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says the u.s. must stop persecuting whistleblowers aiming to shed light on the crimes of the powerful. hundreds it's the. hundreds of police. would say it's. all coming up in just two minutes. in moscow court puts three members of the feminist punk band pussy riot in jail for two years for their stunt in russia's main cathedral the verdict resonated across the world and demonstrations for and against the woman in russia. human rights activist. jailed for three years while the equal rights movement. in the gulf states. united nations observer mission wraps up its four month long presence in syria citing increasing violence reports suggesting british
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intelligence is helping rebels fight the regime. and broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow where it is six o one on the monday morning and this is our t.v. recapping the week's top stories with our weekly program. julian assange has called for the u.s. to stop its witch hunt against whistleblowers and also thanked ecuador for granting him political asylum he made his long awaited statement on the balcony of the latin american countries a london embassy surrounded by british police who were ready to sweep him into custody if he set foot outside the building party's lawyer smith reports from outside that embassy in london. what happened to this afternoon has been nothing left in a rally that was several speakers who came on the floor today in a sound sort of whom are packed his longtime supporters including tara cali the
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renowned station list but of course there was a serious message behind all this that they're all out to support you in essence and he really wanted to speak to the people she thanked them he thanked particularly the supporters who are out here today in the hundreds and he thanked them from have for having been here on wednesday night as well when he says that when he was in bed he heard stools of police coming up the fire escape inside the door an embassy building here and guns and but that they backed off at the last minute and presumably that is in response to the perceived threats by the foreign office head that they would not hesitate to break into the embassy try to refer you kids diplomatic status and break in that to to arrest him but he said he knew that there would be witnesses thanks to the supporters and so he knew that everything would be ok he also thanked that could do it for holding the constitution of you know the constitution which includes universal citizenship he thanked the staff at
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this very cramped embassy which he's been staying for the last two months presumably getting in their way quite a bit and he also one of the most important things he said was he called upon the u.s. to still put he called the persecution of whistleblowers that's just terrible the fact the united states must run out its witch hunt against wiki leaks. the united states must assume its investigation. the united states must know that it will not seek to prosecute. or else the court of. the united states must wage before the world that it will move as you journalists are shining shining a light on the secret crimes of the powerful. i'm very lucky to be joined now by one of these whistle players craig murray who is the film of bush's ambassador to as pakistan and
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a whistleblower himself he blew the whistle on his government abuses and simple. craig thanks very much for talking to us now if you think julian assange as this case tells us about the treatment of whistleblowers. i think of the post in play there's a long history of whistleblowers being smeared and charged with crimes under later today it was all blowing because obviously it's quite difficult for states to convict people of telling the truth about state's misdemeanors so what you do is through. with of a charter school you often sexual charges because that destroys for personal reputation the foreign office now insists that it didn't mean to say that it would storm the embassy to go in and arrest you what do you make of of william hague's comments and if the foreign office attitude in general well upon the officers law and in its attempts to back down because it's found to solve so diplomatically isolated it most certainly did say about both in person and in writing to the government of ecuador. at the very moment it was saying about fifty policemen moved
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into the building but not into the actual plant containing the ecuadorian embassy there's no doubt whatsoever that this was a deliberate to ditch the vienna convention on behalf of the british foreign office and what do you say to william hague. william hague nearly as major pulled himself he not the first time he wants media interview in which he said that as a student who used to drink fourteen points of beer a day i think he must have done twenty eight pints of beer before coming up with a threat to storm here could draw an embassy. there were doors decision to grant political asylum is being closely monitored in the u.s. washington has not admitted it is planning to request of songs extradition but a number of american politicians aren't holding back some going as far as to demand a song to be tried and executed or to. reports from new york. julian assange his mother is calling this a victory for her son many see this as a small defeat for the u.s. and that is because many believe the u.s.
