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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tonight on our t.v. war and word play a syrian officials talk peace here in moscow the media seems to be taking senior delicates comments out of context. as suspected anders breivik sympathizers charged with plotting a copycat massacre in the czech republic just days before the norwegian mass killers to hear his verdict. last washington slammed for al-qaeda style tactics for striking those arriving to help victims hit in the wake of earlier american drug raids. if you just joined us were watching around the world very good evening from me kevin owen here in moscow it's now eleven pm choose day and this is our team our
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top story syria looks ready to discuss assad's resignation earlier today at least that's what some western media said after a syrian official came here to moscow to discuss the crisis but they seized on words from syria's deputy prime minister in the wake of president obama's military threat if the regime crosses a so-called red line. from off can help explain what was really said. i'm standing in front of the russian foreign ministry worktops had floated between the syrian delegation and sergey lavrov but the real story of today's talks had only just begun and that was playing out in news headlines i want to play to you something that the syrian deputy foreign minister had said during the talks that was grossly missed the interpreted and exaggerated in fact in some of the news headlines there are recommending resignation as a condition before conducting any dialogue means that you can't attend to the matter of. dialogue can discuss and problem i don't we are ready to talk about
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anything even vicious question can be discussed but a resignation before any mechanisms in place for the syrian people to express their opinion is the democratic approach. plus you can see here right there which i was talking about is the need to remove any kinds of preconditions such as for example another requirement to present bashar al assad stepping down before some sort of a peaceful solution could be negotiated that is not what was reflected in the news coverage of the tops on tuesday between the the syrian delegation and the russian government of course we do have to keep in mind that the press conference that the take place was in arabic was they were translated to russian and then into english but what this really serves to highlight is that the lack of accurate information and balance information coming out about the eighteen month long conflict i also want to bring into the discussion the example of the level as the battle continues to rage in syria's second city several news outlets have reported for example what
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the free syrian army spokespeople have said that they have taken controls of nearly two thirds of the level of the syrian government of president bashar al assad has claimed disputed those claims and what all of this really serves to highlight is again that the lack of balance information coming out about this conflict there really needs to be a middle ground in this escalating conflict that. we're seeing instead is a sort of black and white or trail trading of barbs a sort of lack of ability for the different sides to come together to really move this forward and a diplomatic way another thing that's really not helping with the potential of a peaceful negotiated solution to the crisis or some of the language that we've seen coming out of the from the the united states as a plate on monday because president barack obama had really caused quite an international stir when he said that the movement or use of chemical or biological weapons by the government of president bashar al assad could trigger could cause the u.s.
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to reconsider its opposition to military intervention and this of course goes to the against what sergey lavrov has been continuously calling for which is unilateral action by any outside power that this is a conflict that needs to be really resolved from within unilateral action by any country outside of this conflict will only make matters worse the russian foreign minister had said that it looks like there may be a willingness to discuss a potential solution to the conflict in a diplomatic matter but many factions both within and outside of syria would not wish to see a peaceful resolution succeed and so it really remains to be seen whether there could be a way out of this conflict that doesn't further make this ongoing war and even worse in the past. you see come from off a course one of the let's get more correspondent in calling mr margolis is joining us along from coming to eric evening president assad said in one of his interviews that he can't win a media war with the west but it's not
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a battle which counts do agree. only the first count i don't agree becker wrote a column recently about how stumbling and poor serious public relations are bringing up the issue of chemical weapons voluntarily which was immediately seized upon by syria's enemies as a weapon to hit the syrians over the head with the syrians have been told to public relations. talk about those chemical weapons you're mentioning there obama says that the use of them by the assad government would lead to direct military action from the us could it really get to that would the u.s. really sideline the u.n. if it came to that i would hope not it's a very extreme position but you know as an old guy has a historian old workers and things i see the armies stumble into words of possible armed conflict here united states has no strategic interests in syria what this is
