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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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this is a story is now three years behind bars that's the demand of the prosecution as the trial of the headline grabbing pussy riot has draws to a close. said to have been captured in syria helping the rebels to fight against president assad the new twist in the conflict civil servants of fun yourselves a target for simply working for the government. to communication satellites are lost in space or russian rocket failed to place them into monday and not pose a threat to. the international space station. but with more on these
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stories with the news team in the meantime we look at the most scandalous stories behind the scenes of the global economy that is in the. next. i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report yeah berlusconi back in the news could be the next guy to run and only herbert well i don't know about that but he certainly is copying you max berlusconi family newspaper calls merkel the fourth reich yeah i think this is an interesting development because in europe the. countries are
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now at each other's throat because. after the initial euphoria of the euro brought in a wave of inflation. then that was unsustainable now it's deflation and collapse so it's back to countries that each other's throat and calling germany the fourth reich of course i mean germany has tried it two or three times before they'll try it again you know they'll keep trying until they get it right one of these days speaking of berlusconi he was famous for his bunga bunga parties and there's bots gone wild over in the united states this is something else that we've been warning about here and that's high frequency trading this is what happens when an h f t l goes totally bizerk and serves knight capital with the bill so knight capital the market maker instead of at least attempting to provide liquidity via limit trades last week nice algorithm acted as
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a market order gone horribly wrong with the algo did with furious reputation and steadfast consistency was to buy at the offer and sell at the bid and other words buy high and sell low over and over and over and over again as now next look comically notes quote in the case of e x c that means losing about fifteen cents on every pair of trades do that forty times a second two thousand four hundred times a minute and you now have a system that's very efficient a burning money right to suicide bankers you know i've been warning about this for months the bankers believe in market fundamentalism and they blow themselves up in this case algorithms so or not eleven they blew themselves up wall street did by financing i just b.c. finance the terror attacks on nine eleven those suicide jihadi bankers committing suicide and now this knight capital is committing suicide using bots this is their religion this is their theocracy it's
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a jihadi bots that wall street sets on itself. well the cost of this malfunction was actually ten million dollars per minute but it reminded me of how the normal average investor trades and perhaps this is what happened to the algorithm because most investors do buy high and sell low facebook stock near half off price point the once hugely hyped stock is now trading forty seven percent below its thirty eight dollars a share offering price which puts it on the cusp of joining a codger of other recent i.p.o.'s that have lost half or more of their value since going public within the past twelve months well the difference between the facebook i.p.o. and the dot com i.p.o. is one thousand nine hundred people like for example in the globe dot com a famous hyped i.p.o. of that era they were known unable to sell their stock because they were in lock up agreements that expired after the stock collapsed but in the case of facebook or group on the insider sold out even before the company went public then the media
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kicked in a classic pump and dump in the case of facebook there was barack obama with his arm around mark zuckerberg pumping and dumping the stock for america right after it destroyed general motors on their i.p.o. which is also down spectacularly thank you barrak you know you should go to work on wall street is the perfect pump and dumpster scam stor more bots gone wild in the next headline though max facebook has more than eighty three million illegitimate accounts last week digital distribution for unlimited press allege that based on its own analytics software eighty percent of clicks on its advertisements within facebook had come from fake users the company said quote bots were loading pages and driving up our advertising costs do we know who the bots belong to no are we accusing facebook of using bots to drive up advertising revenue you know is it strange yes yeah but again it's part of the facebook ponzi scheme these are bots
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that are trading with themselves so it's similar to what we see on wall street or in boxer trading with themselves. and the underlying economy is collapsing because there's no actual. manufacturing going on or significant export markets going on instead of the maybe the aerospace industry but as we know now the aerospace industry is being handed over to the chinese so that will be disappearing as well so we've seen these bots going wild so next headline reads your one hundred nineteen billion google search is now a central bank tool so the bank of israel is now using google trends in order to help it devise interest rate policy and economic policy and they say quote when central bankers were looking at traditional data they were essentially looking out the rearview mirror said a professor at the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge and these google trends are supposed to help them predict future consumer activity but the problem is not whether or not you can create algorithms or data mining
