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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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really is not required to watch all it's all you need is your mobile device more charter any time. there was an artsy live from last year with me tom say the latest headlines and the week's top story syria's rebels point to retake control of aleppo but the help for the west and financial backing while the arab league both of them urgently get together on hold and have been free to discuss a replacement for peace envoy coffee in the. thousands have flooded to the streets of cairo in support of the president's move against the military after he said the country called for the defense minister and the song it comes amid a crackdown in the increasingly volatile in our region which killed seven suspected
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militants. and the members of the russian punk new pussy riot always be a verdict on an end to include done in the country's main cathedral and the trial that divided the nation prosecutors are demanding three years jail for the women with the final decision expected next friday. next in our special report we look at the legacy left by britain when it tested nuclear weapons in australia stay tuned for that right here on our. during the testing it merrily into the clouds of radioactive dust sucked up by the explosions were carefully tracked until they drifted out to see the clouds from successive explosions past day the much of the continent to the north the east and the southeast of marilyn get.
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the government of the day the menzies government and all governments since that time have denied but there was any danger or any hazard either to service men all to the people of this country now of course there's an awful lot of policy they had to cite but what we have since found out of course is that there was indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of radioactive fallout. could you imagine if the british government tried what they did merrily in remote counties of scotland will soon be the end of civilization. happened was shameful and would not i mean would could not have the kudos we were since the aboriginal people were denied their rights with devastating consequences
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. and blew the place up until there was no room to blow up and then said bubba gump . the loss of a cause i love at the end of the jittery stuff what are those duties it's just that before they resolve it people who live there that live there if they do that there's. a where the photo where you know i'm speaking about something i was thinking something why why did they drop the bomb we didn't know anything about it no one spoke to us about it and we are this finished everything of arms. on the local you were getting into. all our family finished now we're living on our own with all our family and the old men and women have all finished now i used to live in
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a home at all dear but not really a home i used to live in the bush walking around living on the bush living free. but everything was really good. i don't. think. the. creation. now before ok casey threw. it away it's too big to tell me whether he beat me to. what was the sick to boy in the fifty's and sixty's is not acceptable now and what success will now be except the ten thousand years from that. era or.
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the end of ninety days you know and i became because to for aboriginal faith is and i went to britain to argue the case for compensation and clean up of the maryland delay it was because what was left behind is that a resume that strontium ninety. any pitch needed dispersed plutonium all over the place. had real doubts about. the success of the claim that. they did was put. to the radioactive material. number one at first it should have finished at maralinga. now we have different terrain am everywhere every four. or
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lonely marling as smoke boy would see only one we want to see that's it religious lost our family lost our brothers and there should be no more after learning that. way the next generation of got a bit of a responsibility as some of us understand more of you know at cultural side little side the western side of things which is something many can't quite grasp because it's just an old trouble one. they stole that lived for cook with the lord. and this jar and go down look at testing their head over and get the weave. nuclear all over the land and there they want to put
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a nuclear waste dump in as if we haven't had enough. part of the legacy of but then eucalyptus is not just the environment contamination of the burial turn even a shallow grave at maryland at the british provided destroyed with the reactor at lucas arts in sydney and we then joins the reactor club of the world but it's western that reactive is known to have to be dumped in north of the story the first mission to the west don't believe in the reactor itself is intended to be decommissioned dismantled and trucked across unwilling communities right across australia if we pass legislation as a parliament opposing the nuclear why stuff is struggling with. this is the first time in the last quarter of a century that a federal government has moved to compulsorily kwara state crown lay and against the wishes of the state. full of the international experts would say that if you've got the right you acted wisely reacting to was the repository should be
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as close as possible to the point of production. what they're aiming to do is exactly the reverse of what anyone serious in international safeguards protocols would say they're moving at thousands of miles away so it's a bit the issue of transportation we do not want radioactive waste from lucas arts nuclear reactor coming across our border coming through communities coming along our roads. it's prefer in our view that ready to wash we managed above ground and draw secure storage where one can intervene to apply developed technology to protect the environment and spec email and bearing it have sort of a mind whether it's seen in a shallow national grave at the national nickel why stop it when it's an old mine doesn't fit those of us proposed. i guess we can speak more strongly on mary linger in the concerns we have from our linger than the dump but it is very closely connected because it is something that
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man is taking on all sides of the the campaign and. the why stop as well which of course is a is a big concern for animals because of the connection on the whole every single people have with landon and its waters to die stories with the special sites going to be is along the story line. or tantric. important. progress or money or just plucked the hope to hold out is a cold one that is it would sit down with agreement. what little. evidence that al will be in right of the race going to taiwan come up with a walkera story. for the curriculum and almost all one is like it's no coincidence that this is the it's been it's
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a. hundred thousand easy. going to write we were going to live in areas that could ember sand people. well i think it's whatever it is but mr is that we don't believe the government is that old the past record is not a good one example of america can do this but looks big and now i want to forces you to watch stuff we don't want to. call upon again we don't want to give the want to people to. come up with. that. we don't know and now. no. radiation can in things.