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all about and ron and the fact that the u.s. is in a very sensitive election year where there's pressure on the obama administration to do something the republicans are screaming do something and so let's hope that these threats and verbal it's very dangerous americans do not realize that syria instance close to russia as northern mexico is to the united states secondly how will the united states know of some barrels of mustard gas for example of being moved around from one site to another it would be very difficult but it's fraught with danger nevertheless the u.s. and israel are discussing the possibility of striking syria eric those warnings you are giving exactly in chain with many of our other guests very notable guest like you we've had on the saving experts warning that western states are at this moment scouring for excuses to justify military action yet. well it appears to be
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so i hope not i'm still hoping that there will be a diplomatic solution the foreign minister lover of this woman urging the wording on but the chances are receding as political pressure grows in the united states and behind us let's remember the few. pushing very hard to do something. overthrowing the government and even support some fronts but moscow's position of course the latest words from moscow warning the us that it's allies against democracy by bombs as it's been put but end of the day could anyone stop american which after all moved into iraq moved into libya without full sanctions with it's a life. no i don't think so the u.s. has pretty much will have its way unless an outside power is willing to confront the united states militarily over syria we don't see this you know the idea of the
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u.s. and russia confronting one another in issuing threats these are nuclear armed powers to me this is the ultimate frightening confrontation we worry about remove clear weapons that iran probably doesn't have well we're going and picking a fight between to move your powers is something that should not be happening are you any clearer all these months where this is heading into night. well i think we can see that that the western powers of the german the syrian government will be overthrown and i think it probably will be as a support erodes more arms and outside forces or poorly in our society and syrian rebels so yes the it looks like a grim outcome for the regime but this is serious really breaking up into little can tons fighting one another along religious ethnic and tribal. lines that are
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just as living on was that the one nine hundred seventy s. this is a very frightening prospect and we have to work hard sure it does not out eric thanks very much for your thoughts we do appreciate it correspondent and that will columnist as you were eric margolis in canada while turkey support for syria's rebels is believed to be bringing trouble upon itself coming out we report on a bomb blast near the syrian border which has killed nine including children. but next police in the czech republic are investigating a man suspected of planning a massacre similar to the killings carried out by norwegian anders breivik last year weapons and police uniforms were discovered in his apartment just days before braddock's two to hear the verdict for killing seventy seven people in two attacks election reports. and off weaponry and explosives to kill dozens of people that was the discovery of the czech police when they raided at twenty nine year old man's apartment in the city all of
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a strong man was reported by his neighbors to have some mental problems that's why the police decided to take action and later they arrested this man he was carrying a remote detonator for an explosive device on him when he was detained but it's also been revealed by the czech police that an explosive device made of an aircraft bomb was found in his apartment and they did it could have killed dozens of people it was believed to be a very powerful explosive device of several kilograms of explosives in it the police for now does not reveal and does not know what this man's intentions were but it already has all the reasons to believe that the man was a sympathizer of the killer from norway on this break who is due to have his verdict delivered this week sources within the interior ministry of the czech republic report that this man used a brave as he is on the internet and different forums and different social networks for now the police is trying to determine whether there have been any connection
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between the detained man and himself now with no little about this man for now that a few pictures had been released by the czech media of this man detained cuffs on him being put in a police car but for now the police are trying to keep all the information secret regarding this man so that he won't have any more followers and they're trying to determine whether he actually had any more followers or if he was planning to act alone let's bring in a story you're watching r.t. it's good to have you company still to come we sweden know safe for a son that's the question what a sick official says the country. to the u.s. to face death row but is it enough to persuade the whistleblower to go and face the sex is still playing a few. washington's being internationally condemned for turning to al qaeda style tactics by using follow up strikes in its pakistan drone raids the attacks target those who arrived at the initial scene to help victims multiple
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american missiles have killed over a dozen people in pakistan over the last few days in areas the u.s. claims are full of militants gun it if you can reports for us. the u.s. prides itself on the rule of law but on a number of issues the line between what's legal and what's not has kind of blurred in the last decade or so is wiretapping legal no but in the name of national security yes there are attempts right now in congress to legalize big brother on the web by making it legal for providers to funnel all private correspondence to national security agencies the law in the u.s. protects free speech but never before has there been such a hunt for whistleblowers that's in america but as far as u.s. actions abroad the issue of what's legal and what's not even murkier washington has expanded its target assassinations program in different countries essentially putting itself above the law now i'm joined by john pfeffer author and co-director of the institute for policy studies he has an interesting theory of u.s.
