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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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if you care about. this is why you should. only. forty eight a rainy and pilgrims are kidnapped in damascus and that's where amid reports of bloodshed in the capital and in syria's northern city. outrage in israel as thousands of protesters demand social justice from a government that keeps cutting at home but shelling out to score political points . and sectarian violence escalates in the gulf states dozens of demonstrators have been injured in bahrain and a teenage protester shot dead in saudi arabia.
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good morning at four am here five am here in the russian capital and lucy catherine of anyone watching our t.v. our top story now i made fresh violence in the syrian capital armed gunmen reportedly snatched forty seven iranian pilgrims just outside of damascus on saturday there are no immediate details about their fate and syrian officials say they are trying to trace who is behind these abductions are physics on a boy go reports from the ask us. forty eight iranian nationals who were kidnapped in damascus on saturday were of the largest group of foreign nationals to be abducted in syria even though assassinations and abductions by the rebels are by no means a rare here and now the iranians were on their pilgrimage to the sayed as they not which is one of the holiest shrines for shia muslims because it's believed to hold the relics of prophet muhammad's granddaughter and it was after they visited the mosque the pilgrims boarded a bus which was supposed to take them to the airport and on the way to the airport
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boss was told by i'm known gunmen and they were taken hostage now see visited this area there's enough they were who just a few days ago and from what i've seen there i can tell you that local residents have been subjected to. threats of duction and that's just a nation for quite some time these area houses predominantly iraqi refugees tens of thousands of them most of them are shia muslims and they've been targeted by the predominantly sunni rebels for months on and so six tearing divisions already the playing a major role in fueling violence and fueling conflict here in syria but they are of course not the only pretext for abductions people have been kidnapped for various reasons because of the ethnicity or nationality for example a russian citizen was abducted here in damascus about two weeks ago on his way to the airport later two italian engineers were also kidnapped by unknown
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gunmen and no ransom demand of was ever voiced these three people a russian and two italians were later released by the regular syrian army now it is obviously not only for him there is who are facing the response duction for syrians this risk is much higher and unfortunately their chances of being released unharmed . very slim on side of the roller and the syrian national t.v. presenter who was kidnapped from his own house near damascus in july was following dad. a group that claimed responsibility for his execution just hot i mean those who are also known as sunni consolidation found out that he was killed because of being a should be oprah government just a few hours after the sad news emerged very learned that and not their syrian television employed these time cameramen was also abducted here in damascus. and
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you can also follow us on twitter on her feet she says that the residents are watching heavy shelling in the distance from their balconies and also reports that some buildings are on fire now the images you're seeing now are the pictures you sent us today of that shelling of residential areas in the syrian capital. fierce fighting pardon me between government and rebel forces in syria's northern city of aleppo is showing no signs of abating as casualties continue to grow rebels say that syrian jets are bombarding the area clashes between syrian forces and rebels have been reported around those t.v. and radio station government troops are said to be preparing a strong offensive on the city to try to flush out opposition fighters reform campaign or leave from the syrian social club says it's just another proxy war. there's a saying like being still america or they will bring democracy to your door like we saw what happened in iraq for example they accused them of having
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a lethal weapon so they went there to spread democracy in peace. they're just saying that syria have a peaceful protest there's just really peaceful ways that they want you. to achieve democracy and freedom while they are supporting my naval weapons. money financial planning everything so which is very sarcastic that. promote them as very peaceful protesters stairs while they are in fact your arming them and backing them up so all this back to the militias will result in every team that goes along with. america's policy in the region. still to come this hour the employment protection that's actually keeping americans out of work. the u.s. is skewing these are rules to send foreigners packing by those entrepreneurs are
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also taking their job boosting businesses with them. and now we make iran out to be the bad guy but here we were exchanging arms with them why do you think the world is ok with that well because america is the hypocrisy. of the days when america secretly and illegally sold weapons to iran well if not you may have company on the streets of new york will happen latest from artie's the resident. thousands of protesters have been rallying in tel aviv angry at the ever growing cost of living there this week the israeli government passed a package of cuts and tax hikes in order to try to save three and a half billion dollars from next year's budget the protest movement has been on the rise in recent months galvanized by some people setting themselves a fire and desperation saturday's social dust just as demos are joined by groups calling for or orthodox jews not to exempt not to be exempt from army draft with
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moderates feeling that they are shouldering too much of the country's burdens but yet live of days of what's happening from our correspondent on the ground on twitter paula slayer she says a police had used pepper spray to disperse crowds there the security forces may not be in short supply of us paulo reports government action on welfare is definitely thin on the ground. in the middle of the west bank on land palestinians and the international community is not there is fifty israeli families live in a small outpost which government money has helped to pay for river though it was the world's a review the government has invested a lot here just as it did with this it remains the reason for the social protest if people find her inexpensive to live in cities we should not point fingers at solutions but finger pointing and cull creations made the cost. constructing settlements during the years was close to nineteen billion dollars and it includes investment in infrastructure causing electricity
