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divided base stand apart show greensburg's for breathing space leaving a huge leader's deve list clipped on whether to see. also the soundboard or disorder syria's neighbors feel the heat from the country's civil war with deadly clashes and a growing flow of refugees. and also how the deadly trend of am going forces turning their weapons against nato troops helping to train them is adding get more challenges to the country's dreams of peace. international news and comment live from moscow this is r.t. with me us from our thanks for joining us first long considered to ta brew to even mention leniency towards greece's and are something that is being openly discussed by europe's main leaders battered and bruised by austerity asons has backed the use
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for breathing space and today the leaders of france and germany will meet to discuss whether to grant it but as all she's put all of the reports it really is a divisive issue. well over the next few weeks greece could find out its fate in the country's future as a part of the euro certainly got to be something itself a discussion when france was the french president arrives here in berlin for chats with chancellor angela merkel now the two have differing opinions over how the debt crisis in greece should be dealt with as well as across the eurozone in general. chancellor merkel very very big on wanting to see cuts she said that greece must stick to a very rigid plan in order to find eleven over eleven billion euros worth of cuts before the next round of bailout money which is jus shortly francoise hollande in france saying this well they're a little bit more flexible when it comes to greece now this meeting that's going to
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take place here is really to try and make sure that they're both singing from the same song sheet when it comes to what to do with athens it comes of course shortly before the greek prime minister heads to paris for talks with all and hopefully there will be a consensus between germany and france over what to do before then as far as the greeks a concerned they're looking for this next round of bailout money which is worth over thirty billion euros without which well greece is pretty much guaranteed to default and be kicked out of the euro zone all of this up for discussion as it stands at the moment which will be talked about here in berlin what is interesting is over the last few weeks we've seen greece really drop out of the headlines but the the bare facts are that well things haven't improved then it's not been jus two to good news economically that greece hasn't been making headlines things of continued as badly as ever really with unemployment still on the rise the country
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is still in recession and turning over negative growth so the problems in greece haven't gone away the story may have disappeared from the headlines shortly but the problem still there and that's what's going to be discussed when the french president meets with the german chancellor here in berlin. regardless so whether greece is given more time is toxic to find dead will remain the same aggressive or stary t. privatization and cuts power andrew gavin marshall from the sun to research and globalization thinks those reforms will do much more harm than good. but you actually look at the situation what some heiress is complaining about is that he needs more time to implement reforms but what are the reforms there's three words which are use most commonly used austerity adjustment and growth if you simply take the rhetoric follow the policies and look at the facts you can actually translate the language into what it actually means so austerity means impoverishment
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adjustment means exploitation and growth means that profits they undermine labor they cut pensions cut social security cut health care spending cut all social spending in general hire more people from the public sector privatized the economy privatizing infrastructure privatized the water the electricity so that foreign corporations can come in and buy everything up for cheap and this is also that they can get a bailout in which the money simply goes to pay the banks just the interest on the loans to the banks so it's this massive scam and it's illegitimate for him to be saying that we simply need more time to impoverish our population. and those with a fancy for financial scandals is still ahead for you guys report it's eleven says he g.m.t. and today also he's a relentless corruption hunting telling it america's crisis fighting measures or lack of them. imagine the cow has a tube attached from its utter into its mouth that's the ben bernanke is economic
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strategy is the sell feeding cal getting bigger and bigger so the quantitative easing is working the fat cats the fat cows on wall street they're getting fatter of course a fat cow generates more to try this through the posterior of the cow which in this case is not fertilizing the economy it is burying the economy in layer after layer after layer of. waste. syria's neighbor is sounding dalai lama. the country's protracted civil war pools over the borders and threatens to spiral into a full scale regional conflict jordan has lashed out at the syrian government following a cross border a tug that wounded a child has sparked panic in a nearby village adding to the increasing influx of refugees to the country policies that for us i'm standing at the zaatari refugee camp on the syrian
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jordanian border which is the first legal camp that has been established by the jordanian authorities in the desert what happens is that the refugees come to the border they're picked up there by the jordanian police and brought here to zaatari camp now depending on the levels of fighting in syria anywhere between a thousand and three thousand people are fleeing across into jordan each day the current figures stand of some one hundred and fifty thousand refugees who are currently in this country now the united nations refugee agency is preparing itself for the long haul and to this end has begun building wells in jordan where water scarcity is a huge problem the condition in the camps is alarming we're hearing from human rights groups they're talking about a crisis in the making we know that the camp is overcrowded people here are complaining about extreme weather conditions about does it storms and we've also heard a number of incidents of six harassment in addition to this the jordanian police are investigating the first case of a person dying in the camp when
