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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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this is coming to life for an old school at which. i quote doris jones rumors of it already granting juvenile sondra some of them are still whistleblowers quest for refuge after that seemingly final question over the perilous state. journalists are in the sides of the syrian rebels despite the mainstream media's tendency to blame damascus for all it's done and hasn't done. move on it's in afghanistan while of revelations surface of horrific conditions on american run something a top u.s. general try to assert when he picked. up next i'll see the boy interviews
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german economist pounds of an as satan who claims the use economic problems are only a temporary phenomenon due to the union support while drowning american states will have no one to bail them out. despite numerous problems at home president obama seems to be very much involved in european affairs what state does the united states have in the resolution of the euro crisis to discuss that we are now joined by hans very there is in a prominent german economist and the president of the institute thank you very much for your time sir. how does the euro crisis affect their american economy the problem is there in the five european crisis countries including
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italy. we have a government debt of nearly three and a half trillion euros and we have a banking debt of more than one trillion or you're talking about twelve and a half trillion euros. this debt is also yes it's sitting in some portfolios of investment companies throughout the world including the american investment companies so it's obvious they're very afraid of not getting their money back if some of the southern european countries default and they look for someone else to pay them the money and this is why the urge germany in particular to step in in. agreed to an expenditure not the bare bank and a banking union which would socialize the debt in europe it's always the case
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that the investors look for someone else to pay the bill and in addition there is of course an american involvement in so far as american. insurance companies have insured. the state debt of southern europe with the c.d.s. contracts so they defaulted. they would have to pay the insurance for indemnification payment and clearly they want to avoid that you recently made a point that the united states economically speaking is not practicing what it preaches on the one hand it pushes germany to provide money to bail out greece and all them but all countries but on the other have nobody's talking for a bailout for california for example ridge is also heavily in debt what i find very surprising is that the united states would never think of bailing out california when it goes bankrupt every state is responsible for itself if there is
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a loss it has to be borne by the creditors of that state while at the same time they argue in europe there should be an international bailout and this is all too obvious they want to save and rescue their own investment and the collapse of the soviet union was taken as a prove that socialism as an economic system was not sustainable we are seeing a lot of crises in capitalist countries do you take it as a sign that capitalism in its classic our current form is not sustainable either i believe that capitalism is stable and i think the market economy is really the better alternative no doubt but this kind of torbor capitalism which we have seen in recent years this irresponsible capitalism resulting from the gamble. for resource action played by the banks they're in vest in risky enterprises hoping that their profits the profits will be privatized while at the same time expecting
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to be bailed out if something goes wrong this kind of capitalism should not have a future they visited then to car dealership and the owner of this business told us that he is seeing a lot of clients from greece from spain from italy from other embattled european countries who are buying these very expansive cars breath hundreds of thousands of yours right there on the spot so we are seeing a very strange situation on one hand julie is asked to provide help to those countries but on the other hand we are seeing citizens of those very countries. taking money out and spending them here in germany how do you explain that here the problem is. the southern european countries are not competitive anymore with the cheap credit which the euro provided inflated too much and the price level is no way above the sustainable equilibrium and now the e.c.b.
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it prints money in herb's these countries with cheap credit which is offered way below market conditions and thereby make it possible to continue flying goods in the rest of europe with this newly printed money is so the whole thing is a mess and we have to find solutions to pursue five european situation which in my opinion can only be an exit of some european countries temporary one where the reduce the value of their currencies recover and then can return later. at the new exchange rate into the currency union everything years is dreaming all politicians dream a lot of a solution with more and more money they have the. person that putting money in the window would solve the problem in fact it's a bottomless pit now some economists suggest that rather than kicking out greece or
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are loaned out of the euro zone it is joe many that needs to show their lead and exit the union what do you think about this proposal i don't think any country should be kicked out of the union but some countries are so expensive they won't make it in the in the in the euro zone is greece is a good example they have to come down with their price level by thirty seven percent to be on the turkish level and they have the same why in the same water the same food as turkey so basically they can't be more expensive and you can't achieve that in the euro zone you cannot cut wages and prices to that extent to make the country competitive because then it will be breaking up the only solution is for greece to exit hopefully temporarily and return later at the new exchange rate into the euro why is this such a catastrophe if the politicians say it is a catastrophe they might make it a test of i think it would be much better to see this less dramatically now many
