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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching r t here is a look at the top stories slap in the face for america's military ambitions after poland's president calls the antimissile the fans agreement with us a state that announces his own field plans. awaiting their fate in the conover supposed to ride trial a verdict is expected any time the prosecution is demanding three years behind bars for the female trio. braces for its first post gadhafi transition of power it's interim leaders will hand over to elected a sample despite continued violent aftershocks from the revolution. that's already
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is enough to say if you're going to talk so good by activists in a war veteran scott olsen on the state of affairs in the us today and changes that have taken place since the beginning of the occupy wall street movement. parties in chicago catching up with war veteran and occupy wall street activists all say after serving two tours of duty in iraq scott became an icon for the occupy wall street movement when he was severely injured in the head into one consciousness. occupy oakland protests where in two thousand and eleven protesters clashed with police. wabbit wabbit. but you know what you're. right. scott thank you so much for joining us today you're one of dozens of war veterans who have returned their medals to nato generals here and chicago throwing the medals and
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into the direction where leaders are meeting what is the reason for this is do you feel betrayed i really do and betrayal is the biggest facts are a thing you know we all join for own reasons it will join the military for our own reasons you know one thing is that as common as we join something to do good work to help other people to be part of something bigger than ourselves and to defend our country and when we went over to iraq or afghanistan or whatever our service was you saw that that wasn't true and we were deuce destroying people's lives we were doing good work in iraq or afghanistan and that's why i don't want these medals because. it represents something that is not important to me it's meaningless to me and i'm not proud of being part of a system that is has killed hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians and so we're
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proud of and that's that's i mean to get a an award for your injuries occupy oakland clashed. the police talking about the fact that veterans really sometimes get injured. after injury and why do you think that's the case. i don't think there are more of us runs getting hurt here but you know there are a lot of veterans getting hurt by the system that is you know in the sense that they come back to a broken system a system that they feel disconnected from and that's why we're having a thousands of veterans a day commit suicide as why we have so many homeless veterans is that system that's . hurting veterans what do you think it is that when billions of dollars are being spent on us more fare as we speak we are seeing a staggering number of homeless and jobless veterans here in the united states because there are. people are making money off these more's their you know getting
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money for our government to buy their toys to buy their equipment and to fund these wars and that's how they make their riches and there's always money for war but we never money for schools or nice things here. for kreutz soldiers such as yourself to do the bidding for them abroad are sensually lying to get people to join the military about the reasons behind the wars the us is involved. for military critters. they at least mislead people. they may lie to you but they will mislead you not give you the whole story and that's why it's so important if you will join the military to talk to as many veterans that you as you can find and get so every point of view as you can get. there is a. thing most veterans wouldn't recommend against some of you joining. it's
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you know it's it's a life changing thing and you know i take my joining. us. because made me who i am i would not recommend anyone else to make this mystic it's going to be here in september a sense occupy wall street first kick started what status is the movement and now what should we be expecting next big as it should be it could always be bigger and louder. branching off into others strategies to that may not be quite as visible. creating worker owned work or managed businesses that are really going to take the money away from money born into the corporate system and i think that's going to be a real success for the future of some critics of the occupy wall street movement are trying to undermine the substance of what it's all about really by saying that they're still almost here on this unified strong signal yes what do you say to
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those you know anytime there's a large number of people demanding change and the system feels great and they're going to attack us and anyway in every way. and we do have a message i think everybody who comes here has their own message it's very common we're getting a short on the sick we're working and we're getting what we really deserve we're working. and we work more than most other countries in the world and our. salaries have not gone off in years our corporations are making billions every day . and. our retirement pensions are being cut our schools are being cut and that's out of the sceptical when people are making billions of dollars one of
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the things the occupy wall street movement has to say is accountability for bankers and c.e.o.'s on wall street do you think that's sort of naive in a sense expecting this several. after the economic crisis why still to map this out i don't really know if you are going to get the real change that we're looking for just by asking. for change and our government may you know invoke some small change. banks will always find a way to screw us over there always find ways to maximize their profits and their and maximize their profits without actually doing any work so take that money was taken from somebody else presidential elections in the us are just around the corner and for years after barack obama was elected people critics are now saying that basically there is no difference between the democrats and the republicans that they're both two sides of the same coin are you still expecting any kind of
