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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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u.s. president outlines a possible military plan against syria as russia warns against democracy body balms all syrian officials top peace and moscow. a suspected al sporadic sympathizer is charged with plotting a copycat massacre and you check with public days before the norwegian mass killer is due to hear his verdict. on washington slam for al qaida style tactics for striking those who want to help victims and previous american drone raids. though and welcome to our team where we've got the latest for you on screen and on line i'm karen taraji broadcasting to you from our studio in moscow well syria's
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ongoing crisis and ways of ending the bloodshed are under scrutiny for top syrian officials and moscow across the atlantic president obama said washington could use military action if there's any sign the syrian government might try it to deploy its chemical or biological weapons for more on this r.t.s. lucic off an elf. they really contradicts with what russia has been pushing for throughout the course of this bloody conflict which is an international solution that really is originated on the ground by the syrian people by the syrian government and the factions involved with that conflict till now the u.s. president has really caused quite a stir with those comments on monday saying that the united states would reconsider its opposition to military intervention in syria if the government of president bashar al assad employs chemical or biological weapons there and according to the u.s. president this would be a so-called a red line which would have bring the united states physically in terms of force
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into the conflict now in the in the syrian government does possess an extensive stockpile of chemical and biological weapons and hans threaten to use them is the country came under foreign attack of it's unclear whether this is mere saber rattling by both sides but of course it really complicates efforts to find a diplomatic solution to this ongoing escalating crisis something that moscow has really been pushing for from the start now the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov on monday also reiterated his opposition has his warning of four and that no unilateral solution is possible or could be effective in syria he said that an international collective agreement would be the preferred a way forward to something similar to what the world powers and syria had agreed to in the geneva conference back in june of course all of this this is the sort of international way forward has really come under question after the u.n. security council had decided against extending its observer mission in syria not really throwing questions into whether international agreements could really be the
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way forward and perhaps a going against what the u.s. president is now warning which is unilateral action potentially in or out of lateral action by the united states if certain objectives aren't met and when serious topic anomic negotiator was in moscow in the beginning of august one of the bigger biggest issues that wasn't up for discussion was a potential loaned out for syria by moscow. as well as the sale of oil to syria we do have to keep in mind that as the. conflict has raged on the syrian people have really suffered in dire ways economically and the impact of sanctions even though they're supposedly not directed at the people has really been to make life almost impossible for everyday syrians we also have to keep in mind that while and fuel is not getting enough weapons are we've seen the reports of weapons being smuggled to the syrian opposition through the libyan border this really exasperates the conflict and really sets the situation up for
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a potential rapid escalation in fighting more so than what we've already seen. moscow says only security council along can authorize the use of force against syria warning against lateral sarah tribe dr ali mohamed a says an iraq less western interference will lead to more violence the western countries are only after their own interest and they don't care about the syrian people despite saying this every single day if they cared about the syrian people they would work to bring an end to this violence to. feed it with more weapons and money when i hear obama talking about chemical weapons out of the blue i can tell you with no doubt that they are preparing a chemical weapons scam the question is why would the syrian army use chemical weapons the syrian army is winning in every single battle having against the rebels so why would they need to do that government learn quite well from iraq from libya
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from other places if the government army is winning why would the government give the u.s. a pretext to attack it just out of the kind of its heart mr obama talked about being the chemical weapons will reach the bad guys and the question is why is he and his administration supporting the bad guys and sending them to syria and in danger and thereby the safety of the chemical. weapons if he doesn't want bad guys to control the chemical weapons why isn't supporting them if obama attacks syria or directly or a very local proxy with or without the chemical weapons pretext this will definitely lead to a diverse state in regional war that will create a whole new middle east. the ongoing violence has instigated a mass exodus of syrians and neighboring countries the un says at least one hundred seventy thousand people have already fled for more details are all slayer reports from the jordanian border when i'm standing here at the border crossing between
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jordan and syria it's one of the main border crossings between the two countries but security here is tight and border controls are very very effective and this is a way for a man to deal with the growing influx of syrian refugees into this country now according to jordanian estimates at least a hundred and fifty thousand syrian refugees are currently in jordan they're being housed him if he camps along this border the jordanian government has build forts in the process of building another one but the situation in those camps is alarming and has caused humanitarian groups to talk about a humanitarian crisis we know that the camps are overcrowded people there have little to no access to water and electricity at the same time to the closest was broken out of the jordanian health ministry is talking about health risks they were clashes last week between some of those refugees trying to break out of those camps because they actually can't leave them without permission now the violence behind me in syria is starting to spill over into jordan just monday there were four shells that landed here one of them badly hurt a young or jordanian called in