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a fire broke out now jordan is in a very difficult situation and finds itself between a rock and a hard place on the one hand it is providing assistance to these refugees but it has its own very limited resources it has a fragile economy and as i mentioned earlier it has a basic lack of water jordan also does not want to upset its bilateral relations with neighboring damascus and that is why to this end it does face a problem of thousands of refugees in coming into this country hating the syrian president bashar assad in addition to this some of the violence in syria has spread across the border. that is why residents of walls and towns here in jordan have asked the jordanian officials to look after them particularly in light of a number of shells that recently landed in some of these towns injuring a number of people policy r.t. at this atari refugee camp on the jordanian syrian border. and lebanon has reportedly deployed combat units to its northern city of tripoli the area has seen
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a series of armed clashes between pro and anti assad supporters which claimed around twelve lines although lebanese authorities have declared a cease fire that the situation remains volatile and political analyst and lowered to franklin lamb who is currently in lebanese capital beirut says there is an overwhelming fear among its population. the concierge of my building who is syrian sometimes hides in my apartment the bin roundup of syrian nationals here in beirut in south beirut even going to great deal of fear people are saying not since the civil war have things been so likely to ignite or the people are feeling so insecure as you know the very broods in tripoli the most certain of for the the. al always and the. search and right down the middle ironically is the name of a big street called syria street and that really tells the tale up there but we
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have seen in beirut and other parts of the country a similar the region things are very much on the edge and it's not only the spillover of fact it's the fact that lebanon itself is so fragile and not quite a state in terms of not having a real central government that can enforce the laws and how they're going to compromise army. and their own r.t. spoke to syria zippers or prime minister for economic affairs has warned some outside powers against carrying out threats of intervention and here's a quick look at the full interview coming your way next hour. yeah it might seem that military force can get you farther than anything else will but in reality it we've all seen that warfare doesn't get you anywhere politically in the situation in syria is very volatile and any instance of armed combat will only escalate the hostilities a war is what we need is a civil taney
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a cease fire and with those that would be in line with the kofi annan plan the geneva arrangement stance of our friends and the attitude of the syrian government is that which is published a resolution calling for national reconciliation with. the terms that finding stability in afghanistan have suffered as said by after a wave of attacks on western troops by our going soldiers around a dozen nato servicemen have been killed in the last couple of weeks alone inflicting further damage to hopes of course toward peace as the citric and looks into the reasons behind the deadly trend. the u.s. war in afghanistan is known as the longest military conflict in american history and as u.s. officials hope for a successful exit strategy by the year twenty fourteen an alarming new trend is spiking on the ground indicating that this may not happen so easily u.s. troops have been dying at record rates in so-called insider attacks at the hands of
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their afghan allies at least ten u.s. troops have been killed in these attacks in the last two weeks alone this makes up for thirty percent of u.s. military deaths in august of last year there have been at least forty such deaths in so-called green on blue attacks where members of afghan forces turning against western troops sixty nine people were wounded and one of many attempts to tackle the increasing problem of talk u.s. general flew to afghanistan this week to address the issue only to have his plane become the target of a rocket attack experts say it's yet another sign of growing discontent in the war torn country as u.s. president barack obama says more needs to be done to protect u.s. troops from attacks by afghans thought of as partners the question of how exactly this should be done remains an answer afghan officials have been attempting to spy on their own recruits to prevent these incidents but reports are growing that members of the afghan security forces are increasingly switching sides defecting to support the taliban in one recent incident for afghan army officials were charged
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with flying arms to the militants some experts explain the increased insider killings trend as a result of frustration with the length of the war others point to the fact that this comes after several scandals involving the conduct of u.s. troops on the ground from koran burnings to desecrating afghan bodies by you were needing on them and shocking videos that made headlines around the world the afghan wars and its eleventh year and the fact that this year has seen more deaths from insider attacks than ever before seen as a worrying trend for several reasons the attacks have highlighted the disconnect between the u.s. to exit strategy. to transfer most of the fighting power to afghan forces by twenty fourteen but the fact that the situation on the ground continues to be a lot more complicated that some u.s. officials try to downplay with chaos on the ground the question of whether the u.s. involvement deadline is feasible looms large as the party mosque. and
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he was based on a stunning blow good david swanson says washington has created a permanent state a worn out than a stone this is a war that the united states taxpayers are paying for both sides of we are they not just back to stand but we are paying the taliban in afghanistan for safe passage down roads that's now a band's number one source of income when you're paying for both sides of the war a war without end a war that is brewing and generating hostility toward your country in afghanistan and in fact is stand you know to look for logic is hopeless this is that this is the momentum of the military machine that eisenhower warned us about fifty one years ago and it shows no sign of letting up. and plenty more lined up for you in the program including trials by silence going ton a movie to me is appearing at court are forbidden from monitoring pleasuring rather how they were torturing tortured rather
