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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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it is a half past the hour moscow time you are just in time for the r.t. headlines now south american states condemn britain's threat to storm ecuador's and london embassy to arrest julian assange all of this while the whistleblower himself makes his first public speech saying the u.s. must stop prosecuting those who unveil the truth. the un's a new peace envoy for syria says stopping the civil war is now his main task body's observer mission comes to a close to escalating violence heavy clashes are reported in damascus and in the southern city of daraa claiming get smaller. and libya arrests thirty two people for alleged links to a bomb blast that came a year off the rebels took control of the country all those detained allegedly
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belong to a network of khadafi loyalists and been receiving financial backing from abroad. by next year knoxy we speak to. who wrote an official government report concluding it's illegal for israel to build the west bank settlements she tells us a bit more during the discussion right now. with me i have tellus a son a noted attorney and also the author of a two thousand and five israeli government sponsored report that documented the illegality of the building of outposts on the settlements thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. there has just recently been another report also government sponsored the levi report there found exactly the opposite that these outposts in fact are legal in a country of law how is it possible to have these contradictions mired poor in
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flying on the supreme court of justice for israel decisions for their kids for forty five years old morse that that international law applies in the west there in all the good clues range and recommendations are based on these fact in my report. but the levy. committee decided that the international law doesn't apply in the west bank in all their recommendations. based on the. to my opinion you cloned. it in this report and would you agree that the west bank today in somalia is not israeli soil and if so what legal grounds does israel have for legislating laws regarding land that is not under its jurisdiction while tomorrow opinion into the opinion that was
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written by the supreme court of justice of israel for ever and ever is. israel has no surrender in the west bank the occupation is a temporary one until a peace agreement will be achieved between. the two people the palestinian people have paid the israelis and the authority or asked me after these reduce to legislate laws in the west bank are coming from the international law from. nations and their fourth geneva convention that they give their authority to the queue for manner of the i.d.f. who. occupied the area to legislate laws to protect the palestinians and the security of the area the ministry of housing allocates millions to these outposts each year thereby giving them
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a lifeline as long as the government's policy of funding these outposts exists how can the matter be resolved well i may some difference in my report between settlement outpost because. of the government of israel of the settlement enterprise. i'm not sure that the international community or international law thinks the same on this topic but there's no question that. there is no question according to my report and to this supreme court of justice decisions that the outposts which are a beginning of settlements in the west bank are legal according to their internal law that applies here also to the. government of
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israel in the united states in response to the level of port said that it opposed settlement building now washington has made similar statements in the past but what action has the united states taken in order to force israel to stop breaking international law when i was commissioned to do this to do this to poor i think it was on behalf of the prime minister of israel to show the americans the years trying to for all the law and he is trying to implement the law in the area. where we're talking about the bill if any l.b. america in the round the to freeze the settlements for ten months. as much as i know this is what the americans did maybe they could do more maybe they could i don't know isn't an attorney now who's continued support of the settlements and that not pose a threat to the definition of israel as
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a democracy definitely yes i believe their interest after the staple foods row is to remove large parts of the west bank and bring about one hundred twenty thousand turtles better to the state of israel. all the settlements that are east into the barrier maybe some more to give peace agreement with the palestinians by making swap based on sixty seven borders we have corrections of the border. i believe that this is a highly interest of the state of israel because the continuation of the completion in the west bank in danger of the staple food fail if there are many of the jewish people in a democratic state its will is in grave breach of international law especially on
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the issue of our posts in your opinion why has the united nations not yet sanctioned israel i can't give you an answer for your question i don't know. what going to happen by the united nations but to. believe that this issue needs to be solved by an agreement between the two people i don't believe that sanctions will. will solve the problem. thurso need for the state of israel prime minister for israel government to food and the palestinians to get to the table and start discussing without any. terms and conditions in the act by water solomon the israeli protester who set himself on fire and later died from his wounds during the recent social protests is an act that until now has largely been associated with
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non-democratic countries is not an indicator that the social protests and as well are more than just social this is an interesting question i believe in the israeli the mocker see after all i think we are still a democracy. and we have to defend our democracy democracy is not something you know that is written in a paper and that if you were always to fight for it the. specific to the case of this very sad issue that you asked me about i don't believe that he chose that israel or the social protest are being. quite extinct i don't think so. the demonstrations last. week partly has. less than a million votes many people think they're going for any violence and you have to