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a number of people were rushed to hospital so that as the syrian violence creeps closer and closer into neighboring jordan. foreign intervention doesn't always bring peace and stability to a country ravaged by bloody internal conflict as we discover shortly warning that libya should brace itself for a surge in violence over the recent wave of bombings. police on me czech republic are investigating a man suspected of planning a copycat massacre or to the one carried out by a norwegian on the spray of a class two year weapons and police uniforms were discovered in his apartment just days before breivik is due to hear the verdict for killing seventy seven people in two attacks i would say to shift the reports. and off weaponry and explosives to kill dozens of people that was the discovery of the czech police when they raided at twenty nine year old man's apartment in the city of
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a strong man was reported by his neighbors to have some mental problems that's why the police decided to take action and later they arrested this man who was carrying a remote detonate a phone explosive device on him when he was detained but it's also been revealed by the czech police that an explosive device made of an aircraft bomb was found in his apartment and they did it could have killed dozens of people it was believed to be a very powerful explosive device of several kilograms of explosives in it the police are now does not reveal and does not know what this man's intentions were but already has all the reasons to believe that the man was a sympathizer of the killer from norway on this break who is due to have his verdict delivered this week sources within the interior ministry of the czech republic report that this man used a brave as he is on the internet in different forums and different social networks
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so they have reasons to believe that the man was sympathetic all of the of the killer from norway for now the police is trying to determine whether there have been any connection between the detained man and become self now we'll know little about this man for a few pictures had been released by the czech media this man detained and cuffs on him being put in a police car but for now the police are trying to keep all the information secret regarding this man so that he won't have any more followers and they're trying to determine whether he actually had any more followers or if he was planning to act alone. here with our team and still to come anonymous. u.k. government websites offer disruptions at. korea's happened during a retaliation for britain's treatment of wiki leaks founder julian assange. plus abandoned and dejected the moves to protect russian orphans adopted abroad then face terrifying cool to. washington is being internationally
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condemned for turning to al qaida style tactics by using follow up strikes and its pakistan drone writes the attacks target those who arrive at the initial scene to help victims multiple american missiles have killed over a dozen people in pakistan in the last few days in areas the u.s. claims are full of militants going to chicken as the story. the u.s. prides itself on the rule of law but on a number of issues the line between what's legal and what's not kind of blurred in the last decade or so is wiretapping legal no but in the name of national security yes there are attempts right now in congress to legalize big brother on the web by making it legal for providers to funnel all private correspondence to national security agencies the law in the u.s. protects free speech but never before has there been such a hunt for whistleblowers that's in america but as far as u.s.
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actions abroad the issue of what's legal and what's not even murkier washington has expanded its target assassinations program in different countries essentially putting itself above the law now i'm joined by john feffer author and co-director of the institute for policy studies he has an interesting theory of u.s. foreign policy he compares it to dexter the t.v. show dexter is a fictional character who is a good citizen by day and a serial killer by night but he only kills bad guys for what's so wrong about being dexter i mean everyone loves dexter was a very popular t.v. show here in the united states and all across the world but this is a difficult moral questions because of course dexter is judge jury and executioner and sometimes he makes mistakes and the united states too is in a similar position united states often says it only kills the bad guys with some of the. other figures that have been attacked by drones over the last few years but
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the united states also makes mistakes there have been any number of civilian casualties associated with these drone strikes so in some sense they're in a similar moral quandary dexter and the u.s. government as you said you know this administration has expanded its drone program dramatically and the strikes in pakistan yemen and other places they end up killing many civilians we're talking about extra judicial killings and. here's the question that pops out. you know when when someone does something outside the law they're usually afraid of getting caught but in the case of the us who is the police to catch them there is no police is there well there isn't any police of course there are international laws and there have been a number of reports on the implications of international law on the drone attacks and the un for instance report tour has condemned drone attacks as being illegal but i think the chief concern here for the united states in terms of getting caught
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is being caught by blowback in other words by the consequences of these drone attacks and those i think are significant because of course we've seen people here in the united states who have cited these drone attacks as the reasons for their terrorist activities for instance so i think it's blowback which really represents the casualty or shall we say the consequences that are most direct the drone program one retired senior pakistani air force officer told us that the tactics america is using in its fine with terrorism may well backfire. i'm afraid the information which is being given out is very sketchy because especially since two thousand and nine the united states seems to have changed the rules it has declared that any able bodied person. who can be considered a militant will be considered a militant in respect of the fact whether the person is a terrorist or not but it is
