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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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top story here on our d.c. evancho reaction greets news that members of a controversial punk band pussy riot will spend the next two years in jail following their political protest done in russia's main cathedral. and the verdict was an immediate stormy international reaction with protests held across the globe and the u.s. even calling a review of the case. given asylum but still trapped a bridges on be moved by what was acceptance of julian assange as a political with you saying the whistleblower is still subject to arrest and won't be allowed to leave the country. and they wrote the u.s. hacker group claims it's behind an attack on the r t website in an attempt to silence coverage of julian assange on.
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oh twenty four hours a day seven days a week this is r.t. first a russian court has sentenced members of the controversial punk band pussy riot to two years in jail following their protest stunt in russia's main cathedral the three women were found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred meanwhile police have detained sixty people outside the court who'd been running both in support and against the group jacob greaser joins us now live from the scene and good to see you again the jacob so we understand it's been a tense atmosphere outside the court today as the case cause the deep divisions among russian public so how did the news of the verdict go down. where ever since that news was announced the verdict was given received
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a motion the charge scenes here outside the courthouse where there have been those in favor calling for the release of the freedom of the three defense is the trial they have been found guilty on the charge of hooliganism they now face two years in prison as a result and their supporters be very vocal indeed also though the supporters who want to eat the pussy riot defendants to go down to spend time in prison they've been vocal today as well now they have been angry because they say it is blasphemy what transpired back in favoring criseyde you can be sure the so-called home prayer though they retain the defendant say it was politically motivated as the location that i knew was when one of the faithful of the russian orthodox church now we have throughout the course of receiving stay seen over fifty people being detained by police that both sides of the fence has also been opposition opposition members a moment here today they've been very vocal for the last seven to eight months when
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it comes to standing it's funny which is standing against the government as well one of their members who has been arrested you may have expected their presence here today and indeed today they have announced that there will be another protest be held on the back of this verdict based on this really attract the attention of of human rights organizations of the international media and indeed international musicians such as the modano i say again off on the back of this verdict we heard you the russian orthodox church speaking out saying that they maintain their position this is blasphemy three defendants they may do some degree of lucy to be given and to them i've also heard from the defense and they say they will seek to appeal this sentencing this verdict if they have to take this do you think courts of human rights than you could definitely be jacob will be watching in the next coming day to see how this all unfolds all of you there because that you're braving the weather there to bring us the latest from what's going on outside the courtroom in moscow where that verdict went down this afternoon of two years for the pussy
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riot. right the reaction to the verdict has also been flocking in from around the world and there's been a wave of protests across the globe in support of the punk band the official reaction is also coming with the u.s. state department calling on russia's authorities to review the case. has more from new york there's been both political and public reaction over the pussy riot verdict now around the globe there has been several protests on friday in support of the three russian band members that were convicted of hooliganism paris brussels london and tell of evil are among the cities where demonstrators gathered to denounce the trial and the two year sentencing those that are in support of these three women and members of the pussy riot say that the decision that was made by moscow's court was emblematic of russia's intolerance of dissent on
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a more political front the u.s. embassy in russia has called the verdict on fair portion and there was also reaction coming from amnesty international which said that the decision was a bitter blow to freedom of expression in russia also political figures in europe have begun to weigh in on this developing story we heard from the high representative of the european union catherine ashton who has said she's deeply disappointed by this verdict calling it disproportionate a similar sentiment has also been echoed by germany's foreign minister so clearly this story taking place in russia has ignited a wave of reaction around the globe martin mccauley a russian specialist at the university of london told me earlier that the thirds will publish the not political motives are really behind the rise of reputation.
