to get rid of any sort of secrecy where information is withheld from the general public that is actually as should be long in the public domain and so forth so it is very exciting to see i think the last number of countries that have. pirate parties being established or formally or informally are sixteen now you know with basically you know reported to the world and i think that is extremely positive to positive to to be a part of that sort of movement because if you know we have all these we know where the problems but we haven't figured out how are we going to get from the problems to some sort of solution and i think more people that's come. to call share their
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knowledge and passions in order to create it's baby steps out of mass where own. i think we'll be more successful and now look at how much influence people can actually have to change things like look at the situation in greece the big cradle often ocracy the birthplace of the concept it's horrible it is and people are absolutely powerless so i think it is very important that we can actually and in many ways as it has become some sort of democracy like the laboratory because we are now working on getting a new constitution written for and by the people including tools in the new constitution for people to be able to actually put forward like two percent people of the people can put forward a new law that needs to be processed through parliament. and so these are the new ways of looking at how we can close share our societies but you can't do it if you
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don't have information and if you don't have the right for privacy because all this information that we have online and not only online in some sort of databases it is so easy to tweak it and chance it and falsify it and use it against people that might look like threats to the power in our world ok we're getting a mountain green this and i know you've been traveling to greece a number of times and there's a lot of communication going on between i saw in greece and we see greece being victimized by bank fraud and by bankers primarily in the city of london and wall street of. done their best to destroy these economies and i want to ask you about autonomy's of scale with this pirate party movement and what i mean by that is i think you just touched on it you mention the use of databases databases are global
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in nature and have universal access and this is something the green party never had to use when they were doing their fights against the corporate interest because green policies tend to be very regional and very localized but the databases and the digital the digitalisation of the global economy is something that has universally accessible through anyone's modem through their computer to the online world and i want to ask you this question if if greece and iceland and ireland and spain and other countries that are really getting destroyed by these private banking interests can they create enough economies of scale on the digital platform through database technology through sharing of information through allying themselves with anonymous another hacker groups can they create the to power necessary to really go to battle with the corporate overreach that is let's
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let's let's call it what it is they're they're percipient saving a premature human extinction in the name of a short term profit you know i mean it's an accident or try i mean we've reached the end oh where are we going from here i mean it's like you carry on not going that so many people die and so many like the planet so many aspects of balance the quality of life you know today will go and we're running out of time it is going to be very good we can turn the tide we don't act now but there is another aspect you talk about. i don't think it's so important that we don't have a local jurisdiction anymore we. have a global doing stiction about so many different issues everything is borderless when it comes to finances when it comes to information when it comes to people migrating and so forth even if it's in sort of pockets around the world and just to
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take like a real time example so that people can understand how the puppet masters are working we were looking at so many people like would say you know an icelander other countries why are you concerned about sopa it's just the u.s. law however it will criminalize people for you know dooms certain things on a computer such as sharing with you know was perfectly normal you know in my marriage days to you know listen to music on the radio put it on tape and then give it to a friend without having to tell the state that i was doing it and then on top of it . they put down and they the n.d.a. . you could be arrested anywhere anytime. on the suspicion of terrorism and now this deletes and other. sort of organizations that post for information in the public domain are now called cyber terrorists so you know i'm a terrorist. and on top of that we have nato now drawing the line
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there asked me already drawn the line where what they considered to be cyber warfare or separate attack can justify a military attack on that location and anybody that lives and breathes and one ally and talks of people that are good at programming and so forth know that it is so easy to fold to where the information is coming from or where the. attack is coming off so then we have the master card actually to sing with so forth and so close it's ok to donate money to i mean you can't donate money to the elites but you can do. that money to run and go ok you know so you know it's time we wake up and i'm hoping that by joining the pirates from around the world that i may help bring these issues on the surface and discuss them openly in
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a sense a way that it would inspire people to look into these issues are given jobs out there thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey her my guest brigade joe johns daughter if you want to send me an e-mail please do so our ties are reported are t t v dot are you. saying by all.
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