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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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breaking news for you this hour here on. britain says there will be no free passage for the world's top whistleblower julian if indeed ecuador does granted political asylum. a prominent bahraini opposition leader job gets a three year sentence for organizing a legal gatherings he's already in jail for using twitter. and a powerful saudi based islamic group counsels syria's and membership blaming only damascus for the violence and ignoring the rebels al qaeda style terror attacks.
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and the heavyweights to square up in asia a new report maps the extent of america's military buildup in the region as china courts allies of its own. it is a pleasure to have you with us here on arts he today on live in moscow now britain's foreign office has told julian assange that he will not get free passage out of the country even if he is granted asylum by ecuador a statement comes off of britain cost anger in ecuador after threatening to raid its embassy in london and the rest of songs by force correspondent laura smith joins me live from outside the embassy for more details on this laura i do hope you can hear me it's a rumor here in moscow can you bring us up to date exactly what's happening right now cancel reality. be far enough to cool the space.
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if it will be as late last night the morning. really turning into its. minefield the french they have now according to the ecuadorian right to break the story and see here it's not that i'm a rescue to myself from in life which of course is a really cool thing to even write the note and the fee under international law we know the embassies are considered the territory over the foreign nation ecuador in this case it's highly unusual situation and it's pretty sensitive i think hayden we can feel slightly different songs for us that. they have that the bigger that that using the embassy in these ways incompatible with the vienna convention and that's why they have the right but they do have to give a week then we know they will do to our law simply can't the day and i mean i know
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it's impossible to count on the beekeeper appearing and disappearing and that will pop round the corner and it's very unlikely that they were right the embassy but you know anything is the theme in this case already anything really can happen we don't think in the direct result of this case we see for free papal visit be directed at that speed link with the police a lot of shouting as they've been taken away as a protest that's all coming in increasing. so you know there are there are many many people still in support of julian assange and al saud the embassy where you are and you do this moment and i as you say understandably ecuador is a not pleased about this thread's by british authorities to raid the embassy and the movement laura inside the embassy this point we know the ecuadorian president is going to make his announcement in an hour and fifty seven minutes approximately as to whether or not a song will be granted asylum. he well we understand that's coming very soon of course as a huge media pace and also it's nice here as i say in the last great test is to meet men it's been said and. represented at the embassy who seems to be kind of
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belief in the crowd a little bit going in and out i mean they can be going in and out which is interesting but we don't think it amounts to very much at this moment as i say as so many of the embassy by the police say would be incredibly unusual i thought they did and i think. i also read between the colombian prophecy in the bill they call it a very big number may do that very movement that they could both be the at me thing between the colombian i'm back there in the door and i'm not there at the moment but we are right thank you very shortly indeed laura and her daughter you will be following that decision live here on our as we catch up with the speech from the ecuadorian president laura smith many thanks indeed for coming on well just a bit here and we did speak to someone who spoke to a staunch not so long ago journalist tony collie featured in one of the whistleblowers final interview shows right here on our seats where they discussed
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the issue of activism something that to recall being increasingly targeted. i think we have now in different parts of the world including the western world clamp down on dissent we had the british home secretary referring yesterday to activists not activists meaning hackers hacker activities soon they'll be given the label of terrorists you know cyber terrorists some are already calling them about and from there the leap is very small to relabel in rebranding people who enter them from speaking out aloud the culture in which we live in the western world today the official culture is deeply hostile to whistleblowers to war hackers where in the public interest and democracy everywhere is being hollowed out just think if
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a similar situation was going on in beijing all moscow or some other capital and a dissident in moscow or beijing had taken refuge in the british embassy and the irrational government of the chinese government or some other government not regarded in the pockets of the west said we can actually read your embassy and take this guy out you can just imagine the response there would have been in the media. but before any raid on the embassy the british government would have to revoke diplomatic immunity or risk an act of war but lawyer and author abel gallen just says bullying ecuador is a tactic that will ultimately backfire on the u k. now under international law it's a complete violation so it would clearly cause a rupture in relations we don't know what could happen beyond that in terms of any
