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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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well with. science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. the syrian army says it's advancing into the country's key combat zone the rebels denies that while the mainstream media does little to provide the real picture. u.n. report slams israel for kicking palestinians off almost a fifth of the west bank territory turning into a military training ground. plus pilots in spain find themselves in a stable denying diverse financial collapse force airlines to introduce measures which could potentially book passenger lives on the line. and in the business bulletin i'll tell you all about the way the russian stock market is trading and see pretty robust gains in the first hour free all that in twenty.
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eleven am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie the syrian army claims to have seen as a key rebel held district in the northwestern city of aleppo violence broke out there last month after a major flow of militants into the area opposition friendly activist accused government troops of using heavy weaponry which results in civilian deaths although colonel douglas gregor an author and decorated u.s. war veteran says that seems unrealistic well it's been some years since i saw the syrian army up close but what i did see convince me that of the arab armies in the region the syrians were by far the most competent and capable and they maintained good discipline so we have to assume that the syrians have moved very deliberately in aleppo and that suggests that they have probably moved to seal off road the.
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buls in the enclaves or in the areas that they currently hold to do that they have concentrated armor and artillery for direct fire not for indirect fire and they will move very very carefully with infantry and engineers in support with the object of doing as little damage to the infrastructure as possible because the more damage you do to the buildings the more likely they are to create defensive positions for the people you're trying to eliminate so i would say based on my again limited experience of the syrian military that the rebels in aleppo are now in serious trouble. well the mainstream media is so over lines on amateur footage and dubious reports from syria it's becoming hard to tell what's true or false in the conflict and some experts suggest that is a pattern familiar to anyone aleutian in the region over the last few years. takes a look. in the arab world millions have been seen uprising. in the western world one international news channel is standing accused of falling short
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on providing a full picture of the revolutions. gives us his human rights were supporting. themselves to reduce the fire that a lot of the people i was. killing and torturing edward mortimer conducted an independent review of the b.b.c.'s coverage of the arab spring the public news channel was criticised for many things including a lack of reference to video which wasn't authenticated and repeatedly using the word regime its use of words carries. connotations. regime is something. that starts the reaction. but i have to undertake to refer to the british government as the camera regime you know. say who are you guys now for i asked. i said you know how do you find hundreds of people what is your policy and they actually give you different concepts to ousted leaders and one
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military intervention later the b.b.c. now claims it will address its mistakes meanwhile across the atlantic america's corporate owned news networks still pioneer subjective rhetoric that the syrian regime of bashar al assad regime is now also facing another dynamic critics say more than one year of flawed reporting on syria may already have hard wired public perception to see only one side of the story the focus is on action. overage it reinforces a preconceived notion of what's going on of course the government you know of syria is all dead everything that happens there is a result of what assad is doing or we're not doing. again that's in the interest of people who want to intervene and want to help overthrow this government washington has made no secret of its desire to force syrian president bashar al
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assad out of office getting serious in syria with questionable impartiality many mainstream media outlets in the us have been seen portraying the syrian opposition as a single entity at the forefront of a democratic uprising on the now overwhelming humanitarian grounds intervening in syria critics say the very same news outlets have not been so eager to report on the less appealing options of syria's washington backed opposition he did the cato people were very much involved in trying to undermine the syrian government and they had fighters there just as they had in libya this isn't just a question of western democracy good syria bad it's a much more complicated mosaic of forces involved here and media doesn't seem to be keeping up with them as syria approaches its most delicate tipping point many experts say the western media machine should avoid oversimplifying
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a sixteen month deadly crisis that even the international community so far has been unable to resolve marina port i.r.t. new york despite u.s. claims as providing only non-lethal assistance to the syrian opposition american weapons are still flowing into rebel hands says activist on middle east and un issues phyllis bennis the full interview with her is coming up next hour. there's already intervention under way the western countries have. divided the military of saudi arabia the military of culture that's where they buy their weapons from they buy american weapons so it is already western weapons that are going in it's not coming directly from the us but it is weapons of the west the danger of that escalating is very serious. a un report warns israel it may be in violation of international law after it