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like energy like. horse or roads like water. fifty percent of the budget and settlements are financed or subsidized by government or activities the supreme court ruled this outpost to make was illegal and has given settlers here until august the twenty first to move out either way israeli taxpayers foot the bill this is where the settlers will be moved to the israeli government to spend more than a full million dollars building the site that translates into some eighty thousand dollars per family the state budget is a cake if you take one piece for this there is much less live for the other there is one place where the government has already has enough money for anything and this is in the occupied territories for the settlements. and this is why
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israeli taxpayers are saying enough is enough for a second straight summer protest some around the country's largest cities but where we have last year's vast numbers of protesters who support leaders in tel aviv have refused permission for tense along its main boulevard in symbolic defiance paper tens have sprung up but for many of these people the tents are home and the protest is not temporary they're in for the long haul. shame on you mr netanyahu you should help the poor in the week i've been homeless for twenty years and no politician has ever come here they don't look at us as humans they think we're animals in the zoo already people have set themselves on fire if nothing changes we'll all start doing it too by comparison. not one person appears homeless in outposts like this one image as the social protests continue more and more people are demanding answers to why the government is pouring money into new settlements at the expense of the poor
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in existing communities policy r.t. outpost in the west bank. well a teenage protester has been shot dead in saudi arabia after an anti regime group fired on an army patrol killing one soldier shii demonstrators have been calling for an end to discrimination by the sunni monarchy since about march of last year and they bring bahraini dozens of equal rights activists were injured as security forces fired tear gas stun grenades even burned shot at them meanwhile available online allegedly shows government backing mercenaries charging had demonstrators with cars opposition politician. believes that the international community is washing his hands of the situation in the gulf because tiriel interests outweigh principles. this is part of the. international community when they want to support. human rights
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abusers when they consider the international. financial and economic. and other things. these are more much more. human rights and democracy and that's why we. sort of thought we could not and you could call for. security justice these are. something that is. for this it isn't just a few months. it is so both so it's not killing other places but they are trying to. trying to. humanely but. people. and they don't you
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know there was this by this ignored and then. a lot more stories on for you at r.t. dot com let's take a look at what we have. people of virus outbreak in uganda may have been brought under control but don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet a prisoner with a suspected case of the deadly virus managed to escape the hospital sparking new fears of contagion. and not so war hungry after all recent insider information from the israeli government suggests the prime minister's office has not discussed iran for months despite vocal threats of military action against iran the story and lots more for you at r.t. dot com.
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you can go for the. radioactive fallout of old government betrayal of the government. and claude and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who will give them no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because already like the full. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests. started here. for going to logan and.
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please take your stuff and. make your statement. spread the word. street. and employment in the united states is still taking upwards of one method being used to keep americans in the work is to try to keep foreigners out the problem is
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that it's hitting entrepreneur so what otherwise be making not jobs are to explain . one of south asia's hottest new entrepreneurs twenty eight year old ball is behind india's largest e-commerce company snapdeal dot com is often compared to amazon for its daily deals on services and products but we have tremendous momentum in the business we have you know sixteen million registered users one out of six internet users in india is registered on snap to you growing by a million a month by the end of the year to be twenty five million. traffic e-commerce site in india. but if the young business tycoon had it his way he would have started in the united states where he got his ivy league qualifications but paul had no choice despite his eagerness to start a firm and create jobs america's searching on employment saw immigration authorities deny more and more visas for foreigners when your resume gets rejected
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you pretty much have to go back that is annoying there's no recourse us such and i think that was disappointing maybe we would have started something in the u.s. had we gotten. my visa but then you know it doesn't matter experts say it's no coincidence that the rising rejection rates occurred as america's economy tanked but acting on the perceived fear that immigrants were taking american jobs has had the opposite effect it's unfortunate. denials are being made that are justified because what happens if it ends up being an incentive to u.s. companies to locate more resources outside the country in some ways in ways that might. well u.s. immigration authorities have increased the rejection rate of temporary work visas for citizens of all countries india has been the hardest hit just last year a lot of interest and of indian applicants for a certain type of temporary work were rejected while only around three birth of
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applicants from countries like germany and the u.k. were rejected for the same type of temporary were. the other sting in the tail for the states is that by turfing out skilled foreigners it's missing out on big box opportunities they were forged in america's colleges i don't think we would be as effective or income from those here had we not spend a dime in the u.s. they're doing that at the time i spend can call it. really helped us in building the company we've been able to snapdeal now turns over one hundred million dollars a year the kind of innovation that indian immigrants have long been known for in the united states we found recently that. about half of the of the top fifty venture funded companies i mean to companies that were started with venture capital had at least one immigrant founder so what we found is that if you keep people out you'll get less job creation and less innovation in the united states
