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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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welcome to our team it's half past the hour here's a quick recap of your headlines more bloodshed outside damascus while rebels on the regime ask later on once and serious the northern city of aleppo that's as moscow slams the un's vote which soley pressures the regime on the fighting. thousands of israelis gear up to march across television demanding social justice from the government that keeps crowding at home but splashing out to score political points prime minister netanyahu is popularity is dropping massively as people's outrage grows. and forty five people are reported injured in bahrain
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as police fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters demanding political reforms elite the video allegedly shows government mercenaries driving cars at demonstrators. next we ask what russian brainpower can do for europe's nuclear future. hello again or welcome to spotlight the interview show on r t i now do not and today my guest is wrong that russia and europe had reached
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a new heights in scientific operation if everything goes as planned russia will soon become an associate member of the european organization for nuclear research that said it means lots of new opportunities for both sides but some obligations to how helpful congression brainpower be for the nuclear scientific community and what will the new level of cooperation mean for russian research we're asking director general of cern mr rove peter perl. the european nuclear research center or simply cern operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world its most celebrated project is the large hadron collider the giant facility built to tast fundamental physical theories it's a unique particle accelerator that unite scientists from nearly one hundred countries some seven hundred russians to part in constructing the collider and many
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of them continue to work at cern. however mr hurd thank you for joining us on the show. welcome mr heard rush has started the procedure of joining has an associate member well what are the benefits for us all for russian scientists have this procedure you can you can you tell us please where the benefit is not only for russian scientists the benefit is for russian nationals in general engineers technicians in the administration every there because they can apply for positions that limited duration for example and then learn doing science or engineering new technologies in an international environment and then bring this back into that country so this is a big opportunity for russian nationals and it's also pick up on your n.t.
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for the russian industry to start a collaboration for example on new technologies and also on tendering process is cern and this i think is a unique opportunity for developed countries like russia. how much will the russians have to pay for their membership is it true that members pay ten times more than. the countries with whom we just collaborate you know this is not quite correct what you are saying that we have the full membership which whether nations contribute according to their net national income and we have this the associated membership where you pay ten percent of this respected respective contribution so far russia it would be at the moment something like less than ten million million swiss francs per year but russia does have an
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opportunity and there is a possibility then russia that russia may become a full member in the first sea both issues that true. that is absolutely absolutely true and i would look forward to that because i think the russian science the russian enterprises of russian technology engineering is so well developed that every big laboratory in the must be happy to have ayesha as a member. so russia will have to pay becoming a full member ten times more than it will be as an associate member does it pay back i mean it is russia interested in thing that that amount of money. that you have to ask a question colleagues on the russian politicians as a result much but you see we have at the moment at the moment twenty member states and they are all i have the impression they're reasonably happy family and we have we are coming at the moment new members we have already two countries which are
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trying already in accession to full membership a third country will follow so three other countries we know negotiation with will hopefully follow towards the end of this year so we will move from twenty to twenty six for members which shows you the enormous interest in our in-situ and in our science in our technologies and in our opportunities and i think as i said again for russia to be a global player also in science and technologies i think it's a fantastic location ok you mentioned the family i have talked to mr vella have academician relatives when you when you started the collider a couple of years ago and he he also. said that the russians were a member of your family that many russian scientists are working in syria laboratory today how many russians do you have then today. oh i think we have i
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don't have the exact number but i think we have a few hundred i think we have actually seven or eight hundred russian scientists already verkin are connected to cern but you see science research our in-situ it for accepted research is without a field of membership so the research has to be free because otherwise it cannot spread out globally into other countries the difference between being a member and not being a member is that without membership you are don't have any ok ssion any opportunity to have positions staff members fellowships etc at cern itself you don't have the opportunity for your industry to participate in our big accelerator projects this to her you have been in moscow recently and you discussed with your colleagues from the chatter thin institute joint project what kind of
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collaboration are you having in mind with the push out of people. well it was a cut off and. we have already a very good cooperation collaboration on the experimental side that means the experiments which are performed but now we see the big opportunity was a coach of in-situ the affiliated institute under the umbrella of course right off on the accelerator side told to develop my thoughts for the accelerator vashon. scientists had been have been very much on the forefront and we would really like to talk to collaborate with them or we can see possibilities for example on medical applications like that on therapy with accelerators etc so the field can be quite wide between the coach of in-situ and so well let's hear more on this matter now from spotlight you and they did. they could chart of institute in moscow is home to