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operations to predict consumer outcome future consumer behavior the problem is would you have the willingness to act on that on that information now when i was running the hollywood stock exchange of course i invented you know prediction markets basically with the virtual specialist technology and we were able to forecast six months in advance nine months in advance box office results ok so the board of directors against a suicide jihadi move the board of directors which had people from n.b.c. for example they threw the company out of the bus because if in fact you can forecast future box office you destroy the entire marketing business in hollywood which is actually all there is in hollywood because it's a business purely on perception in american business and the matter what the industry is it's all based on perception tied to the consumer there's no actual value being created so yeah you could use google to create algorithms to predict
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future consumer trends but if it actually started to generate genuinely. actionable data then they would outlaw it as they did with the box office futures contract or graeme dott they they made a completely out law or they will manipulate it if it's showing data that goes against a suicide banking mentality they will manipulate it that's why libel as manipulated that's why the bureau of labor statistics on the employment numbers are manipulated that's why c.p.i. is manipulated that's why peace is manipulated because otherwise it would show why they got rid of m m three the money supply number because it was showing the truth so yes this could this would be an effective way to determine future trends that would enact certain policies but if it goes against the entrenched theocratic jihadi suicide bankers of america lloyd and jamie and the rest then they either manipulate it or outlaw it there is no data that's going to be allowed to circulate
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if it goes against the interest of the insurance corp tucker city well combine that with the facebook story where you have eighty three million fake accounts in order to create fake likes and create perception about certain facebook pages what's to stop once these bankers and bots in particular know about what the federal reserve is going to do with interest rate policies or not what's that for them to start creating sock puppets they create fake searches on google who then create fake trends whether it's maybe deflation because you know the bankers like and policy so what's to say they're going to not do that and rig those markets google trend market but they will read those google trends markets again using it just as an example the executives that this is the for example would call up and say we'll give you money to manipulate just x. results to help our box office ok and every studio in town would do that and then i
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would say no you can't manipulate markets and then they got on the board. and they completely gutted that company because they don't want any competition same thing with any banker in america or any media company in america they don't want competition they want an oligarch lee they want a month awfully they want to be able to if they if you go against them in any way send out a drone and flick and kill you again it's a it's a very screwed up place for anyone with a brain well speaking of joins us in my next headline max court upholds domestic drone use and arrest of american citizen rodney broussard to remember this name because it's the very first american citizen to ever be arrested with the use of a drone as an assistant this is a predator drone a north dakota court has political narrowly up held the first ever use of an unmanned drone to assist in the arrest of an american citizen now they've held this homeland security gave the local police in north dakota the use of their drone in
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order to spy on this guy who apparently six or eight cows cattle had wandered onto his field and he wasn't giving it back so they're using drones against simple cows going missing now wednesday massachusetts democratic representative ed markey release a draft of a bill that would require private drone operators to inform the government of any data collected by drones and would require law enforcement to quote minimize the collection of information and data unrelated to the investigation of a crime a true american patriot would fly a drone into themselves and kill themselves that's true american patriotism if you are an american pregnant program your drone to kill yourself you will support the drone industry of the population which will help disperse more wealth of the top one percent on the top one percent and be buried in arlington national cemetery along with those other idiots who went to their graves defending nonsense so but
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look at this this is private drone operators are collecting private information about what you're doing. so in light of that check out this next headline goldman sachs to invest in city jail program profiting if we citizens them falls sharply so they're going to make money on these new social bonds whereby they make money if the re citizen of these young male offenders goes down now put aside the irony of the fact that goldman sachs itself is every city of it's criminal but now if they're able to spot on everybody and collect private predator drone data they can find a whole new swathe of criminals because most people do all sorts of criminal acts you know by the the local county laws whether it's raising chickens in your backyard and they could easily start scamming the system you can see where by how they would make money by you not repeating the crime because they will just turn off the job and not collect data on your private property this is really just
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a private prison industry that's already been privatized to be reprivatize so they said you know it's not enough that we took the president history that was functioning fine on its own we privatized it and now we have twelve year old boys and girls and they're getting gang rape because they dared to go against the twinkie manufacturer now we're going to reprivatize them and then we're going to resell them because we want another fee to make that yeah payment on that new him clean we have on order and that's our basis as recidivist jihadi suicide bankers so new york city will be the first in the united states to test social impact bonds also called pay for success bonds which are an effort to find new ways to finance initiatives that might save government's money over the long term this was first floated in the united kingdom by gordon brown when he was talking to private equity firm apacs about creating a some similar thing so here you have the private equity model you hollow out the
