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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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new man crash plan algeria's former foreign minister could replace go for yachting as the un's envoy and try to revive the peace process in turbulent syria. a firsthand report from the disturbing scene in central russia where a bustling sect kept almost thirty children in an eight story on the ground and hit without daylight for a decade. and gazans stand to lose their only lifeline to the outside world after war violence prompts egypt to seal off that massive smuggling tunnel network crucial to the blockade of region. telling them of the russian capital you're watching. a formal theory of foreign
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affairs minister could step into the breach and try to give the kiss of life to peace efforts in syria the heart of brahimi who has previously represented the u.n. of ghana stand in iraq will reportedly replace kofi annan as a special envoy to the war torn state stepped aside saying he lacked international support for hate me has his work cut out with no what up in violence on the ground in syria the army has flushed rebels out of a strategic district in the city of aleppo following intense street clashes argues it's on a boy because looks at exactly who these rebels are. the syrian uprising now is very different from what it used to be even a year ago and western media are also now waking up to the fact that not all who are fighting the syrian army in the north are really standing up for freedom and democracy just recently a reuters news agency has published a story about. syrian gravel syrian militants complaining about an increasing
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influx of foreign jihadists foreign radicals within own ranks there are multiple reports of pakistani. fighters operating on the syrian frontlines and their units are usually far better a far better armed than those of the syrian born rebels as far as their goals are concerned they usually talk about the creation of syria based islamic caliphate that will be based on shared law now what met many western observers fail to realize is that these radical groups are fighting the assad government not because of its poor democratic record but why it's to the contrary because it is perceived as way too atheistic way too liberal way to secular and vision of syrian future would be far more constrained in terms of social religious
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personal freedoms than what syria has at the moment now there is a growing sense here in syria especially among people who describe themselves as pro position that they are now being increasingly forced to choose between the two evils and that the government that they are so committed to ousting may eventually prove to be a much less harmless and much more acceptable of turnitin than the forces that are now trying to unstated. reporting from damascus now check out of twitter stream for more firsthand reports analysis and they were just from the war zone. carrying on washington which is openly backing the syrian opposition has refused to rule out the creation of a no fly zone over an area reportedly under rebel control and that's on top of alleged help with intelligence and the provision of non-lethal supplies sophisticated weapons including surface to air missiles are also reportedly making
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their way to syria by neighboring turkey. and has expansion in the region and soon rons had a u.s. pushes forward brand new to fancy plants in the persian gulf on top of the sanctions to iran is already struggling under that still have. also that it or you blackwater mercenaries charged with civilian killings and weapons smuggling criminal prosecution in the u.s. by paying a fine. most of the twenty seven children forced to live in catacombs in central russia by in islamic sect have been sounds to orphanages they have been underground for up to ten years without daylight or contact with the outside world until being rescued by police or does a corpse going off reports from the scene of a disturbing discovery with these three people in just one square metre this police footage shows the shocking conditions members of this isolated leaches group have
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been living in for years up to seventy people all cramped in a small country house most on the outskirts of gaza the men women the elderly and more than twenty children most of whom have reportedly never seen the light as opposed to these children living in sounds in the basement to ride to the soil under the house if you looked kind of like an eight story and you shocked by what they found the authorities began taking the kids outside in order to take them to doctors most of them are still being examined while their parents demand the be left alone. should the children are terrified and after everything that's happened in their. afraid of what can be done to them despite being in need of urgent medical help some of the adults had to be talked into allowing doctors to see them . one woman had a miscarriage doctor had to treat her right there at the scene. to convince her she needed his help if