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cordoned off nearly a fifth of the west bank for army training israeli forces are demolishing palestinian homes and driving people off their land saying they might spy on military drills are just falsely reports from one of the villages. i'm standing in susi a palestinian area that has been earmarked by the israeli government for demolition there are many similar situations just this week in the palestinian village of jim these really soldiers went from house to house searching for weapons and ammunition now they found nothing but that was not before they literally turned people's kitchens in particular upside down the soldiers searched through bags of sugar and rice and salt and bottles of olive oil now this comes as the united nations issues a new report outlining that the israeli government has declared some eighteen percent of the west bank closed military zone for training for so-called firing zones this is roughly the same amount of the west bank that is in full palestinian
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control the report highlights the humanitarian effect that this will have on the roughly five thousand people who live in and around these areas and it also says that they are now in direct access of danger at the same time we're talking here about people most of whom are herders who need fields for their cattle to graze on and many of these fields are being taken away from them so this will affect their livelihood at the same time many of them are routinely arrested or detained for defying military orders we're talking here about people who have very little access to electricity and to water they essentially don't even have an infrastructure when it comes to housing and to any kind of normal facilities that people in the western world take for granted the report of course israel an occupying power and reminds the israeli government that international law condemns any kind of confiscation of private or public property unless it is for military necessity now the israelis are
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going to have a hard time claiming that the establishment of firing zones or areas for training these soldiers is of military necessity policy r.t. . in the south hip on hills there's plenty of other stories waiting for you later this hour including an appetite for apple i phones i pads and iran the prices may be higher but businessmen aren't letting us sanctions stop high tech from staying plugged in. with a thirty seven year delay the u.s. has launched a program to help clean up the aftermath of the vietnam war it will help purge the soil and water of traces of agent orange a toxic defiantly used to join the conflict the substance is still causing illnesses and deformities among the local population but man i believe washington's motives are in purely humanitarian it isn't like one of those things that you just start spraying and it goes away this is
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a pathway for centuries and it is definitely seeped in i'm not a scientist but it's definitely seeped into the water table and everything and what the what the u.s. is proposing is really rather paltry. to come up with forty three million dollars to clean up the neighing which was a large military air their base you know this is just really the tip of the iceberg of the problem but i mean you cannot you have to question the timing of it and it can only be viewed as you know a concern to try to like. vietnam closer to them because of the growing influence that china has as a as an emerging superpower around the world. there's more in the u.s. legacy at r.t. dot com as well as a lot of other stories including specs appeal for the jews can now keep their thoughts on god and eyes off scantily clad women thanks to the help of sun usual glass this. was those very same glasses could be useful for drivers
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in st petersburg motorcycle as there are facing fines for taking their girlfriends for a ride on the back of their bikes and up and distracting other motorists. wealthy
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british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike. cons are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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mission would be soon which brightened if you move it from feinstein crashing. down totty dot com. so a saddle and that's how the two biggest labor unions in spain have described the government's anti-crisis measures and the astaire it is particularly life threatening when even the highest of flyers are affected as are reports spanish pilots say their passengers are being put at risk to save cash. fly fly fly at any cost but why buy a more when you can get just about the same thing for less money since low cost airlines took more than half of spain's aviation market many regular companies have
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gone bankrupt so could of course they choose low cost flights it's cheaper the seats are less comfortable but it's not such a big problem in a trip after all and this discount model is supported by the state over the past three years the larger part of the government's two hundred fifty million a year investment into aviation was allocated to low cost airlines this scheme is simple lower expenses all round but while passengers are happy it's cause turbulence in the cockpit as pilots find themselves less and less motivated. to let us go but we don't have high salaries anymore there's no prestige about our work is it always been you know we turn to the bus drivers were only doing it in the skies but nowadays we even have to pay for. insurance. industry has become a mess since two thousand and eight the number of recruits in spanish flight schools has been dropping rapidly and the general economic situation has also been affecting the quality of graduates. already.
