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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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crush clashes erupt in bahrain with police using tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters as a prominent human rights activist awaits a quarter verdict. theories in battle the leaders face further isolation with the world's second largest international body expected to suspend the country kobe's hunting the conflict. and welcome to the looters stumpy or the rich hotbed of terrorism that you've probably never heard of on to give you a guided tour of the province the world's most.
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news hole russia under around the world this is with me thanks for joining us there have been more clashes in bahrain as a crucial court ruling looms for prominent human rights of its now belgrade job whose prosecution is hardening the country's opposition most clashes took place in the country's biggest sushi ali where tear gas and rubber bullets were used to despise the crowds several people were wounded and ran for arrested about x. expected on thursday on a billboard job serving three months for making anti-government comments on twitter and taking part in an illegal gathering bahrain's uprising began a year and a half ago and the public call for greater freedoms from them more likely the leading figure in the gulf states largest opposition party told r.t. that the government suppresses every attempt at equality. what is happening in background as a salute monarchy that the whole of it is all controlled by a family that is not a presentation and representation for the people in the cabinet and we're just not
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there at the end that you should look at the insecurity he. says that people want to have to leave form this political system to have representation to have represented the government now the security people they don't want even people to demonstrate peacefully they burn all their activity among senior figures like maybe of their job but others been held in custody because they were taking. these facing the geisha and he said criticizing. it will end up in jail trying to find out any accusation against him or have him in jail. the largest international body outside the un is expected to suspend syria over its handling of the ongoing conflict the fifty seven member strong organization of islamic cooperation will
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convene for an american society later on tuesday damascus has already been suspended from another prominent body the rb five to six planes and eight of the women to. be stopped monday nationals but a technical failure while the plan of the jets was on this side of the revellers command they are going to drive down and out of the pilot who they are marginally higher and conversion easier this comes as the opposition steps up calls for libya style intervention percents little appetite for as one of foreign policy expert told r.t. . there's not a great popular support in the united states for such an event and we're in the middle of campaign season leasing leading into the presidential election also we have a stronger opposition in this scenario we have china russia and iran all openly opposed to this so it would be a much more difficult step because one is not popular popular support for any
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intervention and because there are much stronger opponent abroad the reality is that the free syrian army are in a volatile position they don't have the capabilities that the syrian national army has so they're seeking a greater experience of force currently the united states and other nations are supporting the free syrian army or the opposition with huge amounts of aid this is a problematic though because. this is we're going to still mean we've been in the stomach for months with what we've just seen more casualties but we're not seeing any advancement to any sort of al qaida. this is our c. and on the way is us soldiers asylum in sight i made a quick admin and decision on whether to take him that week league supreme over what he calls prosecution his website comes under heavy attack time. and also this hour britain's olympic hangover why getting our games fever is going to leave brits taking some tough recession bites and. that's coming up later but right now
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pakistan's largest province baluchistan may not mean much to many people but among the experts it's known as a sick tyrant terrorism called bad and some of us lawmakers are even calling for its independence and their chicken explains the region and its importance. baluchistan. you may have never heard of it or maybe caught a glimpse of it in a hollywood blockbuster but the place is a hawk this nation for intelligence services from around the globe hotbed of insurgency home to various terrorist organizations kidnappings assassinations terror that's part of everyday life in baluchistan looking at its location as part of pakistan bordering afghanistan and the rand you may think well no surprise they enjoy his place but apart from being a dangerous place the lucious done is a big geo political importance where major world powers have interest and china one
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of them a lucia son is sitting at the crossroads of oil and gas pipelines coming from central asia in iran and elsewhere the iran pakistan pipeline that took minutes then of ghana's then pakistan india pipeline not to mention that baluchistan itself has its energy resources besides its water port and its right here is the access point of chinese chinese commercial shipping to the indian ocean and on to africa. but all the violence and instability there doesn't make it an easy place for business investigative journalist eric draitser tells me some world powers might be interested in keeping it that way first of all we have various indigenous terrorist organizations that operate inside of below tristan the liberation army. republican army lashkar e tayyiba just to name a few june the law is an organization that for decades has been focused on