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they did something very daring it's all but produce a thing they wanted to make themselves famous if you like and therefore therefore decided to go into the main because it will. be achieved their goal of being becoming really world famous by doing what you did when president putin or prime minister biju goes abroad no the first question will be when are the pussy's really going to be released you know why why you put him in prison. and when they are released. they will in fact travel the world become famous they have achieved their goal their famous well as well as the international public reaction on the streets of the pussy riot case has exploded across the internet the hosts of artes website programmer why you should care blogger tim kirby told my colleague rory so share about the online response. well there's
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definitely some negativity you know when you look at the internet like i've been saying it's have been talking you there's. a lot of the more liberal people the supporters of course they're going nuts and they're posting everything that this is awful and on the other side of people who have a more religious take on things i think feel very justified my personal opinion is to be honest usually for the thing they call hooliganism you get fifteen days from what i've heard so i really wish they would have gotten fifteen days the more standard punishment but the court didn't agree with my position but what about the hype on the on the on this case how is it reflecting public opinion in russia because a lot of people say that moscow is not a true representation of all of russia trust me as a foreigner i get to hear that every day and it really isn't the sort of moscow super liberal internet click really isn't and the problem is is that people are saying this is dividing russia and it's since it is but it's dividing it between kind of religious people and the tiny tiny minority of ultra liberal extremists who
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have a bigger voice because of the internet than they would under normal circumstances and so i think that a lot of ways worse it's not really. being depicted i think a lot of the average people in russia this is a really huge thing for them or they're sort of passively against it. right all the details of the story of a level for you on a website including a timeline of events in and outside the courtroom and reaction from relatives of the three women logged on to our t.v. dot com. joining us on she is now officially a political refugee but seems no closer to getting out of the ecuadorian embassy in london than before the asylum announcement britain made it clear the deal did not affect its determination to arrest the whistleblower and extradite him to sweden in pierre defiance of international law a lawyer smith who was at the embassy on the day of drama has the details. it was
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the day they'd all been waiting for julian s.o.s. holed up in london's ecuadorian embassy for two months and his supporters who turned out to cheer for him rain or shine since his legal battle against extradition to sweden first began more than eighteen months ago also there in large numbers the police who didn't wait long to make their first arrests. when the decision came it was the one they wanted. we decided to grant asylum to julian a song. called it a significant victory and his mouth was full. and shining like it will automatically encourage the government. but not everyone was pleased the u.k. foreign and commonwealth office called the decision disappointing and foreign secretary
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william hague said it changed nothing it does not change the fundamentals of the case we will not allow. safe passage out of the united kingdom nor is there any legal basis for us to do so hague also denied any suggestion that british police would storm the embassy so over in territory under international law to arrest but that's not what ecuador inferred from a letter it says was delivered through the british embassy in quito in response ecuador played hardball. when it was no national law could be used in this way in any intrusive way in any diplomatic facilities any place in the world it shouldn't be used to threaten or blackmail the sovereignty of any other country and they called a summit to try to deal with this threat so that this fact doesn't go unpunished. the scary part the part that i find completely incredible and outrageous is the british threats to actually. go in and try and extract during the summer but i must
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say to see british police surrounding that embassy was it an act of intimidation that should not be allowed and is not allowed under sharia stuck in the middle julian assange who has a new home but no way of getting there tripods and putting it in a big trunk and label him in his diplomatic bag i'm not quite sure whether that would work but otherwise we might see him holed up there for a mixed couple of years who knows until i can reach a solution to this impasse but if he leaves the embassy he's liable to arrest by the u.k. which insists it must still extradite him to sweden a position ecuador when to accept it or respond to the united kingdom it would mean possibly breaking relations on a regional level if it happens the browsing of asylum by ecuador julian ourselves has the spell the end of this tale already full of twists and turns in fact it appears to be the beginning of something else with neither the u.k.
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no ecuador apparently willing to back down it's developing into an ugly diplomatic spat which could affect relations for some time laura smith forty outside the ecuadorian embassy in the. early oh we talked to the we can leaks a spokesperson kristinn hrafnsson who said if britain continues to ignore sunday's asylum rights his lawyers will take the matter to the international criminal court . let's hope that the the british government will come to its senses and give him safe passage a country it's the only right thing to do but if they're on to insist in this hard line position which is that the media sure given the circumstances by the end of the legal team of julian then we killing the inspectors just to bastar garcia has indicated that he will take the matter before the international court of justice. and force the government to give him say as it's clear you say that this is a threat by the u.k.
