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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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syrian rebels threaten to kill forty eight iranian hostages they kidnapped on saturday if the assad regime doesn't stop the shelling. spain's government faces the flak for cracking down in the senate after it's accused of sacking journalists to question the countries of mounting cuts and tax hikes. and deadly terror strikes in russia's republic of chechnya with suicide bombers attacking an army checkpoint while a car bombing claims more lives our top stories this hour. online
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on screen international news and comment live from new center here in moscow syrian rebels have threatened to kill iranian pilgrims they kidnapped over the weekend and that's government forces stop their shelling the opposition fighters claim three of the forty eight captured have already died in continued shooting video recently aired by the news channel reportedly shows the prisoner surrounded by government rebels claim the captors were members of the elite iranian revolutionary guard meanwhile and other developments damascus claims the syrian prime minister who's fled to jordan has been sacked it's thought he's not the only recent defection from the elite although he is the first from his cabinet this is the army and rebels gear up for a major battle in aleppo with heavy casualties reported on both sides they're each racing to plug the gaps with new recruits and while some conscripts say they're ready to die for the cause others are trying to dodge the draft. reports. on the outskirts of damascus park. government paramilitary also known as should be
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camped out in what used to be a tree most a local man who say they quit their regular jobs to defend their homeland only twenty nine prior to the uprising he worked as a t.v. technician and his passion for the small screen is still there while watching this i five blockbuster armageddon scenes of bruce willis saving the planet got him talking you know good on these movies always show americans defending ones that don't belong to them not even their own land was the property of indians now they are fighting all around the world are you so how come you deny our right to defend our own land the opposition accuses the shabby heard of conducting massacres but this man say they've themselves are often targeted by the rebels some even adopted new come of to avoid being identified the armistice reliance on the prior military has a tactical advantage they know the area but it's also out of necessity as the death toll among troops rises more syrians are dodging the draft military service in
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syria is a year and a half but those for over eight c. in and out not only stands university students can delay or shorten their terms while don't speak out they should be exempted on medical grounds and the boss job dodgers could also have time to bribe officials to get their names of the list but the controls got much tighter the base going abroad is the only legal option to avoid getting called out that's what amr is now considering six young men from his down recently returned home in coffins and he says for the sake of his family he can't risk being there before the close is. really. the courtauld me to go boy. home. but after the crisis. not. to call me. syrians. so i y. o.
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. me thought. the extent of draft dodging is hard to gauge since the syrian government does not comment on its military but in the country's hospitals the reasons for avoiding active duty is all too graphic sammy who is also twenty six was conscripted from hammer have a year ago while his what it will take at least three months to heal he says he doesn't regret joining the army. it's normal that parents would be worried about sending their sons to the army. times like this some of my friends advised me not to go on the contrary wanted me to join the army at the end my parents said i should do it to have this cleared so that i could go on with my own life the syrian army sometimes per trade as a killing machine many of its members are just in their early twenties and if anything they're to honor the victims a whole war their country has been dragged into the boycott r.t. reporting from syria. still have you this hour here r t the legacy of disorder
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a year after riots and looting on london streets residents in this summer's olympic capital all sure the violence still won't make a comeback. and also still to come for the trial of the female punk group pussy riot has entered its second week here in moscow a trio accused of hooliganism in russia's main cathedral have faced cross-examination and are now awaiting their fate. those stories another story come for you this hour but first spain's right wing government has been accused of any dissent after a number of journalists were sacked for reportedly failing to toe the party line over sweeping cuts being piled on the people in return for an e.u. bank bailout debate show host publicly just spoke to a little earlier on r.t. he says democracy is now being sacrificed in his country. never in the spanish history of public to look after the franco to a dealership the government control of the television or radio washouts is strong
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now a days and in my opinion the. democracy probably the best question to satirize the political situation you know spain is lack of democracy the government leasing the hands of banks and markets and the pilot television is going to be the new steel like the george howell novel and i think that your knowledge of criticism this is i can do some of them ocracy in on the race and this time in a spain probably the business press into the find this style of the spanish government by golly the public television and the public radio hand what anyone who does not understand the media as a public right to see this and right of information by the government or public television and public radio yes political weapons before the arrival of my own or a hold of the government it was necessary at least a consensus between the main political parties represented in the parliament and betray unions and even ordered it constantly without even eating team that mean