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look and you could see a balance of d.v.d. and there are many democratic states in the world so i don't think that this issue could teach you that israel is non-democratic state and one of the issues of the social protests is public housing couldn't the money that is being used to fund illegal settlements hope was all decision of course. i agree with you one hundred percent. israel should. waste it's money in the west bank anyhow even me for every person every soul in the israel had a house without any. real connection to the seashore but of course when we have such a big property housing. for poor people then we could make use of this money to make you feel very very very insidious or
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what impact will israel's uncertain economic problems have on financing the outposts i really don't know but what i'm seeing is that we're talking about problems they konami problems in israel severe economic problems in israel but when the government is talking about the west bank their program they cannot have problems vanished because if they want to remove thirty people in. that area which is from land somewhere else because the supreme court of justice or for israel ordered it then the government has a lot of money to bring them there or to build new houses or to build a new. settlement instead of me grown. thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. most welcome. you
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headlines on r.t. south american states condemned britain's threat to storm ecuador's london embassy to arrest julian assad's father was a follower himself makes his first public speech saying the u.s. must stop prosecuting those who reveal the truth of. the un's new peace envoy for syria says stopping the civil war is now his main task as the bodies observer mission comes to a close amid escalating violence and heavy clashes are reported in damascus and in the southern city of daraa claiming yet more lives. and libya rests on thirty two people for alleged links to a bomb blast that come a year after rebels took control of the country all those detained allegedly belong to a network of khadafi loyalists and have been receiving financial backing from abroad . by let's get some action here on r.t.
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time for everything from the world of sport with pope. he very much rory welcome along the to the sports headlines here is what's coming up. the top russian premier league leaders any stronger than jay just a point now separates them and second place spartak moscow. based display at world number one tennis player roger federer rushes novak djokovic to secure the cincinnati masses title a week before the u.s. open kicks off. and having a ball the moscow stage of the national freestyle football championships. is in the russian capital. now it's taken a month and five matches but reigning russian football champions and it's in petersburg have dropped their first points of the season they simply spoke side who won their opening four games held to
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a draw away in the russian top flight the battle of the big names this with. putting his wits against guus hiddink and it was the italian whose tactics paid off because of space in the defense allowing as any veteran constantine to finish off the move twenty minutes in however on his word to be evened up all night shut off equalizing for i'm j after sixty five minutes to leave a final score line of one one and stay seven falls and they are now one point apart spot at moscow at the summit. we will need to now moscow manager darpa tresco who didn't have the greatest of debuts on sunday his side slumping to their fifth straight defeat with a two one loss at home to f.c. tekken a by ten but a fair host going one nil down after half an hour thanks to musée rebuffs they were throwing a second half lifeline when tatic were reduced to ten men which was followed by
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finding nothing to do on his first goal of the league. season with a minute to go by car was sent off and rivers completed his brace soon afterwards two one and that was followed by the dismissal of kevin providing a to add insult to injury. problems for the numbers cross-town rivals assess car though the army manning's into a three no win over new boys more so than toss it getting things going on the half hour mark rushing midfielder allen then doubled his size lead right before the break the second half century routine forty five minutes of football with alexander . only into the period. at six. and twelve. for the action in news on monday with two games taking place the first really tough and carra tend to wrestle their way into the top half of the table. who had a terrific season last year travelled three mutely promoted. over in england
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manchester united in their new look strikeforce travel to everton for their first match of the new premier league season later on monday. to robin van persie set to make his debut for sir alex ferguson's men. now in cricket south africa closing in on the number one world ranking they need to avoid defeat against england in the third and final test at lord's as the final day of the three match series with england knowing anything other than victory will see them replaced by the tourists as the world's top test team chasing an improbable victory target of three hundred forty six was human on one on sixteen for two the host scores not helped in the morning session by the dismissal of ian bell for just four johnny bester you saw him there he was replaced the drop kevin pietersen is currently at the crease things are fifty four north south he's made his half century with england on a one hundred thirty four four two hundred twelve run short of their victory target
