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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and do a report on our. this is coming to live from moscow a quick check of. the embattled syrian opposition makes a fresh pretty full for an option as answer his claim popular support is dwindling new allegations of rebel atrocities have subhas with a video allegedly showing dead lula's being thrown from a rooftop another. egypt's president has ordered his powerful defense minister and military chief stopped to quit the country's troops a current engaged in a violent crime down on militants in the increasingly restive sinai region on these radio border. while the northeastern gyptian border hit something. trapped in the
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middle and a beef saw that security forces tell a they was also worried about neighboring syria as chemical weapons stockpiles and how they'll be good if terrible rebels win a. next step for what syrian politician and prosecuted and forced underground for more than ten years tells us what he thinks is going wrong with his country. he was a critic of the syrian authorities long before it was safe to do that spending fourteen years in prison for his political activism dr abdul aziz al hayat a prominent member of syria's domestic position is joining us now on r.t. thank you very much for taps or for receiving me syrian opposition has so many faces at this moment they are bearded men with kalashnikovs there are some people who are trying to direct their prizing from abroad you represent grassroots
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opposition do you think that your long time goals for this country to cue to that here in visage. is actually being served by the ongoing question. well it's a very important. question thank you for that. you know it's not easy to decide. what we've struggled for a long time to achieve in syria is within reach nowadays because too many complications happened in the uprising of syria i mean loss of. prising started peacefully for democracy can really do for the goals freedom and dignity and imperiously. but. there was a the events because the regime decided to treat that was to wish him all you by military means forcing serious to hold arms to defend themselves at the beginning. there was
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a chance really an important chance for extremists and the opposition to enlarge their forces to. gain support from some regional states and maybe global as well international i mean. that's who things started to get worse and worse but we still stick to the. because we have to and we are still fighting to gain a peaceful political process in order to preserve the syrian people aims from the uprising do you have any. specific idea how we can start or you can start this political process because everybody is talking about every consideration but nobody knows how to carry this out. we are trying to. sort out. any kind of understanding and
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a kind of agreement. international scale to convince all the political parties involved including the americans were shows trying in their own friends europeans the. gulf states that it's just the way sure that everybody is losing and the result of the situation if it goes on will be a lose lose situation and no one will benefit from that. that's why everybody must call for it. to convince the military groups first of all the regime second round groups although it was a show that it's time it's high time indeed to come to a cease fire to start negotiations about what to do and how to arrange
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some peaceful future for the country of course this includes the president and his family must step aside at least for a while. and the power must be passed on to some acceptable personnel from the regime acceptable to the regime and accepted to the opposition as well. to start a transitional period in which. a new constitution and you know legality will be established and the country if those transparent elections that visiting. would result in the current president assad getting the majority of votes would that be acceptable to you and i guess most importantly would that be acceptable acceptable to the world once. any person accepts the principle of voting. the voting is really legal and that transparent
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everyone must accept the results the outcome. of the elections you spent fourteen years in prison and definitely your axe to grind with the assad family why are you not among those who are carrying arms at this point why no you're not fighting him because first of all be. studying and practicing politics for decades and i came to the conclusion which is the only logical conclusion that arms will lead to the destruction of a country and to democracy. that's why. it's harmful way it's useless and it will. support the extremists on both sides that's why from the very beginning it was very clear for me and for others that peaceful struggle is the only way towards.
