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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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statement. splitting the word. street. i'm sam saxon for thom hartmann in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture with an economy in turmoil a nation in crisis in years of failed economic policies it's clear we need some new revolutionary ideas to get america back on track we know romney and ryan aren't the people to give us these new ideas but maybe dr jill stein is the green party's candidate for president of the united states joins me in just a moment also paul ryan has close ties to a certain labor union that sounds crazy right well if you know what's going on at this union then it shouldn't be too surprising that story coming up
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a little later and what would america be like if we held corporations accountable for their actions like the big banks were destroying our economy or big oil for destroying our environment while some countries do punish out of control corporations and the united states should be doing the same thing tom we'll explain in tonight's daily take. and we begin tonight with the seventy year old idea rewind with me back to nineteen forty four that's when president franklin roosevelt proposed something he thought was absolutely necessary for the ongoing security and prosperity of the united states of america he called it a second bill of rights. right . i'm not actually. all right.
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all right. now those new rights that f.d.r. hoped to guarantee to all americans included a right to a job that pays enough to make a good living to buy food and clothing and even take a vacation every now and then a right to a decent home a right to medical care a right to protection from old age sickness accident and unemployment a right to good education and a right for every business owner to sell his goods or her goods in a market free from unfair competition and monopolies as we know today since none of us really have those rights i just mentioned f.d.r.'s revolutionary idea died with him a year after he proposed it and today with record poverty staggering unemployment the health care crisis the student loan debt crisis and too big to fail dominating wall street one has to wonder if all of this everything we're facing today could have been prevented had roosevelt succeeded seventy years ago and codified in his
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second bill of rights and on top of that now that we know that paul ryan will be on the republican ticket this election in the few rights the roosevelt did successfully give us like the right to retirement with social security and the right to protection from joblessness with unemployment insurance those rights will be under attack let's face it the thirty year strategy on the right has been to completely under the new deal and all the new rights that came out of it and unfortunately democrats have done a completely inadequate job of protecting these rights so here we are today with one party campaigning to destroy the guaranteed economics of security for all americans and the other party the democrats aside from the progressive caucus in congress drinking the kool-aid that markets and not governments are the best way to create economic security for all. but there could be a third way a new economic bill of rights has been proposed again this year nearly seventy years after roosevelt proposed it and today it's the platform on which one
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political party is running for the white house not talking about republicans obviously i'm not talking about democrats talking about the green party and its presidential candidate dr jill stein and her party's green new deal the green party is the only political party today running on a new economic bill of rights guaranteeing a job a living wage quality health care a good education and housing and other rights to all americans and i believe that the green party is the only political party that speaking out against the corporate takeover of our democracy and economy it's running on a platform to overturn corporate personhood guarantee a right to vote for all of eligible americans and set up a robust public financing system that breaks up the two party do awful in america and brings new ideas into the into the political debate our nation is in crisis today and it's obvious that doubling down on thirty years of failed economic policy won't work and neither will trimming around the edges and looking for minor tweaks
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we need revolutionary change in america and joining me now to talk about how that happens is dr jill stein the green party's presidential candidate for president of the united states dr stein welcome thank you so much sam it's a great honor to have you on your proposing this economic bill of rights i just mentioned that roosevelt tried to propose had he been successful seventy years ago would we have been able to see c.e.o.'s taking more and more profits that should have gone to better wages would we have seen too big to fail jump up on wall street crash our economy would we be in the mess that we're in today. well we certainly shouldn't be you know where we'd be it's hard to say because even those reforms that were passed in that era following the great depression those reforms to separate. the investment from the commercial banks the social security. medicare you know the various reforms that have grown out of
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the new deal and beyond they are they have been under attack actually for four decades so it's hard to say where we'd be but it's clear that right now we are in a real crisis and that crisis gives us you know it's really a perfect storm for revisiting where we are and that means not only an economic bill of rights but also a full employment program to put people back to work we did this in the midst of the great depression and the new deal substantially got us out of that great depression it reduced the unemployment rate from about twenty five percent down to about ten percent of the for the start of world war two which finished the but prior to that it had been enormously successful there is no reason why we don't do that today we could have a full employment program by directly creating jobs for basically
