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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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two thirty pm moscow time this is r.t. here are your headlines now for the syrian prime minister has been sacked after he defected to jordan reportedly with three other ministers this sunday bomb blast at the state media headquarters in damascus it comes as a massive government military forces allegedly preparing a final assault on rebels in the city of aleppo. as the gulf nations plan a meeting next month to discuss ways of curbing protests in the region and more arrests and crackdowns occur in saudi arabia and bahrain demonstrators have been demanding social reforms and freedoms from them. and the trial of the female
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punk group pussy riot enters its second week with the defense expected to continue making its case for the three women are facing up to seven years in prison after pulling an anti putin stunt in russia's main orthodox cathedral. and a year since last august destructive riots at london the blaze and many believe the issues that sparked the unrest have yet to be addressed londoners feel unemployment and biting austerity could cause a repeat at any time. now in r.t.e. our exclusive interview with u.s. congressman dana rohrabacher who has some rather strong opinions on washington's foreign policy in particular towards that of china. we are sitting down congressman dana rohrbacher u.s. representative from california forty sixth district also
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a former official with president reagan's administration congressman thank you so much for sitting down with us i want to focus today on some foreign policy issues so let's start right away with china i know you've been a staunch critic of the way the u.s. relationship with china has evolved how would you rate that relationship today well we're getting our just rewards for having those stupid policy we have built china into a major economic power without demanding any type of political reforms we've given the most favored nation status one way free trade we permitted them to steal our technology they get away with murder quite literally economically or figuratively economically but quite literally. you know in reality when they're murdering dissidents and taking the people religious dissenters like the falun gong and throwing them in their prison so what we've got is we've created a monster what was a very weak country before we are permitted to build into
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a massive economic power with the course are a lot of our own industrial leaders making a profit by doing that well i was just about to say you know along those lines china was only one of a handful of countries actually exempt from u.s. sanctions these are countries who were importing crude oil from iran china doing that but was exempt why is that why you know these policies how do they benefit the u.s. well i think it's. it is a horrible double standard that we have where. we have heaped on russia all kinds of requirements and restrictions and mandates if they're going to get anything. you know if it's the repeal of jackson van eyck which should have been done twenty years ago which less most favored nation status while china has had no liberalization at all and russia's had enormous liberalization their churches are
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fold aoun you have opposition groups in opposition papers of russia you've got nothing like that in china whatsoever but let's be honest china has in many cases taken up the debt of the u.s. has come to lend it helping hand i'm always ready to mouth but also to be very aware that we bend over backwards for these people before they had our debt we have we are the ones who created them into an economic power and which they could. loan money back to the united states so it is there are there is a certain number of big business men in this country who have profited greatly by the china trade the average working people have lost out greatly because the jobs that they should have in manufacturing have gone over to china and the technology that they paid for in their taxes the r. and d. has gone to china for free who specifically has benefited in this country well you've got some very big businesses of established manufacturing units in china and
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they do so thinking that they're going to go for my ten percent profit to a twenty percent profit well in the long run. the people who own the stock get it so lose out because the chinese confiscate some of the properties over there and our own working people because they lose manufacturing jobs and then there's maybe the c.e.o. puts a couple million dollars in his pocket as a bonus and then after a year or two fades away even though the long term result has been catastrophic for for his company what is your concern if these policies continue are you worried that it could have a negative impact on the u.s. i think it to be a negative impact on the whole world to have the world's. worse human rights abuse are which china is. to have enormous economic power and transferring that to military power and i think you will find that china is becoming is already becoming
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much more aggressive than it was twenty years ago and i think you'll find that places whether it's russia will find for example that china will start making claims again to territories that were taken at the time of the czars from china china now claims all of the south china sea they claim huge areas in the india that's the size of texas this is a regime that's made arrogant land claims and i might say frightening lie and claim flat land claims because if they try to move forward based on those claims all bees will come close to a war and i think russia and all the other countries surrounding china had better start thinking about the future and realizing when as they gets more powerful it's going to become a much greater threat to them let's switch over to afghanistan i know you recently had a trip planned there president karzai thought ah congressman rohrabacher is not welcome
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here what had you planned to do when you went and why do you think president hard i don't want to see you well president karzai is a stooge of the pakistanis all right he is their boy in afghanistan and by the way our state department. just kisses up the pakistanis and has been doing so for the last thirty years which is one of the major reasons we've had problems down there but isn't that one of the major reasons that that the u.s. needs to do that is to keep the borders open to be able to get you know the flow of goods to afghanistan where the troops. who wants to be in afghanistan i mean why should anybody the russians should understand how that that is a rotten place for people to station their foreign troops. they're not going to make any friends and the afghans traditionally when they open their eyes and they see foreign troops around them they say i don't like them and i don't want them here in my country and. what we've god is afghanistan has been