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kind of violent physical interaction that could occur if if you know the united kingdom or to send its security forces seem to ecuador is embassy i mean that that's a direct physical threat could be responded by a foot or as defending their own territory as would be the case in in one's own country it could cause for tensions between other latin american nations it would that mean possibly breaking relations on a regional level that could happen so i don't know where the u.k. thinks they're going with this i mean there's some speculation that maybe the u.k. thinks that this kind of intimidation pressure against ecuador being a small country in south america will have some kind of fact and not just hand over julian assigns but i think that if that's what they're thinking then the brits have have got it wrong on latin american sovereignty and integrity and dignity today because that certainly is not going to be the position that ecuador is going to take or latin america as a region. just to remind you here one or two you have the decision on a solid will saddam request is show if you will got twelve pm g.m.t. today that's in about an hour and fifty two minutes i will be covering that and of
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course the immediate reaction right here live but also on our web site auto dot com that's where you can find even more opinion and analysis as well as the full episodes of a saunders interview programs all that he taught co. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. the source material is helps journalism we. we want to present. something you know. many people say that julian assange and his words ultimately cost him his freedom now another breaking news story here on our mean time in bahrain a prominent opposition activist and now below at a job he's been sentenced to three years in prison for organizing and taking part
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in illegal gatherings he's already in jail for writing comments on twitter now dozens of other human rights campaigners in the country remain detained for their political views among them is another renowned opposition leader that of us. who was arrested on thursday parties a really good guy who's been following the build our jobs legal battle joining us live from the program a really good to see you do tell us what exactly did he do to receive this latest sentence well worry is a matter of fact he did little more than other than tweet actually he landed in jail in july of this year for tweeting and you will see that tweet up here up close and personal in just a few seconds saying leave the residents of sheikhs and it's elderly everyone knows that you're not popular here and if it wasn't for the subsidies they wouldn't have gone out to welcome you this was in response to the bahraini prime minister's visit to this is said town. when supposedly thousands of people poured out in the streets
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to welcome him and this was not build our jobs our way of explaining exactly what happened now he is a very prominent very prominent opposition activist in bahrain we personally met with him just in april of this year it was right right. before he actually met with julian assange we just spoke about it on our broadcast and he was talking about how excited he was to meet him because he said the situation really is dire and. again now on the bill our job is not. is now looking at three years in prison he did appeal after being arrested in july for the first time he did appeal to the courts here was hoping for a release but instead he got slapped with four more cases. charges of insulting the statutory bodies of participating in illegal activity and also another charge for using internet resources such as twitter you know order to incite people to mass
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disobedience so now he's looking at three years in prison but again. here because our job has kind of responded to this current situation through his son and when he tweeted. three years or thirty years really did not matter that much when we are talking about freedom for bahrain so it looks like he is determined to fight until the very end and did in fact it was quoting his father saying jail me for three years or thirty but i will never give quote exactly thanks a lot he's going to thank you thank you. or it's a let's let's talk more about the implications of a job center and so we're now joined live by patrick henningsen a geo political analyst coming here on the program and it's good to have you today as i'm sure you are listening to a report some see this as an indication of how the government will react to do more for reform now we know the verdict what does it tell us. well this is
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a very interesting development especially only a few days ago senior democratic figures in america like patrick leahy and rob roy run why did it come out and demanded the release so nobody wrote in and so you have to look at the situation from a western point of view and look at the president barack obama who won the nobel peace prize in two thousand and eight and wonder and really scratch our heads and say what really is the stance of the west in particular washington and london when it comes to actual democratic reforms in the middle east certainly there's a there's a big hypocrisy a big story of contradiction going on right now you know you talk about a big story of contradictions as you were saying a nineteen u.s. congressman wrote a letter to bahrain's king alleging him to free of a job that's less than five percent of the u.s. congress condemning the human rights situation in bahrain and why why why is america's stance on syria so different. i don't know but this you know that sort
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of be laid it moved by the u.s. congress really makes hillary clinton look clueless as the so-called secretary of state who all along has been colluding with bahrain and other sort of petro monarchies in the gulf in order to intervene by the arab league and the friends of syria to destabilize syria or to destabilize libya over spurious human rights concerns that were never actually documented or proven so you know it's it's kind of like this this is really it not be all right drop. it use a canary in the coal mine this is a genuine democratic movement as far as i can see this is a real arab spring moment and this is been completely ignored and discounted by the west in favor of their strategic alliance with bahrain and what you can see is the grand chessboard is in play now rory so looking forward after the election where
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wins the us election there will be more intimidation and possibly direct moves against iran in a preemptive way while patrick patrick many many people even bring in that you know the iran side to enter into the equation for months now but a moment ago you brought up the issue of the arab spring now unrest in bahrain flared up together with the arab spring uprisings why in your opinion that have protests that failed to make knights while other countries have seen revolutions and quite quick regime change in some. for the simple fact rory that the bahraini royal family is quite experienced including down public dissent and civil disobedience in fact they're leaping draft in the most brutal police force from saudi arabia to come and put down dissent and there's these videos on youtube rory of a really police driving through neighborhoods shooting out the window of protestors