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economy you create an apocalyptic armageddon like society where there's no law and order the. because there's no society you are margaret thatcher you get rid of society and then you get to wipe up and clean up on the other side yeah but make sure when they're in prison that you force them to play farmville on facebook to support that ponzi scheme all right stacey newman thanks so much for being on the cars report thank you max don't go away much more coming your way. nuclear. site. radioactive fallout of all government betrayal the government of law and claude and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was
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indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem. and to the people of this country generally because of radioactive for. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests. he. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm asking as
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a time now to go to los angeles to talk to artist alex a for who we all know here on the cause the report as the artist of chase burning the tablo those that have gone on international markets of the sold very very well though i consider him one of the leaders of the modern anti-war movement that being the financial war aleksey for welcome back to the kaiser report great to be back max thank you all right alex safer you were recently arrested for chalking outside a chase bank in downtown los angeles tell us about it that's right. you know the videos going crazy on the internet. i mean it was like nine months ago when i was first on the show it's just unbelievable what's happened you know i mean we had occupy we had a moment of awakening. things are getting worse and worse we're not protesting again and so i wanted to you know try to personally take it to another level and so i went and wrote in chalk on the public sidewalk in front of chase bank i wrote
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crooks i wrote crime i wrote chaos followed by the chase bank logo and was ended up in jail yeah well this is interesting because you're on the public sidewalk there using something talk which is easily washed away and i want to get your comment on something that's happening in london right now because in london during the olympics the brand the police have outlawed anyone's use of the words london twenty twelve or any of the sponsors you can even form the olympic rings in a butcher shop out of hot dogs or the florist can use the olympic insignia in any way in any florist shop anywhere in london so the bread police are out there and they attacked you did they is in essentially they did i mean i think it kind of highlights what i've heard you mention of sort of a two tiered justice justice system where you know a certain group of people is going to get arrested for the chalk on the end and
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political speech on the on the sidewalk and but you can steal a billion dollars and nothing's going to happen to you i mean i think it's funny that me serving twelve hours in jail i have done more time than anyone collectively in the entire financial fiasco has for the last eight years probably right this right now if you face misdemeanor vandalism charges meanwhile the criminal vandals other financial system jamie dimon for example the c.e.o. of chase made. bank he's not going to jail even though he stole money from alabama global customers directly out of their accounts he's involved in i frequency trading larceny on the new york stock exchange he violates minimum capital requirements dollars balance sheet he is just found out have a nine billion dollars loss that he cooked up on is illegal hedge fund in london and yet he's sitting pretty meanwhile you actually doing something in the public interest that is to say alert them as to the existence of these hard core financial
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terrorists are getting harassed by the police the constitution those two amendments the first two amendments the first amendment of course freedom of speech the second amendment the right to bear arms now you're holding their some shock and what you think is more power the first amendment and you're talking or the second amendment and a gun well i mean i'm not walking around the streets of l.a. with a gun on me. i hope that you know i mean at this point people seem pretty threatened by this i think people are getting threatened by the truth and by simply writing what i believe to be the truth on the ground in front of the place where i believe there is financial crimes happening. people are getting scared and i'm glad yet that i don't agree with you anybody out there who's out there defending the second amendment they're not defending the first amendment which comes before the second amendment they should be supporting you before anybody else
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now you you've got jocked you're on the public space in front of the bank and you're making a statement about the bank in simple terms using the bank's logo and this distributor of misdemeanor charges and what is the status of this will this go to trial do you have a court date or what's the worst that you possibly face. it's a very interesting it's interesting situation a lawyer you know he was young in the sixty's he was activist he went to. harvard he appeared through the through a friend of a friend of a family member and is taking the case on pro bono and the thing that's interesting is they're kind of in a no win situation there they don't have a good move either they let me off and what does that say or they you know throw the book at me and it's only going to make the people that i protested against look worse and so i'm just excited i think it was