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a sect is around twenty years old its founder is eighty five year old. he proclaimed himself a prophet almost fifty years ago and is now too weak to get out of bed his followers believe only in the koran rejecting all other religions and even movements within islam the police found them while investigating a recent terror attack in the city they also found around a thousand religious books and texts which are now being examined for possible extremist content but sect members appear to be defiant about their way of life but actually what you are fighting against ally himself the authorities civil the open several criminal cases involving senior members of the sect and the fate of the children is yet to be decided plans are also being drawn up to three house sect members who are allowed to film inside neither did any of the groups or members agreed to speak with us on camera but off camera the man that i spoke with said that around forty people remain on their territory they do expect the authorities
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to try to take everything down but he claims. even if they bring a court order since they don't recognize their own. recognized the authority of muslim leaders or do they recognize the existence of the state or any country altogether. or t. . later this hour it's never to late or is it. the u.s. starts to clean up the effects of its chemical weapons and now washington is reluctance to admit its stakes as blame for generations of the. and voice of poverty low wage earners accuse the british government of leaning down on the breadline however hard they work. the us department of justice has literally put a price on the lives of iraqis private security firms bring is the now as
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blackwater story is for the killing of seventeen iraqi civilians has been fined seven and a half a million dollars for gun smuggling and will avoid further prosecution scott horton from harper's magazine says the us government's never planned for a proper trial the amount that's being paid is a real pit this is in as these things go generally this is naturally tiny some on the other hand we've got this way blackwater is not completely out of the woods yet what they got here was a deferred prosecution agreement that is they have time to persuade the justice department not to prosecute the justice department gets an extension in the statute of limitations period to continue its investigation but that being said these sorts of agreements aren't entered into unless the government thinks dismissal that is non-prosecution is a probable outcome so obviously blackwater there's got to be delighted with this we
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get a really deep view into the way blackwater was conducting business around the world and its provision of arms and sophisticated communications equipment to other governments and not quite governments and one thing that comes out of these papers is that a lot of this is being done and a very very close relationship with the united states remember blackwater is a principal contractor for the department of state and it appears in many of these dealings and department of state is opening the door for clark water and helping blackwater sell its services. egypt's government is shutting down smuggling tunnels across his border with gaza after sixteen of its soldiers were killed in clashes in the region since the start of the gyptian revolution militancy has seen a sharp rise in the sinai area which also borders israel artie's policy looks at what gaza stands to lose if the tunnels are closed. these tunnels have been operational for civil use ever since gaza was first put under blockade back in two
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thousand and six for many gazans they are essentially be only lifeline they have with the outside world and that's why you'll hear many gazans saying that they feel that they were living in a massive prison we're talking here about everything about goods about items about people even food and fuel that all smuggled through the extensive underground network of tunnels into gaza carlow has voiced its suspicions that some of the militants who were involved in sunday's deadly attack were smuggled through these tunnels from egypt into gaza but it is still a highly unusual move to seal off the tunnels particularly under the presidency of the new egyptian president mohamed morsi who's muslim brotherhood party has close ties to hamas which rules the gaza strip what's more morsi has said that he is committed to improving the lives of ordinary palestinians now i've been down some of these tunnels and i can tell you that i've seen everything pass through them i saw because it was still fully intact i saw huge refrigerator's and even people the
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tunnels are a massive myth would everybody is somehow connected to everyone else and the people on top of the ground know what's going on underneath the ground they stay in constant contact they also know that sometimes by the egyptian security personnel who are outside the tunnels on the egyptian gaza border. post your reporting there now there's more on the situation in egypt on our website as well as lots of other stories including a big bang a brand new prototype nasa spacecraft has a bumpy start to its test phase crashing to earth in a fiery explosion. plus hackers versus whistleblowers a new group calling itself anti leaks claimed responsibility for series of attacks on the weekly leaks website that took it down for day.