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station country of the public radio and public television unfortunately they were men of the whole you change the lol and now decorum and to control the absolute control of television without any kind of green in with all their ideas and the trade union. it's the olympic summer spectacle that comes to mind first when london's mentioned this august but a year ago blazing fars and rampant looting were in place of the banners in the olympic rings on the city streets police were able to bring the situation under control for almost a week or smith looks at what lessons the u.k. has learned. rioting and looting disorder these were the explosive scenes on the streets in towns and cities in england last august shops and warehouses attacked and taught by out of control youth and adults alike a situation the police took days to bring on to control
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a year on and on the surface all is well damaged buildings have been rebuilt or boarded up and people are going about their business again but dig a little deeper and areas like here in tottenham where the riots started are still troubled and the underlying issues which caused the riots remain unresolved tottenham's and peace as his community pulled together in the aftermath but it mitt trouble could break out again unemployment is up and it's also true to say that business is on the highroad are still struggling a many of them had very poor pavements under the right damages act that was made to assist them in a double dip recession that hits the poorest communities hardest so you know it's one of those situations where yes we must be positive and hopeful but it's a fragile a fragile situation for us here in the last year numerous studies have been conducted into why the unrest became so intense and so widespread what began with
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anger over the fatal shooting by police of tottenham man mark duggan became a spark that ignited a powder keg of disadvantage boredom and a dysfunctional relationship with the police something social justice campaign a lead. he just says has not been addressed and employment is going up generally useful employment is going up in the country we're seeing closure after closure of use facilities and services school services are being caught and i think all of that with a more aggressive what is called total policing which we show monsters zero tolerance policing means that takes only a matter of time and not so much if but when in the aftermath of the violence communities banded together to clear up their streets but many accuse the government not only of ignoring the root causes but of making problems worse for working class families oxfam says the poorest ten percent of society will suffer
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thirteen times more from by seeing austerity cuts than the richest tenth and fifty six percent of young black men in britain are unemployed people in riots hit hackney like to think it won't happen again but are aware that it could be long. till. people. can give something to you. keep them busy. going to get worse i mean how. it will take many to trust the word situation and that picking people up for the benefit well. i'm back on the force now i'm going to happen again quite the same way but i don't think anything's going to just knowing if area for these people defused is still a light the fear is when and what will trigger the next explosion in their neighborhoods laura smith r.t.
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london by the way you can also follow up on the stories we cover here on screen on a website on t.v. dot com it's online all the time plenty more for you there including the force a surfacing of a top secret u.s. israeli treaty to attack iran find out online whether there are any grounds to. these rumors. plus war child rainbow flags have been streaming through the streets of vietnam's capital for the first time in the country's history as it hosts its inaugural gay parade. israel has found the bodies of eight gunman who attacked a security checkpoint on the border with egypt the heavily armed assault had left at least sixteen the gyptian guards killed when the gunman tried to cross the border israel responded with artillery fire both sides blamed the attack on is nursed militants who have been increasing their activity in recent months where for more on this i cannot talk to journalists and from the jerusalem post israel had feared an increase of violence towards a country from increasingly activism in egypt so is this border attack therefore
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confirming those worries. yes absolutely since the events of the past year in egypt. the government in cairo to be so as it looks like. israel has feared that in the sinai. this vast desert area between southern israel and cairo that jihadi base was being built and that was being used by various jihadi. organizations. on themselves and wanted and we're seeing these fears being years so we're talking about the sinai peninsula here all with a large desert area and this is the aim of the attack is to control that region. right well the attack was first of all. increased tensions between israel and egypt i think that's going to be. the attackers had in mind and second of all we have to remember that these organizations believe that violence. and justifies all means
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they believe in the act itself as an ideological goal. their religion as they see it and also to bring about a change to eventually create a government in the image of their interpretation of islam you talk about increasing tensions between israel and egypt that's one of the intentions but well what impact will that have on the relations between the two. well i certainly know they don't succeed in doing that anything this attack has shown. is right now a hornet's nest well that's because some of the terrorists who took part in these. came from. came from sinai and responsible decision makers in egypt should be trying to increase cooperation with israel in order to ensure that these kind of. terrorists are not able to carry out their plans so perhaps not but unity. countries closer together if they understand that there is
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a common thread certainly israel understands that and i hope that the government in cairo will come to the same understanding and some would say this threat of recent islamic fundamentalism is because the west fully batna revolution in egypt and this is that she led to this increase in islamist activity in the region is that is that fair to say that. well i think it's a little more complicated than. the islamists and especially if you jihad is that we're talking about now have been for years. and now what they're doing is taking advantage of the fact that there he is an unstable situation in egypt to increase their activities and certainly there have been differences of opinion between jerusalem and washington about what's going on in egypt and the repercussions israel has from day one. and one stable and our transition of power will result in exactly these kinds of scenarios in his will his voice these concerns probably in broadly so in that particular situation if you look at it from this angle certainly