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a mockery of all kinds of human rights and especially coming from a country which calls itself the champion of human rights and the only reason why the united states is banking upon the use of drones is because it considers it means by which its own troops its own people are not put at risk and sitting from ten thousand kilometers away but the fact is that the relatives of the victims are approached by the terrorists and they are told that since your abilities have been targeted and killed it is high time that you can take revenge and in fact the number of terrorists who are being groomed and recruited in this way is rising so it is not just a double edged sword it is counterproductive and it is increasing terrorism rather than reducing it. swinnen says it won't extradite julian assad's to a third contrail if there was a risky to face the death penalty there and justice ministry official made the comments to a german newspaper london wants to handle sonce to sweden to face sex crime
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accusations but the waking leaks editor fears he could then end up on trial in the us that the release of american diplomatic cables has been hiding for two months in the london and the sea of ecuador a test granted to have asylum britain says it will not let him to safely leave its soil and even threatened to break into the embassy to arrest the internet hacker group known as anonymous managed to temporarily take down several u.k. government websites off of the treatment of children massage therapy ground that a self-confessed anonymous collaborator says someone has to stand up to the bullying u.k. . you know that anonymous is doing what has been going on there so it's very beginning. name. because he has this organization has become one of the most driving forces in something very very positive but necessary. arrangements as we know of
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a mindset which we can citizenry and their governments that's why this is always been a major issue that i missed and why we're continuing to be thank you actually when we see the behavior of the so we've seen from britain for instance of the last few weeks saying such things as now you gate is not acknowledged you believe you applied to another nation to go but that's up to the office of the west has forged it in terms of diplomatic policy to the fact that william hague would say something about it shows us what who we're dealing with the terms of how crazy they get when they have to so you know we're always a very very happy that people have many many options by which to get involved in this situation which one side is very obvious to again come up behavior and the other side is engaging in to solve those. it's not the only hand attack problem at the moment as we were born and article called. this is the home page of the moscow
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airport where the sign and that's a bulgarian transvestite singer looking back to you as hackers out at the jailing of a punk band pussy riot. and apple may be the world's most valuable company at the moment but it's not the biggest ever details of history's tech titan that's now a shadow of its former self all at our two dot com. demanding that libyan authorities ensure the security of its diplomatic mission there that's after an egyptian diplomats car was blown up in the city of benghazi and just a day after twin bomb attacks left two people dead in the libyan capital the authorities blame loyalists of the depots leader of moammar gadhafi thirty two have been arrested libya remains unstable since the nato barracks popular uprising resulted in gadhafi as ousting earned death last year the editor of a new york investigative newspaper blackstar news believes the latest violence
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could indicate other forces of interests in the chaos in the country. it's not definitely known who could be behind these kind of actions i think what might be disturbing is that normally when these kind of activities start they don't just and so sadly there could be such more actions similar explosions in the days and months to come and judging by the situation on the ground it's not clear that things are any better in libya today than before the nato intervention i think there's a rush to try to create a semblance of normalcy you really cannot have stability without addressing the issues of the weapons that are widely available at the end of the day the people that really exercise power in libya today are the armed militias there was some talk and the international criminal court later would have to be brought to account
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for what amounted to a war crimes who is going to address those issues so rather than focusing on the proposed trial of the son of gadhafi that's really addressed the more serious issues the destruction on libya that was caused by the nato who is going to compensate libyans for the lives that were lost and the property that were destroyed that to me seems to be a much more serious issue than the proposed trial of one of qaddafi surviving sons . all right time now for some other news making international headlines right now. a car bomb near a police station in selfies turkey has killed at least nine people including children and wounded scores of others no one has yet admittedly explosion but it comes amid intensified clashes between turkish troops and kurdish rebels who are fighting for in a tone in this region turkey believes the kurds are taking advantage of the conflict in neighboring syria to set up bases there. the gun battle eleven
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ohms northern city of tripoli has left at least two dead and several others wounded the country's injured a number of clashes between supporters and opposers of the regime in neighboring syria the military moved in to quell the fighting on both sides but it later restarted. an insurgent attack on an us air base in afghanistan damaged the plane of america's top military officer general martin dempsey was not near the aircraft at the time but two maintenance crew were slightly injured dempsey was in kabul to discuss the recent wave of so-called friendly fire attacks by afghan soldiers against international forces the hit on the general's plane isn't barras saying for american forces after the taliban claimed to have shot down one of their helicopters last week. japan's been showing what its military is made of with its annual drill at the foot of mount fiji involving thousands of troops