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they've been taken in the. dumps. now being in the in name i am the only one yeah what matter where they came they came over their way in the sydney. games should they in now mianyang. a totally chalk board we see in a piece not just a technology issue it's not just environment issue it's a threat to the community's right to decide their own future. they. are willing to corrupt a lot of values in society by imposing react to risk and watch production they refuse to accept the long term legacy of either health impacts or of risk from clinical was the result from the real production. where they destroyed a sacred place to type. them now that cannot be destroyed not
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a sacred place for pollute to poison the third part thank you right to put the stock back in. i don't know what to do who did it in the end we stayed east to cool. my feet. an example of how little australia has learnt over the last fifty years for the maryland good experiences that today i'm on uprights of beverly where a general atomics the multi-billion dollar u.s. nuclear corp upright senescent in-situ lecture anyone esle in situ leaks is a method that's never been approved in any other o.e.c.d. country and the company there till the time it's real oil and discharging all they were addicted non-biased directly to gram would play dumb play it one was their relative legacy directly to graham without any rehabilitation and under a legal system without any law below say they have exemptions from the farm protection act itself astride a key metaphor the a seven to answer of which the mission of
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a few running was exemplary for protection act. seven straight noorani i'm using nuclear reactors produce plutonium half of the world's plutonium has been produced in civilian perry actors. so it is complicit essentially in the but the reactor risk in the west production but also an accumulation patani where in the world. they find you see any use for some of the material trying content of the public that they are in strays is demonstrated to be harmless the conventional disposable smoke detectors contain memory seem. which is a bargain a byproduct of the nuclear industry. such a picture itself has to be berntsen and padded and it highlights there is a health risk there it's much that that whole cycle of producing a dispersant verdict materials is doesn't make sense when smoke detectors that don't use ready materials can be just so they were more afflicted. warring. at the sun. staying in the same bed
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back to sis being a land. broccoli and. that funny bit if you're right in mind. we now of their client three new invented planes before the white man they have a company called captain coop which he thought of all cut up you know we sent it you know they sank his patent that night it's patented really. big. concern about the price because that green game just to get to look we suffer because of the man we want to take from that. from there like a bank and just company some might more than fifty million the bank. this is who trained psych ward there must be roughly fifty million liters coming
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there in the tank and that's a lot of water per day that a fix old man old man to bring the sacks would be and. we can't find warning spies. they've been doing that their son you must be every moment poised to morta. the computer scene you have two women in knots at the straight i see it as the position of poison ground and they occur on their traditional lands and they're fighting for their culture for their country for the viability of what they see in the as positive in their society as really for all the struggles to be mature enough to back around traditionalists and i thought her . going jared in there and this poor country australia not just our country not just our land but the whole country and all australia
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all of us so yes south australia is a top and then you all of us julia is getting this joint australia with some of the best sunshine in the world it's very hard to get a research grant they develop solar energy but their government claim that they have freely to have five hundred million dollars or more so to put in a history has this reactor in sydney they really do have the wrong set of answers to the kinds of problems. there are alternatives to the production medical isotopes to suckle transit through importing which is the standard method for the chaos that to be demoted on government claims that we have to have a reactor in sydney to have proper availability of this key because that was simply not true. equal weapons programs have often started in so-called civilian nuclear programs it really is not a great deal of difference between the two arms of the of the industry the civilian the military the politicization of nuclear weapons is one thing but actually it's the political action because of technology and materials that is putting so many more countries at risk. wasn't should i have evidence and not all of the the issues
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in the damage. or we should tease in the acceptance and was as individuals can be so overwhelmingly effective and you don't even have to be there for a nuclear bomb. but it's pretty awful when you under new people. and she lived past or genetic defects too much so so i have not been allowed to have children. but i have three ovaries. and i'm just one of many women in my community who've been affected even in terms of
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reproduction issues traditionally. culturally we didn't have to. this is stuff that you just know that. one can you get a young. one going the you. know. why do move to. carry. on don't. go and there. are. so. what i'm saying is i'm going mine i'm going out. from dream town it's like country to. all and people begin. thank you these. there dan now still.
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to. speak fifty two years since the bomb under and under with a waiting for us old boy with the hope there's not going to be too many they're going to have the most if. you know you would be exposed we're exposed to totally. studiers the saudi we understand sort of a god it's an iranian. nuclear weapon start to make it look as to the bumper on iran. i'd like to night. after it's this tight gun and now i three children have all had done a bit of a nice thing i'm describing a very populated cell second hand. or
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. over said now the united nations at the same time we are with you that monday. before. the start of these of a god is the one and the one it is dark days and i haven't said oldroyd issues are . doing more of it occasionally want to get it done at all ages and they will do a lot of kids are coming they're going to say what's causing this. we were involved in a lot of in a call we rot in amongst. us so most important aspect is to be recognize and to be except for the job that we actually did. we ever asked only to come under
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the bed and in thought. that's all we are. we say. you're right. to stay. and we certainly don't want everybody else's ways for us for. the government. and claude and claude and claude about a lot of talk like this. we did as we were told when we were told and under the conditions that we will give. we didn't betray our country. saddling. up country b. try to.
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what. you can't. live. like that you know things that. we had. was. captured.
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