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destabilization of iran now the confluence of these various terrorist organizations of course is not coincidental this has a direct relation to the interests of the united states in the western powers of the blocking the chinese the stable. as in pakistan and part of waging their covert war against iran in hopes of not just in circling that country but to collapse it from outside the us government denies having any connection with june dollah and baluch terrorist organizations although cia memos leaked recently say these really mossad recruited you in dollar members quote under the nose of u.s. intelligence officers end of quote as far as other terrorist groups like the baluch liberation front there are a few people in u.s. congress who expressed readiness to support the separation of baluchistan from pakistan like dana rohrbacher from the house of representatives comedian foreign
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affairs any bad anything that's coming up right now that the pakistanis don't like about our attitude is because by actions taken by their government as far as who could benefit from instability in baluchistan most experts say it's extremists of all kinds mainly al-qaeda and its affiliates and as well as the taliban they certainly have an interest in maintaining instability but some also see baluchistan is a key square on the geopolitical chessboard the united states knows they cannot compete with china economically or industrially so they have to stunt china's development through these various subversive tactics they're willing to engage with various terrorist networks that they've had for many many years if not decades in order to try to make the chinese stall in their economic development so according to you hype wars are real and creating instability is one of the instruments to gain advantage but wouldn't it backfire and that terror violence instability could it
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backfire in terms of terrorist reciprocation against the united states this is entirely possible but that didn't prevent the united states in the late one nine hundred seventy s. from financing and supporting the mujahideen against the soviets allegations that some global powers may be stoking violence in a place like baluchistan for their geopolitical interests are quite disturbing and raises the question why the pipeline wars are a reality in washington i'm going to check out. and they're online. have no stories from around the world to america's new military plans just say is preparing for a possible conflict in the eyes of the sceptic the details are all pretty. good plus a bottle of bad taste and italian a winery pays a shocking to college to the country's. headline openings have.
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it. in the. download the official r.t. application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its food all you need is your mobile device watch r t any toy or any other. i quit i was president says he'll decide on julian assange his fate later this week found the country is
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in london and this is since june after escaping house arrest imposed by british law so it is a sign that one's asylum in ecuador to avoid extradition to sweden on sex crimes charges there was a blubbering mastermind if he is the u.s. is behind it to prosecute him for releasing a secret diplomatic cables think we can expect sides there and tell us how tough week is now back up and running a group calling itself until leaks claims it carried out the online onslaught saying it's got scores to settle with the head of the case pirate party suspects a powerful force behind the hackers. what we can show me see that there is a concerted attempt to interfere with a whistle blowing inside the moment that is the appears to be the most concerning denial of service attack all with some time now to this group and he leaks is claimed responsibility in good addict and quiet in. the wiki leaks and.
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in some kind of united states involvement voting for. the amount of traffic seemed to amount to. the machines now difficult who are selling us troops in any of the claims they would actually seen unlikely to groups like and too big for a new group we're able to mount a she sustained attack but nevertheless it's not impossible although it is in fact possible to do this with fewer than one thousand machines would take them. all from organized. london twenty twelve proved to be a glorious spectacle but now there's the sobering reality of tackling recession with deep looming cuts ahead but increasing numbers of brits and convinced those at the top are the ones to save the country as lower smith reports from london for. it
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was a full night of sports and celebration but now that the party's over the house inevitably kicks in it's come in the form of a big economic headache and the governor of the bank of england hasn't provided any relief as he says the lympics won't lead to any kind of last sting boost to the british economy moving that ultimately the games console to the underlying economic situation in the country faces and the reality of that situation is becoming increasingly clear the u.k. is officially in a double dip recession the u.k. economy's been shrinking for the last three quarters and the latest report from the bank of england basically puts the group's full cost but this year at zero revised down from an estimate of north point eight percent in may one of the things contributing to a lack of grace these recession in the euro's day and damaging exports but something else the u.k. central bank cites as holding back growth is the government's fiscal consolidation
