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which was was that. violence flares in bahrain rubber bullets and tear gas raining down on anti-government protesters meanwhile a court delays its verdict on prominent human rights activists until next month. the world's largest islamic bonnie's suspend cereal with iran the only member speaking out in support of damascus. and ecuador's president assad to decide be faked of julian assange was waiting for an asylum ruling us had first tried to crash the wiki leaks website.
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though and welcome to our team this tuesday it is five o'clock here in moscow and i'm karen taraji well a court in mark green has delayed the verdict in the retrial of twenty human rights activists until next month it's not been confirmed whether prominent activists not be the result is among them it's his prosecution that's galvanized these shiite rebels in their eighteen month long fight for equal rights from the sony monarchy but all columns as fresh clashes flared up in one of our brains the largest cities of ali protesters there were met with tear gas and rubber bullets with reported injuries and arrests over a job is currently serving his latest three month sentence for making anti-government comments on twitter and taking part in an illegal gathering geo political analyst patrick having certain believes despite calls from u.s. lawmakers to release results washington is calling on bahrain to suppress the rebels. in bahrain i believe they're getting their marching
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orders directly from the ground to go on the bahraini royal family which is to quell. press in the center and the reason is because the pentagon simply cannot afford to have a genuine uprising or any form of political instability going to country that is housing its naval fleet it's very important because right now after the election or right around the u.s. election the war drums against iran they're going to start breeding those again and start hyping up a conflict with iran the fifth fleet is a really important piece on the chess board for the united states so obviously bahrain is going to do whatever washington said but this is in direct contradiction to hillary clinton whose car aiding around with the friends of syria and the arab league and talking about them about democracy while the us is funding al qaida and suicide bombers and syria so it doesn't make it there's no a lot of hypocrisy is coming out of washington when you look at the situation in
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bahrain which is very ugly. the world's biggest global body outside the u.n. in suspending syria's membership the organization of islamic cooperation is also set to hold an emergency summit to agree upon a resolution on the country iran's the only member of the block to openly speak out against sidelining to alaska but several members like tar and saudi arabia are pushing to mobilize support for syrian rebels currently fighting against the government has longstanding regional rivals sunni dominated riyadh and teheran have taken opposite side syria there says the syrian opposition holds for a libya style intervention which there is little appetite for it as one foreign policy expert told r.t. . there's not a great popular support in the united states for such events and we're in the middle of campaign season leasing leading into the presidential election also we
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have a stronger opposition in the scenario we have china russia and iran all openly opposed to this so it would be a much more difficult. because one is not popular popular support for any intervention and because there are much stronger opponents abroad the reality is that the free syrian army are in a vulnerable position they don't have the capabilities that the syrian national army has as a second great external support currently the united states and other nations are supporting the free syrian army or the opposition with huge amounts of hey this is a problematic though because. this is we're going to still mean we've been in a stalemate for months with what we've just seen more and more casualties but we're not seeing any advancement to any sort of al calm. so i have for you this hour frowned for the camera. amid growing big brother criticism in the u.s. the cia is said to be secretly spying on its own people connecting nationwide
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c.c.t.v. in a bit to detect and long suspected terrorists. and we look at just to my benefit from being part of asia in stable and filled with terror as we explore at the largest province of pakistan. ecuador us president says he hopes to decide on whether to grant julian a science political asylum later this week. told state t.v. there was still a lot of material on international law to examine before making what he called a responsible decision julian assange has been holed up in ecuador as a london embassy since june the wiki leaks editor is wanted on sex crimes charges in sweden believes extradition to start will see him shipped straight off to the u.s. to be tried for exposing secret to diplomatic cables the fight to stop a song gaining asylum has moved online as a group of u.s. hackers have launched an attack on the wiki leaks website the internet paid had
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been down or sluggish for over a week the head of u.k.'s pirate party lost cable leaves there is a bigger force behind the hackers. but we can certainly see that there is a concerted attempt to be a whistle blower inside the moment this is the appears to be the most concern and denial of service attack all regularly for some time now or do you do as you said in the reports this group and two leagues has claimed responsibility and good article on it in. i don't want to wiki leaks. where you are in some kind of united study. but it is certainly. the amount. traffic seems to amount to about seventy thousand machines now to go to satellites in any of. it would actually seem unlikely that
