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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the u.n. envoy to syria says his questioning with kofi annan blaming the international community's failure to unite to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. while the mainstream western media coverage of the conflict has brought accusations of bias from some in syria as rebel atrocities go largely unreported. on the trial of members of a women's punk band over an anti government stunt and moscow's main also is cathedral is set to hear the defense with the controversy bringing a sharp division. but the cold case that everyone seems to have an opinion on both here and russia i'm deplored in the latest you way in with their view has been president vladimir putin join me in a few moments for all the latest on this ongoing case. public grows it really
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improve over the host countries rescission has the print details and business of the twenty plus. international news and commentary from moscow this is all she was me thanks for joining us the u.n. on the arab league are looking for a new joint envoy to syria after coffee announced that he'll step down at the end of the month the diplomat blamed the lack of consensus of the u.n. for the shortcomings of his peace plan for syria where violence is escalating and the citric and has the latest from new york for us. this was a job that most called a diplomatic mission impossible from the get go firstly of course because of the intricacies of the conflict on the ground but also because of the conflicting positions of the key players at the united nations security council and now with
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one month to go before. the job is officially over we're already seeing reactions from the international community that some could call predictable russia for one has said that the resignation is regrettable other countries have said this is well box we are seeing many countries in the west over ready back to singing the old tune of regime change something that russia and china have vetoed repeatedly at the united nations security council we're hearing the united states begin the finger pointing again saying that the resignation is actually a sign and underlines russia's and china's failure in the syrian process the west overall is back to calling for assad to step down a stance that was taken off the kofi anon six step peace plan russia never supported regime change in syria it reiterates that the gist of the problem remains the same that the key players are continuing to separate words from deeds because
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on paper we're seeing seemingly the international community calling for peace talks and for a peaceful resolution to the crisis yet that is not so much the case in reality take a listen to those who insist that the sma should be terminated they do not want this do not want this objective information and they have some other things in mind rather than stopping the weapons and the political accommodation russia has also said that if the international community is interested in a peaceful process in syria you one observers are very useful on the ground but we did hear from the french ambassador who is currently holding the rotating presidency of the security council that the one of the servers mission will and on august nineteenth and for now with one month to go kofi annan. said to leave behind his six peace plan which for now has proven to be ineffective the peace plan called of course for a transition government to be formed in syria including both sides of the conflict
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this of course has not been the case we do know that the united nations security council and the united nations general assembly will be focusing on the syrian crisis for the rest of the week and we know that moon is currently in talks with the arab league to determine kofi annan successor. the main battle for c. reza largest city is apparently about to begin that's according to the yuan aleppo has seen heavy fighting between government and rebel forces over the last week but sides are pulling fresh rainfall spawns to the frontline in the struggle to seize the initiative rebels are reportedly receiving a growing flow of weapons from neighboring turkey through a secret transit hub relations in the revelations that are saying the us media playing the white house has also raised more cover support for iran to assad forces despite their links to al qaida and author and historian gerald ford says america's repeating past mistakes by stoking extremism in syria. it's well known washington
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basically has perfected the idea of a two trucks foreign policy that is to say on the one hand you talk in smile when the other hand a knife in the back that's basically what's happening in syria all of this blather about negotiations with the regime is no more than that either they would like to see regime change although as usual i don't think washington has caught up with the consequences that is to say that there is a real danger that al-qaeda like forces will be coming to power sooner rather than later in the middle east and then washington will be faced with a replay of what if helped engineer in afghanistan where we've built engineer the coming to power of the taliban which opened the door to gain influence there which led to the tragedy of september eleventh two thousand and one. on the way later this hour here on our c coverage uncovered find out why some syrians have slammed a mainstream western media reports from the conflicts are. punished police arrested
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three suspected al qaeda operatives were believed links to terrorism or penalty bomb attacks in your world. that's later but now the defense in the trial of members of the pursue ride of female punk group will today present its side of an anti government stunt on the capital's a main cathedral in february charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility the three could face up to seven years in jail if convicted. listen all goes back to the incident that took place in moscow's main cathedral in february of this year when the punk rock collective known as pussy riot performed what they called a punk rock prayer a protest song against the the current government here in russia. provoked a pretty harsh reaction pretty extreme reaction from from some elements here in the country really of a polarizing incident this happened in one of the most religious sites in the