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the fact that there hasn't been more attempts by the west to see more continuous. transition of power rather than this sudden washing away of the old order or war encouragement of a calmer way of transition in power perhaps the things in sinai would be a little more stable now that you say had talked about washing away the old order is this not indicative of what's happening in egypt but also other countries such as libya and syria where dictators are either being on settled now removed in the past whereby that's actually now lifted the lid as it were these dictators did actually have those radicals and fundamentally sort of under control before they lost power is that not right. it's right it's happening across the whole region on the one hand the dictators have these islamist jihadi elements under control there's no question about them on the other and they also help create them because
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the press of conditions in these countries led this and chanted people to subscribe to these strange fanatical ideologies i mean most of the time people who subscribe to these ideologies feel that their current political environment has nothing to offer them so it's a mixed bag i mean israel's not interested in seeing dictators remain in power but if ideally what should have happened in this region would. transition of power which would have led to a more stable situation but if you just live as we've seen now across the region egypt syria and all the other countries north africa then what we're going to see is chaos and that is what we're seeing unfortunately across the entire region really interesting he thought thanks so much for talking to us journalists from the jerusalem post live there on r.t. thank you. deadly terror attacks of russia's volatile republic of chechnya a suicide strike on an army checkpoint killed four soldiers in the couple of grozny
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want to separate couple who killed three servicemen. investigators say they found the bomb belt of a suicide bomber who attacked a checkpoint in grozny the capital of russia's chechen republic there were two explosions reported at that checkpoint they killed four soldiers though that figure may include the dead bomber in another incident a military vehicle on its way into the city was blown up by a device placed underneath it that killed three soldiers and wounded three others in russia's north caucasus region there have been numerous gun and bomb attacks of this kind in the past months. well still to come here on the forging the path to life on the red planet they look like tech mars rover ever built touches down to begin sending back images from its mission to explore the martian surface
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could support life become a new place to live report in a few moments. on the sixth day of the trial of the female punk band pussy riot the trio have been facing cross-examination in moscow with public public opinion over the controversial case divided the question on everyone's lips is just what the verdict will be parties peter oliver has this report. it's the trial that's gripped global attention three members of the punk rock collective pussy riot are accused of hooliganism after taking part in an anti putin protest inside moscow's main cathedral the demonstration dubbed a punk rock prayer to rid russia of vladimir putin to media focus around the world now the three women in the dock face up to seven years in jail yes. but i would like to reiterate our status which we have expressed from the very start of our defendants did not perpetrate a criminal offense and therefore any verdict of court say for an acquittal will be
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unlawful in. the group of being called political prisoners by human rights groups and media outlets support from many within the music industry staying faith no more and the red hot chili peppers have all called for the women to be set free but groups associated with the russian orthodox church were outraged by the demonstration and called for the harshest penalties available however those who defend the women say the protest wasn't born out of any religious hatred. this x. obviously had political character which just went side by side with other such political acts didn't stand out so the attempt to proclaim what has happened as abusive actions motivated by religious hatred is ridiculous also but it's. political character and the search for the shocking is clearly visible when you look at what the group of done previously pussy riot have continuously courted controversy stunts have included inviting the media to an orgy in
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a museum and one member forming a sex act with a frozen chicken in a supermarket because the performance though was a step too far for many in a nation where the majority of people orthodox kristie in search of a foremans in the country's main cathedral saw some accusing the group of blasphemy however some of russia's most ardent anti-government activists who agree the women took things. too far also said they shouldn't be punished too harshly and they don't deserve it by the way i strongly disapprove of their act i'm old enough to be their dad so i would just spank them properly and let them off and now when they face up to seven years of prison this is going to far afield the call for clemency was repeated by president putin the man who was the target of the protest you have a gift for but i hope the court will rule with a just decision if the bonds let's say defiled a sacred place in israel they would have to cope with some tough guys there and
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would face difficulties from attempting to leave the country with or to for example they went to the caucuses and defaced a muslim shrine security wouldn't have enough time to protect them from public anger. nevertheless i don't think we should judge them too strictly i hope to meet some conclusions themselves on the way the final decision rests with the court. the trial continues here in moscow its public opinion is divided over what punishment if any should be handed down to the three women in the dock peter oliver r.t. moscow. now for some other news making headlines around the world this hour the london based bank standard chartered has been accused by u.s. financial regulator of illegally scheming with a run to launder around two hundred fifty billion dollars it's claimed the bank had worked with to run for over a decade hiding more than sixty thousand transactions from the authorities the banks now being officially branded a rogue institution it's yet to respond to the findings. authorities have identified the man who shot dead six worshippers of the sikh temple in the u.s.