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a group like antibiotics and new group we're able to mount such a sustained attack but nevertheless it's not been possible although it is even possible to do this with fewer than one thousand machines but i would take them. all some organization. later we talked to apple co-founder steve wozniak who says they wiki leaks founder has become a thorn in the side of the u.s. government trying to hide the truth. on the surface it sounds to me like something that's that's good the whistleblower blew the truth the people found out what they the people had paid for you know and the government has no no no the people should not know what they paid for what the internet when it first came it was a breath of fresh air it was so free nobody owned the internet space countries didn't own it they didn't control it it was worldwide it was people the people it was like we little people the world all of a sudden had this incredible resource and we didn't have to go through other people
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selling it to us and delivering it to us that has changed a lot i think that a lot of social interaction will be curbed i want to take that back i theory i fear it will be that the gate keepers those who can turn on and off switches allow certain things disallow other things allow who gets to send me data about a new movie rather than everyone have an equal say so of reaching me yeah i fear that very strongly that specially net neutrality issues like that internet freedom is being interfered with in major ways and it shouldn't i think the internet should have been considered from day one a country of its own that isn't found by any individual country's laws maybe we could have an internet government but it didn't happen just like world government doesn't happen you know space doesn't belong to anyone the moon doesn't belong to anyone these are really beautiful principles and wife. and then as soon as a country figures out a way to get control of them that disappears. you can see the full interview with apple co-founder steve walz now can just an hour
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here on our team. now americans have been delivered a surveillance slap in the face after it was revealed the u.s. government had been spying on its own citizens software called trap wire claims to be able to detect behavior associated with would be terrorists by using c.c.t.v. cameras censorship and technology campaigner aaron schwartz explains. the n.s.a. is able to use cameras all over the country to zoom in on someone and track them wherever they go there's actually you know they they say explicitly the cameras can pan tilt and zoom in on particular faces so that wherever you are in the country at any of these high risk locations whether they're military bases or corporations or government sites they can zoom in on you track what you're doing and call it all the pictures across the entire country or the entire globe it all goes into a big face recognition database so that you know if they see the same person at multiple places they can track them wherever they go and in fact there are reports
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that they've been talking to companies like facebook and so on so not only can they track you in the real world but they can track your face wherever you post online and now can capture thousands of innocent americans millions of innocent americans the notion that all of this is happening totally unaccountable by a private corporation that's building these big databases of where anyone is at any time and being able to zoom in on them is really quite frightening there's no evidence that this is helping keep us more secure the government has repeatedly failed to show examples of where collecting all of this vast for data has actually prevented terrorist attacks instead what we do have are clear examples where it's been abused used against the constitution the fourth amendment protections we have in the united states and used to go after political enemies as opposed to actual terrorists it's the largest province in pakistan and plays host to the crossroads of serious international economic interests through an energy resources and teligent agencies and homegrown terrorism and the region soon finds itself the
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focus of growing global importance and concern artie's gonna just can't explain its . baluchistan. you may have never heard of it or maybe caught a glimpse of it in a hollywood blockbuster but the place is a hot destination for intelligence services from around the globe hotbed of insurgency home to various terrorist organizations kidnappings assassinations terror that's part of everyday life in baluchistan looking at its location as part of pakistan bordering afghanistan and the rand you may think well no surprise there injuries place but apart from being a dangerous place the lucious done is a big geo political importance where major world powers have interest and china one of them a lucius town is sitting at the crossroads of oil and gas pipelines coming from central asia in iran and elsewhere the iran pakistan pipeline that took minutes
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then of ghana's then pakistan india pipeline not to mention that baluchistan itself has its energy resources besides its water port and its right here is the access point of chinese for chinese commercial shipping to the indian ocean and on to africa. but all the violence and instability there doesn't make it an easy place for business investigative journalist eric draitser tells me some world powers might be interested in keeping it that way first of all we have various indigenous terrorist organizations that operate inside of below tristan the liberation army. republican army lashkar e tayyiba just to name a few june the law is an organization that for decades has been focused on destabilization of iran now the confluence of these various terrorist organizations of course is not coincidental this has a direct relation to the interests of the united states in the western powers the
