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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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but you are concerned the wake up call to its own security council saying its members on doing enough to counter the syrian crisis as he is mounted the conflict or country will sink deeper into violent. activities in these rogue will all out in the world big government which they accuse of ignoring debilitating domestic issues while wasting millions on settlement construction in disputed territory. and in bahrain so when we see people arrested in the french plant down on dissent just in the hours after police used tear gas to disperse demonstrations pushing for political reform.
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hello and welcome to our c twenty four hour news live from moscow i have all of us thanks for joining as russia has criticized a new u.n. resolution on syria as one sided and supporter of the armed opposition moscow says the non-binding motion passed of the general assembly does nothing to ease the conflict this comes after the u.n. envoy to syria kofi annan announced he was stepping down casting doubts over the future of the peace effort and the citric and a has more from new york for us. this resolution apart from condemning the security council for failing to move the syrian peace process forward also condemns the syrian government for failing to stop using heavy weaponry as well as condemns the syrian government from now for not withdrawing from civilian areas among the ones that voted against this text was of course russia russia believes that the behind the humanitarian facade of this resolution lies the militarization of the opposition and russia says this
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resolution is not helpful and that the countries supplying weapons to the opposition are well known take a listen it is a this resolution exacerbates the confrontations and solving the syrian crisis it's not helping the sides enter into dialogue find peaceful ways to solve the crisis in the interests of syrian people this resolution is not how can you because it contradicts the efforts to realize the annan plan it undermines the syrian led crucis from a political resolution. russia believes that this particular text is one sided and balanced as well as the whole idea of pushing the syrian government of stepping down is really an intervention into sovereign affairs six point peace plan remains on the table as coffin and steps out of the picture this plan of course called for the creation of the transitional government in syria the idea was to have both sides of the conflict. form this government to hold new elections however the idea
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of where exactly this would leave assad was left open and now with countries continuing to push for him stepping down it's unclear what's going to happen to the plan we do know that the moon is currently in the process of speaking with the arab league trying to find a successor for kofi annan we're going to have to wait and see who that person is going to be and how that person will handle this particular crisis and of course we also have the you want to serve a mission expiring on august twentieth unclear whether or not it will be extended we will have to wait and see we certainly know that this is something that russia is strongly rooting for. and journalist patrick hayes believes the u.n. resolution and the countries that promoted it are blinded by their hate towards assad while failing to see the dangers of supporting the rebels. i think in general it's being used to try and step up the pressure on both russia and china to start to take a stand against the sides and effectively what it's doing is saying that we disrespect
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the sovereignty of syria and we don't want the syrian people to determine their own future william hague suggested he's going to offer non-lethal aid he hasn't given specific details of this yet but it does seem like it's going to be intelligence it does seem like there's going to be an awful lot of support announced for the rebels over the next few weeks and of course this comes just after president obama has announced well it hasn't been announced but it has been revealed that there has been a secret plan basically allow the cia to assist the rebels as well the thing i find very striking about this is that there's a real historical amnesia that's taking place among western leaders where they don't really know who the opposition is there are a lot of concerns about the makeup of it though you have you elements there are a lot of people who the west would not like to be dismissed with their stuff into this mentality that they draw to help anyone get into power they drive a sports any of the opposition in syria then they would support assad's assad has become this bogeyman just like it before him and they just see we need to get rid
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of him and everything will be ok it's a naive approach that will do no hope no help at all. more than one hundred people have reportedly been killed in syria over the past twenty four hours alone as the battle for aleppo escalates and clashes take place across the country to go on and so the mission set to expire and then moving departed on in on its peace mediator there's growing concern they pressed the prospects for a diplomatic solution a fading. of the latest on the. coffin of decision to resign as un special envoy for syria was mad with disappointment and almost despair in this country if confirmed what many people felt all along that the situation in that country is only getting worse the death toll continues to rise and violence prior. new areas so seeing kofi annan throwing in the towel certainly doesn't instill much confidence and in the quick resolution of this bloody conflict something that the