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a much the amount of money that the president spent in the stimulus package of two thousand and nine instead of jumpstarting two to three million jobs which was about what was created then we could actually create sixteen million jobs directly which in turn would create a secondary wave of about eight million jobs get us to twenty five million jobs which is what we need and the difference is that instead of providing tax breaks to large corporations which was the vault of that stimulus package instead we can directly provide jobs at the key. to be level provide national funding but put communities in charge of deciding what jobs they need to become sustainable not only economically socially and also environmentally and in doing that we not only solve the economic emergency we're facing but also the climate emergency because the green new deal jumpstart that transition to the green economy which is
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absolutely essential if we're to survive not only in the next century but increasingly we're looking at the next decade or two given the rate at which climate change is excel orating and exceeding the wildest and most dire predictions of the science which is unproven really to have been too optimistic so in our view the clock is ticking we don't have time to fully rest with the unemployment crisis or the climate crisis that we're facing yeah absolutely and this idea you have about greening the economy i mean to me this is the elephant in the room this has to happen yet no one's talking about it and we have and you mentioned about how f.d.r.'s new deal worked i mean there are history revisionists who say well it didn't quite work world war two is what pulled us out of the depression a world war two was massive government spending ten we accomplished this sort of green revolution by having a sort of world war two effort where we mobilize the entire country together to
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instead of go off and kill people and bomb people but to actually deliver energy in a more efficient way to travel a more efficient way. exactly and likewise we would include in that to create a healthy local food system and a public transportation system and the clean then you factoring base for those products and efficiencies we need for the green revolution we have the capacity to do it it's just not being put to work and the exciting thing is that by transitioning to that green economy we not only put an end to unemployment we put an end to the climate crisis but in addition we make wars for oil obsolete we can cut this trillion dollar a year bloated military industrial security complex which has certainly not made us more secure we can cut it in half basically go back to the military budget we had of ten years ago and we could hundreds of billions of dollars from this trillion
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dollar budget we can cut it in half and provide the funding we need not only for job creation but since an economic bill of rights is part of this green new deal we're also talking about health care as a human right to medicare for all and in fact that saves us trillions of dollars over the coming decade because it puts an end to the ways full massive health insurance bureaucracy and a medical inflation we're also calling for education as a human right including public higher education which is to mission free at more than pays for itself many times over we know that from the g.i. bill absolutely and we have so we have the two major parties we also have gary johnson running on the libertarian ticket there seems to be a lot of wind behind the libertarian movement thanks to ron paul and all these people and i think that's because they've been able to seize on things that young
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people care about like the drug war like the patriot act but what i guess a lot of people don't are saying is you are too i mean you propose giving. or the patriot act you propose getting rid of the n.d.a. you propose reforming the drug war you are going to take on wall street how maybe you disagree with this but how why did progressives lose those issues to libertarians. well you know i think the steam went out of the progressive movement when it bought into the lesser evil ism you know into settling for candidates and wall street sponsored politics which cannot deliver the goods we've seen that over and over and when the integrity and the fighting spirit goes out of the out of the effort of the public support just bottoms out and i think wall street sponsored politics is going to continue to support the drug war as it
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wants to continue this massive expansion of the jail system the prison system which is the second biggest growing expenditure at the state level which has double over the last fifteen years due to this war on drugs which is essentially the new jim crow and you know a essentially an attack on on people of color you know we have seen again you know with all the hopes that came with the obama administration that you know from day one it was larry summers and tim geithner the guys who would look the other way so i think so many what it's the you know corporate sponsored politics has proven itself unable to deliver the goods and that they this politics of fear has basically delivered everything that we were afraid of the expanding wars the meltdown of the climate the offshoring of our jobs the latest breach that agreement that we've seen being negotiated in secret by this president which is why we say
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it's time to play in the politics of fear with the politics of courage for us to stand up we are the ones we've been waiting for i hear you only i hear you thank you dr jill stein we're out of time good luck on the campaign thank you. download the official application to cell phone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. only you need a zero mobile device to watch ati any time any. good .
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he he. he. says.