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blocking the chinese the stable. as in pakistan and part of waging their covert war against iran in hopes of not just in circling that country but to collapse it from outside the us government denies having any connection with june doll and baluch terrorist organizations although cia memos leaked recently say these really mossad recruited june dahlan members quote under the nose of u.s. intelligence officers end of quote as far as other terrorist groups like the baluch liberation front there are a few people in u.s. congress who expressed readiness to support the separation of baluchistan from pakistan like dana rohrbacher from the house of representatives comedian on foreign affairs any bad if anything that's coming up right now that the pakistanis don't like about our attitude is because by the actions taken by their government as far as who could benefit from instability in baluchistan most experts say it's
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extremists of all kinds mainly al-qaeda and its affiliates and as well as the taliban they certainly have an interest in many instability but some also see baluchistan is a key square on the geopolitical chessboard the united states knows they cannot compete with china economically or industrially so they have to stunt china's development through these various subversive tactics they're willing to engage with various terrorist networks that they've had for many many years if not decades in order to try to make the chinese stall in their economic development so according to you hype wars are real and creating instability is one of the instruments to gain advantage but wouldn't it backfire and that terror violence instability could it backfire in terms of terrorist reciprocation against the united states this is entirely possible but that didn't prevent the united states in the late one nine
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hundred seventy s. from financing and supporting the mujahideen against the soviets allegations that some global powers may be stoking violence in a place like baluchistan for their geopolitical interests are quite disturbing and raises the question why the pipeline wars are a reality in washington i'm going to check out. coming up on our t.v. britain's economic. despite the hype and me honey hopes it looks like the olympics have failed to give us a shot in the arm of the u.k. . and lift the country out of recession. and out with the old in with the new we look into the growing ball and between india and china a partnership that housed the western rattled. now it's time for a quick update on what else is happening around the world at least twenty people have been killed in three suicide bombings in southwestern afghanistan the attacks in the town of koran also injured at least forty eight officials say the first
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suicide bomber detonated his belt in the middle of the city center the police then opened fire at the other two militants accidentally setting all their devices. violence has continued in the french city of where more than one hundred youths from major problem neighborhood clashed with local buildings and cars were set on fire while police for shah that sixteen officers were injured president francois hollande has vowed to get the situation under control by sending in reinforcements violent riots in france have become a common occurrence in recent years with a sense of bonnie's persisting in many or ethnic neighborhoods. more than one hundred kurds have clashed with police in the southeastern portion of turkey the testers richard jones and petrol bombs at security forces who responded with smoke grenades and water can it be violence comes twenty eight years to the
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day the kurdistan workers party began its insurgency against turkey demanding and the tone of this state. a judo athlete from the democratic republic of congo along with three of the country's coaches have vanished. in the u.k. following the end of the olympic games the sports men disappeared from the olympic village with their luggage and are reportedly not answering their calls authorities in london are also looking for seven fleets from cameroon also gone missing they are reported to be trying to stay in the country to continue with their boxing and claim they'll have to give up the sport if they return home. looking for missing athletes though is not the u.k.'s only concern now that the olympics have come to a close the game's chief military planner says involvement and security for london twenty twelve means it will take the operations of the armed forces two years to
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recover while britain's economy has not been propped up by the olympics either as had been hoped archies laura smith reports. it was a full night of sports and celebration but now that the party is over the house inevitably kicks in it's come in the form of a big economic headache and the governor of the bank of england hasn't provided any relief as he says the live picture leads to any kind of last sting boost to the british economy mervyn king said ultimately the game's current role to the underlying economic situation in the country faces and the reality of that situation is becoming increasingly clear the u.k.'s officially in a double dip recession the u.k. economy's been shrinking for the last week quarters and the latest report from the bank of england basically puts the group's forecast but this year at zero revised
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down from an estimate of north point eight percent in may one of the things contributing to a lack of growth these recession in the euro zone damaging exports but something else the u.k. central bank cites is holding but growth is the government's fiscal consolidation program in a serious crisis of public confidence five out of six voters now believe the coalition won't survive until the next general election in two thousand and fifteen the liberal democrats and conservatives have vowed to stick together to solve the economic woes but if they fail to do that it could easily be a very long and painful hangover. artie's got more stories for you from around the world on line the scales of israel and justice are out of balance and wrongs must be made right that's the call from activists after next really soldier who killed a palestinian mother and daughter was given just one month in jail. in what was
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meant to have been a spectacular show in spain turned into a catastrophe after a rogue firework ignited thousands of others in a church bell tower you can see beating. you are. so.