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a successful action in that regard and i hope it just brings a lot of attention to to what i believe is the thing that americans need to be protesting right now right you mention that you protest with other other people but protests in the united states have become very polite where people accept these free speech zones that are somehow different than everywhere else in the country that they accept corporate occupation without batting an eye in the meantime we have reports about billionaires in the hamptons who are writing openly in the new york times and elsewhere that they fear that their sheep might one day march on them for the crimes that they have committed so the so the club to craps in the hamptons are now frightened about the reprisals from the masses of people that they've stolen from so why is there such a disconnect with those people who are protesting who insist on like they're going
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to a bake sale or a garage sale or some kind of organic cookie fast they don't seem to understand that the billionaires already are are ready to fight them in an open conflict it with any why any means necessary so there's going to be a clash at some point are the protesters ready for this well you know the thing that's sort of. amazing to me is like you know we have elected leaders that are supposed to be acting on our behalf and if they do not we have to you know . engage them in the public space to try to get them to do something about this you know and you're saying of billionaires are fearful i think a lot of you know regular middle class americans are beginning to get fearful and you know when this disconnect between our fear and our feeling of outrage it comes face to face with a political leadership and
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a justice system that refuses to do anything then beyond protest where do we go yeah i mean i think seeing more people get arrested or you know for. not being violent but for doing something like this like chocking i mean it's the internet is a beautiful thing and it amplifies protest it's a different game you know this is not like sixty's style protest twenty five thousand people have seen that video on you tube at this point there's probably going to be twenty five thousand more and you know that's like a fifty thousand person march and if you and it's a p.r. game in a certain respect you're trying to change people's minds and hearts trying to change the hearts of our leaders and of the people so. get out there get a camera crew out there do a little mission like i did and get it on the internet or let me ask you one last question center in los angeles and you have your your ear to the pavement literally
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we're down there talking i want to ask you about this recent massacre that happened in colorado at the premiere of a batman film and i wanted i want to ask you what the response has been in los angeles which is the home of hollywood and some including peter bogdanovich a famous movie director and harvey weinstein are suggesting that hollywood itself is responsible in part for these massacres you're in los angeles you understand the scene very well there what are your thoughts if anything wow i mean i think here in l.a. you know people aren't really discussing it that much i mean you know i see it on the news and it's just a bizarre case and i you know i i i'm not exactly. you know feeling like there's some sort of big you know backlash to that in los
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angeles and these guys are still making a lot of dough you know i think i think that's an interesting point the bad guy in the film is qana like from the occupy wall street movement there are a few images in the film that kind of bring up the occupy movement so now the occupy movement the movement toward civil disobedience the movement toward freedom of speech is being portrayed as evil and then batman who is like mitt romney bain capital private equity wall street terrorist is portrayed as the good guy is not a complete reversal of what's really going on yeah i mean it is interesting i think that protest somehow in the media and the general public is beginning to sort of be turned against it there's an element within occupy that i think has no idea what they're doing except they just want to throw bricks through windows and that's a little disturbing to me i mean i want to make protest good again i want people to
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be excited and want to protest and not think oh occupy those are a bunch of you know anarchists and losers and you know bunch of dreadlocks white kids are i mean i i'm sort of disturbed that the that the media is letting this happen and i think they are playing a have a role in that right well the media is not only playing a role in that vilification of freedom of speech protesters but it seems like it's completely vested in the idea that they vilify freedom of speech protesters and this brings up the question about the media it's no yeah for example rupert murdoch who is been caught spying on people illegally now he's come under some fire but for the rest of the mainstream media you have this incredible collusion with wall street and with washington and they have put out a. picture that vilifies anyone is for freedom of speech and he one who's for
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corporate occupation like batman is considered a hero so you are fighting not only the. tendency away toward freedom of speech but you're fighting all of the institutions in america lined up the press the economy the government lined up against you in this assault this institutionalized assault on free speech so the odds of you winning are about the same as the colonies winning in seventeen seventy six with the british occupation do the does the does the occupy movement understand that they've got a real battle here i hope so i think that i mean i want more than just people who identify with occupied to realize that this is a real battle i want i want to end i mean the entire middle class of america if we can get you know a just a portion of of the of the middle class in this country outraged i think that would
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be overwhelming. i look forward to that i agree and it i guess the way to maybe to raise the middle classes to ration bacon and then maybe they'd be absent until next time i must say and yost if you want to send me an e-mail please do so because i reported our to t.v. that are you bio.
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