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so for thousands of years the top strategy for taking in keeping political and economic power from asia to europe to africa to north america has been this divide and conquer and get people to turn on each. other fracture the majority and then waltz into power caesar napoleon we're big fans of it and so too is wisconsin governor scott walker because it's the perfect strategy for breaking organized labor his first month in office back in january two thousand and eleven scott walker admitted to a wealthy donor that he plans to use divide and conquer to break the backs of working people in his state take a look. at the chance we'll ever get to be a completely red state and work on these who say oh you can become a great little infect others do what you do to help you we're going to start in a couple weeks with their budget just the first of this. we're going to do it was
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clipped a bargain for a public employee. that used to buy. and that's exactly what he did divide and conquer he pitted non-unionized private sector workers against public sector workers union guys public sector workers here is that it was a zero sum game that as long as public workers live high on the hog with their forty thousand dollars a year salaries than private sector workers will continue to make less and less he argued that private workers were actually subsidizing the outrageous salaries of public workers again like forty thousand dollars a year forcing the state into bankruptcy walker knew that if you can get working people to stop looking out for each other and he can dismantle the last vestiges of unionized labor in a state the public sector workers and by and large he succeeded passing a law to strip public workers of their rights to collectively bargain and then surviving a recall election more than a year later tell paul that while divide and conquer worked so expected to be used
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again and again and again only this time instead of putting nani unionized workers against unionized workers we're seeing divide and conquer at work within unions as workers who belong to the same labor organizations are undermining each other and even threatening violence against each other it's happening in california and it's happening in wisconsin and the kicker is in wisconsin paul ryan has something to do with it now for more on the story might help is here is a labor journalist and staff writer for in these times mike welcome back to the show greeted me on the show so you've got these two stories up right now in these times on talk about both them but let's start with paul ryan what's the relationship between ryan in the operating engineers local one thirty nine union with the relationship there is that paul ryan's family firm as you know they wrote that so they actually depend very heavily on infrastructure improvements and it helps for them to have a unionized firm because you know politicians like to give word tonight firms and there's certain things like project leverage agreements which tend to favor you
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nice for him so it's a situation where he's very very closely his family's business but this union for years and paul ryan has always voted the way. these companies will he's very anti worker period so you can except when it comes to these kind of project leverage and his union is you know he was the tie breaking vote last year to stop a ban on the. on project lever agreements which would have hurt his family's construction business so tell us more about this union no that's that's his union doesn't have like a history of complaints against it what's going on there so operating engineers local one thirty nine to tell you you know a sign of how great their solidarity is they were the only private sector union that indoor scott walker in wisconsin and i mean they've given up why on earth would they do that they gave forty eight thousand dollars to paul ryan over the course of his career and on top of that. you know they've actively supported a lot of republicans now couple members and their union have complained about this
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complaint about the leadership the union not being good for workers as well as the political stances of the union and these workers have retaliate against the union leader wouldn't give them work you know he was denying them work on jobs and on top of that on top of being denied work for jobs they were also. there was a meet the day filed a complaint with the national labor relations board saying they were tallied it against and will wind up happening was that they had a meeting the union did in the union present a business manager in this case got up in front of a packed audience four people and said those guys over there the reasons all of you other guys are going to get a raise and the whole crowd got really angry and upset and then at certain point people were were threatening violence threatening you know to be people who up who were found in these complaints of the national labor relations board so basically
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the stereotype of unions applies to this union and coercing people to vote for to support all right this republicans so it applies in this situation in the actually the union had to settle a case with the national labor relations board on charges that they were condoning violence against members of the union who were dissidents on top of that they had a guy who was illegally laid off from a job at the union's request so so this is a situation really brings up the question where you hear the right talking about union thugs all the time but who are the real union thugs in this situation typically the you folks are the ones that are forcing union members to do something they don't want to do they support paul ryan and then when they call them out on this they do this so paul ryan has worked very hard this is a guy who's heavily anti-union to help keep contracts coming to his family's business and the union in turn has done its part by supporting paul ryan and retaliating against anybody who questions them on it missing and then we have the