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program that comes as britain's million as say they've lost confidence in the chancellor's economic policies for the first time in the same survey six months ago sixty percent of the country's millionaires said they had faith in george osborne but now fifty two percent admit they have no confidence in his plan to fix the economy and don't believe in the coalition government economic strategy and the rich on the only ones who have lost faith in the government in a serious crisis of public confidence five out of six votes is now believe the coalition won't survive until the next general election in two thousand and fifteen the liberal democrats and conservatives have vowed to stick together to thole the economic worries but if they fail to do that it could easily be a very long and painful hangover. and still ahead for you this hour the. global
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giants learning to love thy neighbor. like a buddy up an increasing weight but some previous powerhouses are feeling mightily left out and want to get in the way as reports in. more world news right now from r.t. for you clashes between the tibetans and police have left one man dead they ruptured one two months of themselves on fire their conditions unknown despite heavy guarding something that itself immolations have occurred in recent years and the campaign for independence from china and the return of exiled spiritual leader the dalai lama is the worst violence there since january one six acts of it died during projects. which and politicians say they've received death threats from the anti muslim organization that mass murderer anders breivik claims to belong to a vote expected next week to decide what the killer is sent to prison or a psychiatric facility and it's killing seventy seven people mostly teenagers in
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twenty eight hard toil ireland and also low but denies terrorism. a militant a target to army checkpoints in western ivory coast has left at least one soldier wounded thoughts the gunmen had come from neighboring liberia is the fifth such a town this month all of which are blamed on supporters of ivory coast for president but he's charged with crimes against humanity by the hague after a brief civil war following his refusal to accept defeat in their twenty eight term election. the links between asia's two fastest growing economies china and india ranged from sharing billions of dollars in trade to having a similar outlook on the world's big issues and it's free of shrewd in our reports that growing power has friendship is one which some western countries would like to see called. i have everything from drying out. of the board. or blogs. in this warehouse
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and so are there bazaars delhi's largest wholesale market for household items puffin kumar has a stash of hundreds of chinese products. he's been traveling to china every two months for the past ten years it's very easy to doing business enjoying. everything that comes from home those who have very good knowledge of the chinese are to many kumar's enthusiasm over china might seem unusual the two asian powerhouses have historically had tense ties over everything from their borders to their choice of friends but you wouldn't sense any kind of animosity it's are there bizarre worse sixty percent of the products sold here are imported from china. there should be more real friendship. and movies of the partnership between
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india and china extends beyond just making money the two countries also have a track record of voting similarly on foreign policy issues ranging from libya to iran to syria many experts believe that's because both countries are adamantly opposed to western military intervention which might be why some believe it's the west that is buddying up to india to counterbalance washington's growing fear of china and in turn encouraging a rivalry between the two neighbors. is very insecure about the bow china will group. board everything you do then they have been proof that these conflicts keep coming up between india and china so none of us can google. and it's easy to see why with forty percent of the world's population and two of the fastest growing economies in the world an alliance between the two cars. trieste could actually spell double trouble for the united states i don't think that the u.s.
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is playing any positive role between india and china and the friendship and all our friendship with china is much more important than what it is with us now us is a declining. power i think this is a. us that if you can be. come together big and big big power who can. challenge this apartment. at some other bizarre pub in kumar is proud of how big he's grown his family's business which he believes wouldn't have been possible without importing from his chinese friends. business is in my blood so i started business so today i came in board everything when they. were there until here i started buying these and selling these are the. entrepreneurs like poppin are finding that joining forces with china is proving to be an unstoppable formula for success preassure either r t
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new delhi india as they reveal that the u.s. government is secretly spying on its citizens using an advanced secret surveillance program software cold trap while allegedly has access to all security cameras across the country censorship and technology compay into our shorts says everyone in line and on the street is being watched. the n.s.a. is able to use cameras all over the country to zoom in on someone and track them wherever they go there's actually you know they they say explicitly the cameras can pan tilt and zoom in on particular faces so that wherever you are in the country at any of these high risk locations whether they're military bases or corporations or government sites they can zoom in on you track what you're doing and call it all the pictures across the entire country or the entire globe it all goes into a big face recognition database so that you know if they see the same person at multiple places they can track them wherever they go and in fact there are reports that they've been talking to companies like facebook and so on so not only can they track you in the real world but they can track your face wherever you post online