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change to take place after the elections regardless of which one of the parties wins. numbers or clearly i think. most likely we're either going to vote for a democrat or republican and i think both those are wrong choices they're both working for the same system that they both take money from the same people from the same banks and. you can see in their policies that they are rewarding their donors and. voting for their continuance of policy is not going to change anything at all so considering both democrats and republicans essentially bring the same thing to the table what is the alternative what would be the other option do you think that it's. a good question i mean you know you could vote for third party when i mean you may voting for a third party is always
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a vote but i think voting for a democrat is a wasted vote i think voting for a republican is a wasted vote you're shooting yourself in the foot if you will vote for either of those on the occupy wall street movement first started the mainstream. i was trying very hard to undermine the protesters they were saying that it's a bunch of dirty hippies and later trying to say they have no message there was constant criticism and trying to not take the movement seriously almost a year on since it started do you think how do you assess the way the mainstream media has been covering what the movement is all about i mean. i guess i've covered it more than i was expecting them to i was expecting. and that's why we come here and we build our own media that we need we build websites that anyone goes on we live stream these events for everybody to know and to find out what they're missing out on but it is a shame that you know your every day american is not going to see those things your american who you know turns out six o'clock news they don't hear about these things
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just like they don't hear about the wars that we're. americans like probably don't really know that we're really at war they are affected by these things. one. hundred. fifty years. forty acres and nineteen ninety three and decided it would be a great place to find the belle the home and retire. there she is. we call it our new neighbor neighbor seven. we have
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favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its hear all you need. to watch r.t. any time. nuking a fashionable. radioactive fallout over government betrayal the government of law and claude and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very bright danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because already like the full.
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the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests exposed. to the true science technology innovation called the least developed around russia we've got the future covered. in full starting here. for going to local and. cooling.
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persians. these firms don't on t.v. don't come. a slap in the face for americans no remissions ever but once president calls the antimissile the fans agreements with the us are mistaken announces his own shield plans. awaiting their fates of the converse of those rides trial a verdict is expected and his time the prosecution is demanding three years behind bars for the female trio. of. media braces for its first post gadhafi transition of power its interim leaders will handle or ten elected a sample despite continued violent after shocks from the revolution. as they have lights here in our team sports next.
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hello sport an artsy thanks for joining us this hour coming up in the volatile. crushers goldfish of natal issues the answer i don't wash and i continued the country's twelve year domination of synchronized swimming. blue sands a limp dick syndrome for my world record holder rushes out of the london games. into the top of the man's one hundred and ten meter hurdles. from athens to london the entire history of the olympics is available in the heart of london's cultural life the royal opera house. and will start of course with the london olympics where russia has moved to fifth in the overall medal table after grabbing and the other three golds on day eleven of the competition those came in athletics diving and synchronized swimming with
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more modern up. three golds one silver and one blooms day eleven of the london two thousand and twelve summer olympics has proved to be one of the most fruitful for the russian team with a first victory resurfacing in the synchronised swimming pool not. a martian a produced in the flawless performance to win the do its event and prove the country's domination of the sport to the two thousand games in sydney russia has been the nation to beat both induce and teams competitions. it was a brilliant showpiece and romesh had a very complicated performance and they did their best it was clear for both the judges and the crowd they were head and shoulders above their opponents they are one of the best us in history and now we all keep our fingers crossed for the team competition where we should add another goal to our tally water has been truly the
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russian's element on tuesday with another gold coming in derby years ahead of stole the show in the men's three meter springboard to follow the footsteps of his compared to it and one of the sport's grades. and bring his country the first olympic gold in the savannah since two thousand it is the fear of second medal at the summer olympics as before he claimed silver in the men's synchronized diving with the beginning was the soft and russia's third gold on the day game in the men's high jump with the two thousand and eight olympic champion finishing only twelve the golden badan was passed on to his compared to it even to claim his first major outdoor title at the age of twenty six and we're staying with the track and fields because after yesterday's disappointing bronze medal in pole vault russia is even the symbol of a backtrack on her plans for a term and in chase for the third olympic gold in brazil in twenty eight sixteen.