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a democratic future of the country you know in the western eyes the home grown civil of position and armed groups are perceived as allies given what you've just said why haven't you or groups who support you've been more vocal in trying to distance themselves from using terror for achieving political goals among the armed opposition you have different political goals. and different political attitudes i believe groups through the armed opposition declared. they will be. in favor of a political process on certain terms and conditions of course what others will not respond to that we have some salafist some. islamic extremists who
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have their own agendas so among the sea real. peace for the position. there are really connections with some armed. opposition groups. and there's a common understanding. among them not to harm the civilian is not to attack any. infrastructure establishment or it's only. illegal to use arms to defend lives and civilians now from the very beginning you've been strongly against. international intervention interests here in the forest and one can argue that what we have now in syria is
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a form of covering military intervention because you have lower forms going through your borders even you admit that there are some foreign nationals fighting the syrian army in the north which do you think is more damaging the open libyan style military intervention or covered by its so lasting intervention in the form of supplying arms the libyan style. is. completely imaginary when you're right up like it's here it's impossible. all the circumstances are different but syria the regional and international circumstances what happened to the time of year for you to answer that one number two yes day after day the struggle and the fighting in syria is. coming some kind of a proceeding war now day after day that he seems number one and the only group
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and the opposition. are becoming more and more hostages and the so that i like. we are losing. independent decision. they can apply what they think or believe and. because they need support in arms nomination fine and. it's certain etc etc freedom can mean very different things to. many different people and the footage that we often get from the north of the fighters. shouting allahu akbar. there are also reports that they are fighting for the creation of their islamic state. and my question to you is is there any danger that in search for greater political freedoms syria may lose other forms of freedom for example social
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religious gender freedom and you know all those other aspects of dignity and freedom simply very frankly yes there is a possibility now. and it was not. created just accommodated through days that the syrians made was some of the freedoms that they are used to it's a possibility but there are other possibilities of the world that's why we say now you cannot preserve your right by just being afraid of what it you must be active. we believe that the majority of the syrians would not choose any kind or even just state i sometimes get an impression that here in syria the hatred for the opponent within some people is chong the law for their own country and they would rather be right than merciful to people around them how can you in the current
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circumstances and given your experience how can you follow through this period of free conciliation given how far this situation has gone already among some serious the majority of the syrians among the active syria is now from the majority is not active yet and those can. have us to vote from time to time for what is going on how are we doing that. yes we are questioning themselves but i believe this is a reaction will come there which will come to an end sooner or later. because it's not culture or real sort of this you know history of the syrian people thank you very much for three q thank you.
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my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell us story of. oxen. started
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here before going global and now it's pulling fire. log in. to. choose your place take your stand. and meet the movement. make your statement. spread the word. coupon stream a month. don't
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stop stories the embattled syrian opposition makes the french leave full story an option as oxidants claimed popular support for the twin lakes new allegations of rebel atrocities have surfaced with a video allegedly showing him dead little is being thrown from a rooftop and that. egypt's president has ordered his powerful defense minister and a military chief of staff to quit the country's troops are currently engaged in a violent crime down on militants in the increasingly restive sinai region on these raids. and while the northeast egyptian border hate stop is row thales trapped in the middle and these stop and security forces tel aviv's also worried about neighboring syria's chemical weapons stockpiles and how they'll be used it's
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terrible to rebel is away now. from. the headlines all right sports news is next with you. thank you may good to have you with us this is indeed sports today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes including these stories in britain. dusted russia secure three more goals on the final day of the london olympic games to finish fourth place overall. slump continues to stay rooted to the bottom of the russian premier league table after losing their fourth straight game . on a weekend to remember rory mcilroy wins the final major of the golf season the
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p.g.a. championship by a sensational eight strokes. the london twenty twelve summer olympic games have come to a close the final day seeing team russia three more goals are bronze to their all meaning they did after all improve on their performance four years ago in beijing for more here is robert for done. with fifteen mental events scheduled for the final day sixteen of the london olympics russians proved to be the best in three of them and we start with arguably one of the most epic match ups at the london games the men's volleyball final turned out to be a real thriller with legitimate i left as man producing a stunning comeback against the sport's powerhouse brazil and making history the russians became the first team ever to win the men's olympic vulnerable final from two sets down and brought the country its first ever olympic volleyball gold and
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russia have finally claimed a gold medal in boxing at these olympics the country's news the limbic champ you go to me hundreds of he battle it out against gaza stands at the back me as i'm better in a very tired man's light heavyweight. meanwhile in with me gymnastics russia has been a dominant force for decades after you've been at the nih was gold in the individual all around event on saturday the russians proved their class in the group competition this was russia's fourth consecutive allenby gold in the discipline one moment all for russia on the day game in the men's basketball undertaken olenka and co managed to collect themselves after their disappointing defeat from spain in the semifinals and secured a bronze medal with an eighty one to serve a seven win over argentina this was also russia's first olympic medal in this event