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. now the truth. thousand and twelve olympic baton has been passed to the paralympic athletes with the games getting underway in a little over a week's time before setting off for london russia's athletes showed up in force in the kremlin for a parting message from the president's remarks. the russian paralympic team is already an established powerhouse in the winter games but their summer counterparts are still up and coming when it comes to the overall medal standings that however is also changing with almost fifty percent of russian athletes managing to claim a place on the paralympic gold youm in beijing. it is our plan that by twenty fifteen ten percent of people with disabilities will be involved in sport and by twenty twenty this number will rise to twenty percent of that but it turns me this number is a mere one point five percent which is unacceptably low but i want to stress that your trendsetters your example can inspire millions of other people to play sport
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and to develop skills rather than to withdraw into themselves i'm convinced that your form if you want and paralympics will also help them the forthcoming games will see a twenty percent surge in the number of russian athletes many of whom will be making an attempt to become multiple gold medalist for some though like the thirteenth time paralympic champion remember the days of competing are over but her record remains a great example for others the best but this is an honor for each athlete and it means that our country places its trust in you i performed at six paralympic games so i have personal experience in this immense responsibility i know just how important this help is for sports men with disabilities. russian paralympians have been slowly but surely moving up the international ranks from an overall sixteenth place in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight in beijing four years ago russia are expected to drastically improve on their record in london this year ramon koester
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of r.t. moscow. now in the tennis courts roger federer is now the undisputed king of the thirty one year old blitzing novak djokovic in the final for the second straight year to lift his record fifth cincinnati masters title it's rare to see the world's second runner tennis player drop are set to love but that's exactly what happened in the wimbledon champion federer completely dominating djokovic to take it six love with a few answers in a rematch of last year's final having to settle for a silver platter for the second consecutive year six love seventy six the final score federer certainly looking good ahead of the u.s. open which starts in a week's time. women's event in cincinnati you know made the very best out of the worst of starts to secure her first singles crown of the year for a while it looked like soon to be world number six angelica but will continue her amazing run in two thousand and twelve by winning her third
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a trophy of the season the german swiftly taking the first set six one and then three one in the second before unravelling two thousand and eleven french open winner no are determined not to finish runner up for the fourth time this year creating an amazing turnaround for a three set victory one six six three six one the final score in an absorbing contest. while on the golf green sergio garcia is waiting for the skies to clear before he can try and close out his first p.g.a. tour win in four years the spaniard leads the wyndham championship by a single shot heading into a rain delayed final round the thirty two year old making a strong case for a ryder cup spot in his first title since the two thousand and eight players championship tim clark jason dufner and bud cooley are right on garcia's heels though the trio sitting one straight back on fourteen under south african clark squeezing in a final round birdie on the second to keep his eyes on the prize the organizers did their best to keep the players on course the eventually called it
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a day the champion will now be crowned later on monday. so i just go away dani pedrosa has cut the gap moto g.p. lead a whole gale or enzo after winning the indianapolis grand prix from pole position they were up so honda man heading his fellow spaniard by over ten seconds. dovizioso was coming home ahead of casey stoner reigning world champion stoner racing despite having torn his uncle agreements in qualifying while it was a second win of the season for his team mate and we now travel around by eighteen points at the top of the standings. and finally freestyle football may be a relatively new addition to russia's ever growing list of hobbies the sports popularity has grown in recent years can still top off watch moscow's best battle for a place in the domestic final. well as the crowd with his step forward but it's doubtful if many professional footballers can
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would be tricks like this only the bowling to actual football with freestyle a commission of skills to reaffirm the style and music which is judged by a jury and russia can compete with the world's best in the global sport with a twist. to the center there are different styles and techniques i'd see russia has very good to keep your offers in a more technical style under one of the leaders of the sport but sometimes our performers lack creativity. they must go stage of the russian championship was a record thirty five contender is going for one place in the final as well but with competition so high the organizers made it to places going to the bear who were head and shoulders above the rest their jaw dropping tricks keeping this big taters on their to some compare freestyle with a rhythmic gymnastics though we know i mean. says he is more like. you
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ever said i mean you know i think it's more like figure skating oh yes definitely i compared with figures i mean to become russian champion then world champion and then champion of the universe. and found all finally. alongside winners of the ten other stages will decide who will be crowned russian champion on august the twenty fifth and the winner will be able to eat. to join forty nine other still i keep at the world finals to decide who really is the king of the step forwards constantly our team right up with that heart and that is all for now from the world of sport but i'll be back with more just on the two hours time here and i'll take a journey that. well the true science technology innovation all the latest developments from
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