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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the final hours of julian assange has asylum been turned into an international showdown with britain threatening to storm ecuador's london amnesty and take the whistleblower by force. a powerful saudi base to islamic group cancel syria's membership blaming solely the massacres for violence and ignoring the rebels' al qaida style terror attacks. he weighed square up in asia and europe port maps extend america's military buildup in the region china eagerly for its allies of its own.
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it is standing out in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie we are not a british colony and that's ecuador's reply to british government threats to storm its london amnesty and take join us by force the whistleblower assad refuge of the year in june escaping imminent extradition to sweden art is more important i reports now with more on the standoff. the government of ecuador will announce its decision on julian a songes application for political asylum on thursday twelve g.m.t. seven am local time that announcement was made by ecuador's foreign minister ricardo patino who during a press conference also said that britain has the right to storm ecuador's embassy in london to arrest julian a sign mr putin has said that ecuador had received from britain quote a written threat that could assault our embassy unquote if a songe was not handed over to british authorities julian assigned
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has been in the ecuadorian embassy since mid june avoiding extradition to sweden british officials say that they have an obligation to extradite mr assad and it is would be only right that they gave at the door of the full picture of their circumstance now ecuadorian officials say that britain did deliver a message to their foreign ministry in a written context and also contacted their in the basters in london so here we have a decision that ecuador needs to make on the future of julian a songe in the meantime ecuador is now saying british officials are threatening them over julian a songe and over again in custody of him now ultimately julian a songe if he does end up in the custody of british officials will be extradited to sweden where swedish officials want to question him on sexual assault charges
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assad which the forty one year old australian and wiki leaks founder believes that if he ends up in the custody of sweden he will ultimately be extradited to the united states. clearly has not made friends with washington and. that years after disclosing very confidential and classified memos and cables from the u.s. government and many cables and memos which were quite embarrassing for the government. the u.s. government has not let me comments in recent days over a songe but ultimately many experts believe that if julian a songe ends up in america he will forever stay in the custody of u.s. officials either indefinite detention or prison a life in prison some believe he could face up to capital punishment so of course within the next day or so there will be
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a lot of developments in the case and saga surrounding julian a songe and all the countries that are now involved reporting from new york marina r.t. well before any rate on the embassy of the british government would have to revoke diplomatic immunity or risk an act of war a but the lawyer and author of a colander says bowling at her door is a tactic that will backfire on the u.k. . under international law it's a complete violation so it would clearly cause a rupture in relations we don't know what could happen beyond that in terms of any kind of violent physical interaction that could occur if if you know the united kingdom or to send its security forces team to ecuador is embassy i mean that that's a direct physical threat could be responded by ecuador is defending their own territory as would be the case in in one's own country it could cause for tensions between other latin american nations it would that mean possibly breaking relations on
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a regional level that could happen so i don't know where the u.k. thinks they're going with this i mean there's some speculation that maybe the u.k. things that this kind of intimidation in pressure against ecuador being a small country in south america will have some kind of effect and they'll just hand over julian assigns but i think that if that's what they're thinking then the brain so have got it wrong on latin american sovereignty and integrity and dignity today because that certainly is not going to be the position that ecuador is going to take or latin america as a region i'll just remind you the decision on a sound is silent request to schedule the twelve pm g.m.t. today and we'll be covering that and the immediate reaction right here on live in our team but also on our website where you can find even more opinion and analysis was four episodes of a sonorous interview show all that is available on r t v dot com. there hasn't been a thing yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum that.