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that's why many of our graduates have to take several jobs just to survive. it is not difficult to see that degrading pilot quality may have serious consequences not only has the job been suffering in spain over the past several years with people actually willing to become pilots but also experts say the policy of the local airlines is harming the most important thing. which is the security spanish pilots working hours are already stretched to extremes new legislation to increase them to sixteen hours a day is now being considered by the european union. there's we go over the limits here then the problem of stress and fatigue personal arises in a prison pool the law says there must be at least forty five minute breaks between flights but in reality it's barely twenty minutes he should be on board at that and he with twenty minutes between twenty eight it's almost impossible to conduct a proper check of an aircraft. or go to force it without any security check.
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it's clear that cheaper flying is essential to keep you removing during the financial crisis but pilots and aviation specialists shudder to think what could happen if more cost airlines increasingly cut corners and dangerously push those who keep us safe in the sky. looks you are shifty r.t. reporting from madrid spain largest financial guru max kaiser has spoken to the former had of risk at the bank of scotland who has turned a whistleblower and exposing financial fraud ten later this hour for the kaiser report and here's a preview. what percentage of those working in regulatory oversight compliance in the end history are clean that is to say they're not corrupt when i was working on wall street for example at paine webber in oppenheimer and harrison every every year at christmas time i would bribe our compliance officer as did every broker at these firms there was no that top line up there was crooked you give a big enough christmas bonus and he over over looks margin requirement deficiencies
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the overlooked fraud he overlooks. all the tricks of the trade there's two points the first is you have to have no professional qualifications to be a chief risk officer a chief compliance officer or a chief internal audit and so that's one thing the second thing is if you report to the executive well hang on a second you stick your head above the parapet and the messenger gets well and truly shot so i don't know the answer the question but i would be all surprised if it's quite a lot of people who are going to be prepared to oversee. things that they should cover cell system doesn't work. despite u.s. imposed sanctions the iranian capital's apple stores are full and thriving the high tech use of tehran love i pods and macs as much as anyone and creative businesses aren't letting a little thing like an international law gay gannon the way of feeding that
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appetite artists are first explains. why has i phones i pods apple's political popularity has meant that their products both familiar sight everywhere from our workplaces to our homes and all our high street there's one place you might not expect to find products like this on sale and that the iranian capital of tehran where apple along with many of the u.s. products abandon the functions that had been in place the year but it seems the text of the iranians are managing to outsmart this u.s. embargo and products like the not only popular in toronto they're widely available as well just like any other apple next door this one in tiran is bustling and busy . and i have no difficulty in importing electronics from the us nor do we feel any impact on imports from sanctions doesn't come so easy indeed is getting technical support and updates for the products but we still manage to get them all the time
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or just get out of the world of this so you can save us sanctions has been mainly on iran's banks and oil industry in a bid to curb the country's nuclear ambitions but when it comes to the bans on consumer products we'll turn to trade routes and enterprising a rainy and tradesmen have meant this in full swing the sanctions has proved virtually impossible in fact it's estimated there are now hundreds of traders in the capital selling these kids. the only impact of these sanctions that we see is higher prices which alter the real sinking against the dollar we're also forced to charge more from customers in order to keep getting our shipments while bypassing the sanctions and people still want to these gadgets even though they become more expensive. some of the sanctions working. sanctions have not. because if they have if you were going here new sanctions are being announced by the u.s. congress or. the western powers the fact that they're coming up with new sanctions
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. is an indication the door thanks so it's been that you're working in fact many critics of the sanctions feel that far from the achieving anything banning these products bug is a punishing the very people who helped in building around future release of individuals these issues still made it is right is she part of the clientele well dave on one hand the united states talks about internet freedom and the importance of iranians being able to communicate freely access the internet discuss you know what whatever they want to be cell phones and i other hand there are sanctions make it so that cellphones are basically illegal in iran in the u.s. sanctions against iran are increasingly being very very ineffective and outdated and certainly seen a match for the young iranian generation and able to stay connected.