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story in california where twenty thousand and two workers with the communication workers of america union went on strike last week and at the same time we have workers elsewhere that are picking up the slack for their strike which is basically undermining their efforts isn't it yeah so basically you had a situation where you had workers twenty thousand workers in connecticut california nevada who went out on. on unfair labor practice trade now there's one hundred fifty thousand c.w.a. members that work at eighteen but they're divided among nearly a dozen different contractors and what winds up happening is that instead of all bargaining one contract together like they're supposed to do with having a common expiration date they wind up cutting deals they wind up cutting separate contractors and the midwest region of eighty workers settled a contract without telling the other regions and so when they went on a strike these call center workers in the states workers in the midwest who were unionized agreed to work overtime voluntarily to do that and no one from their
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units anything about it so ever real issue here of sort of i think this end state of labor where you know symptomatic of workers at the scabbing on other workers or construction unions being so closely with paul ryan which is that they feel like they don't have enough power so they have to say cut their own kind of corrupt side deal let's divide and conquer in a way and you know chris hedges criticize what happened wisconsin he said rather than trying to find a political answer and trying to recall governor walker there should have been general strikes is that you we have just thirty seconds what is the union is the organized labor right now organized enough to do general strikes to do massive actions again real quick but i certainly think there's a potential i mean if you look at wisconsin in the days following walker introduced in the bill teachers and was in madison milwaukee as well as two dozen different school districts throughout wisconsin went out on general strikes for several days sick out strikes so there is potential but really does have to actually tried stiff but if they try they might be able to do it but there's no there's no trying by
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labor leaders to do that well keep hold their feet to the fire michael thanks a lot. bustier win wisconsin turning to ground zero for the war against unions tom was on the strategy being used by the right to turn working people against each other from the beginning and here was his take. a private sector union membership has steadily declined in the last few decades public sector unions like teachers and state and local government officials ever may now almost exactly the same for the last thirty years virtually immune from reagan's war on unions is the union busting industry has been going into private corporations to do their dirty. republicans want to destroy a major funder and supporter of democratic party politicians unions and the low hanging fruits right now are the still unionized government employee unions the republican strategy is simple and old is time divide and conquer. by telling union busting corporate workers that all their troubles can be blamed on public sector
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union workers the g.o.p. is fomenting rage among a desperate population at the same time keeping themselves out of the crosshairs angry about your low wages don't blame your boss blame the teachers angry about your lack of health insurance don't blame billionaire health insurance executives blame your neighbor the school bus driver anger the wall street bankers gambled with your pension and lost don't blame the politicians who deregulated wall street but the fire department union never mind the facts. you know on average public workers actually make about four percent less than their private counterparts in some states as much as twenty percent less when comparing similar levels of education and experience and as far as benefits go government employees simply enjoy the same benefits that corporate workers used to enjoy before reaganomics before republicans dismantle their unions as long as the g.o.p. and their billionaire buddies succeed in dividing the middle class against each
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other they can carry out their kleptocratic agenda of creating an economy of for and by the rich with little obstruction this is what is happening right now we're turning against each other. there's a joke going on right now about how a c.e.o. a union worker and a tea partier are all sitting at a table that has a plate on it with a dozen cookies the c.e.o. grabs and eats eleven of the cookies and then looks at the tea party or and says look for the union guy he wants tea party or cookie it's exactly what's happening and it's got to stop we need to be at night here in america those who belong to the working class or nation corporate workers and government workers pretty much all want the same thing a comfortable middle class life they want to raise their family put their kids through college enjoy some leisure time all without going in debt up to their eyeballs. and as long as we're divided that quality of life will remain a distant dream for far too many people we can't let the g.o.p.
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succeed in dividing us. let's stop the race to the bottom stand with our neighbors realize we're all in this together and reclaim the american dream for all workers. welcome to the land of the left in the republican national convention in tampa bay florida at the end of the month known by many as the left lap dance capital of the world as a result of the influx of visitors and the droves of republicans the sixty strip clubs in tampa are gearing up for a very very busy week don kleine hosack owner of two thousand and one odyssey club told local news station w t s p that quote we've been told to expect two to three times what a super bowl would be and quote to track even more of
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a conservative crowd the true dollhouse club sorry the dollhouse club has hired lisa and the star of the adult film male and pale and. as for the entertainment that we customers ninety doing some double takes she portrays a very famous person sarah palin she says she was a dead ringer lookalike. dead ringer lookalike and in case a politician wants to get a lap dance but is afraid of being seen many of tampa's clubs have constructed private rooms and enter entrances to avoid public exposure as we all know nothing says conservative family values better than stuffing dollar bills down a woman's underwear just ask david vitter. after the break a couple weeks ago we brought you the startling story of the n.s.a.'s attempts to monitor and spy on all americans well domestic spying doesn't stop there was a wiki leaks dump shed new light on the surveillance that everyday americans are under.
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