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overwhelming majority of syrians desperately need in the beginning of his term he held a number of meetings with both president bashar al assad and prominent members of syrian opposition but he didn't succeed in bringing these two warring parties to the negotiating table most recently he's asked for is focused on trying to bridge the divides within the international community especially within the u.n. security council but he wasn't. successful on that front either now as far as u.n. monitors are on the ground are concerned they still continued with that mission the only thing they can really do in the current circumstances is to try to go to the areas affected by the violence talking to the people trying to document the destruction. is expiring in two weeks and with an answer resignation it looks like the chances of a renewal of that mandate only slim or as far as russia is concerned this is
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definitely a negative development muscle was a very strong supporter of and six point plans from. gold and in reaction to the resignation of russia's deputy foreign minister going to get to a road on his twitter page and was an honest broker but there were always fighters who try to get him out of the game to unite hands before i quote force action now. when we are talking about the security situation on the ground things looking drive . the clashes in syria largest see here awful awful still continuing and here in damascus after a relative. calm the c.q. was once again rocked by and series of explosions so despite the enormous demand for some sort of peace settlement violence here in syria still continues. and you
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can also follow up on the stories at home on the book plenty more in store for you that includes it with russia gripped by the ongoing trial of the person who rises who took to moscow's main cathedral to express their outrage to have all the juicy details from the courtroom online. plus a new york city refuses to defend a cold court on camera pepper spraying occupy activity find out more. students and social activist groups in a zero are gearing up to deliver a clear message to the government tonight by drawing thousands on to the streets of tel a bit one of the main causes for resentment is this week's cabinet approval of austerity and tax hikes that have plunged the premier benyamin the ten year whose popularity
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to record lows recent polls suggest over sixty percent are unhappy with the prime minister's work government rallies are nothing new for israel where the protest mood has been on the rise in recent months and on but people have even taken things to the extremes setting themselves on fire the critics say big government sticking to its guns by this year regional political goals and sending the money far from weights needed for the sticks. in the middle of the west bank on land palestinians and the international community claim is not there is fifty israeli families live in a small settler outpost which government money has helped to pay for. the world's view of course the government has invested a lot here just as it did with this it limits but we don't know the reason for the social protests if people find it hard and expensive to live in cities should not point fingers at settlers but fingers are pointing and colourations made the cost
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of constructing certain roads during the year was close to nineteen billion dollars and you think. investment in infrastructure is causing electricity like energy like. also. like water. fifty percent of the budget. are financed or subsidized by government or activities the supreme court ruled this are post to me grant was illegal and is given settlers here until august the twenty first to move out either way it's really taxpayers foot the bill this is where the settlers will be moved to the israeli government to spend more than four million dollars building the site that translates into some eighty thousand dollars per family the state budget is a cake. if you take one piece for this there is much less left for the other
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there is one place where the government has already has enough money for anything and this is in the occupied territories for the settlements. and this is why israeli taxpayers are saying enough is enough for a second straight summer protest some around the country's largest cities but where we have lost years vast numbers of protesters who support leaders in tel aviv have refused permission for tense along its main boulevard in symbolic defiance paper tens have sprung up but for many of these people the tents are home and the protest is not temporary they're in for the long haul. shame on you mr netanyahu you should help the poor in the week i've been homeless for twenty years and no politician has ever come here they don't look at us as humans they think we're animals in the soup already people have set themselves on fire if nothing changes we'll all start doing it too by comparison not one person appears homeless and outposts like this one and
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make one as the social protests continue more and more people are demanding answers to why the government is pouring money into new settlements at the expense of the poor in existing communities policy r.t. migwan outpost in the west bank. and so coming up in the program refusing entry points out. these are within the united states firing on ordinary americans desperately seeking jobs possible to use the iran contra scandal. it was about all over north was taking the funds from selling arms to iran to use to fund the contras here and. we. said no it's not a nicaragua you got it and now we make iran out to be the bad guy but here we were exchanging arms with them why do you think the world is ok with that well because