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the first and when you can have power plant in the world it continues to be a pioneer in nuclear research it has a major role in a number of international project the light hadron collider being one of them several hundred russians have been working on the project russian companies manufactured some of the equipment that i'm smasher in particular a russian firm produced a just thousand letang state christos collider and russian scientists do have experience to share in the nineteen fifties they built the sing professor tran which was the world's largest particle accelerator at the time currently russian scientists are building their own version of the collider induna outside moscow it will be a hundred times smaller than its european counterpart the russian scientists and sure it will be able to give some lunches as to how the universe began it's expected to belong in two thousand and seventeen meanwhile the institute research
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is cooperating closely with the european nuclear. research organization they're working on the computer center to process the data from experiments to read out and do my charger and. i have the information that cern really badly needs to use they could chat of supercomputer is that true. i wouldn't say badly but it would highly very come to have a very good computing center in russia at a coach out of in-situ would not only for us but in particular also for that russian research as you see the better your infrastructure on computing is the better you can block in into the analysis of the data which we are taking with our experiments and i think it would be a vivid situation in particular as of our colleagues in russia if we have
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good computing center at the coach of institute connected to so. many of. we have many computing side as birds right connected to us and that would also give a fantastic way of connecting into the rest of our computing system bird flight you mentioned hundreds of russian researches working in cern what was the role of russian scientists in the experiments on the hadron collider. it's a very prominent one the russian scientists have contributed to the hardware of the experiments they have built for all of the four big experiments very important components which are which and use now and now they have two parties and they will participate in the analysis of the state or to understand more about the early
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universe to understand more about the microcosm and for this i think such a computing center planned to coach out of in situ then i just visited it and i think you have a fantastic opportunity there would be front would be great for the scientists in russia says iraq did the whole area director general of the european organization for nuclear research spotlight would be back shortly right after breaks out there on their way stanley. i'm a former soviet soldier more prisoner. brain her. husband
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. a father. and alien in against. a son. a brother an alien in ukraine. i'm craving for my home. everyone wants to be president. whether they're an old lady on engine driver. but it might be quite tricky to get a fancy haircut. because you live out here in siberia. and the only way to get to you is by train.
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what you can afford the side. radioactive fallout of government betrayal the government of law and law and laud and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of the radioactive fall of. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests x. .
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welcome back to spotlight i'm now going off in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is a roth did that whole i am the rector general of the european organization for nuclear research mr hoyer one of the main tunks one of the great mysteries that the collider has to solve and everybody is expecting that is the is the higgs boson i mean i mean the existence of the higgs boson well what makes you sure and i know that you are sure that this mystery will be so very soon . yes you see we know everything about this famous he explores on the part of the stone armada we know everything all its properties the only thing we don't know is if it exists ok so that's a slight problem however because we know its properties if it exists then we know
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how many collisions we need in the large hadron collider in order to significantly point your was this expose on so i can predict depending on the way the collider is working when the view of this can give an answer on the shakespeare question of this expose on to be on not to be and what does the discovery or not of this elementary particle mean for the scientific picture of the world for the for for the further research well first of all if we find if if it exists we will find it and that would be a huge discovery because it's a particle which will complete the so-called standard model of particle physics which also is part of the description of the early universe so that would close
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so to speak this star not model if we don't find it that means it does not exist now if it does not exist then this standard model is missing that one of its cornerstones it breaks down that means we have to find something else which does the job which the big expose and would have done otherwise were oil again well if you want to discover a year you either have to find something else or you will have to create or we will have to create a new fundamental theory the so-called standard model of the universe if the higgs boson is not found is that true. partially we have to extend this we have to replace part of the steiner model theory by another theory which we might be difficult we might have to leave idea to some extent on the other hand it the standard model describes so many things so well that i don't think we
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have to throw it away completely we have just to to prepare it at one part. so i you know i love asking these questions because but oh well here's another one as far as i know ninety six percent of the universe composition is still i known to scientists well if you discover the higgs was done how will this figure change will all become ninety five percent now you know this figure will not change the only thing which will change is that the four percent we understand are because for the moment without the expose we do not understand fully we would then fully understand the four percent and we would continue to look for the other ninety six percent well there's a yeah yeah yeah i got it but what is is the higgs boson the outcome of the girl or there are other elementary particles yet to be discovered all the higgs is