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authorities who take our extraordinary have called for a. strong reaction especially in a lot of american countries it is beyond my understanding why the stuff of william hague will take such an extreme step especially when the negotiations were ongoing in accordance with that war is in the impulse period between two countries and this should include offsets doing well in nations all over the world and i'm pretty sure that they. will feel. very secure in volatile areas given the fact that their own government is ready to violate to the convention of the twenty two with these threats but i just won't believe it will carry. moscow is of course also watching closely the developments around the asuncion case and the russian foreign ministry has said it's bewildered by britain's position on the whistleblower's asylum deal the ministry representative said the threat to take us to india and the sea by all contradict the vienna
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convention he also added that the u.k. itself is harboring dozens of russians suspected of grave crimes but he denies the right to asylum to his son hasn't charged among those who found shelter in london. wanted for charges of terrorism and murder and former tycoon boris abettors of ski accused of fraud and attempted coup. and it seems like all extensive coverage of julian assange just case has attracted more attention than we expected earlier today r.t. dot com was jammed by an avalanche of online traffic in what's known as a denial of service attack by a hacker group and he leaks it was down for several hours but is fully available now artie's tom barton reports. if you try to go to our web site today you may well see this message instead of the actual website that's the result of
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a didio where cyber attack which struck many hours ago has made our t. dot com one available around the world on twitter a group calling itself until leaks is claiming responsibility for the attack they linked in their tweets to the topics june songe and wiki leaks they also made a joke about the show hosted on r.t. saying that they wanted to see him smoking cigars and drinking whiskey but that they weren't able to because of this attack those and other tweets indicate that they wanted to stop artie's coverage of the granting of diplomatic asylum to the wiki leaks founder by ecuador's embassy in london d.o.'s or distributed denial of service attack is where attackers use remotely controlled computers around the world to flood a website with too much traffic for it to handle until leaks has previously attacked wiki leaks his site itself would didio us as well but they say that their primary target is julian assange himself describing him as a new breed of terrorist the group says they're based in the usa there's much
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speculation as to who. actually are. so now you can fully enjoy our web site at r.t. dot com just ahead therefore any story than peaches you may have missed here's what we've got for you a gaggle at the paralympics as the games are serving as the thermal of world unity overshadowed by iraqis they threw that have a grade disabled ticket holders. plus a terrifying statistic that suicide rate in the u.s. army reached a new week with an average of more than fourteen people killed killing themselves. the u.n. has confirmed their formal durian foreign minister brahimi will replace their coffee and nine as an envoy to syria meanwhile international observers in the. we are winding down their mission after the u.n. security council decided not to prolong it the move is viewed as disappointing by
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russia which sees the mission as key to finding a political way out of the war artie's an associate should reports from new york. regretfully for russia we have to see the united nations security council did in fact decide to not prolong the mission the mandate of the observer mission in syria of the united nations now there were two conditions for this mandate to keep for them to keep functioning on the ground and these were and end to the violence as well as ending the use of heavy weaponry and of course we know that this unfortunately has not occurred as of yet the united nations will however maintain a presence on the ground in a different format this will be a civil mission that they will put in place the details of which are being discussed now russia's position in all of this is quite simple. monday is coming to a member we believe that those members of the council who insisted to. continue the . commitment to ending course still it is. working towards
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a political settlement in the studio however we're looking forward to the form of doing a u.n. presence in damascus. doing the job it is supposed to do in the light of the new. political process in syria it's important to keep in mind that russia of course has been calling for a peaceful political process in solving the syrian crisis and this of course comes as we're hearing armed groups on the ground threaten to combine forces with al qaida if the west does not help them out and this would of course be a catastrophic development in the crisis we're hearing from the united nations sources that filling the shoes of kofi anon will be a lot of dark brahimi a seventy eight year old veteran diplomat among his previous titles is the foreign minister of algeria and curiously it's an interesting selection for several reasons first of all we do know that in the past this man has served as u.n. envoy to iraq and afghanistan where of course as we're well aware the conflicts and
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the violence continue and also his daughter actually a former employee at c.n.n. . is married to a family to a royal member of the jordanian royal family and of course this is important in the in the sense that we know that this is a country that's been accused of supporting the armed groups on the ground so this is quite an interesting twist we're going to have to wait and see what kind of approach this man takes but we do know that he has already said that he would like a different official title from kofi annan because he doesn't want to be seen as somebody just filling his shoes he believes that kofi annan approach was feel here and he wants a different mandate and a different name so we're going to have to wait and see how this man works in the crisis from now on when he takes the position when the mandate officially expires at the end of this month. taking a look at other news from around the world this hour police have killed more than thirty workers striking outside