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state of wisconsin as wade michael page was also revealed the forty year old who was killed in a shootout with police was an army veteran page was said to have held radical white supremacist views entered the temple on sunday morning and began firing the incident has caused outrage with sikhs in india demanding the u.s. do more to protect their people. more than one thousand six hundred people are said to be deported from greece in a massive crackdown against illegal immigrants a huge police operation over the weekend saw around six thousand detained although the majority were later released the country's long been the main entry point into europe for those seeking a better life but the authorities claim the current economic situation makes that untenable. so if life on the red planet doesn't exist it could well be found soon as the most sophisticated mars rover starts sending its first pictures after successfully landing on the surface it will spend two years there and could
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determine if it is possible to one day colonize the planet you're a crash from the russian academy of cosmonaut x. thinks the it is a breakthrough but there's still a lot of work to be done. the curiosity is there or the mission which will seek answers for the whole range of questions from whether there are conditions which could support life to. weather various enough water. under the surface of mars and off or one of the major questions is whether the conditions on mars are adequate to hold some day a human mission to the red planet your city is a very complex machines it can see so four hundred different systems including curd doesn't settle for highly sophisticated instruments and. deal. with a program manager and are hundred percent certain that all this systems are
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activated have a will north or their curiosity to move an inch from the place where it is now and the overall tastings of systems and instruments could big from weeks to several months for do not expect to get anything from can your city any time soon then we know the next two or three weeks. will back down to earth now in business time katie britain's biggest property patches casey katie has turned out to be made by a disgraced russian bankers who wants a lot about i know and two hundred nineteen million dollars that's always talking about the do is my last year and it was through and also company at the time and that's why the name of the file wasn't rebuild them but now we have more news in and the sunday times newspaper says the three century old residence in a henley on thames and was sold to the ex head of bank of mall sky. bari did not
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he moved to england in twenty ten and that was all of the accusations of a fall guy prosecutors tried to extradite boarded. since march but it looks like he has a different. very nice all right it's going to the u.s. markets and see how they're getting on the still managing to get a lot of that is because. the have until the page you very honestly they're already voicing their concerns over the lack of conviction in their rally of the recent days that we've been viewing and they're saying this is all because of the volumes being lied now with most stars and other things such as the olympics itself or if they're not watching that probably on holiday themselves now although hope is in the air as well though because we did have reports that the german chancellor angela merkel government is going to apparently back the e.c.b. bond buying plan now we were reporting a week or two ago that they was going to stick to that as so that is interesting
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and i'm interested to see how the markets will respond to more right so this get out to the european markets to see how they closed because there was also news coming from greece about their creditors because apparently they've come to an agreement to strengthen the policy efforts to support and that was feeding the sentiment as well also the likelihood of formally requesting financial way six credit in the coming days as well suppose to digest the euro though as we head into the exchange rates will be able to see that house resume is upward trend is dropped that is decided common currency if you check that out i will be i would say is gaining also the russian ruble it managed to gain in the session is finished up trading now but it gained it as a u.s. dollar figure it is that she had its highs levels for the summer so far so that they decided to fix the markets from watching them to see how the markets closed up and indeed it was imposed of territory and that was following on from the gains made in the global equity markets as a whole now before the russian markets closed prices where she downs is interesting
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to see that they didn't take effect air normally they're so closely correlated it would have that the oil prices now will be able to get their. all right she gave aig the hedge funds they reduced their bullish or bets for the first time in three ways that was before reports showing u.s. economic growth said its biggest gain since june so that's the market so we've got time for for now back in about fifteen minutes but with another run down for you thanks very much indeed for that update well shortly on t.v. one candid u.s. congressman says it's his country that's created a new economic monster china that's after the headlines in a moment stay with us for that.
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