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well the london olympics are over now and russia's final stats are twenty four golds twenty five still worse and thirty three bronze medals just won gold and nine medals more than in beijing four years ago however in two thousand and eight thirty in the overall medal standings while here in london it was the hosts because of the place on the global olympic podium just behind china. and the u.s.c. and still not a disaster for russia who have shown some signs of improvement robert r.t. . team usa confirmed their status as the best in the basketball business by beating spain for their second straight gold medal in the men's event mike chefs these charges however pushed hard in the beijing olympic final rematch the american struggling to contain spain early on the power of n.b.a. jewel mark on paga soul by some sort of shooting bron james and kevin durant's whoever led a late surge for a one hundred seventy one hundred three the americans just ruling the hardwood
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again for forty of them picked men's basketball. for me joshua meanwhile claimed super heavyweight gold to beijing went to report to come out really losing out and coming back after the match was tied eighteen points apiece lennox lewis. in the same title. while the two any a squeezed in its second gold medal of the games up there very last bent. taking top honors in the women's modern pentathlon thanks to a stunning display in the shoot on the wrong part. of this is how the top of the medals table looked at the end russia behind the top three in the table one goal short of their target of twenty five the standings though grid for usa the country back on top after china pushed them into second place four years ago this time it's the chinese who have to settle for overall silver while great britain and northern ireland's extraordinary game saw them finish in third place. the olympic project
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has finished up a major success story for london the city itself also closely watched by organizers of the next olympics the twenty fourteen winter games to take place in the russian city off the sort constant the top off takes up the story. the london games have come to an end and eyes will now turn on the russian city of sochi as the black sea resort prepares to host the next winter games in just eighteen months however these games in london have been crucial to the such organizing committee who say they've learned the vital lessons one hundred fifty specialists from such organization committed learning from the experience of london again as theirs and of course the way our colleagues. treated the challenges they face these are from the marks. this is similar to have to bring to the sochi those problems included ticketing issues at the start of the games and there were empty seats that some
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then use however the problem was quickly resolved secondly there were concerns about congestion in the center of london and that didn't turn out to be a problem and that was in no small things to the thousands of volunteers who guided to and from the ennius so things to learn there but such organizers have taken comfort from the fact that the development of the black sea resort is similar to the development of the olympic park in london like in such a. way to the most depressive original flow. into the region with a well developed infrastructure for the south of us like i say in such a way creating a new city. in the middle of nowhere which will turn such into the all year round to soar international winter sport dissemination what to do with these venues
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after the olympics is always a key issue in london many will be used for years to come and if they're not they will be removed and that's also something such organizers want to copy but it's not on the bench. legacy like new or old some airports or power station all day new york hotels and the venues it's much more beyond we are growing green in construction we have changed the attitude towards people with disabilities create a new standard of the barrier free environment for those who is this a bit like this and we've created their own theories and as a culture which didn't exist in our country before once the queen elizabeth olympic bodies fully we didn't. it will attract the estimate knowing million visitors a year will become one of the. must see sights in. russia olympic chiefs are eager to repeat the overwhelming success we've seen here over the past three weeks and
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leave london believing they now have everything required to make such one of the best winter games in history on sunday about the r.t. london. ok let's leave the olympics behind now and talk russian premier league football where game week for concluded on sunday in the past three weeks there was an odd thing to forget. the historical powerhouse languishing at the bottom of the table following their fourth straight defeat rubin this time their victors but it wasn't until seventy eight minutes in the host finally broke a deadlock the league's joint tops were there but asked not to find home for. the win then sealed right out the death. letting work from outside the area rubino the second world in our ready looking black prime relegation candidates. just to moscow have returned to winning ways the army man had suffered back to back
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the fates heading into their classroom. but zoran tossed it e.c.s. the worry somewhat with the winning strike fifteen minutes from time the goal also condemning this having sound to their first defeat this. sunday's first game omkara your voice for dolphy it finished goalless and perm while in the last close ups off me the two wins on the trot a week to struggling ross stuff. let's end with a goal for irish eyes are very much smiling today. his way to victory at the final major of the season the p.g.a. championship after a weather delayed saturday there was a whole lot of golf to be played on sunday mocking roy seizing the initiative the move away from joint overnight leave it be just saying. shot advantage of the inclusion of front. and so the run for a imposter started brightly moving to pin a shot of mike royko however a series of bogeys at the start of the buckeye would be just. another english on
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the on her of the david lynn how to run to finish second but the day was to belong to my boy the northern irishman simply in scorching form on kiawah island a closing birdie completing the free round of sixty six that came a massive eight shot in the last year's u.s. open winner just now adding the p.g.a. championship to his c.v. two majors by the age of twenty three not bad going at all i just an incredible day you know it you know i just sort of continued on from there in the lead last night and. you know played some puter for golf on the back nine this morning even though i didn't didn't hole and he held a couple parts but could have been a bit better and you know went out there this afternoon just trying to play solid golf i set myself a target i said look if i got to twelve under par no one's going to catch me. and i was able to go one better than the. future looks bright that is all your sport weather is coming up right now.
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well for the future of science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style. markets why not canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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finishes a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build on its most sophisticated robot which on.


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