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or citizens and just carrying on and driving on drive by shootings the kind of thing you'd see in los angeles in the one nine hundred eighty or so drive drive by shootings drive by shootings that apparently as far as i can tell the mainstream media are not touching with a ten foot bargepole we when it comes to the issue of all of weapons iraqis ations bahrain's government is fighting protests with the u.k. and supplied weapons i mean we can we read anything into that do you think well that the relationship between bahrain and the u.k. goes all the way back to the to the formation of bahrain and actually the you know the british show put this particular minority royal family in power there are sunni extremist minority ruling over a shiite majority this is the sort of tyranny that is common place in a lot of pockets and in sort of the special monarchies these are artificial states that were created after the. second world war and they're really created in order
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to secure certain interests for the west this is a neo colonial structure the other two are bahrain saudi arabia they say they're in the center of this and these are the same countries that are fomenting supplying logistically and financially the rebels and the terrorists in syria you know why why isn't saudi arabia send suicide bombers into bahrain why don't they hillary clinton send guns friends of bahrain why isn't here we have the friends of bahrain meeting to send weapons to the democratic protesters. as you say you know it's all about geo strategy geopolitics and whatever the games are whatever the illusions are in the mainstream media there's always so much more going on behind closed doors a geo political analyst joining us live now it's a pleasure thank you. now the syrian government finds itself further isolated after being expelled from another international body the organization of islamic
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cooperation has suspended syria's membership of the arab league did exactly the same thing last year and the move is supposed to send a strong message to damascus which the group sees as the only culprit behind hostilities in syria at the decision to spy the latest explosion in the capital syria's rebels have openly admitted that they were behind the attack and some fighters even say they are going to collaborate with al qaeda against the syrian regime. on a boycott has more on how the opposition is becoming more and more familiar with out of terror tactics. lost some gun for a daily occurrences here in damascus but once the explosion right next to the u.n. headquarters was something ordinary it took place and i have only guarded the army garage and you can probably see a fuel tanker on there which the explosive device was planted still standing over there in terms of the damage it was relatively minor a few shattered windows in this hotel and in the building next to us but this
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explosion definitely attracted a lot of media attention because of the proximity to the u.n. have borders now the free syrian army already claimed responsibility for this blast given though they said that they never intended to target to you in observers and they were aiming for the syrian army personnel in any case the explosion the really underscores how easily available and how widely used explosives have become these days in syria in the beginning of the syrian uprising the rebels primarily on small arms but over months they have become and personally more sophisticated in bomb making and many experts attribute that to an influx of foreign fighters in particular iraqi insurgents who bring with them a lot of bomb making expertise the iraqi government even went on record to say that they have solid information that al qaida was crossing from iraq into syria to
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carry out those attacks on the top of that reuters news agency published a story a few days ago in quoted an f.s.a. it feels wonderful with saying that thanks to you at the expertise of iraqi insurgents they've been able to increase the debt to nation range of their bonds up to seven kilometers also the use of mobile phones to sad those bombs of something that is very common in iraq and that it was extremely rare in syria is now becoming more more and. widely what many in the west fail to recognize is that terrorism is not necessarily a derogative turned into descriptive trying to denote a guerrilla warfare a tactic that justifies the use of terror the use of while and for changing political goals and the same groups that must tear a tactic some bomb making skills on iraqi civilians on the u.s. soldiers in iraq i'm not applying the same expertise here in syria i thought about
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car t.v. reporting from damascus in syria. meantime the international community however failed to condemn the latest terror attack in central damascus and the un security council is reportedly rejected rushers attempts to push for an official response american national defense analyst jeff steinberg says as long as some of its members continue to militarize the conflict there will be no peace in syria it's becoming pretty embarrassing for president obama who tell just the fact that killed osama bin ladin to wind up in a de facto alliance. and the end it factor is that massive amounts of weapons that were stockpiled almost as collectors' items by qaddafi in libya. at the open market or were captured by the united states and nato and are now finding their way into serious but once you fled the area with
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weapons it's folly to think that you continue strong with those weapons go to basically what you've got is a kind of a foreign jihadi movement. into syria it represents only about twenty percent of the total. rebel force but it's a growing sector. this is a this and many other stories always available to. you right now on our website for example america's. playing with. playboy. magazine hopes that one of its future will be released on friday for the member of the. page.