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was hoping that julian assange would be extradited to sweden so that sweden would subsequently be able to extradite julian assange to the united states we have heard in recent years it's no secret former and current u.s. government officials equating julian a song to are terrorists and that was in the aftermath of him releasing cables and memos that were classified that belonged to the u.s. government as a result the integrity of the u.s. government was compromised a lot of secrets were revealed and it painted the u.s. foreign policy in a dark light it's no secret that the administration of u.s. president barack obama has been earning a reputation for waging a war on whistleblowers fiercer reputation than any of his predecessors many journalists scholars and activists in the u.s. have signed a letter of support for julian a songe one is including naomi wolf she's
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a journalist and author first of all this is a white house now to weigh houses obama's and bush's which is systematically overclassifying everything especially wrong doing it specially anything related to what whistleblowers want to release specially you know torture that they've engaged in methods of torture like mafia tactics employed it's come to this the government is same to journalists everywhere in america. we're going to do you and we're going to threaten you and we're we're threatening you with with serious legal penalties like prison time if you do your job when i was speaking with naomi wolf what she wanted to clarify for me and her position is that she sees chilliness anja many do as the publisher similar to the new york times chilliness songes the publisher the one that made the information available he is not the leaker she noted why isn't the u.s. government going after the new york times for publishing what wiki leaks published instead the u.s. government it is presumed is all to me hoping to go after julian our songs either
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way she said that this is this would be a dark day for all journalists in the u.s. if he would be in the custody of america prosecuted held indefinitely or possibly even face capital punishment or just one important reporting for us there now while under house arrest in london the world's top whistleblower invited prominent activists thinkers and news makers to voice their opinion on things that matter one of the guests was at the door for president rafael correa while some of the others had never appeared on international television before if you catch every episode of julius knowledge is an interview show on our website at a song about our team doctor. on friday three members of a russian punk group pussy riot were jailed for two years each for their performance in the country's main orthodox cathedral the court's verdict stated that the band committed an act of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred the decision drew crowds of people outside the court rallying both in support of and
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against the women artie's peter oliver has the details. but you have already reason that you move the finish line you possibly have another edge the end of any division if one were to set up another one this morning because i knew everything because i knew she would usually. after their trial hit headlines around the world a global audience who is watching as maria. and you catalinas some would say of each found out their fate for their performance by a punk rock prayer in russia's main cathedral outside the court a large group gathered with both those supporting the women and those opposed to them turning up to voice their opinion the was amongst the crowd were prominent members of the anti-government protest movement who had allying the pussy riot cause with their own as the throngs massed tempers
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flared and police announcements to keep calm were ignored as over fifty people from both sides were detained the public order offenses common damned by some celebrated by others their performance in this cathedral lasted for a little more than a minute and a half but it's perhaps made pussy riot the most recognizable russian music act in the world. but where did they come from under various guises the three women who were jailed on friday have been no strangers to controversy in the past pussy riot grew out of a performance art group which had staged an orgy in a museum filmed a woman performing a sex act on a chicken in a supermarket and kissed on duty female police officers because the drill performance though took things to another level church groups burned images of the women and of madonna who had spoken out on the site of pussy riot i think they belong to some sect which conducts a tannic rituals and elsewhere
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a church in russia was daubed with the slogan down with religious fanatics and in ukraine a topless member of. group then in down across with a chain saw an offer from playboy for a photo shoot and pussy riot merchandise deal law has led some to even question was this all an elaborate quest but fame they achieved their goal of. becoming really world famous by doing what they did and when they are released they were in fact travel the world to become famous they have achieved their goal after the two year sentence for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred was handed down the online response heated up with many shocked by the length of the jail term my personal opinion is to be honest usually for the thing they call whole again as on you get fifteen days from what i've heard so i really wish they would have gotten fifteen days the more standard punishment but the court in a group of my position with lawyers for the jailed women said to appeal the verdict
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don't expect the debates between supporters of pussy riot in those opposed to fade away any time soon peter all of the moscow. the pussy riot sentence has sparked a massive international reaction drawing attention to the case from all over the world foreign government officials including those of the u.k. germany france sweden and the u.s. expressed their disagreement with the court's decision in addition a number of gatherings that backing the band were staged across the globe u.s. based journalist don de bar believes washington should look at its own problems before judging others. the united states has other double standards that bear on this case to first let's look at the one nine hundred eighty nine case of st patrick's cathedral where act up members came into the church about forty five of them were arrested before they could really voice their own protests and numerous times since the beginning of the iraq war around the united states people have tried to go into churches to speak to the congregations i know nick modern for