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foreign policy he compares it to dexter the t.v. show dexter is a fictional character who is a good citizen by day and a serial killer by night but he only kills bad guys for what's so wrong about being dexter i mean everyone loves dexter was a very popular t.v. show here in the united states and all across the world but raises some difficult moral questions because of course dexter is judge jury and executioner and sometimes he makes mistakes and the united states too is in a similar position united states often says it only kills the bad guys of some of the. other figures that have been attacked by drones over the last few years but the united states also makes mistakes there have been any number of civilian casualties associated with these drone strikes so in some sense they're in a similar moral quandary dexter and the u.s. government as you said you know this administration has expanded its drone program
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dramatically and the strikes in pakistan yemen and other places they end up killing many civilians we're talking about extra judicial killings. and here's the question of pops out. you know when when someone does something outside the law they're usually afraid of getting caught but in the case of the us who is the police to catch them there is not police is there well there isn't any police of course there are international laws and there have been a number of reports on implications of international law on the drone attacks and the un for instance report tour has condemned drone attacks as being illegal but i think the chief concern here for the united states in terms of getting caught is being caught by blowback in other words by the consequences of these drone attacks and those i think are significant because of course we've seen people here in the united states who have cited these drone attacks as the reasons for their terrorist
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activities for instance so i think it's this blowback which really represents the casualty or shall we say the consequences that are most direct the drone program. lawyers defending one ton of the detainee say the persistently silenced inside military tribunals with that eventually of alleged torture in the prison. that's just pretrial hearings for five men charged over nine eleven to start this week but attorneys say multiple legal restrictions mean they're unable to mount a proper defense mode pins from the international action center fighting against us for wars and social injustices joins us on the line why is the u.s. so adamant to keep any details of those interrogation tactics i've been talking about secret what are they afraid of. well it's quite embarrassed it's like embarrassing the united states that while they go around attacking governments around the world for allegedly being undemocratic they're engaging extremely undemocratic practices in the us the fact they're engaging in torture is something
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that's outlawed by most countries in the world you know the fact that they're doing this in something they'd like to advertise to the world's i think that it's one line they're there ever to conceal and notable in these trials is that i believe a defendants would so what school board classified lawyers say that states is previously been used for details about nuclear weapons so why is it legal to silence lawyer is an detainee's during trials are they getting away with it. well i think there is you know i can a concerted effort on the part of the entire one percent you know the bankers that work ration in the country they have to continue these wars in order to keep their profits flowing and there's nothing more profitable than bombing and destroying countries and so in order to do that they have to maintain a certain image in the world and this idea that you know the us is democratic and practice democracy is one of the key aspects of this you know the propaganda campaigns that are used to justify their foreign intervention you know right now they're you know there's there's all this propaganda against syria as they beat the drums of war and hope to attack syria you know there's all these attacks on
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venezuela venezuela isn't democratic they don't even have the death penalty in venezuela let alone are they torturing people like the united states is doing right now and so course they want to conceal that show that and the background to make sure people don't see it because it exposes their whole lives which is really that war is waged for profits it's not war waged out of some moral desire to spread democracy around the world a lot of these defendants come from places like yemen in yemen in south yemen the people there were had a democratic government and were trying to build socialism and it was the united states government and the destroyed and aided the destruction of the democratic people's republic of yemen in afghanistan they had a democratic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine and again it was the u.s. and the cia that they tried to overthrow that democratic governments focus but all these challenges from. the lawyers say they're unable to adequately defend their clients because the most important thing is a very seriously these charges could lead to the death penalty so they appeal against these proceedings and for a fully transparent court of justice well it's really up to what happens in the