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the united states has allegedly offered to partner up with india china chief regional rival and develop missile defense the offer comes as the u.s. military moves in to asia in a well publicized effort to challenge beijing's regional dominance and those. reports it's turning out to be one risky plan. they are courting each other at official meetings but it's a different story under the table with the u.s. employing every turn to asia policy ties between washington and beijing are getting tense. is becoming. a crucial region the u.s. . is hanging well on. because the u.s. is in much. trouble they are coming into these region.
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trying to. china. and that intention has already been felt south korea the philippines and vietnam have already held nato military exercises with several more countries in the region expected to have similar war games soon during a recent extensive tour of the asian pacific u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta said washington will relocate at least sixty percent of its naval fleet to the region by the end of the decade there's a reason for such moves has been china's territorial disputes with the philippines in the south china sea but experts say that's only an excuse the u.s. is now promising some kind of support for the armed forces modernization creating a so-called minimum credit credible defense posture but the end the end result would be more in favor of the u.s. than in the philippines seeing that the u.s. or so many economic and business interests in china it wants to keep china obedient to whatever dictates that you have in store for china so all the treaty allies from
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japan south korea australia the philippines you're being mobilized right now to encircle china and keep it subservient to the u.s. dictate in interests with a deeply checkered historic background of the u.s. military presence in the region many concerns have been raised the united states has for many many battles and pivot towards asia should be considered something of great alarm for the p. fearing full scale conflict in the region beijing is looking for a helping hand and it has look no further than its closest neighbor during the recent state visit to china hu jintao seemed glad to know he had russia's support with pledges to boost already strong military ties all but made to this point clear. washington the must stay vigilant in the face of china's growing military hasn't yet openly criticized the new us agenda in the asian pacific region all the
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statements by the officials so far have been mild declarations of dismay and warnings of a destabilizing situation but experts both in china and abroad believe this is just the calm before the storm and that beijing in fact is growing less and less of washington's behavior. reporting from beijing in china. shine a light on just how far the u.s. could go to contain china's growing. and the paper by a washington based think tank. to america's military buildup. peter simmons a staff writer for the world socialist web site says this is how the u.s. compensates a lack of economic influence in the region. because governments around the world don't pursue their interests quite. but i think the us has special rights in the sense that it is now in economic decline. and it's been using its military.
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to try and reinforce its position agreements and it suits charge as the second largest economy in the world as a potential rar. and it's doing everything to turn it over to my own time it's this issue with the global economic system. or it's on the cross over to natasha the odds are your business does good to see you today you are going to stand facebook's i.p.o. lockup is expiring thursday what is i mean for the stock on the whole facebook fairy tale well that means that more than two hundred million shares could be sold but that doesn't mean they will be sold more on this and just a moment but first let's check out the equity markets european bourses in chile lower the sour the footsie is down despite better than expected u.k. retail spending figures for july the euro zone july inflation came out unchanged from the previous two months moving on to what's happening here in russia the russian markets are higher at this hour both the myself and the r.t.s.
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have a race some of their earlier games but they're still managing to stay above the line facebook investors will have the two hundred seventy one million more things to worry about that's the number of shares that have been a walk twenty the largest social media network went public in may the lock up expires on thursday traders expect to move around six percent by friday with the majority leading toward a dip now moving on to the currency markets the dollar is a strengthening against the euro the sour and reached a one month high against the japanese yen on wednesday the russian ruble at this hour is losing to the dollar but is stronger to the euro. crude is mixed with the sour very choppy trade for crude on thursday the w t i is now a losing value brand as managing to stay above the line it's trading above one hundred sixteen dollars
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a barrel it ended wednesday at the highest level in three months that was on the u.s. energy department report that showed a larger than expected drop and weekly crude supplies a legendary investor george soros is losing faith in the banking sector i'll tell you all about why that's happening in about fifteen minutes time now and it's a show many many thanks indeed are lovely to see you as always back in a second with headlines who are hoping you can stay with us.
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