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economists see spain as a major reason for concern as well that its government debt now stands at seventy two percent of the country's g.d.p. the banking system is quite unstable do you think that spain will become the next black hole for joe my finances we have a competitiveness problem in spain too but it's not as severe as in greece or portugal according to a study of courtman sachs. greece has to come down by thirty percent and it's priced portugal but thirty five and spain by twenty percent so it's a completely different situation twenty percent is possible. if you think of germany since the unknowns. and of the euro at the madrid summit in ninety five from then to two thousand and eight the lehman crisis germany. depreciated or
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devalued in real terms as we say by having a lower inflation rate than the others in europe by twenty two percent or twenty percent in that order of magnitude for a decade with a decade of stagnation is the possibility not a pleasant one germany had its own crisis on the euro and recovered only after the financial crisis and a similar crisis is foreseeable for spain so if spain wants to do it that way in the hard way they are invited to do so but spain is too big to be bailed out in a similar way as greece as greece received two hundred fourteen percent of g.d.p. as aid how can we do that with spain these sums become astronomical too big for the rest of europe and i think everyone knows that how much deliberation can really afford any and now on the on what to deal how the problem you the problem of the southern european countries total bank and
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government debt of twelve point five trillion euros is too big for germany to to be solved. germany's g.d.p. is two and a half trillion so the only possibility is there the investors themselves except some haircuts if the banks in spain for example have a problem because of these huge write off losses on their toxic credits to. real estate investors well then the creditors of the bank would have to lose the money first of all you could try to detect with the swap that is the old equity owners hand over their shares to the creditors in exchange for a haircut that would be a fair deal for the credit. the equity owners would lose their money. bear the risk that's their function and if that is not enough if the right of losses are larger
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then the creditors would have to lose a little bit more but they can do it no one else can do it. own all these claims and therefore they are the only ones who have the capacity to bear the write off losses you can shift that to the taxpayers of other countries thank you for intense . wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars a report on my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems
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. i was missing my leg and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit. for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell us story of. oxen. fly isolation and prejudice. aging.
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impression it's. nice for instance on t.v. dot com. top stories i quote all stomps out of rumors of it already granting children a song just silent as the whistle blowers quest for refuge and as it is seemingly final but known as the perilous stage. journalists are in the science of the syrian rebels despite the mainstream media's tendency to blame dumb ass because for all it's done and hospital done. and all violence in afghanistan while revelations surface of peripheral conditions in american run hospitals something a talk here is trying to hold try to sweep under the carpet. the time now for the latest sports update and you know it's here with us good morning to you and challenging times just around the corner for one fabio capello right it's certainly
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doesn't get very easy for the italians first game in charge of the russian national football team be i recall. in weight more not coming up in just a moment you lou. thanks for joining us if this is for today and we've got plenty had few including the stories in brief this hour. testing times i recall our the team who waits fabio capello prepares to take charge of russia for the very first time later today. that last reoccur link i mean warm up tournaments for the u.s. open and is premature really following the feat a wild card entry venus williams. reigniting the rivalry a tournament marking one of the most famous ice hockey episodes in history the one nine hundred seventy two summit series between canada and the u.s.s.r.
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rob substates. wedding state marks fabio capello's first test as russian national football team manager the italian aiming to find a way past the ivory coast and make their country warm to the side again following their euro two thousand and twelve group stage exit michael moore. the new manager a new era that's mainly how fabulous appointment has gone down in russia and he's wasted no time in ringing in the changes axing several senior players like readings pavel pogrebnyak and sporting lisbon as matter is my love in the process. to get it playing the i've chosen players based on their current form but also with an eye on the future taking into account their age because for those who are not picked i will continue to keep tabs on them and although i admire them i have to make a final decision to. go into one of the main complaints by fans and critics alike with how quickly the level of commitment faded during the euros but capello has
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already drafted in some new young players in order to begin rebuilding the passion he so demands from his players. it's always been a privilege to play for my country regardless of whether it was for the youth team or the under twenty one's. love my country and i'm always ready to play because sometimes things don't go your way but i've always been motivated to the marks of. the team may have failed but most of the flak was directed at none other than russia's captain andrea shaaban but rather than seek out somebody new capello has decided to put faith in the arsenal london forward. i believe everyone deserves a second chance to become the best again and put our share of him it will be a great opportunity to prove himself once more in this important role because criticism serves to help improve and develop further and to acknowledge our mistakes arshavin has of course shown much remorse since his infamous fall out with fans after the team's two thousand and twelve exit at the hands of greece putting the past behind him he seems to have embraced his role as captain with new vigor.