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a south african mine office is open fire when the group charged at them with my city isn't spears a strike began last week when miners demanded highest salaries and better working conditions the shooting is one of the worse in south africa since the end of the apartheid era. iraqi police and hospital officials claim thursday's wave of attacks across the country has left more than one thousand people did the bomb and shooting attacks targeted civilians and police in baghdad and other cities near the capital making it the deadliest day in three weeks of violence this month the death toll has risen to two hundred people as al qaeda keeps tearing the country apart eight months after u.s. troops left the country. and afghan police officer has shot dead two u.s. soldiers just minutes after they gave him a new weapon as a present the incident in the west of the country is the latest the number of similar attacks when members of the local security forces have targeted those
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training them overall thirty six nato troops have been killed this year alone by afghan allies the rains and concern over the presence of the troops in the country . not returning to our top story if you've just joined us or the guilty verdict for the members of the controversial punk band pussy riot and their reaction to it. thank you not just oh. oh. oh oh really pussy riot that's the choir you can hear being chanted outside the court after three women were sent to see two years in jail for their protest on in christ the savior cathedral but there was also a gathering of those protesting against the antics of the punk band who rallied also drew some prominent opposition leaders and veterans of anti-government protests such as alexina more than sixty people have been detained following
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warnings from police against breaking public order the case of pussy riot has caused divisions in russian society their supporters say it's politically motivated while their opponents argue they went over the top with their performance the head of the russian church said the pussy riot stunt amounted to blasphemy. right it's dmitri next with the business news so want has that market reaction been to the pussy riot verdict it was a very long verdict after all yeah there was or there was a reaction you know to big guilty to the guilty verdict there was barely any reaction of the market was pretty flat but when the sentence was announced we did see the markets in the final forty five minutes of trading session go down right after as i said that the sentence was announced let's take a look at the final figures the odds yes down more than one percent the mice exhibit but. the said well the form of finance minister who didn't said that this
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case is damaging to russia's investment climate over in the u.s. things are looking different with the dow jones and gaining moderately barely any change from last hour actually but that's on higher consumer confidence in the united states and that's that is driven by apple shares as investors anticipate the launch of new products within the next. in the e.u. we've also had a positive session with feeling better than the foot sea and that's on the back of a comment made still on thursday by german chancellor angela merkel reiterated her support to the euro but on the currencies market the euro was still losing versus the dollar is still down thirty six points that's as the dollar is gaining strength on the back of that consumer confidence stakes and the russian ruble lost around a third of the said. on the commodities markets not much support seen the for
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russia because brant is declining one dollar per barrel on rumors that the united states might use some of its reserve will to increase supply and that will reduce prices and in the end that says i think that's a message for the east. yeah go a little bit carried away sorry for that this is live t.v. from moscow anyway ukraine has made the first a big step to wean itself off russian gas the country is join a consortium led by exxon mobil to develop a gas field on the bottom of the black sea the ten billion dollar project is expected to provide ukraine with five billion cubic meters of gas per year and that's equal to around twelve percent of what it ports from russia every. seat or ships here so. the biggest gas deal involving foreign investors in the history of silver in ukraine this is how experts have been describing the latest agreement between the ukrainian government and the exxon mobil consortium on development and exploration of the natural gas field in the black sea coast of ukraine the offshore
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gas field combined with other potential deals which the ukrainian government is now discussing with the british investors within the system i said by john and through committee stan could and larch the natural gas extraction in ukraine in the next twenty years by four times which would make this country all but independent from the gas imports it's been having from russia currently key it is on a contract with moscow until twenty nineteen buying russian gas in a certain amount of a certain price and it's been looking actively for both the discount and lowering the amount of gas it has been buying but so far when the stand negotiations have not brought any success another way that ukraine is trying to implemented to diversify its natural gas resources is getting a loan from the china investment company and there's already been an agreement on that three point six billion dollars on buying new technologies which would allow ukraine to buy less russian gas certainly this raises many concerns among european
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consumers whether there would be any more disruptions of the russian supplies into the european continent which go through ukraine but both sides in the negotiations have been holding over the past several years have been saying that regardless of how much gas ukraine buys from russia the transit of russian gas through ukraine to europe will not be hampered will not suffer in any way besides russia is already building several other pipelines to deliver its gas to europe so this should not be a concern according to both countries' governments and both countries gas monopolies companies right to watch my mind play more tricks on me you can join me fifty five minutes time for another business update well thanks for that update to dimitri day on the business desk. right i'll be back with the headlines in just a few minutes you're watching r.t. . i am going. to.
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