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country of course the trial of these three women who are accused of being part of the group is in day five at the moment we're going to hear from the defense later on as they put forward their case we're also hearing that there is a possibility that we could hear a verdict a little later on that's a slim chance but if they are convicted these three women are being charged hooliganism they could face up to seven years in prison on one side you really have groups that are related or close to the old church who have been damning in their criticism of pussy riot and if these three particular women say kissing them of blasphemy and calling for the stiffest punishments that are available to be brought down upon them however there are others that are saying that these women have been unfairly treated that they were held in prison for awaiting trial for far too long they're also saying that they are an artistic right to be able to to perform in the
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way in which they did now it's not just here in russia that we've heard the sentiments being echoed there's a lot of support from the music industry as a whole both here in russia on the broad artists like sting and to me kate is from the red hot chili peppers was playing in a performance in moscow wearing a pussy riot t. shirts are the latest to weigh in with his opinion is being president vladimir putin no he said although what happened in the church was wrong in his opinion that these three women shouldn't be judged too harshly just based on the circumstances regarding where this incident took place. so i hope the court will rule just decision and if the band lets me defiled the sacred place in israel they will have to cope with some tough guys there are many of them but it's difficulties in attempting to leave the country is ready for example i went to the caucuses and defaced a muslim shrine security wouldn't have enough time to protect them from the public anger nevertheless i don't think we should judge them too strictly when they're
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going to what they need some importance inclusions themselves anyway the final decision rests with the court so we're going to get it all day five of the trial gets under way a little later on friday and i'll be bringing you updates here from outside the courtroom all day as it happens spanish authorities claim to have completed a major operation against al qaida they've seized three suspects in the south of the country two are being questioned over the planting of a toxin in europe including one on the joint us punish naval base two of the men are being investigated for links to terror plots in russia the rest of republic of chechnya his tests are safe and the reports. the police in spain have arrested three suspected members who they say had amassed explosives and were plotting attacks in europe that's according to the spanish interior ministry of the also said they found enough explosives to quote destroy. and he also said that these three men had received training in camps in places like afghanistan and pakistan
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now one of the men who was arrested on his own say that he is from turkey and that he's considered the facilitator in this group now the two other men were arrested together while they were planning to make their way to france and these two men were said to have lived and as we know what is part of russia's volatile region of the north caucuses which over the years have see the waves of violent attacks according to officials attacks and have had the links to. the men who would masterminded them and also received training in places like afghanistan and pakistan now as far as europe is concerned and they've been on high alert for some time now ever since the attacks the nine eleven attacks and the united states spain in particular has arrested dozens of suspected al qaida members over the years and even more so after the two thousand and four train bombing in madrid they say that these three men be arrested today had been under monitoring a by the authorities for some time now and we can see that and we can expect that authorities here in europe will definitely be in
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a higher alert after the arrests that were made today. the mother we can legs as it's a juvenile being him asylum says she fears his son could face execution if his extradited to the united states christina songs it was lead to on wednesday who's considering whether to grant asylum to the whistleblower the president said the decision won't be influenced by pressure from any country former computer haka has been holed up in ecuador's embassy in london for of the six weeks now and he's wanted in sweden of a sex crimes allegations but believes that just a pretext to hunt him to the. two hours to face trial over a massive leak of secret files and later on in our exclusive interview his mother christina tells all see that she was proud of her son and supports him and his son i want to expect. two reactions one is the mother of course i wish he'd never done and said nothing but as
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a citizen have any business because we can exist. to get in transparency to the world about the abuses of corruption kidnapping extortion. torture. and fraud involved big financial institutions of course i completely support my son . and in just a few minutes here on all see they used to rule the roost but now the tables have turned white south africans complain they've become frequent of victims of racial abuse and in a corner seemed to decades after the country overthrew on parts i. download the official location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v.
