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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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hello and welcome to our to the parents are outraged about your top stories rebel forces have claimed responsibility for a powerful blast in the syrian capital damascus the explosion struck just in front of the hotel where the u.n. observer mission is staying. ecuador stems out rumors of it already granting julian a solid just a solid lump as the whistle blower's quest for refuge and terms that seemingly final but no less perilous stage. more violence in afghanistan while revelations surfaced of her worth it conditions and american ron paul spittal
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something a tall u.s. general tried to sweep under the rug. up next are two talks to tell you who wrote an official government report that concluded its own legal for israel to build settlements in the west bank she tells more about what she found out during her work. with me i have to tell you a sauna a knows who to me and also the author of a two thousand and five israeli government sponsored report that documented the legality of the building of outposts on the settlements thank you very much for joining us here on ati there has just recently been another report also government sponsored the levi report that found exactly the opposite that these outposts in fact on the gold in the country of no how is it possible to have these contradictions my or poor. is lying on the supreme court of justice
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of israel decisions for their kids for forty five years old morse that their international law applies in the west there and all the clues range and recommendations are based on this fact in my report but the levy committee decided that the international law doesn't apply in the west bank in all their recommendations based on the. to my opinion you current they found it in this report and would you agree that the west bank today in somalia is not israeli soil and if so what legal grounds does israel have for legislating laws regarding land that is not under its jurisdiction while to my opinion and to the opinion that was written by the supreme court of
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justice of israel for ever and ever is that israel has no serenity in the west bank. the occupation is a temporary one until a peace agreement will be achieved between. the people the palestinian people and the israelis and of the authority or ask me after these readies to legislate laws in the west bank are coming from the international law from the nations and their fourth geneva convention that they give their authority to the queue for manner of the i.d.f. who. occupied the area to legislate laws to protect the palestinians and the security of the area the ministry of housing allocates millions to these outposts each year they by giving them a lifeline as long as the government's policy of funding these outposts exists how
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can the matter be resolved well i may some difference in my report between settlements and outposts because. to the opinion of the government of france three of the settlements enterprise. i'm not sure that the international community or international law thinks the same on this topic but there's no question that. there's no question the cording to my record and to this supreme court of justice decisions that the outposts. a beginning of settlements in the west bank are legal according to their internal that applies here also to the. government of israel pin the never report set up by prime minister benjamin netanyahu basically found that
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there was no occupation despite international criticism how will prime minister netanyahu deal with the inevitable embarrassment and fallout following this report first of all over you know what he will do with it if you're asking me if he could base some activity based on this recommendations i doubt it because it would be very difficult to defend those actions in the supreme court of justice of israel but i'm not saying that he want to try i don't know i really don't know what he's going to do. i think it gave a kind of. inspiration to the people from israel their whole issue of the west bank is a matter of opinion if you have the right wing opinion in israel then you could read this report if you are a left wing they say that i am you are right this report what i am saying hears
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that the most important thing is there while the authorized organization that got this report and decided what to do with it. i wrote a report that the prime minister adopted that the government of israel up to their attorney general of israel approved. every single thing that i wrote in this report that broke some fate was brought in the past to the supreme court of the israel they never gave any decisions that stand in contradiction with what i wrote in this report so i believe in my work i think it was professional no political argument discussions will whatsoever. i believe it was their right to report the united states in response to the lead
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our report said that it opposed settlement building now washington has made similar statements in the past but what action has the united states taken in order to force israel to stop breaking international law when i was commissioned to do this to do this trip or i think it was on behalf of the prime minister of israel to show the americans the years trying to for all the law and he is trying to implement the law in the area. where we're talking about they've been if only out of the america in the round the to freeze the settlements for ten months. old this is what the americans did maybe they could do more maybe they could i don't know isn't an attorney now who's continued support of the settlements and outposts a threat to the definition of as well as
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a democracy definitely yes i believe that the interest of the state approves rio is to remove large part of the west bank and bring about one hundred twenty thousand turtle or specter to the state of israel. all the settlements that are east into the barrier maybe some more by achieving a peace agreement with the palestinians by making swap based on sixty seven borders we have corrections of the border. i believe that this is a highly interest of the state of israel because the continuation of the completion in the west bank in danger of the staple food fail if there are many of the jewish people in a democratic state its role is in grave breach of international law especially on the issue of our posts in your opinion why has the united nations not yet
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sanctioned israel i can't give you an answer for your question i don't know why and what going to happen by the united nations but i believe that this issue needs to be solved by an agreement between the two people i don't i don't believe that sanctions will. will solve the problem. personally for the state of israel prime minister for israel government to food and the palestinians to get to the table and start discussing without any terms and preconditions the act by water so many israeli protester who set himself on fire and later died from his wounds during the recent social protests is an act that until now has largely been associated with
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non-democratic countries is small and act not an indicator that the social protests and as well are more than just social this is an interesting question i believe in these really democracy after all i think we are still a democracy. and we have to defend democracy democracy is not something you know that is written in a paper and that if you have all voice to fight for it as specific to the case of this very sad issue that you asked me about i don't believe that you chose that israel or the social protest are being in quite extinct i don't think so. the demonstrations last three or you know a huge number of people they took part in. less than a million but many people there boy weren't any violence of it all and you could