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well some take a look at some other stories around the world lead biggest transitional council has had the power to the country's general congress the first elected legislature since last year's uprising the two hundred eighty to soundly dominated by moderate islam is to name a new governments within thirty days however the authorities are facing daunting challenges as powerful militias in different provinces continue to fight for political influence. clashes broke out in the chilean capital after thousands of students to to the streets demanding radical changes to the country's education system they have also been rallying against a newly proposed law which would severely curb on authorized protest and tighten punishment for those who breach peace student demonstrations have been rocking the country for more than a year now. at least thirty nine people have died and almost a million have been forced to leave damaged homes in the philippine capital and
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surrounding provinces after a powerful typhoon struck thousands are staying in emergency shelters waiting for better weather that is forecast for the end of the week this delusion is the worst since two thousand and nine hundred died in massive floods and landslides. and better conditions is also something that traders hope to see here's a tasha from the business desk absolutely and judging by the way the european equities started their trading day the conditions are certainly nothing to complain about so far at least london's footsie opened want to positive and it's managing to put on now less than a quarter percent of the first twenty minutes of trade germany's dax is doing slightly better here in russia the r.t.s. is more than one percent in the block the my sex is see more modest gains this hour blue chips are on the rise with russia's biggest lender is bear bank at the moment putting on a just that more than three quarters percent
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a lukoil is bidding to develop the ukrainian shell from the black sea and sales revenues of a retailer mangini jumped almost the by a third last month asian equities are quiet beats toward the end of their trading session investors expect a lot of data from china and they are getting it's july inflation both consumer and wholesale is lower by zero four swamp in a row that may help tip the policymakers to further stimulate the economy and that's certainly something that investors are hoping for the rest of the data is bad news the country's industrial output in july was lower than expected and a retail sales also came out below estimates to make he's gaining around three quarters of her sound or actually more than one percent after the country's central bank kept the interest rate on change this hour the euro is gaining to the dollar after the european currency showed some weakness in the previous session on disappointing data from the euro zone and the russian ruble is actually gaining to
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the major currencies this hour that's a reverse of the train travel last hour and crude futures resumed their climb on thursday after briefly dipping into red over the past couple of hours that's mainly thanks to the data from china. i just told you about it gives hope that there might be some monetary easing eases largest economy and speaking of asia just like st petersburg is considered russia's window to europe village of us talk me now become russia's window to asia the far eastern city is finishing up the preparations for the asia pacific economic cooperation forum known as a pac it's hosting the event for the first time and apparently the price tag has ready jumped to twenty two billion dollars that's twice the amount spent on the london olympics limited to the day hopes planes why this event is so important for russia. the fact that russia is spending so much money on the apec summit seems
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ridiculous first glance but let's face the facts russia's stance in the region is not as strong as it could be now it has become a member of the world trade organization promoting trade liberalization is easier than ever before especially for the host of the event next there are obvious perks let's take a look at this for example russia is an energy and metals champion though it's producing seventy percent of the world's copper and nickel asia on the other hand is the main consumer of energy in metals and it accounts for fifty percent of the world's consumption of aluminum forty percent of copper and nickel this is a multi-billion dollar market now let's take a look at china at its main port of shanghai the country imports resources from around the world but it takes more than a month to ship from brazil twenty days from south africa and two weeks from australia now would be so much quicker and this means cheaper to import from russia's than in a port just four days finally growth in asia projected at eight point four percent
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developed countries two point six percent max plus shift in priorities from europe to asia would mean development for russia's lagging far east. well now you know why twenty two billion dollars may not be that high and that's all the latest from the business desk i'll be back in about fifteen minutes see that all right absolutely that's thanks very much indeed and coming up here in our t. banks and their schemes to catch a full all is revealed in the latest edition of kaiser report coming right after the headlines stay with us.
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wealthy british style is not. the time to write. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our. nuking a fallible side. radioactive fallout of
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government betrayal of the government. everything laws and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very bright day to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of right deal like the full. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests explain. the world to the true science technology innovation the least of militants around russia we've got the future covered.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. operations are today.


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