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streets all across the u.s. there are political prisoners people like minor here movie have them all you know even even you know even so-called u.s. citizens you know even may even they are subject to these you know kind of kangaroo courts and the one percent is that has a desire to lock someone out so it's really you know just as the way to win justice for the people in guantanamo or elsewhere is in the streets it's a people's movement that was all these attacks on our democratic rights that's what's needed right now i want to just sort of another issue that came up as well the earlier a pentagon report admitted guantanamo bay detainees were interrogated while under the influence of drugs and then later to charge them as supposed admissions how can they be legally regarded this rock solid confessions that. yeah good question good question i mean you know this harkens back to i mean we know that you know that the cia was doing experiments with a l.s.d. of one point and you know all kinds of all kinds of dirty tricks have been tried by
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this government that i mean it just shows again you know their rule of law is that you know you know it's just a joke when they go around bombing and destroying and repressing people you know i mean there was a case recently of a man a man who allegedly committed suicide while he was handcuffed in the back of a police car and allegedly shot himself in the face what's going on there you know i mean all over the u.s. you can see you know their whole law and order their whole democratic civil liberties it's all a farce it's just a big farce that the one percent the banks and the corporations use to maintain their rule over the people of the world cup thank you began the program kalibo pin for the international action center fighting against us for wars and social injustices. thank you. so even says it won't hurt you in the stands to a third country if it was a risk it face the death penalty the justice ministry official made the comments to a german newspaper london wants to hand the surge to sweden deface sex crime accuse ations but the wiki leaks editor fears he led them on trial in the united states over the release of american diplomatic cables the surge has been hiding for two
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months now and the london embassy of ecuador which has drawn to the asylum britain says it will not let him safely leave its soil as it will threaten to break into the embassy to rest a move ecuador's president was a big defeat massive suicide. forty party says that sweden's assurances don't offer much hope to search. clearly he can stay in the in the embassy indefinitely but it's difficult to see how we will get out now to danes announcements from sweden and scenes of any attempt to try and yet out of this stalemate could essentially. amount to staging the ongoing. it's common practice that countries don't like sometimes when there's a question of the desk penalty so i don't think that these insurance given today will be to actually satisfy the sound check out what needs to happen is that there
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is actually much stronger assurance and coming from sweden now it's correct technically insured since i actually don't know how much. binding nature it is or how much practice due to mattick money essentially it's time to try and get its brow. let's check out some stories on our web site r t dot com their years of covert spying on muslim neighborhoods by secret new york police shooting spree brand they'd be useless for not leading to a single investigation we interesting story if you want to read up on it so online from us also another one i pulled may be the world's most valuable company the moment it's reported this week but it's not the biggest ever it's good for a pub quiz this one details of history's tektites that's now a shadow of its former self want to know who saw him lying to us again r t. a car bomb in turkey close to the syrian border is killed at least nine people including four children the kurdistan workers party is suspected of the attack
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which comes amid intensified clashes between turkish troops and kurdish rebels who are fighting for the tone of this region the group's issued a denial which to officials have dismissed as not credible i spoke to international relations professor mark oldman who's in turkey he says the country's support for rebels has opened up the border for both sides under ability. but one of the reasons why i had been so supporter of bashar assad was look he's very close the border. into turkey of course a very long border and what we're now seeing of course is re border between turkey and syria so to incorporation into syria rebels and also. part of the problem is you know you all have a blind eye to the border into syria with all the risk of course porous was marquardt. there's also another issue. the religious extremists in