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see a balance of d.v.d. and there are many democratic states in the world so i don't think that this issue could teach you that israel is not democratic state and one of the issues of the social protests is public housing couldn't the money that is being used to fund illegal settlements hope was all decision of course. i agree with you one hundred percent. israel shouldn't. waste it's money in the west bank anyhow even me for every person every soul in israel had a house without any. connection to the seashore but of course when we have such a big problem of housing. thing for poor people then we could make use of this money to make use or in bed for the life of
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a very insidious or what impact will israel's uncertain economic problems have on financing the outposts i really don't know but what i'm seeing is that we're talking about problems economic problems in israel the severe economic problems in the israel but when the government is talking about the west bank their program they cannot make programmes burnished because if they want to remove thirty people in the open now. which is some land somewhere else because the supreme court of justice or for israel ordered it then the government has a lot of money to bring them there or to build new houses or to build a new. settlement instead of me grown tell us a sign thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. most welcome.
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rebel forces have claimed responsibility for a powerful blast in the syrian capital damascus the explosion struck just in front of the hotel where they knew an observer mission was staying. and more violence in afghanistan revelations surface different conditions american all spittal something a top u.s. general tried to sweep under the carpet. and what are some solid rumors of it already granting julian the songs of song as the whistle blowers for rescues and seemingly final but no less perilous stage. now let a sport update with you in an ad the capello era is just about to begin here in
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russia right is he going to be fabius fabio or not the new russian national team manager he has his first test today as you say against i recall tsunamis a game at all we have more him up in just a sec. good to have you with us this is sports and a plenty to head with the next ten minutes including the stories in. testing times i rico slowing weight as fabio capello person take charge of russia in a competitive match for the very first time later today. net loss in reoccur lanka's main warm up tournaments for the u.s. open ended premise surely following defeat to wildcard entry venus williams. reigniting the rivalry across constant tournaments marking one of the most famous ice hockey episodes in history the one nine hundred seventy two summit series
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between canada on the u.s.s.r. drops off stateside. wednesday marks fabio capello's first test as russian national football team monitor the italian aiming to find a way past the ivory coast and make the country warm to the side again following their euro two thousand and twelve group stage exit michael kravchenko has more. a new manager a new era that's mainly how fabulous appointment has gone down in russia and he's wasted no time in ringing the changes axing several senior players like readings pavel pogrebnyak and sporting lisbon as matter is the my look in the process. to get it thinking i've chosen players based on their current form but also with an eye on the future taking into account their age because for those who are not picked i will continue to keep tabs on them and although i admire them i have to make a final decision. one of the main complaints by fans and critics alike was how quickly
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the level of commitment faded during the euros but capello has already drafted in some new young players in order to begin rebuilding the passion he so demands from his players. it's always been a privilege to play for my. regardless of whether it was for the youth team or the under twenty one's i love my country and i'm always ready to play sometimes things don't go your way but i've always been one to weighted to the marks of. the team may have failed but most of the flak was directed at none other than russia's captain andrea shaaban but rather than seek out somebody new capello has decided to put faith in the past and london forward. i believe everyone deserves a second chance to become the best again and for our shot and it will be a great opportunity to prove himself once more in this important role because criticism serves to help improve and then we develop further and to acknowledge our mistakes. haven't has of course shown much remorse since his infamous fall out with fans after the team's euro two thousand and twelve exit at the hands of greece
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putting the past behind him he seems to have embraced his role as captain with new vigor they're just about the tour so i want to see as many supporters come to our games as possible and i want him to support us not only for the game on wednesday train but throughout the entire qualification cycle because it's been a while since we last made it to the world cup and this time i really want to qualify. booking a trip to rio de janeiro in twenty fourteen is the ultimate goal and no one is in doubt that capello is the man who can get them there but it will be the players who ultimately have to win back the hearts of the nation so the era of capello's reign in russia begins in earnest today with a training session behind me in preparation for the first friendly match to be played against the ivory coast on wednesday evening of course this means that there's plenty of opportunities for new unexperienced young players to take advantage of this new restart for russian football but it also begs to see how far they can get when they take on the runners up of the african cup of nations. moscow
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region. well it did. in french football has gotten off to a tough start ahead of the countries friendly against uruguay tonight after it was confirmed this week that two of the team's biggest stars will stand trial in a high profile sex case karim benzema and frank river we will answer allegations of soliciting a prostitute in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine who is on the regional time of europe deny the claims while the woman in question sees neither model knew that she was just sixteen at the time prostitution with over eight danes in france is illegal the players could face a maximum of three years in prison and a fine of around fifty thousand u.s. dollars. versus the libyans are meanwhile enjoying a hard earned break after the games the country's female artistic gymnastic team though taking the time to criticise some of the judging in london the spite the squad bringing home a gold two silver three bronze medals. russia hasn't won
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much tonight used to do mistakes since two thousand and it's very hard to get back to the top opposition on drunkard's judges do you see this as a country dominate and then could possibly even grade them higher than they actually perform and instead in however had a completely perfect in an even larger and she wouldn't have won gold. that brings us to tennis rim reoccur olenka has become the fourth seeded player to crush eyed at the opening round of action in cincinatti the russian putting up a valiant effort against venus williams but eventually came up short in their three set battle london twenty twelve doubles gold medalist williams ease into the first set against russian six three with curling to show great result in the second fighting back from five before dawn to take it seventy six williams finding a more consistent rhythm in the third or wherever wrapping things up swiftly six three six seven six two to advance.