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the source material is what helps keep journalism we. we want to present. something. now the syrian government find itself further isolated after being expelled from another international body the organization of islamic cooperation has suspended syria's membership in the arab league did the same last year the move is supposed to stand a strong message to damascus which the group sees as the only culprit behind the still ities in syria the decision comes despite the latest explosion in the capital syrian rebels have openly admitted they were behind the attack on a boy go heard the blast reports on how the opposition is becoming more familiar with terror tactics. blasts and gunfire daily occurrences here in damascus but once the explosion right next to the u.n. headquarters was something out of ordinary it took place at
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a heavily guarded army garage and you can probably see a fuel tank or under which the explosive device was planted still standing over there in terms of the damage it was relatively minor a few shattered windows in this hotel and in the building next to us but this explosion definitely attracted a lot of media attention because of the proximity to the u.n. have borders now the free syrian army already claimed responsibility for this blast even though they said that they never intended to target to you in observers and they were aiming for the syrian army personnel in any case the explosion the really underscores how easily available and how widely used explosives have become these days in syria in the beginning of the syrian uprising the rebels primarily on small arms but over months they have become and precisely more sophisticated in bomb making and many experts attribute that to an influx of foreign fighters in
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particular iraqi insurgents who bring with them a lot of bomb making expertise the iraqi government even went on record to say that they have solid information that al qaida was crossing from iraq into syria to carry out those attacks on the top of that reuters news agency published a story a few days ago in. an f.s.a. commander who was saying that thanks to you and the expertise of iraqi insurgents they've been able to increase the debt to nation. to seven kilometers also the use of mobile phones to sad those bombs off something that is very common in iraq and that it was extremely rare in syria is now becoming more and more widely. what many in the west fail to recognize is that terrorism is not necessarily a derogative term it's a descriptive term to denote a guerrilla warfare
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a tactic that justifies the use of terror the use of violence for achieving political goals and that the same groups that. tara tactics and bomb making skills on iraqi civilians on the u.s. soldiers in iraq and now applying the same expertise here in syria. reporting from damascus in syria a journalist believes that washington stance toward syria demonstrates an embarrassing romance with al qaida. in the rock. infiltrated into syria basically what you've got is a kind of a foreign jihadi movement it's becoming pretty embarrassing for president obama. the fact that he killed osama bin ladin to wind up in a de facto alliance with. the us is trying to vet the opposition
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groups to prevent the arms from getting into the hands of al qaida and other. insurgents but once you flood an area with weapons it's folly to think that you can control where those weapons go to the syrian army is very sensitive unlike the u.s. about the issue of collateral damage and so they're taking a good deal of time to avoid the civilian casualties basically the minor forward looking urban based segments of the population do not want to see an insurgency with neo soul of the fundamentalists and even al qaida becoming a dominant factor in their country they know that this will lead to absolute chaos and violence. concert is actually elsewhere in their region members of a shia clan have blocked me and poured road in beirut they claim to have kidnapped
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over twenty sunni muslims with links to the syrian opposition the group says the hostages will be released only after syrian rebels freed one of their relatives captured earlier this week in damascus for a gulf states including saudi arabia and qatar have ordered the earth citizens to leave lebanon immediately over concerns of mass sectarian kidnappings a political analyst come all wasn't blames these nations of the escalation. this is the. issue now of the sudanese and the qatari turkish been flaming the situation in syria. spelling to lebanon and all the sudden they worry about their safety of their country and they have to actually get about the country. that explodes the war in. made very sure that war would not stop in syria i think
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a lot of the blame what is taking place in syria fall in the hands of the qatari and the turkish because they actually prevented every to find a solution for the crisis. what an hour to live from moscow still to go on the program d.-day for justice the opposition leader in bahrain awaits his fate in court as anti-government activists continue to be snatched and detained in an ongoing crackdown. on palestinian product struggle to reach the international market thanks to israeli occupation and trade barriers. and they were poor it has shined a light on just how far the u.s. is prepared to go to contain china's growing power in asia the paper compiled by a washington based think tank as a rough road map to america's asia strategy it calls for china's chief regional rivals to be propped up and armed and once the cream of the u.s. navy sends to the region but as our boards it's
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a risky play i'm. they are courting each other at official meetings but it's a different story under the table with the u.s. employing every turn to asia policy ties between washington and beijing are getting tense. is becoming. a crucial region the u.s. interest is hanging along. because the u.s. is in march in more trouble they are coming into these regional security trying to. china. and that intention has already been felt south korea the philippines and vietnam have already held nato military exercises with several more countries in the region expected to have similar war games soon during a recent extensive tour of the asian pacific u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta said washington will relocate at least sixty percent of its naval fleet to the region by the end of the decade reason for such
