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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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welcome back forty eight a rainy and pilgrims are kidnapped in damascus this amid reports of the mud shouting in the capital and syria's northern city. outrage in israel thousands of protesters demand social justice from a government that keeps on cutting at home yet shelling out to score political points. and sectarian violence escalates in the gulf states and dozens of demonstrators have been injured involved brain and
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a teenage protester shot dead in saudi arabia. well the baikal more mainline in russia stretches for more than four thousand kilometers making it one of the longest railways in the world up next we bring you the story of the people whose lives and fates revolve around it. my aim is never to this be i am. not hello my darling it's really nice to see nice to see to you that it was good cause your good self just fine it was. like. i'm on my way to the village you have to tell you right now my custom is
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a waiting for me they're. all in one boy. and adults alike in my clients lining us a soldier job i have. has a long waiting list of customers she's the only hairstylist catering to several villages along the famous main line thought. it was the most ambitious railway project of the soviet era the whole plan was a large scale battle of man against nature but the war was lost with the collapse of the soviet union yet many people continue to live on the land that had been claimed. i was young and inexperienced when i came here i just wanted to see the world and put myself to the test also it was difficult to find
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a job in ukraine at the time i can't say my first impression of the price was inspiring now i live with my husband our daughter is all grown up and is a mass of money our son even is old. is a complete optimist she believes in. one can find a job anywhere as long as they're ambitious enough lainer has built a successful business out of making the residents of the many villages look beautiful as it turns out good looks are in great demand even in fake forest. big hair stylist was my childhood dream. my other ambition was to be a trolley bus driver of all things. whenever i boarded a bus tried to take notes of what the driver was doing. i thought it might come in handy in the future. have you got any customers. you should want so i'm out of luck today i'm afraid you are.
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you mean they resent having to wait their turn. when people go on vacation i stay put here with even the weekend sometimes i reserve a day off for myself but there's an even then i have to report for why. i have around one hundred customers a month on average sometimes i get pretty time when i shop in a village people expect me to do my job obviously everyone wants attention understanding from me they want to be good looking and i hope that's what i can do for them twelve or fourteen hours on end when i'm on the maid but i don't get tired on such occasions i find intriguing to see how my work changes pay phone.
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how you freshly holiday. when he has been driving around the far east or by car here in a car how about you in a job it's a bit of a headache i can't stand it yet good for you anyway. releases the brakes. brakes or at least. some of them doesn't is a former so-called railway warrior he was among those who battled against the elements while laying tracks deep in the tiger. twenty five years ago i was drafted into the army from kazakhstan. working when i wanted to earn money by working as a builder. and that's when they paid pretty handsome money. it only took just a couple of years to earn enough to buy a car and that was never possible before. we worked in shifts for fifteen days at
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a time then we were off for another fifteen days so on. the back of the new hardware for the bike mainline was tested on the sports they could stand up to the rigors of the northern climate there would give them. therefore it would be sent back to the plant to be fixed or upgrade it. in any case it was assumed that all specialists were continually learning to cope with the new equipment. construction work on the bike column all mainline lasted for about a hundred years even incredibly harsh weather conditions could not stop the progress on the line. the final phase began in the mountain seventies somersaulted returned home after making some money here but then he got married had kids and ultimately gave up the idea of returning. to. the first i had doubts about staying on here. but now i have no regrets i think if i live my life over again i
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do it the same way. the bicolor more main line stretches more than four thousand kilometers making it one of the world's longest railways lino the hairdresser shuttles between small population centers along it in soviet times the world plans to turn them into large towns with a strong infrastructure but the project lost its funding after the collapse of the soviet union. local women living in small villages in the backwoods take good care of themselves i know from past because i see them doing my trips they make a point of following the latest trends in fashion the men much different to the women. who do. when i visit each of the villages once a month if i have to stay away because of illness so any other reason they coom. because they are already waiting to see me in the eye drop
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a schedule of visits for three months ahead and put up my notes in that my customers know in advance when they'll say me if they sign up for some particular day in this where know beforehand how many customers want to see me. how long i'll be staying with them when all visit. running. their hello hi good to see you. must be tired from work take you see it. but it's the after though now there is only one daily train from two toll to indonesia we spend nearly six hours travelling there if something were to go wrong we would be stranded here plays don't land here because there is no airfield.