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is remaining on track to reach her fourth a w t a final of the you're the thirty twenty four year old i should say have a slow start to her second round bottle with a very unlucky loser to me a terrible drop in the opening set six three possibly showing some rust due to pressure and by this year's wimbledon semifinalist were finding her stride in the swing set showing just why she's trying to career high number seven in the world three six six one six games to the to the finals. to my saki were come over have edge russia to claim victory in the tournament marking the fortieth anniversary of the famed summit series the under twenty stars adding another chapter to the nation's storied rivalry but among cos read goes back to the future for us. russia vs canada is one of the greatest i soccer rivalries that the world has ever seen and the year two thousand and twelve is a very special for the fans from both continents and that's because it all began
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exactly forty years ago with the u.s.s.r. canada out summer series back then it was more than about sports with the country's leaders and media looking at the series as a clash of political systems and ideologies though politicians still don't see eye to eye on many vital issues they gave rows of ninety seven to two know that they manage something virtually unattainable and that's uniting two nations through a lower rate these men are still idolized by fans involved countries after all it's also their effort and dedication that continue to raise global but the latter think of ice hockey. as the summit series of nine hundred seventy two was one of the brightest and top of a sense of the twentieth century and if i remember correctly phil esposito and alexander yaku she had scored the most points in that standoff but it's not about points but about you who are the stars that still shine not only on the hockey horizon but sports in general as well if you impressed millions of people in the
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usa canada europe and the u.s.s.r. because. there were chicago the challenge is one contest that fans can no longer live without the ultimate competition spreading all over t.v. and junior teams as well and this brings us to this year's four game encounter that began in two matches in euro slavic before concluding with another two in the canadian city of eilat facts right now knows that russia is the number one country in the world. juniors two years ago gold medal last year silver medal man's world gold medal so we want to get back to being able to compete with russia following last year's air disaster that wipes out the entire local kontinental hockey league team local would see it was quite obvious that the locals have been really missed the high level game as both matches and euro slalom have been sold out the fans players and staff honored the team members
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who perished with a moment of silence. this is i've been a fan she's the six after the tragedy with i couldn't watch hockey without crying but i'm glad i'm here today to witness such a green match and i'm very proud every single player on the ice. will carry the claimed three two win in the series opener before russia returned with the six week victory. but the international experience for both teams certainly added value to the result the twenty thirteen junior i spoke to world championship will be held in the ocean city for so it's not long before we see the youngsters face so in order to once again stake a claim for the title of the greatest minds in the nation. remark costs were forty hours long. the youth series now over in color of
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a with the home side screen the bragging rights it was russia however who went into the game for it decider leading to one overall but after the match ended all square the canadians did the business in the sudden death period wrapping up the game for two and winning this series. now europe north america may be in the midst of summer some places for being better than others with the weather of course but it's very chilly over in new zealand meaning the winter sports season is now in full swing welcome to the high altitude world helli challenge i'd say the scythe island town of one aka event seeing a helicopter take snowboarders on skiers to new heights who then tried to navigate on mine albert exhibiting as much flair as they can muster to impress the judges of the two thousand meter tall pic providing plenty of chances for some extreme maneuvers picture perfect powder at the top making way for morton grippy conditions towards the boss. of me.
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i don't know many people who would even attempt but current taraji is one of them and she's here with the news in a few moments time. wealthy
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