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america is a hypocrisy. all right to find out more bob a iran contra scandal join our resident in about ten minutes time here on aussie. living here. in forty acres and nineteen ninety three and the side it would be a great place to find my bill the home and retire. there she is. we call it our new neighbor neighbor nine o seven. we have seventy acres and i can't convince them that they need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. the dates of
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birth growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing this is the floor of the problems with the full weight of the rifle and then. you know our flows are not toxic and we get a lot of there's a lot of mis understanding of what eggs actually in these fluids. time the said you can load here unless you come out here and live in my house for a week. i have no rights. my gosh it would be so which bright if you knew about the song from feinstein's
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question. start talks he don't come. back this is activists in bahrain say at least forty five people have been injured over the country's security forces he's seen gas and stun grenades to despise protesters hundreds of demonstrators have been in the streets demanding political reforms around through should people have been arrested in the gulf monicker in the early hours a fine day also as the members of the opposition bloc to key highway pushing for their main demand and elected parliament bahrain's our pricing began a year into homes without it into little trenches between police and protesters continue to this day human rights activists inside saif as the nation's government closes its eyes on the real concerns of the people. the problem that they also want
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to always try to change the subject and saying there is. only additions crimes against them who are widely known the other. by only seeing the you know trying to use violence against the people saying that they are trying to control the security of the country the problem but they don't listen to the opposition demands they don't looking forward to a real dialogue and. truthful dialogue let's say they are trying to disappear from this angle be close. violations against human rights. issues which is. the domination of all the. strict orders of all of these like.
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the others. and take a look at some other international news making headlines around the world south sudan and sudan have reached a law anticipated deal on oil payments a border dispute and disagreement on crude provoking violent clashes earlier this year has greatly damaged both of they call in these the conflict erupted after south sudan declared independence last july taking roughly seventy percent of sudan's oil but lands long looked south sudan was forced to suspend or production after failing to agree on transit fees but that's me with a neighbor. to separate blasts in yemen have killed at least seven people and wounded dozens and attacker on a motorbike threw a grenade into a busy market in the city of tire and the council sunnah an explosive device went off near a popular internet cafe sporadic violence continues in the country despite earlier
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stepping down as president and for growing after months of violence. the former spanish top judge who's now representing julian assange the u.k. can't legally deny the weaker leagues found a safe passage to ecuador bassy of the south american country decides to grant him asylum baltazar gas on said he had information to suggest proceedings from the us were advancing to have a sound extradited the whistle blower's mother believes her son will face torture and even execution if deported to the us and our exclusive interview with christina sound airing right here on r.t. interest a couple of hours. despite having soaring unemployment the u. arts remains highly selective over just allows in to run a business in the country but as artie's priya sridhar reports some of those denied entry have turned their lot into lucrative gain. one of south asia's hottest new
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entrepreneurs twenty eight year old ball is behind india's largest e-commerce company snapdeal dot com is often compared to amazon for its daily deals on services and products but we have tremendous momentum in the business we have you know sixteen million registered users one out of six internet users in india is registered on snap to you growing by a million a month by the end of the year to be twenty five million highest traffic e-commerce site in india. but if the young business tycoon had it his way he would have started in the united states where he got his ivy league qualifications but paul had no choice despite his eagerness to start a firm and create jobs america's searching on employment saw immigration authorities deny more and more visas for foreigners when your resume gets rejected you pretty much have to go back there is no one there's no recourse us such and i think that was disappointing maybe we would have started something in the u.s. had we gotten. my visa but then you know it doesn't matter experts say it's no
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coincidence that the rising rejection rates occurred as america's economy tanked but acting on the perceived fear that immigrants were taking american jobs has had the opposite effect it's unfortunate. denials are being made that are justified because what happens if it ends up being an incentive to u.s. companies to locate more resources outside the country in some ways in ways that might. well u.s. immigration authorities have increased the rejection rate of temporary work visas for citizens of all countries india has been the hardest hit just last year a lot of infrasound of indian applicants for a certain type of temporary work were rejected while only around rebirth of applicants from countries like germany and the u.k. were rejected for the same type of temporary work visas. the other sting in the