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this cultural club isn't a village of two told one of the villagers along the by column or main line of people last year is o.t.s. anniversary china has lived in the village for twenty years she came here after a stint in the logging business nowadays she put on performances at the club and even though she's never had any special training to china believes they make life for the children more interesting. more my girl right now well done standing on your heels. for them as they did none of their a daily rehearsal is in this hall. almost look at your real luke like you walked out of a fairy tale told a stately beautiful take off those glasses you don't need them now why am i i can fall down now don't worry i'll help you. now with your right foot forward. no do it like this right your shoulders and begin moving and look straight ahead
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try all around to show off your lovely dress my skirt will go up if as you've been around it's ok nobody's going to look under it then when you don't stare at the floor. they will like this post that's a good girl most of you has in this position now would turn around and go. there was rehearsing a performance to mark russian youth day the idea is to parade costumes made by the children themselves the material is nothing more elaborate than what people normally throw away sweets wrappers disposable kitchenware and plastic bags thanks to things made of recycled trash are all the rage with other villages as well as the children attending the club. when i came here and there were seven hundred villagers most of them were young people they enjoy going to clubs discos so much that the hall was always packed as if you know there are only about three hundred forty five people left in the village but i can say for sure i pity the kids.
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they have nothing to occupy themselves with especially their wives and there are no support groups or classes where children can learn to dance and i'm not a professional simply i take these things close to hardly because it started singing and dancing classes when i was a pupil i do wish there was a true professional who could teach the kids isn't this you there isn't one here we don't have many of the things that children in other places have. for example to these parts in the old days i'm a bit of the elite here like native americans in a reservation and.
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world. war. the railway crosses eleven full flowing rivers seven mountain ranges vast expanses of permafrost and areas of high seismic activity in soviet times eight tunnels one hundred forty two bridges were built along its route today the bicolor more mainline can't pay for itself but there is hope that it will be revived in the future people here believe that the development of new mineral deposits would attract more trains to the region and bring with them the benefits of modern civilization.
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if they shoot something inappropriate for public they can easily be. casualties of war ok. i wish he would have never happened but it has happened. in a war a t.v. camera becomes an unnecessary what destroys their own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave. and it's clear what happens with
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such witnesses i got on my site. many. purses shooting. nuclear file full of. radioactive fallout all government betrayal of the government blah everything laud and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very bright danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem. and to
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the people of this country generally because of the radioactive fallout. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests explain. please. pull them out. like kerry nods and winks if they are natives of this region my trips alway's a very interesting experience. travels grueling distances across the harsh tug of the mission to make sure the women of russia can feel the same. beasties that those guys out there are
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a great. club. but then this is the only one simple now. is another possibility say. even a more dependent on the way the. game. uses the photo shoot people. can nice haircut any problem is that events have the care i need to see to it that it's in harmony with the face people embalmed prefer . it's very humorous they've been good for. doing something like that will do but be sure to trim it here make it short my head aches because of the hair on the phone do you speak the of inky language sure i do. but my husband gets upset when i talk around mother tongue they
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were right he probably things them insulting him. does he get angry sometimes in any case i put him in his place without mincing words i think that's the right thing to do. oh that's so marina why. living in a shelter with the neiges is put up in a shop a week in advance so it was made from the noise that i'm coming in a small village news rise quickly my good wildfire moved in with new. most of the customers visit me on a regular basis. but i always have new clients as well which lets wash your hair. reports from over a week i have to work hard. and they
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trust me because they know i won't let them down. with them or you could you please come in. you can see the conditions in which i have to walk but i can't do anything about town. visit says each month raid and each time there's a crowd when you're bored go forward to them she's like family she brings joy to this village when she's done the women feel content and proud now they look more beautiful. on.