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but it comes at a tricky time as relations sour with neighboring china in one of asia's biggest territorial disputes japanese activists recently landed on a strategic island claimed by both countries sparking huge protests in china and a call for direct action to secure the area. every year thousands of russian orphans are adopted by american families with the hope of giving them a fresh start in life well it doesn't always work out with tragic stories of abandonment and beatings for some parties here go to school all reports there is still one place those vulnerable children can call home. he's ten years old but has already been through more than most people would face in a way of time. this boy suffered deep psychological trauma and he often becomes secluded locks himself from the rest of the world and when it comes to america he still never talks about it in his relatively short life already been abandoned
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twice first by his biological russian mother and then by his american forster mother she changed her mind just six months after the adoption dumping him all alone on a flight back to moscow with nothing more than a note and a change of underwear for the last six months john has been living in a children's s. always village just outside moscow an international project that brings a new format to the traditional concept of children's homes and foster families here children move in groups in separate houses each group then has its own foster mother heading up what are john himself now called a real family. the main goal for now is to help cover to get over his psychological problems and catch up education wise there's a large gap between what he knows and what he's supposed to know at this age. dozens of other children live in this village and all the want to join declined to
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speak on camera he's once again playing and talking with the others about doing so weiss it's hard to imagine what sort of stress i have to go through fortunately you know a lot taking time but he is recovering surrounded by other children unfortunately thomas white has not been an isolated case. around sixty thousand russian children have been adopted by american families over the past two decades but twenty children have died through neglect and cases of mistreatment have become all too common. phrase deal with you one family adopted six girls from russia and use them to film porn they've now been convicted another u.s. family specifically adopted children with disabilities just to mock them they tied them up threw them into a swimming pool put others in their mouths and turned on the water and these are just the cases we know of moscow is calling for the creation of a separate body within the u.s.
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government that will monitor the lives of children adopted from russia to prevent such stories of neglect ever happening again as for our terms former foster mother she was fined sixty thousand dollars by a us court and ordered to pay a quarter of her salary every single month until he's eighteen to a boy she rejected despite once having legally agreed to love and protect you got this going to moscow all right it's time for care with all the latest business well they're carrying so it means times of economic uncertainty people are turning to the products they can trust the most tell us more about exactly carrots things like general materials but now they ring record highs and that's because as you say people are losing faith and it's in the value of paper money. that has details for us. it's five years ago the saugus that the world will come up to the talk we now hold the global financial crisis successful investing during these years proved
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challenging it turns out commodities namely corn gold and brant crude offered the biggest return strong double digits here compared to modest gains for the footsie and the s. and p. and losses for japan's nikkei and it may not be too late to join in the commodities boom take a look at the core it's prices hit a record high on friday as the u.s. government slashed its forecast for the drought damaged crop do worst drought in more than a half a century i should add overnighted became the hottest commodity on the list but it still has a lot of. its dramatic rise is also the result of ethan all increasingly becoming part of the ghastly mix the second harvest is gold in july it saw the largest quarterly price drop since two thousand and eight or the bad news about the state of the global economy suggests central banks will increase stimuli read crank up the printing press in turn wait on the us dollar that will boost the gold as an
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alternative investment it's now priced well below its inflation adjusted high over around two thousand four hundred dollars an ounce of reached in one nine hundred eighty last but not least is crude arguably it's the most popular commodity and that's understandable since it's part of nearly every faucet over every day lives from fuel to fertilizers and cosmetics with branch trading around one hundred fifteen dollars a barrel it still has a lot of upside before it tops its record high of one hundred forty seven of a quarter dollars it reached in two thousand and eight and stay with me despite the prices full speed chains of banking or more people eating out major chicken specialist learned and to the russian markets opening up twenty stores in two years . is the chain known for its controversial labs has been named one of the world's top. grams and heading to the markets now we get stuck in it with the european ones
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and stocks are indeed advancing and that's a spain's boring costs fell at debts while the investors they are awaiting a series of meetings going on this week between leaders of countries in the euro area to assess how to tackle the ongoing debt crisis so for now both the. mystic as the exchange rate is a common currency is also gave ing in the session the russian currency the ruble is experiencing the biggest gain in a fortnight a month as the price of brant goes over one hundred fourteen dollars a barrel for the eggs market is that here they are indeed a raise in the losses that we had yesterday a bit of a depressing monday but now posing significant gains and again that's because oil continues to climb as you can see the l.c.s. that over two and a half percent in positive territory moving on grand slam champion maria sharp is hoping for a smash hit with a new line of sugar kovar sweets the premium branding to sticky tennis balls
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because of the profit goes to charity but the tennis star won't go hungry she's the world's highest paid female athlete friend eighth straight year karen colos fragrances what now sweets whatever next. nobody loves the sweet more than i do. see all right now more money is on the way as we discuss whether any of the euro zone countries burn a fifth from the single currency. the
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