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certainly not the ultimate goal first of all if we find if it exists and we find it then we need many many years to study its details you see when you find something then you have to study is it behaving as you expect so you need many more investigations on it and that will take many years of very detailed data taking analysis investigations and then in addition the collider will look for part of the ninety six percent of the unknown universe. one quarter of this unknown universe is a so-called dark matter and i would really hope that the collide of the first light into this dark universe in the coming let's say five to ten years i hope that we find the nature of this dark matter this would be a fantastic breaks coming from four percent to nearly thirty percent of our understanding this would be fantastic well in front of us well you mention this
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dark matter there's also you know you working on the dark matter working on the dark energy there's also this thing well but does the dealing with the dark matter dark energy does it or may it present any danger for our planet for humanity no no definitely definitely not because how do you know you're doing how do you know that that it's a no if you don't know what you're dealing with. we know that the universe is stealing since billions of years will start matter and was dark energy and what we're doing is nothing else then imitating so to speak what the universe does since billions of years was much higher which with many more effects collisions and we both still talk to each other we still exist so i see no danger well last year the researches registers the speed of three hundred thousand six kilometers
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per second for neutrinos launched in the collider that's more than the speed of light which is supposed to be the maximal possible according to the theory of relativity that's what they taught me in school well if we have already reached a speed higher than the speed of light on our planet does it mean that that this fundamental presumption i mean einstein is proving to be wrong. not yet not yet not yet. not not yet because it is van measurement and in science in the research you always have to cost check measurements one has seen many many results coming and going you need a cost check so what we are doing this year twenty twelve we are course checking this aside it was other experiments with more refined methods in europe as
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well as in the united states and in japan and only if these results confirm what the experiment in italy has found then we can scratch our head and say let's see what we have to do with the relativity theory but for the moment it is one of the side which still holds so i'm not not saying that it's hong but we have to confirm it before we can say something. so is. do i get it right what you just said that the the equals mc squared still stands though it is shaken by your experiments is that true. i think you are expressing very well it still stands i would say mr einstein can still sleep quietly however when he is from time to time awake he should be careful and watching us well well you certainly don't let him rest in peace while i would think he. well know we have
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a shake in from time to time yes but that's the top of a search are and how powerful are these computers that he used in the huddle colliders each. oh i don't have a number but you see the point yours per year to men this amount of data which has two of which have to be analyzed which correspond to roughly twenty petabyte of data now twenty petabyte it's difficult to imagine if you would store it on a normal cd without the cover it would be roughly twenty five kilometers city tower now you can imagine that such an amount of data you need a lot of computing power to analyze it quickly and on time so this is why we are connected but of concern because i think hundred forty computing
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centers all over the world in order to store the data to analyze the data and to board use the results well can't give you a number but it's a very good very. spread out computing power all over the world where we hear your absolute well when you said it's hard to imagine all actually most of the things that you're working on are hard to imagine my conventional brain well but there is one thing one thing that came from syrian that everybody can imagine that everybody uses i mean that cern introduced the world wide web originally for your own use but now the internet yes it is used by the entire world and it's becoming the most powerful media is there something in the current cern inventions. which you have discovered a discovery that could change the way of life of what marry people in the forseeable future something new. well i think you have to give me
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a crystal ball in order to predict that that's very difficult too but the nobody would have predicted that the birth five changes the way people live together so drastically i think the next step is this good computing of what is essentially similar the cloud computing and private enterprises so it's the world wide web voice information or it's very information exchange all over the world good computing is using computing power all over the world so you submit the choppier and it's calculated there you don't care where it's calculated you use the whole bird so to speak networked in computing power and i think that will again change the way science is done business is done it is already changing that if it changes the private life as much as the world wide web maybe i'm not inventive enough i
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don't think so but. again a step forward thank you thank you very much and just to remind there that my guest on the show today was brought little to tell you director general of the european on his nation for nuclear research and that's it for now for all of you if you want to hear a sound spotlight where someone in mind for you think i should interview next time you drop me a lot spotlight will be back with more friends than comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay and. take a. wealthy
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british style.
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