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the go because in his mind austin tried to persuade me to come to town to live even reserved a flat for me and i said i wasn't going anywhere like a bear sticking to his day and my cousin said you love us here are like beers. and their children had left the village the days day on because they feel this is their native land she may not be conscious of it but when you were a child but you become aware of it as you grow older that the border you know every single fence shrub and hill are called up a few of them three years ago marina up until cook became obama after working as a teacher in the local school the husband is a hunter both have now become so accustomed slight from the tiger they don't know
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how it's possible to lead a normal life in the city but as i'm with you it is about what a civilization a civilized person is not necessarily one who lives in a big city the last person is somebody who knows what they want to know and read what they like reading they get out for the smile and go to bed with a smile they do good and most likely live by the bible. yes it is that the very column or main line is our link to civilization board our boats was across the sea taking people to and from the station for us to be am is a way to civilization daughter was at the point of it is that the few people that remain here have taken root in this land that is the enthusiasm of the b.m. builders is long gone about a block or news of the river is just a railway station now did you see there was a grandiose railway station superbugs we thought they should be for a big sprawling city but why not villages with a population of one thousand on his stance but then people do live everywhere.
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i first tried out my hair dressing skills at the age of eleven i trimmed a neighbour's fringe it was a disaster. my ambitions never went beyond the headdress is career even now i felt i don't know much about my occupation i want to know it inside out i would like to bring more creativity to ads. in forests when you take off that hot new kid house or to her granddaughter. she goes to kindergarten or did another one is having fun it's summer camp what about your eldest here with us she is consumed by work was she doing normal housekeeping throughout asia does the washing and cooking and feeds her husband is
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she going to college yes or your social begin to tell him to try to get into college she wants to be an economist or else she might try medical school in that case she'll need to brush up on her biology chemistry. well no. is the only place where i don't pay rent. charges me nothing for using part of the show why she was six. and. you can heat water here in no time. yes we need most of all. this size and i are very good friends. i'm quite comfortable hair. i've lived for thirty three years here. to begin with i brought in the sales girl in developed of their to go void. and then moved to take a course at
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a vocational training school records they were there. but. after graduation i was given a job in another village i got married there and came to bomb an ark. i love it. besides my husband son i'm buried here. think i'll leave this place. village as a shop that sells an unlikely assortment of goods. might be displayed alongside me dumplings and watering plants. works in this one. but i got married when i was twenty three. when i came here to work and i said to my two girlfriends that you guys are going to be mine. most of all now back to live tarpley to gether. for you until the day he was run over by
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a tractor in the field. just so he's six years of age that was twenty three years ago since then i've brought up my children alone. not today really i'll soon be at home and i'll need a bit of rest let's do it tomorrow a call up bring some milk. lynas husband igor is a railway worker in the village of this job is to see that the wagons hired to carry cargo arena order when lehner is away igor looks after the household. your one forty one friend because i don't go frightened enough you were hey you can get killed for a pittance you see and she always goes around alone but god has been most fools are
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so far you know but i've no idea of what i would do if something happened to her most likely i'd make short work of the people call them and then. you might expect to come across a railway man or a rescue worker or a hunter or a hero but perhaps not a confection of working toward a simple human pleasures are in demand even here marina most likely in a as a successful business woman although her enterprise is a little sweeter. that was three years ago my niece was about to get married i thought i'd make the kick myself instead of buying it from a shop i wanted to to be the biggest cake ever made in our village somewhere so i use my imagination to with that first i made some dry short kicks but they were too small then i made larger cakes covering a big plate it took me a whole week to finish the job i was in a cellar all the time because it wasn't tolerably hot outside in june and the cream
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melted i was something awful laughingstock but later they gave me a power. supply and kept peeping in to see whether i was still alive out of that i had wanted the cake to be a fairy tale proportions and indeed it while sorry for you. but a corker of a man dresser is something of a psychologist going to some of the girls' school footmen as work if they don't like something cool but. she remains calm. i have no idea why you think it's probably because she studied freud when she was still quite young anyway she always finds a common language with our customers her. own mates and my stuff enough patients to be able to keep living i'm working the way i
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have saif ali. i think about four years will day after day i want to put some plans into effect of course i money for that that's. why i did.
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