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motivated to. hold. everything from going on. the board of the board logs. what the board in this warehouse and sar there are bazaars delhi's largest wholesale market for household items have been kumar has a stash of hundreds of chinese products. he's been traveling to china every two months for the past ten years it's very easy to doing business enjoying.
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everything that comes. home the two asian powerhouses have historically had tents ties over everything from their borders to their choice of friends but you wouldn't sense any kind of animosity it's are there bizarre worse sixty percent of the products sold here are imported from china there should be more of a real friendship. and movies of the partnership between india and china extends beyond just making money the two countries also have a track record of voting similarly on foreign policy issues ranging from libya to iran to syria many experts believe that's because both countries are adamantly opposed to western military intervention which might be why some believe it's the wise that is buddying up to india to counterbalance washington's growing fear of china. aboard everything you did in their benefit that these conflicts keep coming up between india and china so none can google. and it's easy to see why with
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forty percent of the world's population and two of the fastest growing economies in the world an alliance between the two countries could actually spell double trouble for the united states entrepreneurs like pavane are finding that joining forces with china is proving to be an unstoppable formula for success preassure either r.t. new delhi india. i mean here is next went to business and found the markets are getting good news today g.d.p. data in europe there's that and there's also retail sales in the united states coming better better than expected so i've got good news all around but when it comes to g.d.p. data germany and france released their force and it seems that they were better than expected now despite the fact that basically france showed zero movement in terms of its g.d.p. growth germany showed better than expected data indeed and that's
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a very important factor because germany's of course the largest economy in europe the second quarter economist forecasts worst was those exports and household spending helped to fend off the impact of the sovereign debt crisis in europe's largest economy there's also interventions on the currency markets from the from the central bank from the e.c.b. and therefore we are seeing the euro supported as gaining another nineteen points versus the greenback while the russian ruble is gaining against both currencies. moving on to the russian markets in the r.t.s. my six are adding within one percent not much has changed the past two days have been quite low in volumes about what's moving the my sex and first of all a tad deserved more than one percent does this by the fact that net profits fell in the second quarter but apparently that was better than expected airflow it is down point seven percent and the company was included into the list of ten most
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profitable air carriers by air transport world magazine but investors are not impressed you know who knows dixie the retail chain is also now in positive territory sales revenues rocketed by more than two thirds in the first seven months of the. move over to commodities we are seeing the light sweet brant barely moving into positive territory up thirty four cents and twelve cents respectively and that's. on anticipation of a crucial report coming out on the wednesday which is expected to show stockpiles coming down to the lowest level in four months in the united states. and let's take a look at the story of the year russians are getting more deeper and deeper into debt seeing banks giving out loans to people three times faster growth rates in terms of growth rates than corporate corporate debt and this is because russians have bad experience from previous crises especially one that happened fourteen
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years ago and they know that inflation and price growth can basically eat up your savings that have a bigger ripples. what a fear of self and all folding cries is a spook in russia a slump in the oil price the ruble collapse like in the mind is what the russians doing about it well they go shopping but they are born with more money than ever to do so present card debt is expected to rise almost eighty five percent this year it is already thirty three percent and that is adding incredible market minimum twenty four percent interest when a crisis threatens europeans historically tighten their belts postponing big purchases such as cars and houses by most of the russians this july for example newton two hundred fifty thousand new cars were sold here in russia more than pre-crisis peaks in two thousand and eight mortgages already up eleven per sounds and this figure is expected to truthful by the gear and despite the fact that the
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russian conseil must pay a minimum twelve per cent annual interest three times higher than in the u.s. for example. as for everyday shopping while sales in europe are the creasing here in russia volumes for the post powerful this year by seven per cent it could be we are seeing a distinct russian consumer confidence but what is sure while economizing europeans low cost suspicious russians assure lower prices even more lower shelves and continue to aim high perhaps at the cost of common sense but some of the global business are to moscow. where i'll be back in around fifty five minutes such a bring your business i'm thinking all right thanks. and shortly when conflicts torn a nation apart there's one group which picks up the pieces we ask it's cheap what motivates them through the misery.
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