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jobs america desperately needs nolen ploys fifteen hundred people in ten cities across india and we are having the time of our life we also know that this opportunity of building a market leading internet e-commerce company in our own country is never going to come again one door closes another opens for this internet high flyer america's visa rejection put him on the road to riches and indians into work preassure either r t new delhi india. well more world news for you right now. the death toll from a suicide bomb attack in southern yemen has now risen to at least twenty five people a suspected al qaeda fighter blew unself up at a funeral service apparently targeting tribesmen who had sided with the yemeni army during an offensive against islamist militants this comes after a u.s. drone killed five suspected al qaeda members earlier in the day. a
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fireworks factory in central pakistan has exploded leaving at least six people dead . in fifteen injured it happened on saturday morning while workers unloaded fireworks from a donkey cart the entire factory into adjacent buildings then became engulfed in the ensuing fire pakistan's been trying to crack down on the country's many illegal firework manufacturers. and if you got the patients plan to mexico jamaica you may be in trouble tropical storm ernesto is on its way there and it's expected to swell into a category one hurricane the u.s. national hurricane center predicts it will hit the mexican coast by wednesday with winds reaching one hundred twenty kilometers per hour the jamaican authorities have issued storm warnings and part of that grading people to the mainland. the u.n. has announced a grouping of shipments to north korea this follows heavy flooding that's killed nearly one hundred seventy people there hundreds of thousands more are displaced
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and large swaths of land have been damaged recent events prompted fears of the shortages in the country but it isn't the heels of the most severe drought in decades. and iran is conducted military exercises launching a new short range missile it's also pushing to upgrade its rockets which can already target israel and u.s. bases in the middle east this comes amid tough sanctions against the country over its nuclear program which the west suspects is aimed at developing a nuclear bomb. and while the u.s. weighs into iran over its military ambitions there is one skeleton in the closet that seems to have been forgotten the iran contra affair was one of the biggest scandals of the regen presidency of revelations that washington had been breaking and arms embargo on iran. following the end of the capitol hill hearings into the case exactly twenty five years ago president reagan took full responsibility for what he called things he was unaware of well fast forward to today the full extent
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of the his involvement and awareness is still unclear the man who broke the story robert perry pierce are still too many details that will never see the light. what you saw here was the failure of the institutions of washington to get control of these things there had been an effort in the seventy's after watergate after the exposures of cia abuses to bring some constraints on to this process and then you saw the iran contra scandal it was the first test case really what would congress really hold the president to task in and make sure that he couldn't go off in his own direction the institutions of washington failed to both enforce the law or see the wall was in force but also in just explaining to the american people what had happened there are still many sections of this scandal that we don't know the full story about or even a chunk of the story so much of this remains still something outside the historical
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picture that this the american people have been denied we don't really know who did what and why and even how. they are on contract for may have been the scandal of the decade and it's time to twenty five years later do people even know what it was all about the residents hit the streets of the big apple to find out. western media would have you believe that iran is some sort of evil enemy so do they not remember the iran contra scandal of one thousand nine hundred sixty this week let's talk about that have you ever heard of the iran contra scandal. sorry no i haven't no you haven't i state no i have not heard. something big he know yes yes you member it was about what was it about you remember. nuclear weapons i believe iran is but the army going in and trying to do for the
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oil is and it was about all over north was taking the funds from selling arms to iran to use to fund the contras. no it's not nicaragua you got it and now we make iran out to be the bad guy but here we were exchanging arms with them why do you think the world is ok with that well because america is a hypocrisy do you think that the world knows that this is a hypocrisy. i guess we know a little bit about it but sometimes i find us to be very naive and we are not really enough to wear over everything that's going on out there they were in a war with iraq so you know what we thought that they were they were the good relative good. and iraq was the you know the bad guys you know it's just the whole it's ridiculous if we change our definition of of who's good and who's bad to suit
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our needs when ever doesn't that kind of make good and bad relative and meaningless . it's almost thirty years ago so they're in thirty years then one can go from being an ally to an enemy well unfortunately that happens yeah so we should probably be more careful with whom we give arms to that is a very good old. savation but then again you never know which side of the regime you fall on when you support something and one of the issues of u.s. foreign policy is they've always picked sides which they did in vietnam they did it in other places and sometimes they were successful sometimes they weren't whether or not people remember the iran contra scandal the bottom line is the media certainly seems to have a selective memory that suits whatever math it they'd like to promote. well in just a little bit we're going to bring you the life story of a former soviet soldier captured in afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. that made the country is home that's up next after the headlines.
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i'm a former soviet soldier. war prisoner. brain her. husband
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