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moves has been china's territorial disputes with the philippines in the south china sea but experts say that's only an excuse the us is now promising some kind of support for the armed forces modernization creating a so-called minimum credit credible defense posture but the end the end result would be more in favor of the us than in the philippines seeing that the us or so many economic and business interests in china it wants to keep china obedient to whatever dictates that you have in store for china so all the treaty allies from japan south korea australia the philippines you're being mobilized right now to encircle china and keep it subservient to us dictating interests with a deeply checkered historic background of the u.s. military presence in the region many concerns have been raised the united states has for many many battles and pivot towards asia should be considered something of
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great alarm for the. people of the continent fearing full scale conflict in the region beijing is looking for a helping hand and it has to look no further than its closest neighbor during the recent state visit to china who seemed glad to know she had russia's support with pledges to boost already strong military ties all but making this point clear while panetta says washington the must stay vigilant in the face of china's growing military hasn't yet openly criticized the new u.s. agenda in the asian pacific region all the statements by the officials so far have been mild declarations of dismay and warnings of a destabilizing situation but experts both in china and abroad believe this is just the calm before the storm and that beijing in fact is growing less and less tolerant of washington's behavior. reporting from beijing in china. and you can follow the latest twists and turns in the u.s. china relations our website are also online for you right now america's hypersonic
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ambitions cromwell after a fifteen second test flight of the brand new wave rider plane and with engine failure. and pussy riot in playboy the famous old man's magazine. will be released on friday and it's all for it and member of the russian punk band the chance on its pages. in bahrain another prominent opposition activists has fallen victim to the government's crackdown side the use of tweeted sad he's the latest to be arrested you know joins dozens of other human rights campaigners the tane for their political views all of them followed the job every now and opposition leader who is
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on trial for calm. he made on twitter against the country's prime minister he's awaiting a core decision later on thursday may see where jobs cases assigned the bahraini regime will not make changes in the country and author and journalist of humor tante believes the crackdown well continue. we must remember was given this three month sentence true true about an area north of modern in bahrain is the center of thousands of people hundreds of people arrested twenty physicians symptoms for trying to heal the people injured and killed by this bahraini dictator there is no reform process in bahrain this is a complete sham and i mean. you there's going to be able that. begging letter to the king of bahrain this dictator but even they seemed to say that there was some kind of reform bruises there isn't. now is take
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a look at some other stories from around the world a group of pakistani militants have attacked a military airbase in the north of the country sparking after a long gun battle parts of the face of thought of by flames but at least two soldiers come from dad the base is said to host high tech jets has ties to the country's nuclear program it's have showcases the pot potency of the country's islam as groups despite repeated military offensives against them. hundreds of students have taken control of several high schools in chile's capital demanding education reforms police used water cannon to disperse the crowd authorities have said they'll spend more than one billion dollars on education but protesters claim that's not enough it was patients have rocked the country for over a year that has demanding their right to free education. two slogans have rocked the popular red sea resort city of a law in israel its rockets were fired from egypt's sinai peninsula where sixteen
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interruption soldiers were gunned down in the salt on a border checkpoint earlier this month that prompted an egyptian missile raid in the region targeting islam this militant cairo has been repeatedly criticized for poor security in the area. israel seizure of palestinian lands brings it was that the added extra of a harsh economic blockade any products produced there are not only prevented from making their way to the outside world by they are cab from the israeli market as well or just falsely or has more. this tiny bottle of olive oil is at the heart of an economic battle it may be small and expensive but it's one of those products that defines where people stand in the ideological battlefield of the middle east from palestine to europe and beyond each purchase is seen as a shot in an economic war. other people are not sufficiently aware that israeli settlement products are competing with palestinian products abroad also when we
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tell the customer that there is a difference between settlement products and israeli products they understand we're living under occupation and they can choose what products to buy or not and more and more consumers are choosing not to buy israeli products originating in the settlements in palestinian territories they are seen by many as the foods of the occupation the boycott movement of. movement by. products the problem is eliminated and it's difficult to make a product stand out from those from the israeli settlements. are products can't say made in palestine because we're under occupation and not yet a state they can say made in the west bank or made in gaza or a palestinian product and for some companies like this palestinian pharmaceuticals company in the west bank it's even worse it can't even sell in its own backyard a lot of the love to be loved to be distributed in israel because.