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manipulated policy has been reliably manipulated by pakistan and i think that my recognition that the government that this was a stablished after nine eleven and afghanistan does not reflect. the values of the afghan people themselves and so it's a totally different structure it's a centralized system where afghans demand more centralized authority in their village and tribal leaders and karzai of course has no basis support so as i'm pointing those things out and the fact that he's so tied into the pakistanis. cars i didn't want me around so he exercised is just to be clear you think that you the u.s. should not be in afghanistan at all i think that right now we should get our butts out of afghanistan as quickly as we can so that as few americans are lose their lives in afghanistan as is. as as possible if you
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have some perspective on this i know that you you know when you worked with reagan back in the late plane eighty four in afghanistan against you or whoever watching from russian t.v. i mean i i think that i was there with the mujahideen and where you also said the taliban wanted to form and wanted to establish a disciplined moral society what happens but you know that quote what happened was i was opposing the taleban every step of the way and the taliban were not the mujahideen who defeated the soviet union the the the tell about a creation of pakistan's military intelligence so you cannot support the taliban and never. never but there's a couple two or three quotes that have come out. because i was opposing them and then it was a fait accompli they took over kabul and i tried to put. the most hopeful
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about clothes as they could be out for two or three weeks and then the back of the taliban started acting the way i always knew they would oppose them every step of the way they got power i tried to put the best face on it for a couple weeks but after that i went to work in the one nine hundred ninety s. creating the coalition against the taliban based on the king of afghanistan and what later became the northern alliance so all of this nonsense about according to interviews i did and was trying to be optimistic but it didn't turn out well things change certainly as far as afghanistan goes i mean you said that we should get our butts out as fast as possible a lot of people are starting to be concerned that when if and when that happens there's just going to be a crazy ridiculous civil war that all the factions are already preparing their reporting on this are ready preparing their training they're putting up weapons and then it's going to be back to the soviet. afghanistan and has
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a very. decent flies culture and decentralized system of power and they have ethics. groups that have lived next to one another for centuries and the up the groups have known that they have to have be have arms because they call them warlords but in fact what they are armed ethnic leaders who protect their people from attacks from other ethnic groups that's where it's been for century after century after century so there's nothing wrong with these people having arms they always will that's their culture. but what's happened is that you have pakistan trying to working through an alliance with one ethnic group the push to trying to. and all of afghanistan that's what the taliban were all about when the taliban took over kabul thirty thousand of these quote taliban were actually pakistani troops dressed up as taliban and yeah if when the united states leaves
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the most important thing is that those people who have opposed the telly are not left vulnerable and we can do that we can do that very easily could make sure that . we do not leave. for example we can work with those in the northern alliance that defeated the taliban originally and make sure they can defend themselves. and in iraq or from california's forty six thanks and that's right.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the.
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mission to teach.
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final assault on rebels in the city of aleppo. has gulf nations are planning meeting next month to discuss ways of curbing protests in the region more arrests on crackdowns occur in saudi arabia and bahrain demonstrators have been demanding
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social reforms and freedoms from their money. and the trial of a female punk group pussy riot now entering its second week with the defense expected to continue making its case the three women are facing up to seven years in prison after putting an anti putin stunt in russia's main orthodox cathedral. that year since last august a destructive riot set london ablaze many believe the issues that sparked the unrest have yet to be addressed londoners feel unemployment and biting austerity could cause a repeat of at any time. for those are the headlines on our team now is mr you know neil you will the limb pick sports a lightning bolt strikes again and yeah shame and those who died of them myself included rory i didn't think you simple to in all honesty was going to win gold in the one hundred meters again he has with aplomb more on that plus the rest of the sport coming up.
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joining us this is plenty ahead including the stories and great. finish wrestler rumana blastoff claims russia's fourth gold at the olympic games. fastest man on earth again you seem baldwins the most anticipated event of the games the many one hundred meter retaining his olympic title in the process. on capital gains the first moscow doorway of the russian premier league season so rushed forward. no other place to start but the olympics of course were team russia have claimed their fourth gold in london wrestler a man of less soft clinching top spot in the greco-roman seventy four kilogram category that was
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a silver and five bronze for the countries out plates under former reports. brushes wrestlers came to their countries rescue in beijing four years ago with six gold medals and now here in london they have created another limb pick champion roman blastoff winning gold in greco-roman seventy four kilogram category beating armenia's arson on points to add to his world title and before that russian minion semyonov took bronze in the fifty five kilogram section so not a bad day on the mat overall russian now have four gold medals it might not sound like an awful lot with just a week to go but russian olympic chiefs remain calm and confident. everything is going according to our medal plan at the same stage in beijing we had five gold and twenty three medals overall so the results are pretty much the same four years ago we had twenty three gold medals by the end of the games so our aim is to gain at least as many again while russia did come within touching distance of
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another gold medal weight lifted tatiana. own world record in the snatch to lead the women's over seventy five kilogram competition but china is losing then setting a limpid record in the clean and jerk to claim the gold by a single kilogram. but elsewhere the bronze medals were floating in tatiana patro he came third in the women's marathon maria pesca got on the podium in the women's vote in artistic gymnastics and then his album hands in took a bronze in the men's floor exercise while up at wimbledon russia got a bronze in the women's doubles maria kirilenko and that coming away with a medal after beating americans and these arraignment however it isn't all good news poor performances have seen head coaches resign in fencing and shooting igor's an attorney of quitting after the shooters picked up just a bronze during the howl of the games and former olympic fencing champ pavlovitch also threw in the towel after his squad failed to win