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i think it was god's will that are only one drones here as if he said to me it's not time to retire yet you've made the podium again and it's worth celebrating too but you should now focus on preparing your next olympics then you win your third gold there. he says those three goals there were two more medals to make the russian team stats on the day even more impressive. top of the men's graeco-roman wrestling still a medal in the ninety six skills meanwhile. her second broods of the games the latest coming from the floor exercise really great performance for the russian also goes home with the gold and silver. r.t. london. while yet another bronze came for russia in the men's weightlifting. shrugging off his recent shoulder injury to make the podium in the one hundred five
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kilograms and said it was no mean feat for just one kilo less than civil winning and a share of money while fellow. so i had the savvy to talk sport in what was the final weightlifting event. in women's basketball rushes through to the semifinals following a sixty six sixty three victory over turkey in the last eight it was also well to call fifty one zero but very sick charges were. at the very back and top scored for the winners with nineteen points russia will play france in the last four to beat the czech republic seventy one sixty eight in the other semi will take on australia . now where in the men's one hundred and ten meter hurdles china's new song crush start all the games in the six the preliminary heat of the event the two thousand and four olympic champion clattered first off the pill and there. and his
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race now let's face it he could be forced into a time and within the police the injury he suffered a similar fate in front of a home crowd four years ago in beijing where health failed to play it saying go ahead will live thank you many times there were no surprises the same boat as the full time olympic champion easily qualified for the semifinals by winning he's beating the men's two hundred meter world record thanks to beat his success of finding gold at the previous olympics. well russia hoping to bring in some much needed precious math so when the rhythmic gymnastics gets underway at the london games. with two thousand sydney gulp medalist your neighbor soko but before the current russian contingent tries to repeat that success.
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it was a dream come true but the moment itself felt almost on a real when i was standing on the podium receiving my gold medal i just couldn't believe it was really happening to me it took quite a while for the realisation to sink in that i am an olympic champion. the sport has changed a lot since my time and it has become even more difficult judges now pay attention to many things they didn't before for example during our routines we often catch the ball without watching it behind our back with our legs before you want to i wanted any points for doing things like that but nowadays you do. with i'm sure russia will claim in limping and hopefully even in london like we did four years ago and i think our girls could even prevail in the team event i wish them the best of luck.
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with the kanada has a great personality she's the most decorated gymnast of all time but she never let that go to her head she's so humble i want to hear olympic champion you've achieved everything in the sport but she said i still have a long way to go i want her to win her second crown because never before has a rhythmic gymnastics blame to go at the games. is the true master mind behind. russia's domination on the mat but i wouldn't have won olympic gold that's for sure because the courage and the rest of the team are just as important as the efforts an athlete pete's into his performance whenever i come to russia's training base outside moscow i just can't believe my eyes the facilities there are just great and venus so energetic the sport means the world to her you know she keeps goats back at home and every now and then she would treat
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her nice to the milk she's just incredible the amount of the pianist. but finally where the london twenty twelve summer games in full swing the file history of the olympics is available in the heart of london's cultural life the royal opera house correspondent robert rather not to limp and join a back through the centuries. looking for the entire history of olympic games from ocean times to more an era within just twenty minutes this is the only place where it's possible the one point well olympic museum these pictures paint a thousand words artifacts from athletes who competed thousands of years ago the all seeing gaze of the king of gods zeus who discouraged any cheating then would throw in time to find ourselves in the office of peer of the curtain the man who revived dance and olympics and spar the first modern games in eight hundred ninety
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six. togs. is quite a. villain pick johnny riches as pinnacle in the hall of fame featuring some of the most outstanding own bands of the more an era with one of those twenty turning up herself to appreciate the unique exhibition. the use a source for time olympic champion or dakota board who is also the first dimmest to become a global store in this in the caribbean they did it. believe it and this is that plus here is so. you can see he's. one hundred years and that. included and not only here but it's
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very capable to be a place. i mean call that. amazing i remember watching. legend absolute legend and i'm so pleased to be able to see her today it's just wonderful but it really is amazing. what about for the r.t. . well that's all from me for now i'll be back in two hours time with more sports news for you weather is next stay with us.
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