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the u.s. is teaming up with its arab allies to build a missile defense system across the persian gulf washington's has a plan to deploy raiders in the united arab emirates and qatar is to guard against a possible attack from iran the u.s. already has a vast presence in the region and this map shows iran surrounded by american military bases and installations so rise have a poor alric and independent researcher and rider but leaves a hypothetical threat from tehran as a pretext for further expansion and a key strategic area. america believes in realigning its forces to better control and dominate the world and i think there's perhaps and it means the cooperation of the countries involved and i and i think that iran being made into a threat has allowed the arab countries to cooperate with america big because really they rely on america for their internal security and which is which
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actually is an important point here because the internal security is of some things countries are now in jeopardy and with every base that america creates with every missile defense shield all patriot missile everything that it exports to any given country it has personnel going with it so one has to question whether these are to calm down the potential threats that might arise in countries that have all this abiding american with the oil it needed and soldiers or whether it's actually for. any wider purpose. hard to discuss washington's foreign policy with green party u.s. presidential candidate jill stein chivalry is it's actually harmed the country here's a preview of what's coming up next hour. this world police policy is bankrupting americans we're spending about a trillion dollars a year on the military industrial security complex that budget has
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roughly doubled over the last ten years and we are certainly not more secure for it we've spent trillions of dollars in iraq when we withdrew from iraq how did we do it we withdrew from iraq in the dead of night at a secret undisclosed date because we were afraid that we would be ambushed in the process how many friends exactly did we make in this war what kind of a stable democracy did we make in iraq you know iraq continues to teeter on the brink of a civil war. working hard in britain doesn't mean avoiding poverty millions of low wage earners say they are barely surviving and some accuse the government of slashing welfare while cutting taxes for the rich or diesel or smith reports. single barrier has always
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worked but despite that as a school did a lady making just above the minimum wage she's kloster among the millions of working pool with my wages my. tax credit and my child benefit. fronts of what they mean per month in my outgoing i'm left with about twenty five to thirty pounds a week and that's for clothes birthdays christmas. and with nothing left for emergencies or savings mary worries about five year old alfie growing and more expenses he gets older and she's just one of a staggering seven point nine million adults living in poverty in the u.k. sixty percent of whom work recent figures show that in modern britain having a job is not enough to lift people out of poverty and government cuts to creating a perfect storm for people like mary as the state's approach to reducing britain's
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budget is by slashing welfare and services not by increasing taxes impulses hystrix the poorest tend to hit thirteen times harder for something the richest and that's partly because poor people rely on the services they don't have any other option and it's partly because incomes of the people in poverty is so low to start with that if you take out one of the services away from them the number isn't a much bigger part of what they need to get by the government says it wants to make work pay but those assurances ring increasingly hollow when the big worry is that the government. policy about helping people into the work program and making work pay through universal credit. with the best way in the world the success of both depends on the state of labor market and the big problem here is that i would walk the colonies in a poor house mary relies on those tax credits or relieved to help her make ends meet and she's recently got into debt do you feel that you were thinking of. saying
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again. and she has a message for prime minister david cameron please think of the people that are on the low wage not the ones that are on the highway. you know we've still got to survive and have a life. and a life isn't worth came monday to friday and that's all you do. so she wouldn't get young children are saw him out in the paper the other day with his wife and children to a park he obviously takes that for granted but for some of us lesser or treat. i have a great trait properties about material deprivation but it's also about feeling excluded from mainstream society and experts chopping the welfare budget now will have an impact on poor families that will not wedded to the future. and nothing
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effects of british society nor a smith oh what's he up to. almost four decades after the end of the get now war of the us a started to clean up the toxic chemical agent orange it was used as a weapon during the conflict and its health effects continue long after causing deformities to hundreds of thousands of people war veteran chuck the lot so believes there has been a history of denial in washington over the damage caused i really don't think the united states government nor the manufacturers of the orange ever really want to do . any fall. and in fact it is the. manufacturers of it or i'm sure refuse to admit it and if you are and you just should not go there with. you know united states government in the military that generational effect is on the. well into the third generation as i said approaching the fourth generation and we have no idea how long this is going to continue so. because we you see
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the devastation every day. has one of the major hot spots of the. entire nation here. i see the handicaps i see the form of these. attend the funerals of. former military as well of the senate there were exposed to agent orange and now we're well into the third generation going into the fourth generation of the effects of that you know and people are going to be going to get sick and as a result of the. explosion in aurora and there's no there's no relief in sight. also look at some other stories from around the world the vias general congress has elected the country's first democratic president after decades of warmer qaddafi's dictatorship model of a former opposition the euro will hold the office until a new constitution comes into power in the next year the new leader is facing the
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daunting challenge of controlling powerful militias continuing to fight for political influence. three people have been killed and thousands evacuated from their homes after a tropical storm ernesto hit mexico's gulf coast causing floods and damaging buildings strong winds and heavy downpours forced the authorities to close several major oil expert for tourists are staying in emergency shelters waiting for the strongest storm of this earth again season to pass. the attorneys for james holmes to allege colorado shooter say he is mentally ill the fans once more time to assess the nature of his illness and its influence over him holmes is accused of a bloody massacre at an aurora movie theater during the opening night of the latest batman movie twelve people were killed fifty eight one in the incident.