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and that can capture you know thousands of innocent americans millions of innocent americans the notion that all of this is happening totally unaccountable by a private corporation that's building these big databases of where anyone is at any time and being able to zoom in on them is really quite frightening there's no evidence that this is helping keep us more secure and the government has repeatedly failed to show examples of where collecting all of this vast warrantless data has actually prevented terrorist attacks instead what we do have are clear examples where it's been abused used against the constitution the fourth amendment protections we have in the united states and used to go after political enemies as opposed to actual terrorists. the white house is exploring whether to issue an excuse to order to protect the nation's critical computer interest truck show falling congress' failure to act earlier this month and in a few minutes we'll talk to apple co-founder steve morse now he says freedom on the web might soon be a thing of the past. is not absolute in my mind it's
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a very important right it has to go through considerations of did you violate it in ways that might be somebody else i think the internet should have been considered from day one a country of its own that isn't bound by any individual country's laws maybe we could have an internet government but it didn't happen just like world government doesn't happen you know space doesn't belong to anyone the moon doesn't belong to anyone these are really beautiful principles and wife and then as soon as a country figures out a way to get control of them it disappears. and let's join katie on the business debts that katie whoa nice to see you. in these times of uncertainty russians are reaching for their credit cards on vacation they are indeed announce a result you are getting further and deeper into debt so be chatting about that a little later on in the meantime let's get to the markets and see where the action
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is do we get started with asia and so it's all rising today as us bank of japan minutes said the policy makers all putting out any options to boost the growth in response to japan's economy growing slower than expected in the second quarter we had exports and consumer spending showing weakness and that. it was really ricochets through the markets yesterday and we saw some negative figures today it's a different result because we got the hope of government intervention and therefore some optimism in the also america's a lazy in the guys who go home tomorrow it is around a third of the company depends on north america you see for around forty percent of that energy and still that gave me as well but it seems to be the financials that are struggling in the session so far and i did mention the u.s. is the how was it closed up yesterday and they were ready for the multi month highs and that was in the wake of the japanese data that i spoke about that there was
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a mix performance. in mind of the investors remain confident that the major central banks will provide support to the softening a condom is so it sees them exchange rates than to see what's going on for the holiday makers and the still sort of e.c.b. intervention going on to the euro zone right now that's keeping the common currency a follows as with the ruble though it didn't finish lower against the currents and see how all this was for me and see what the price is doing just now now us all surprised they are expected to drop to the lowest level in a four months not such a. topical storm in the gulf of mexico reduce our refinery use lies ation rates held their five year high that's according to a british was reading about just a minute or two ago is us food for thought get into the activities here they didn't finish up on a positive night energy mages were leading the gains we had all company ross nast
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and gas producer novacek as well driving the market now as i said to year russians they are getting deeper and deeper into debt and that's as the crisis looms our bank loans to people are growing three times quicker than corporate debt now people here remember the lessons of previous crisis i'm talking about inflation ruble devaluation and the thinking that that could all help their saving the side this is it don't save spent over she's got the details. what a fear of cell phone folding prices are scooping russia a slump in the oil price or ruble collapse like in the mind is what the russians doing about it well they go shopping but they are born with more money than ever to do so present card debt is expected to rise almost eighty five percent this year it is already thirty three percent and that is adding writable market minimum twenty four percent interest when
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a crisis threatens europeans historically tighten their belts postponing big purchases such as cars and houses by law of the russians this july for example moved in two hundred fifty thousand new cars were sold here in russia more than pre-crisis peaks in two thousand and eight mortgages already up to levon per se and this figure is expected to truthful by the gerund despite the fact that the russian conceal must pay a minimum twelve per cent annual interest three times higher than in the u.s. for example. as for average shopping while sales in europe are the creasing here in russia forgive the pros top of this group by seven per cent it could be we are seeing a distinct rush in consumer confidence but what is sure while economizing europeans low cost suspicious russians assure lower prices even more lower shelves and continue to aim high perhaps at the cost of common sense but some of the global
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business are to moscow. the. shopping franchise indeed i know it doesn't sound very sensible yet but i like that message shelp why not oh don't get me started. thank you very much and i'm saying to you about us and own the way the money who co-created is the world's biggest computer company apple outlines his fee is online freedom.
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