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a gold although the silver medalist syfy of the league has a. him to stay. sharp i think it's a permit your decision the head coach was just emotionally overwhelmed that when he decided to quit hopefully there will be some negotiations and he'll stay the team's performed well especially the full team probably the results didn't meet expectations so heads have rolled but records have also fallen and rushes wrestlers have picked up from where they left off at the last olympics you have to remember that traditionally russia always does well in the latter part of these games in a very early signs are that could be the case again andrey farmer. london. it's sweeter because you darted me the words of you saying bolt after the sprint sensation successfully defended his one hundred meters olympic crown on sunday evening the most anticipated event of the games was billed to me versus the united states both uncompassionate you hunt blake evening to show their superiority over
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the u.s. pairing of justin gatlin tyson gay on the spot a less than stellar start it was blown to bits to cross the line in a limping record time of nine point six three seconds blake took silver while kaplan who had served a four year bomb for doping secured. i came here to thirty five my legend my legend started out good stop you must of now know not to push on people can go to work hard what is this whole london experience mean to you it's a great experience to be one of the crowd is just amazing i knew was going to be all about going to record my name i couldn't be here what they were thing to be the energy the obvious just wonderful. for a year and that day that was the life for tennis player on the murray the team g.b. member winning gold after sweeping aside roger federer in straight sets six two six one six four a rematch of the wimbledon decider just four weeks ago federer won his seventeenth slumber day but it was stopped murray and ruptures this time. another upset in the
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bronze medal match up to with argentine juan martin del potro beating novak djokovic chance traits at seven five six four clearly showing no ill effects of this record breaking marfan semifinal defeat to federer. what a weekend first real williams meanwhile the day after becoming singles champion williams along with sister venus secured the women's doubles title beating checks andrea. straight. history was made at the games on sunday. winning the first women's boxing match at the olympics to end new years of male dominance of the ever beating north korean kim high song twelve nine in the fifty one telegram. category. so plenty of success on their marks but the same can't be said in the pool for team russia instead it is the americans who dominated the swimming podiums in london rich of import fleet has more. america's dominance in the swimming pool has been clear for all to see
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sixteen golds and a total of thirty medals overall rusher in comparison were only able to come home with a couple of silvers and bronzes rushes on to see is all we ever claimed a second place finish in the women's two hundred metres backstroke believes america's approach gives them a key advantage. when you get out and go as the three american swimmers are amazing they're just so confident they're always laughing and joking amongst themselves and not for one minute would you think that they have an important final in just a few minutes this approach is just fantastic as they're always so relaxed going into a big race i wish i was as relaxed sitting on you are on me a hundred of his comments seem to be backed up by legendary swimmer michael phelps there's one an incredible eighteen olympic gold medals and a twenty seven year old stated that there's a constant desire within the american camp to improve as an american and we. just
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do whatever you know we train as hard as we can to make harry say oh you know this you know if you see now the people that made changes and you know ryan's made changes both in and out of order to make himself on faster and you know messi is has you know thought out her events and you know try to play about her routine and you know i think it's more that we're always thinking about it we're always trying to be the best that we can however it's not just the americans relaxed attitude in the poll which gives them a massive advantage according to it's a competitive nature of swimming in the usa which sets from the parts to us but overall we don't have a collegiate system set up in russia tool there's a good children's program and adult system in place but there is nothing in between in the u.s. everything is so different missy franklin is only seventeen years old while the girl who won the eight hundred meters katie diski is even younger just fifteen even though they're so young they have no fear would the lack of competition for
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russia's top swimmers is clearly evident as very rarely challenge the squad is almost exactly the same as who won the competed in beijing something but joy laments. that studio that over the last four years i could count the number of new swimmers are not team on one hand the americans and chinese have completely new squads and i don't even know the majority of their names they have such great strength in depth. america's dominance of spin for a moment and it's evident russia need to make drastic changes to their setup if they even going to have a chance of competing with such a dominant force in the future richard c. london. whatever is a neat can do sports can too that seems to be the message coming from the side after they went joint top of the russian premier league on sunday sport travelling to sydney rivals on the day after two innings in their opening couple of games
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after a cagey opening period the game flew into life twenty three minutes in didier ability enough hitting the back of the net after some lackluster role keeping. getting the attacking bug after that new manager you know i am very seeing his charges fire home three more times after that break a brilliant free kick from nicklaus power forty nine minutes in a followed by a superb move on finish by john know what the icing on the cake coming right at the death ninety three minutes in fact rafael correa look at picking his spot for a four nil final score and so move alongside reigning champions and heat up the summit both with three wins from three well to nominate they routed to the bottom without even a single. also looking solid in the league so far one will win over one car on the day moving them to seven points after three games despite having a team full with star talent who is newcomer yogi gabble of food earned his side
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all three points. sit there. while in sunday's only other game clearly a sunday out of came from behind to beat. and move into the top half of the table. that is rupp that's all your sport for now whether it's next year or twenty four hour party.
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