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all right changing of pace and where to go into the world of business was matrix so tell us which we will there be a hard landing for china what's the outlook well basically the outlook is a big grim and now every bit of information that we get which indicates there's a slowdown which is happening worse than expected brings us to the assumption that they might be a hard landing for china now that the world's driver of economic growth which goes up more than eight percent a year could slow down to one or two percent because of tightening monetary policy right now we're seeing the world's economic powerhouse is losing steam indeed as it's reporting a surprise drop in trade surplus the country's july exports grew just one percent from the year ago period while traders anticipated eight percent and imports expanded only five percent despite expectations of a seven percent rise. therefore what we're seeing right now is a sell off on the markets notably in asia with a naked declining more than one percent as you can see there consumer goods
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a leader in form is losing twenty percent in hong kong which is also down almost one percent that's after its operating profits dropped twenty two percent a week before in the u.s. now over on the commodities market will is also dropping this is not providing much support to the russian stock markets will look at them in just a second this is on the back of worries from traders that potentially with this slowing down of the chinese economy because china is a major consumer of energy resources there might be lower global demand for energy and therefore they're choosing to sell rather than buy of these they. move over to the to another story china's national petroleum corporation basically it's in talks reportedly with luke oil to join it's a west qurna to project in iraq russians the largest private oil companies looking for a partner for thirty percent stake in the project west kern is one of the largest oil deposits in iraq which is now. by lukoil and the country's north wales company
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. very quickly a second look at what was happening in the united states in the previous recession it was mixed with the nasdaq up and that's as a trade deficit is shrinking in the u.s. and as a good sign could mean higher g.d.p. figures for the second quarter. now the hour euro is still falling versus the dollar as we are indeed seeing a bit of a sell off on the markets and investors are moving out into the greenback and the russian ruble is losing against both currencies at the beginning of the trading session today on friday see there around half of the cent against for currencies and the russian market is indeed dropping in the first minutes with the r.t.s. already declining more than one percent financials are leading the losses with d.t.b. down almost one percent point eight percent but look i was doing a bit of bad science down just a third of a percent after that reported potential team up with china sea and sea.
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and now standard chartered is fighting back accusations that it has been laundering a quarter of a trillion dollars for a run the bank argues that only fourteen million dollars in its operations could be potentially dodgy under u.s. regulation. now the troubled lender lost a quarter of its market value when you york officials went public with the charges british banks troubles have kicked off a transatlantic spats with the none other than london mayor boris johnson accusing new york of damaging london's reputation as a financial british m.p. john mann agrees it's a targeted attack on the british financial system. what the american politicians and regulators are doing is specifically tying it saying with over emotive language british banks and the reason is that new york he's trying to steal part of the dollar trading business that goes through a lot of this is america taking on europe and trying to recreate
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a cage that's the empty britches bias that's going on and when american politicians and regulators say there's a lot in the problem they're wrong there's a problem with international banking there's a problem in the ethics of behavior of international banks including in london but this isn't a london problem it's not a british problem is a problem of international banking. on the breeder there's been several of these stories we also heard h.s.b.c. was accused of being in connection with mexico's cartels so this could be indeed a campaign well it could start a chain reaction well we'll certainly keep our eyes on the developments there and up next here on r t crossed up with peril available before that i'll bring your headlines.
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nuking a fashionable side. radioactive fallout old government betrayal of the government. and claude and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was
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a very bright day to the servicemen concert who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of radio like the fall of. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests.
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sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build most sophisticated robots which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything terms mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the dot com.


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