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example an activist in the united states has done it about thirty times to try to say look your religious beliefs are so and so what's happening violates them please join us and they've been threatened with arrest arrested and worse so the united states does exactly that the united states which has more incarcerated people than the next three countries on the planet and that's only in absolute terms in terms of relative terms more than any other country on the planet united states as well these people in jail and it's going to lecture other countries about how their legal process should work i just think it that has no credibility around the world and i think it's shameful. a prominent human rights activist has been jailed for three years in bahrain now beal has been found guilty of inciting anti-government protests through his speeches and online posts for eighteen months protesters in the gulf state have been calling for democratic reform and an end to what they claim is
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a religious discrimination claims that while family has been accused of brutality suppressing the rallies with police reportedly using tear gas and rubber bullets on unarmed protesters and the lack of criticism of the crackdown from the u.s. and its european allies speaks for itself as a geopolitical analyst pathogenic said. no deal rajab is a. canary in a coal mine this is a genuine democratic movement as far as i can see this is a real arab spring moment and this is been completely ignored discounted by the west in favor of their strategic alliance with bahrain and wonder and really scratch their heads and say what really is the stance of the west in particular washington or london when it comes to actual democratic reforms in the middle east certainly there's a there's a big hypocrisy a big story of contradiction going on right now the british open this particular
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minority royal family in power there are sunni extremist minority ruling over a shiite majority this is the sort of syria the that is common place in a lot of pockets and so these pressure monarchies these are artificial states they're really created in order to secure certain interests for the west this is a neo colonial structure the other cats who are the range of saudi arabia they say they're in the center of this and these are the same countries that are fomenting supplying logistically and financially the rebels and the terrorists in syria you know why why isn't saudi arabia send suicide bombers into bahrain why don't they hillary clinton said and done some friends of bahrain why isn't the friends of bahrain meeting to send weapons to the democratic protesters in bahrain. well as always our team is working twenty four hours a day seven days a week to provide you with the best stories and pictures from around the world find
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them on our website r.t. dot com here's a quick look at what's waiting for you there right now. big brother not only has his eye on you but he's listening to and it's legal american police are now allowed to track mobile phones and gather users' g.p.s. private data without court. the online witch hunter cursing and enemy with a hacksaw or finding a charm to make your lover for ever faithful has just become a little bit harder online all community bay has banned all sale of all forms of magic. and a drug addict's death in the u.k. . infection sparks fears of a european wide epidemic. in the united nation observer mission in syria has ended the last of the three hundred
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contingent are set to leave the country after four months of work at the border little fruit this as the new un envoy for syria has admitted his top priority is now overcoming divisions within the security council that undermined the efforts of his predecessor meanwhile president assad has made a rare public appearance at a damascus mosque where he performed. prayers this out and comes amid reports quoting opposition officials suggesting that british intelligence is actively aiding the rebels fighting against regime forces but logistics information isn't the only kind of help the opposition fighters receive from the western powers and she's going to reports on the rebels fundraising schemes. ever thought about adopting someone why not a syrian rebel as this headline says for just one dollar a day you too can help a syrian rebel oust president assad these days you have a good number of organizations which present themselves basically as charities where you can make a donation to the rebels in syria this is the website of one of the rebel groups
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there saying among other things they are seeking military equipment then there is another organization which collects donations based the here in washington and supported by the u.s. government they're called syrian support group we try to reach out to them and ask how they plan to distribute that money we never heard from them another website one called adopt a revolution they also present themselves as a charity but it's organizer admitted that it's hard to see where the money goes as far as who the donors are he said they range from corporations to retired couples and students possibly those mentioned retired couples who've seen videos like this one with a rebel singing a backstreet boys song oh it was only. a minor polo but what the pitch for donors does not say is that not all rebel
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fighters are some romantic backstreet boys fans probably not these ones and this footage shows an apparent mass execution of assault supporters by the rebels in cold blood. reports on the ground show that very six treatments groups are doing the fighting including al qaida but it's not to say that all of them are all either it's a full blown civil war where the degree of hatred is so high that people commit atrocities on all fronts i spoke with one of america's leading experts on counterterrorism and he told me the bloodshed will be even harder to stop as more outside forces get involved it isn't any more simply a question vs a whole. it's a question of saudi arabia versus iran and it's a question of turkey's increasing role in the middle east all these things make this more and more complicated and make it less and less likely there we're going to have a peaceful resolution instead we're going to have