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a toxic aimed at protecting the cia's highly classified interrogation techniques. plus a peaceful way to transform military heritage as an abundance of it top secret bays getting your life with a unique on the wild side. not satisfied with its missile shield in europe washington has announced plans for a similar weapon system in asia a bend of an official pointed at a perceived threat from north korea as the main justification but political activist and head of the new patriotic alliance re that's a paper thin excuse nearly. exaggerated by the united states but we can see beyond the rhetorical that the real target here is china and the u.s. wants to justify rebalancing most of its troops towards. the so-called threats emanating from china are highly suspicious questionable and are in fact just so the
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u.s. can justify sending more troops and ships in this region only intended to provide more just typically shown for the permanent in expanded new military presence in our region that's another concern of ours. missile shield. to fall on farms freeze in the region over the country like china and north korea into the her stands in competing with the united states and deploying more war machines. throughout asia in the that happens the bigger threat to peace. and over to our website at all t. dot com you can find any stories you may have missed on and here's a taste of all the stories online right now for you the protests on the streets of montreal which are packed with demonstrators once again ahead of well actually. dogs on our web site for you russia's popular southern resort region is violated by another deadly flood after high waters killed almost two hundred people last month
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. but the saunders legal team and acknowledged or likely have to take britain to the international court of justice the top body of all disputes between states but it's the only one option being asked to secure their whistleblowers safe passage to ecuador which the u.k. has vowed to prevent and speaking exclusively to assays spanish channel ecuador's foreign minister rita rated his country's support. they would believe that great britain will realize how important it is to give the chance for a person to be saved so that he won't be living for years in an embassy and trust that nation's government we also believe that london will accept ecuador's sovereign decision if that doesn't happen we'll find
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a way out for haps the only thing will be left with is going to the international court of justice in the hague so that we can grant freedom to a son in washington and the u.s. is not our father or teacher to punish us if we have the same rights as they do julian assange is an example a symbol of freedom of speech but there are some countries which try to influence things and limit his freedom and even oppress him so that he stops doing what he's doing who want to make them understand that we're protecting freedom of speech as well as a right to life and personal integrity. at that. the united states has taken the protection of the trees secrets to a whole new level it's gone tunnel mowbray the lawyers defending the chinese are outraged after being told they can't discuss torture is apparently part of efforts to protect highly classified cia interrogation techniques used on a mates the noise plan to challenge them on that soon as pretrial hearings begin for five men charged over nine eleven one lawyer who waited almost three years to
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even be allowed to see his clients says it may be that the military is just trying to hide what's happening at the detention centers. i think that the united states is worried about disclosure of how bad their conduct was in guantanamo. sort of they. were describing great basically they think that that's a very harmful thing to the united states but that is a cost of trying these people you know you need to clear the air or with the truth to get up behind you i don't think it looks good and it jeopardizes the credibility of the trials of the united states tries to do them too much in secret and it's part of the mistake of even trying these people before military commissions these people should be tried in federal courts which have credibility around the world and have their procedures for protecting security but also being open and giving
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fair trials this is a mistake. and us now take a look at some other international news on brave this hour really fifty people mostly women and children have died in a massacre in southeast kenya after hundreds of farmers are targeted the alleged the bloodshed comes in an escalation of ongoing clashes between two rival communities over land and resources is the worst outbreak of violence of the post-election fighting four years ago. losses curiosity rover is preparing for the ultimate road trip on mars to determine whether life ever existed on the red planet this comes after the agency reported a successful as a driver of the probe the rovers eventual dismay surely the planet's mount sharp at the end of the year. thanks chere rumania will host a nato news the base in europe part of washington's expansive pliers in eastern europe their alliances to revamp
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a desert it saw that for so they flew to meet its needs but they're not the only ones doing this and he is our cells where have rebuilt these former bases for totally different uses of excel you're a chef ski explaining. beyond the walls of this abandoned stop secret soviet facility in ukraine's republic of crimea it's a totally different world today to cold war times. a local entrepreneur has found a much more peaceful way to use thirty six hectic as of when you space but. this used to be veery of the facility which was top secret here socialize intelligence was gathered installed and powerful computers but they were now days the scenario is a children's zoo there are many zebras and many here as well as parrots and the monkeys . bought this abandoned base six years ago and turned it into huge safari park unique for eastern europe his animals occupy buildings which were once used by servicemen edger off now lives in what used to be