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tail for the states is that by turfing out skilled foreigners it's missing out on big bucks opportunities that were forged in america's colleges i don't think we would be as effective entrepreneurs here had we not spend time in the us they don't think that the time i spend in color. really helped us in building the company we've been able to snapdeal now turns over one hundred million dollars a year the kind of innovation that indian immigrants have long been known for in the united states we found recently that. about half of the top fifty venture funded companies i mean to companies that were started with venture capital had at least one immigrant founder so what we found is that if you keep people out you'll get less job creation and less innovation in the united states jobs america desperately needs cannot employ fifteen hundred people in ten cities across india and we are now having the time of our life we also know that this
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opportunity of building a market internet e-commerce company in our own country is never going to come again one door closes another opens for this internet highflyer america's visa rejection put him on the road to riches and indians into work preassure either r t new delhi india it was the biggest scandal of the reagan presidency revelations that washington had been breaking and alms in boggo new ron and using the profits to fund the anti communist opposition in nicaragua the so-called iran contra affair should become treated foundations exposing washington's flagrant breach in international know exactly twenty four of the mom who broke the story robert perry says there's still so much more to come. what you saw here was the failure of the institutions of washington to get control of these things there had been an effort in the seventy's after watergate after the exposures of cia abuses to bring some
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constraints on to this process and then you saw the iran contra scandal it was the first test case really what would congress really hold the president to task in and make sure that he couldn't go off in his own direction the institutions of washington failed to both. enforce the law or see the law was in force but also in just explaining to the american people what had happened there are still many sections of the scandal that we don't know the full story about or even a chunk of the story so much of this remains still something outside the historical picture that the american people have been denied we don't really know who did what and why and even how. i got flags how very new york president went to find out rather people remember on the thing about the biggest current of the reagan presidency.
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western media would have you believe that iran is some sort of evil enemy so do they not remember their run contra scandal of one thousand nine hundred sixty this week let's talk about that have you ever heard of the iran contra scandal. sorry no i haven't no you haven't i state no i have not heard. something big he know yes yes do you member it was about what was it about you remember. nuclear weapons i believe iran is but the army going in and trying to do for the oil is and it was about all over north was taking the funds from selling arms to iran to use to fund the contras. in nicaragua you got it and now we make iran out to be the bad guy but here we were exchanging arms with them why do you think the world is ok with that well because
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america is a hypocrisy do you think that the world knows that this is a hypocrisy. i guess we know a little bit about it but sometimes i find us to be very naive and we are not really enough to wear over everything that's going on out there they were in a war with iraq so you know we were we thought that they were they were the good relative good. in iraq was the you know the bad guys you know it's just the whole it's ridiculous if we change our definition of of who's good and who's bad to suit our needs when ever doesn't that kind of make good and bad relative and meaningless absolutely it's almost thirty years ago so there in thirty years someone can go from being an ally to an enemy well unfortunately that happens yeah so we should probably be more careful with whom we give arms to that is a very good old. savation but then again you never know which side of the regime you fall when you support something on one of the issues of u.s.
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foreign policy is they've always picked sides which they did in vietnam they did it in other places and sometimes they were successful sometimes they weren't whether or not people remember the iran contra scandal but the bottom line is the media certainly seems to have a selective memory that suits whatever methods they'd like to promote. and shortly it will ruffle the feathers of the one percent of the kind of report but with a recount on top stories just the. wealthy
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british scientists are. right on. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to a report on our. nuclear. side. radioactive
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fallout old government betrayal of the government. and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was a very bright day to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of the right deal at the full. the secrets of the nuclear tests. will lose. its technology innovation the least developed from around russia we've got the future covered. download the official. language stream quality.
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