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our religious fundamentalist groups who don't necessarily recognize any water between syria and turkey who don't necessarily want to create a kurdish state so she wished creative accounting and they probably have no great chance of doing that so they could cause of course the world trouble in other countries they could call for. we wish the minority are going to he said because we're on the border. a gun battle in lebanon's northern city of tripoli has left at least two and several others wounded the country's injured a number of clashes between supporters and opposes of the regime in neighboring syria the three moved into fighting on both sides of the start of the. other world views in brief tonight an insurgent attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan's damaged the plane of america's top military officer general martin dempsey it was not near the. maintenance crew that was slightly injured them
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she was in kabul to discuss the recent wave of so-called friendly fire attacks by afghan soldiers against international forces they hit on the general plains embarrassing for american forces after the taliban claim to shut down one of their helicopters last week. well maybe as president is narrowly escaped impeachment but only because turnout at a referendum on his future was below fifty percent. but at loggerheads with the center left government which accuses him of interfering in the law and parliamentary business but he's also blamed for deeply divisive and is which have been backed by states such as germany. coach of the business now just after twenty four minutes past eleven at night moscow time again katie. we were talking tonight only about where investors of putting their money right now and it's going it's of all materials kevin and food as well and that's kind of really defying expectations that it would normally go to paper money but right now it can't be trusted and to explain all the details the task the senate is going to give us the story on this
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one. it's five years ago the saugus that the world will come up to the chalk we now hold the global financial crisis successful investing during these years proved challenging it turns out commodities namely corn gold and brant crude offered the biggest return strong double digits here compared to modest gains for the footsie and the s. and p. and losses for japan's nikkei and it may not be too late to join in the commodities boom take a look at the core it's prices hit a record high on friday as the u.s. government slashed its forecast for the drought damaged crop do worst drought in more than a half a century i should add overnighted became the hottest commodity on the list but it still has a lot of top it's dramatic rises also the result of even all increasingly becoming part of the ghastly mix the second harvest is gold in july it saw the largest quarterly price drop since two thousand and eight or the bad news about the state
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of the global economy suggests central banks will increase stimuli read crank up the printing press and turn away on the u.s. dollar that will boost the gold as an alternative investment it's now priced well below its inflation adjusted high over around two thousand four hundred dollars an ounce of reached in one nine hundred eighty last but not least is crude arguably it's the most popular commodity and that's understandable since it's part of nearly every faucet over every day lives from fuel to fertilizers and cosmetics with branch trading around one hundred fifteen dollars a barrel it still has a lot of upside before it tops its record high of one hundred forty seven and a quarter dollars it reached in two thousand and eight. from boiled chicken made to chicken special this nine days wants to enter the rush to market is opening up twenty stills in two years the chain known for the controversial law. that's
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a play with chicken has been named one of the world's top thirty brands the biggest brand really now is out but it's turning sour in the u.s. session today over wall street today and a largely because it's one of the biggest to coal miners and it's really taking the heat over in the u.s. as you can see we're looking at large declines considerably opens up into positive territory today we'll move on to the european markets they are indeed close but they managed to finish up on the upside and that's because you got crucial meetings taking place this week with yours a leaders and spain's prime cost as well taking some pressure off the year i continues to rise now why it was one percent against the dollar and growing optimism that the european central bank would take steps to really bring journo's foreign calls even further i just mentioned spain and also its leaves as well now the russian cars he finished up or against the u.s.
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dollar on the european currency great for those people off a holiday this month a lot of you out there all those girls the extra markets here in moscow and see that we were looking at strong gains today as it was is beyond just over two and a half percent in positive territory and signify this week well the latest offering from grand slam champion maria sharapova a new line of premium treats including. this fall's part of the profits will go to charity but the tennis star certainly won't be going hungry she's world's highest paid female late seinfeld eight right yeah and that's all from a kevin i'll be back tomorrow. anyway all for a good cause because very bad. we're talking for a good cause very soon. because a report on your screen is coming up right after a short break in recap of the headlines in the next.
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