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of course i want to see as many supporters come to our games as possible and i want them to support us not only for the game on wednesday but throughout the entire qualification cycle because it's been a while since we last made it to the world cup and this time i really want to qualify. booking a trip to really does narrow in twenty fourteen is the ultimate goal and no one is in doubt that capello is the man who can get them there but it will be the players who ultimately have to win back the hearts of the nation so the era of capello his reign in russia begins in earnest today with a training session behind me in preparation for the first friendly match to be played against the ivory coast on wednesday evening of course this means that there's plenty of opportunities for new unexperienced young players to take advantage of this new restart for russian football but it also begs to see how far they can get when they take on the runners up of the african cup of nations. moscow
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region. ok that brings us to tennis where maria curling became the fourth seeded player to crush out of the opening round in cincinnati on tuesday the russian putting up a valiant effort against ms williams but eventually came up short in their three set bottle london two thousand and twelve doubles gold medalist williams hundley winning the first set against the russian six three but bronze olympic swimmer there curling showed great resolve in the second fighting from five four dying to take it to six weeks finding system rhythm and they were wrapping things up swiftly six three six seven six two advance. well angele kerber is on track to become the first ever german woman to win in cincinnati the twenty four year old though how to slow start to her second round battle against hungary and look loser to me about curb or drop in the opening set six three possibly showing some rust due to a first run by this year's wimbledon semifinalist however finding her stride in the ensuing say it's just like she's right that we are number seven in the world three
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six six one six two the final score in the game. to cricket where they number one world ranking is at stake as ignorant on south africa are prepared to go head to head in the third and final test on thursday the tourists lead the series one nil will leap frog ignorant of the world's top test team and the avoid defeat alert the home side will be without any batsman kevin pietersen after he was dropped for failing to disclose the contents of text messages sent to members of the south africans want the spike the destruction to preparations all rounder tim bresnan seizing their spirits remain high. but we've just come was you know exceptional. just like you always used to be. quite relaxed you know quite full because. we still got the drive and desire to get out when i'm still missing that's what we're after that brings us to ice hockey or caliber of age
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russia came victory in the tournament marking the fortieth anniversary of the famed summit series the under twenty stars adding another story chapter to the nation's rivalry with him on cost rev goes back to the future for us. russia vs got today's one of the greatest ice like a rivalries that the world has ever seen and the year two thousand and twelve is there a special for the fans from both continents and that's because it all began exactly forty years ago with the u.s.s.r. canada summit series back then it was more than about sports with the country's leaders and media looking at the series as a clash of political systems and ideologies though politicians still don't see eye to eye on many vital issues the heroes of nine hundred seventy to know that they manage something virtually unattainable and that's uniting two nations through a lower rate these men are still idolized by fans involved countries after all it's
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also their effort and dedication that continue to raise global popularity of ice hockey. as the summit series of nine hundred seventy two was one of the brightest and top of vents of the twentieth century if i remember correctly phil esposito and alexander yaku she have scored the most points in that standoff but it's not about points but about you who are the stars that still shine not only on the hockey horizon but sports in general as well you impressed millions of people in the usa canada europe and the u.s.s.r. . the russia canada challenge is one contest that fans can no longer live without with the ultimate competition spreading over to you and junior teams as well and this brings us to this year's four game encounter that began with two matches in your slavic before concluding with another two in the canadian city of the facts right now canada knows that russia is the number one country in the world . and juniors two years ago gold medal last year silver
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medal match world gold medal so we want to get back to being able to compete with russia following last year's air does. asser that wipes out the entire local kontinental hockey league team local one seed it was quite obvious that the locals have really missed their high level game as both matches and euro slalom have been sold out the fans players and staff honor the team members who perished with a moment of silence because you thad this is still yet i've been a fan since the age of six but after the tragedy will continue i couldn't even watch hockey without crying but i'm glad i'm here today to witness such a great match and i'm very proud of every single player on the ice. while canada claimed that three to win in the series opener before russia returned the favor with a six three victory in game so but the international experience for both teams certainly
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added value to the result the russians fed off damaging the crowd and you know there's a lot of excitement in the building which is good for both teams and you know made the game a lot of fun but i think that we just had to turnovers and to me penalties early and behind that meant a men never gave it up and there the twenty thirteen junior ice hockey world championship will be held in the russian city to fall so it's not long before we see these youngsters they sort of in order to once again stake a claim to the side of the greatest ice hockey nation. remark gossamer of our team they're a slob. now europe may be in the midst of summer some places furring better than others of course but it's winter time over new zealand watch now as some southern hemisphere daredevils demonstrate their best moves to the high altitude twenty twelve world health challenge it when aka a helicopter taking still boarders and skiers to new heights who then try to navigate. to the floor to impress the judges as well the two thousand meter tall
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peak providing plenty of chances for some extreme maneuvers picture perfect powder at the top making way for some grippy conditions towards the bottom and with two days of the adrenaline filled event completed the competitors now await the judge's decision to make their verdicts in an innovative online evaluation form for the first time. very modern altogether and that is when your sports and i'll be back in two hours time. world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future are covered. by isolation and prejudice. aging.
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