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is not required to watch all its hear all you need is your mobile device you can watch r.t. anytime any. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. if they shoot something inappropriate for public they can easily be. casualties of war ok. i wish he would have never happened but if. a t.v. camera becomes unnecessary what destroys their own safety all foreign nationals
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including journalists and inspectors should leave. and it's clear what happens with such witnesses got it right. merciless shooting. into the. technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've. covered. this is now to more international news making headlines around the world this hour security forces in bahrain have fired tear gas and stun grenades as hundreds of
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protesters attempted to block a key highway late on thursday is the latest in a series of violent clashes between riot police and program activists in the gulf. the protest movement against the ruling regime began nearly eighteen months ago since one is at least fifty one have been killed and scores arrested. to resume in our country's supreme court has part of the trial of thirty eight politicians in order. scandal i should say the defendants are accused of using public funds to pay monthly bribes for their support during the first government of president lula da silva in two thousand and five they have been charged with money laundering corruption and accepting bribes they deny the allegations the trial is expected to last a month could tarnish the image of ex-president lula with some defendants in high positions and his workers party. are again now on the information war surrounding the conflict is in full swing western media outlets are racing to blame damascus
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for most of the killing while turning a blind eye to rebel atrocities by as has infuriated some syrians as x. on the boycott reports. i felt like pursuing a story joining the camp when a japanese journalist travelling with syrian rebels converted to islam it wasn't just his old name he abandoned. most but for those around him he still being someone who wanted to become political he became one of the. camera hanging in the place of a rifle. while religious conversion of journalist is rare on the syrian front lines becoming political disciples on one side the rebels is almost the norm for many reporting to the world in the past weeks of coverage c.n.n. has aired five exactly just from the syrian frontlines people all detailing the plight of those fighting the government and while the regime has always come down to voice use of force against the militants this is
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a government monster killings by the rebels barely get a mention what happened to the guy you capture this room he the rebel commander says god willing he went to hell usually open and talkative syrians are now afraid of cameras those who agree to be interviewed often ask for their faces or names not to be shown for fear of reprisals the satellite dishes or household commodity syrians do watch western coverage of the conflict and many feel that their concerns their fears their losses are intentionally. but you don't. just was you know what this is not really even first time i've been able to come to syria you know why you might want to get away before you did and you don't have a visa. we've been waiting for a visa you know you're sort of there with them to get these are the usual claim that the syrian government doesn't let western reporters into the country is not accurate currently there are around eighty foreign media outlets accredited in
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syria a sizable number of them european or american but there dispatches are not always welcome to tall. is an independent belgian writer. the beauty of india want to bring a certain picture about syria. even. the use of or selective editing is hardly a new invention the war war's has long become a cliche but in syria one sided coverage keeps the war going and shooting for t.v. really kills journalism schools no longer teach their students to be objective it's considered impossible rather they are told to strive for balance and integrity and to put humanistic values above. but syria is once again a special case in this bloody conflict western media rarely rolls of the emotional political dialogue rather it's for arming the rebels and for the war also known as
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freedom to go on its own about artsy reporting from syria and of course who are closely monitoring the situation in syria on our website the latest news and in-depth analysis is available twenty four seven including video footage released by the free syrian army on bush appears to be a mass execution of a son of supporters in the. class a u.s. court has declared that the use of drones in american skies completely legal find out the details on the new big brother scenario that also you don't call. discrimination all the apartheid in south africa has long come to an end but now
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two decades after the country's long for bottle for human rights finished as the whites are now still the second class citizens want to see their lips into their claims. once the color of all to start in skin was the key to the good life here and now it is merely part of another forgotten face of the new south africa white homeless and unemployed. feels like everybody forgot about. culture as one of a growing number of africans living a hop skip and a jump from sleeping on the streets to worldly positions amount to a bed and some clothes the rest are handouts from charities and churches sometimes she goes without food for days. and stuff like that. is. what words when south africa held its first democratic elections eighteen years ago it marked the end of apostate separation between whites and blacks but was once it was black people in this