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a boiler room for the entire base while former top notch facilities have more exotic inhabitants. this for instance used to be soldiers living quarters there were sleeping rooms here now they are occupied by monkeys and parents take a look at people. who cook is not ashamed to capitalize on the widespread fascination for relics of the soviet era a former red army officer himself he knows that those bases were built to last and this concept certainly sells well that's why his safari park is not only about enjoying a wild nature experience but also providing more quaint means of entertainment but . if you would remind of what exactly used to be here is this nuclear bomb shelter it's two sets of velma do was this is the first and this is the second we could have withstood he hundred fifty kilo ton bone they're still in great condition i reserve command point was located here when it was
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a military base now we have removed it into a karaoke room you can see here until dawn and nobody will hear from behind these walls. but clearly the. park's main attraction is a large collection of african lions enjoying themselves in a record struct savannah aleck took us for a rather thrilling walk inside but. i thought that a lion safari park would work very well in the crimean environment and he did today we have fifty four lines living in our park thirteen with twenty four cages it gives a great opportunity for scientific studies never before have we had such exclusive access to loans in this part of the world we have many difficulties but we're fighting them soon your first year the park has been open for three months now where by the way there's the back master lurking behind you that. while former soviet bases are taking over by nato to become once again militarily operational
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zuckoff is now thinking of turning another abandoned facility in crimea into an animal theme park and despite having already opened several zoos across the peninsula he says he is not in it for the profit there was more but. this has become my lifestyle you know i guess you've got to have a military background and be a little bit crazy to take a little bit like this and of course to love animals you know my main aim is to learn to communicate with the animals and it seems to be working just fine. we are of one blood you and me on twee. ski r.t. reporting from crimea in ukraine. for a global weather posting harvest at risk and daniel how this is good the details lovely to see again daniel more than half the united states now in drought and grain exports are roces just cut its harvest off the more flash floods we have this report on fears of violence in the developing world as food prices are
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a lot of control. every year my weekly food stand is growing and much faster than my salary but there are fears that these here the price of food will increase sharply and not only because of a poor crops harvest in russia but also a bad drought in the united states corn prices have already this kind of rockets at sixty percent in the past two months but why should we care that's because most corn is used to feed livestock and that means that very soon meat and poultry could also become more expensive as well as many poor snacks and cereals global food prices jumped six percent in july alone the biggest monthly hike in three years and may not make you laugh if you live in europe all of the united states as people there have more disposable income but in the developing world where people spend up to eighty percent of their budgets on food some more and that's the spikes in the
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cost of basic products could even cause riots and social andress as we saw in a similar scenario back in two thousand and eight there exposed the worst is yet to come even though prices for several foods already record highs you could see maybe another twenty five to thirty percent to the upside the way it feels we could see it soybeans at twenty dollars we can see corn well over ten dollars it's very difficult for traders when we start to see the market breaking out and and getting into a parabolic move to look for a high but you know what i could see another twenty five to thirty percent just based off of the in the opinion of the farm community here in the states and again when you couple that with what's going on around the rest of the world and here with the glencore of the world are saying then i think we have to accept that as maybe fact. mr market is europe slightly higher reports france and germany greece eased its bailout terms the euro is extending gains to the greenback as the fed holds off more bond purchases for now on
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a three months high as the price of bread spoiled grows another ninety cents today seeing itself up as the world's next offshore paradise with a big tax cut from next year the baltic states slashes rates and scripts divisions tax in a bid to get global firms to set up their exports so the move has a fair chance of success notably russian firms can shift their money from current favorites like british europe today we'll have more for you next dial many thanks daniel for that object and just ahead we'll delve into some of russia's remotest ever moshe's part to examine its traditional wooden architecture that's right after i recount our top stories shortly.
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my name is richard davis i'm an architectural photographer from london and i've been traveling in russia for the last ten years on a project fed rough wooden chair choose obviously i fell in love with attractions they are extraordinary ok it's a beautiful opiates and the church is is a religious monumental obviously but it's also an object of wonder you know it's something that people can look around and it opens their eyes that their chairs what can be achieved by using your imagination. to. cool life's always better down where it's wetter so get on board and check out
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world class cutters as they get a lightweight super strong make over while the giant floating lab prepares to charge one hundred scored each to load an hour to go and find a novel way to make waste with a brand new empty to be a supposed whatever your destination hitch a ride to tomorrow's water world today. magine assets that the dam own watches show every single month. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with a video camera and so i moved over and he followed me as i was up with him but we realized there were following everyone from early in the morning. yet. the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him.
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