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a winner take all solution one could say the danger is in simplifying things putting them black and white supporting people who kill can be called anything but charity in washington i'm going to check out this week the u.s. defense secretary accused iran of training program militia in syria and aggravating the conflict but analyst eric draitser says the statement is nothing but a sign of desperation. what panetta is really saying is that the iranians are meddling in the internal affairs of syria but that's precisely what the united states qatar turkey saudi arabia and the rest of them have been doing all along so essentially to say that the iranians should stay out and that syrian should be allowed to determine their their future for themselves is to say that the united states must do the same thing but of course panetta won't say that this really demonstrates the u.s. is desperation in syria they know that they're outmatched diplomatically they're
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outmatched in terms of the foreign policy and so what they the only thing they can do is use syria as an issue to demonize the iranians which is the ultimate enemy in the region or the us establishment if they were truly interested in letting the syrians determine their own future determine their own fate the united states would stop sending in al qaeda forces the united states would stop using turkey to smuggle weapons into syria the united states would pull back from all of these ventures then you would see the syrians determine their future outside of u.s. meddling. thirty two people have been arrested in libya in connection with the recent bombing attacks in tripoli officials claim those arrested were part of an organized network of gadhafi loyalists the group are believed to be responsible for the twin blasts that targeted a military academy and interior ministry of the libyan tribal security forces managed to defuse two more car bombs of a type that comes one year after the fall of the city two rebel forces. and
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international affairs analyst says armed is almost maybe the real force behind the attacks. but we can see that there is no search there is the bait your call being pro forces that are part of the both. these political process that they're taking this could be a progress report there so. there is still there are going to cause trouble. there of course there might be or there at least through the. let me see that fare better it will reveal i think they can see it there thanks against russia the red cross you think gussie for instance. he could have thought it is nice to europeans souldiers if a war or a type of cope with this he's fighting this a kid with a great spot on the west is. a grow up he also recruited by all that they say shows some of the success or type of cop by the
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public like what there are so these rebel fighters eventually with regard to leave you know i have full awareness of the gate so that they don't like a western style system they certainly are going to challenge it so could be got out his followers it could be there is let me just as well. some of the stories making headlines around the world for this hour. demonstrations shook cities across china and hong kong as tensions flare up over disputed territories in the east china sea thousands took to the streets after japanese nationalists raised their country's flag over the contested islands protesters shouted slogans calling on tokyo to back down on its claims of burn flags and attacked japanese restaurants and cars. a court in china has sentenced the wife of a former high ranking politician to fourteen years in jail for killing a british businessman during the trial gu kailai that lasted just seven hours
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she admitted poisoning her former long term business partner last november after he allegedly threatened her son lies husband. who's under investigation on separate charges was being considered as a possible candidate for the chinese leadership the case came to light when a former police chief fled to a u.s. consulate and expose the cover up of the murder. muslims across the world are celebrating the first day of the the festival which marks the end of the fasting month of ramadan it is a day to go to mosques pray visit and congratulate relatives and friends and give to charity the past month has been a time of the spiritual improvement which is believed to be achieved through fasting and devoting more time to prayers and reciting the koran. in russia millions of muslims are also celebrating the end of ramadan or tuesday could grieve takes a look at how this holiday is marked here. millions of muslims around russia have
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been waking up very early indeed before sunrise put some of their best clothes as a dish and on this holy day also the flocking to nearby mosques and the graces mosque in moscow is the one just behind me which is currently being referred to see intentions of thousands of people normal lesson lining the surrounding streets to listen sermons and also be giving praise to god this is coming on the end on the back of the holy month of ramadan known for fasting and this questionable this day shelf theater now actually translates as the breaking of the fast so we can expect many beads to be taking place in moscow and around russia where friends and family of means by watch transpired late saturday evening in the russian republic of dagestan there to pass government stormed a local mosque they shot and injured eight people in total also there was
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a bomb misses found containing forty kilograms of t.n.t. of explosives it took some time but the moment is have managed to fuse that bomb threats. thanks for being with us if you have missed anything a recap of the headlines coming up.
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well into the future of science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style massage homes.
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