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country who were discriminated against today it's white south africans who are falling through the cracks. in the days of apartheid impoverished white afrikaners were cradled by the state the national party came to power in one nine hundred forty eight on a wave of africana nationalism one of its election promises was to guarantee afrikaans peking south africans employment subsidized housing education jobs and state benefits it left the black population out in the cold there used to be a very good model clause created by the system in south africa. that created. sorry for haven for people since one thousand nine hundred forty new government has carried out policies aimed at favoring black employees in a bid to do away with the imbalance of the past what this means is that white people are often overlooked when applying for jobs college bursaries and public positions in this brave but often unsettling new south africa there are many who
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feel washed up and unwanted forty year old irene funny has lived here with her husband and four children for six years she suffers from the pain of arthritis which makes it difficult for her to walk she calls the government's well meaning policies little short of reverse racism and many many many many. grandfathers and grandmothers was against. it i was staying. and they were staying in houses got everything and now it's out then restarting in chests and. this abandoned caravan park is home for now it lends those on the fringes of society a place to sleep but even this shaky safe haven is under threat the owners of this land are fighting in court to move off the people people as they see it's got nothing nothing nothing work go to a place to go they've got. nothing that's another thing yes. fifty million people
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live in south africa one in nine is white and very many of them are struggling try telling that to the millions of black south africans living in grinding poverty but for people like al to start and it is a depressing come down all she can see in the land of her birth is a door slamming in her face forever i don't know what is going to happen to mother the war your girls. put us in more except the hope that one day a door will open instead of. policy r.t. south africa. lympics wormy tournament is in full swing and the man known as the baltimore bullets has broken the bank yet again and let's not choke up with dmitri in our sports studio that so dimitri how many medals make up michael phelps record haul right now well you know the greatest ever with twenty twenty medals overall and sixteen of them are girls that's probably in all this
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time. phelps is going to take part in some more events during the last two days of competition in this swimming pool in london so also tonight and tomorrow if he's able to pick up some more on not all right we'll be watching thank you dmitri very much indeed and from olympic dreams to olympic screams public anger is growing and overspending on big games and daniel is here at the business desk with more daniel limbic organizers are feeling the heat for cost overruns is fueling further resentment among taxpayers of the news the host countries recession has deepened alters a little smith has the story. there's no doubt their lympics have been more expensive than it was first thoughts even officially the budget quadrupled and some reports say it's increased by as much as ten times from three point eight billion dollars to thirty eight billion and where has that money gone one point six billion on
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security first starts but much of it is going into building the olympic park including the eight hundred fifty million dollars stadium itself the aquatic center at four hundred twenty six million and the hundred and sixty six million dollars. and that's where the word legacy comes in where the government hopes the billions spent will carry on paying division of to the athletes have gone home and the stadium itself is currently a worrying white elephant it's been offered to a number of london football clubs none of whom want to take his own but the olympic park will become new housing parkland and a community health center in what used to be a depressed rundown area according to experts it's this legacy planning that separates an olympic host city that profit from one that loses and there are many cities that have lived to regret its hosting the olympics athens built grandiose
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spend up to twenty one of which now lie empty and cooling down much like its economy as a whole are you seeing spent an undisclosed amount of money hosting but the famous bird's nest stadium now lies under used much planning has gone into making sure london's investment doesn't suffer the same fate but nothing is certain. you're just open. for direct from brussels for the euros flooding is the greenbrier traders are just in the european central bank decision to take no major moves from the crisis and china's fearnot with the returns he gets from. the u.s. government that the u.s. economy is in such bad shape the yields on so-called ten year bonds have hit historic lows less than two percent beijing's knowing more attractive market for its three trillion dollar national reserve fund with australia being mentioned as
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a likely target asian markets japan's electronics exporters own trouble over weak sales shop has plunged twenty eight percent russia is fairly flat after an hour of trade as a poor show yesterday tracking global losses very juicy not more brokers this morning but the description of investing in russian infrastructure. just say pumping money into russia's new toll roads hospitals and airports will bring over twenty percent annual returns something most investors can only dream about in the current economic turmoil. russia's government will businessman who will raise national g.d.p. from four to a predicted six percent by boeing infrastructure you're up to date with more for you next hour good stuff our i thank you very much danielle see you next hour that and just ahead the mother of julian assange. save her son from a thing for united states and i was close to being to you the headlines in.
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nuclear file full of hides inside the. radioactive
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fallout of all government betrayal of the government. everything laud and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was a need to use a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of radio like the fall of. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests it's just. so much brighter if you knew about songs.


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