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it's with. but it will be rejected by the security is being restricted to the palestinian market is causing a lot and creating economic difficulties for the farmers. everyone here grows olives and so the local market is very small in the competition big we don't get much money for either it is part of a bigger problem when the demand is there the occupation means more often than not farmers are prevented from gathering water or even getting to their land it means more than half. palestinian crops go to waste but there is hope in a corner of the remote city of janine this private company is helping farmers overcome the troubles and get into international markets here the islands are processed priest and stored as is an order comes through the oil is pumped up here from where it is boxed and bottled to international standards it appears demand is growing especially in the u.s.
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we find that as much as much of the shops and. excited to find specialty goods in the marketplace. ok what backlash am i going to get from bloggers in the marketplace this snag is that these products sell for almost double the value because of the cost of getting them to market the hope for producers here is that this supporters around the world won't begrudge the few extra dollars for a bottle of olive oil and rather they'll see it as a gesture of support policy r t janine in the palestinian autonomy. and without having the world of business natasha's there and as we're hearing that billionaire investor george soros is once again changing his investment strategy that's right he's dumping financials and is buying into gold more on this and just a minute but first let's check out the equity markets and first to russia where they started trading about twenty minutes ago and so far traders a quite optimistic both m i six on the r.t.s.
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are putting on more than half a percent in fact more than three quarters of the r.t.s. . moving on to asia as the nikkei is leading asian gains the energy stocks they are one of the main gainers thanks to stronger crude the yen sliding to a one month high against the dollar on wednesday is offering support to export is on the nikkei hong kong's hang saying is less bullish it's gaining around a quarter percent the sour on wall street overnight stocks finished mix and then as that posted moderate gains thanks to stronger july industrial production numbers and robust housing market data but the dow was flat to a negative as you can see there the volumes remain well below average due to the vacation season being in full swing and also the lack of any substantial news coming out of europe a lot of data on the u.s. economy is due out on thursday that includes building permits weekly jobless claims
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and business activities surveys will keep you updated on all of that it's moving on to the currency market the dollar at the moment is strengthening against the euro i already mentioned that it reached a one month high against the japanese yen on wednesday the russian ruble opened a stronger to both the dollar and the euro twenty minutes ago crude has bounced back after slipping into the negative territory last hour it ended wednesday at the highest level in about three months that's on the u.s. energy department of course that showed a larger than expected drop in weekly crude supplies this hour brand is topping one hundred and sixteen dollars a barrel. a legendary investor george soros is losing faith in the banking sector his fund has cut positions in j.p. morgan goldman sachs and citi group and recent months he's no longer interested in stakes in the financial sector being in the states or globally instead sources
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buying into a retail heavyweight wal-mart and facebook the other picked by the famed investor is gold which source once dubbed the ultimate asset bubble analysts say the move is yet another sign a new wave of global money printing is on the way. and that's the latest from the business desk here i will be back in about fifteen minutes but if you can't wait that long you can always find a lot more stories that are teed up called slash business definitely to thanks very much indeed and also be back with a recap of our top stories very shortly so stay with us.
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