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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this is r.c. coming to you live from moscow the headlines. a quarter norway's due to decide whether a mass killer under the brave is going to spend the rest of his life in a prison cell or in a mental institution balance while the case itself highlights the failure of europe's multiculturalism. europe's for me conan greece's hopes for more time to implement cuts while our friends lashes out at germany demanding it stop spreading rumors on its imminent here accepts. the un's nuclear watchdog over news talks with iran over its disputed atomic program which the country claims disputed
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peace. and next on trade talks to dr qadri tremelo syria's vice prime minister for economic affairs and he has his say on how a ceasefire a lasting peace can be reached. then there are joined by dr corder here jenny here is vice prime minister for economic affairs and i'm becoming. the let us start over visiting your is a news conference where he says the basic principle that must be observed for any kind of dialogue to be possible in syria you named. and it has still it is and refraining from foreign interference and on is there anything else you know. no there are only these two principle ours which should be enough but if we were to agree on these two principles all other issues would become technicalities despite
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a contradiction is assumed and we would be able to reach an agreement or certain reciprocal concessions over the guidelines in question include refraining from foreign interference in any form of them which means that the syrian people should be allowed to decide their fate by themselves it is in fact a longstanding principle of international relations that to being violated right now of the thirty second principle requires giving up violence in any of its forms if we look at the issues that lie at the core of contention in syria we'll see that it's something that simply cannot be resolved through the use of force but instead the way to deal with them is to sit down at the negotiating table or i should say that pursuing a peaceful solution is through dialogue would require the world to show quite a lot of courage by refraining from military action it might seem that military force can get you farther than anything else but in reality it we've all seen that warfare doesn't get you anywhere politically. the situation in syria is very volatile and any instance of armed combat will only escalate the hostilities
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a war which is what we need is a civil taney a cease fire and with those that would be in line with the kofi annan plan the geneva arrangement the stance of our friends and the attitude of the syrian government is that which is published a resolution calling for national reconciliation will. you know. they have. a lot there for how would you respond to people who say they won't negotiate with the government because military machine has been raising serious it is to the ground how is that as a precondition for dialogue and we're going to nick what have i done sort of live what. is beyond reason violence has been employed by each of the warring parties if we start regarding such statements as a precondition then dialogue will never take place civil wars in lebanon and algeria have shown that sooner or later the warring parties do come to negotiate with each other so the syrian people do have a chance but if only we get down to reconciliation without delay we might avoid
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having to pay an immense a price for our country's war torn economy. common sense and wisdom call for sitting down at the negotiating table as soon as possible are to share without imposing any preconditions that will only impede the process of such demands maybe perfectly well meaning but at the end of the day they're misleading and effectively do more to obstruct the peace process rather than encourage it and anyone who's impeding dialogue right now should be held responsible for the continuing bloodshed in syria the. doctor your doctor had there have been described as prominent personalities of the so-called domestic opposition today you are members of a national reconciliation government notwithstanding the escalating violence would you say that your cooperation with the regime has managed to make a change that up as far as the government policies are concerned there's a. first of all the present government can be called a government of reconciliation as it has
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a different shape still joining this government on behalf of the opposition was aimed at unraveling the maze and finding a way to establish a true national unity government we know that by sitting by and expecting such conditions which will make all the opposition. he's joining the national unity government can cause damage so we've taken it upon ourselves to make the first step towards forming a coalition government while retaining our opposition views we join the government based on a national unity agenda which was put into practice by a governmental declaration of the declaration includes two major provisions which are at the backbone of the coalition and of the future one of. the syrian government relies on the principle of national reconciliation and its recent declaration upholds this principle as a cornerstone regarding it as a process that would express the sovereign will of the people and to be essential for resolving the crisis adopting a road map for national reconciliation by
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a national unity government can be regarded as a victory of the entire syrian people the second provision goes in tune with our principle and was proven by the government declaration it suggests focusing on the east and not just in politics given how become a worldwide situation it was affected by russia and china has veto that meant the end of the old age in the beginning of a new one because i mean focusing on the east regarding the economy fully revising all the economic ties of syria which have existed throughout the years over fourth of the revision of the system is a crucial time as one of the syrian crisis gave rise to it and now the onset of this revision is of great importance and it means a lot that this is not a short term measure this solution will have a positive impact on the syrian economy society and social structure. and you can imagine this is sation but still it is one of the key principles and you reiterated that point at the news conference however there is violence employed on both sides
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of the conflict in syria and one of the war in part is is the government you are a minister have you tried using your position in the cabinet to promote the notion of ending the violence. as far as the sation of violence is concerned we should refer to the geneva communiqué. which provides for a ceasefire in accordance with the kofi annan plan and requires each party to assign their empowered interlocutors of syria did appoint its official representative to whereas the other party still hasn't done so and i don't know why maybe they have trouble picking the right person for the job but whatever the reason the dialogue and negotiation cannot happen without each party making their contribution within our case one of the parties cannot decide whether it wants to participate in their deadlines change constantly on the talks are perpetually perspire and it's high time that we get on with the process of negotiation this issue is closely linked to the opposition choosing between options over the opposition is very diverse or one of its more reasonable factions is the national
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coordinating committee which has made their stance clear they call for dialogue with no preconditions but we have supported their position which is indeed similar to our own longstanding perspectival but we see that there are points for convergence among syria's various political groups including the opposition both inside syria and abroad in this regard there was a very important statement made by dr haitham malik who has gone as far as to suggest handing over to the hague tribunals the militants who are guilty of killing syrians is therefore i'm confident the reality itself urges every sane minded person to call for dialogue going to be if we manage to agree on the principles i've already named but once we start a dialogue we would be able to address any issues but we need to refrain from insisting on preconditions that i'm likely to prevent dialogue altogether if we can achieve a lot of the negotiating table if only we agree on the two fundamental principles for starting a dialogue with the birth mother that in one of the north observers say earlier
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that syria has become hostage to global competition for power and influence in ways by major global players that want to say that american presidential candidates and president obama in particular have taken advantage of the. the imagine is that obama. the syrian crisis is unfolding at a turning point in history but i like to compare to the su is crisis in the us soviet standoff marked the demise of the old world with where you came from has enjoyed had him in and the emergence of a new bipolar world early today the opposition of russia and china is what our she's in the end of a uni polar world but the new world order is yet to take shape and today international relations are going through a painful metamorphoses there's a lot of chaos and disagreement and this brings both positive and negative implications for the syrian crisis and the downside to this phenomenon is that the global balance of power is still taking shape your continued hostilities in syria
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and what the u.s. and europe want to say these are still a teaser follow the familiar slavia scenario the shipments of bloodshed makes it impossible for various groups to co-exist peacefully within the syrian nation so this is why the current international situation is so dangerous however it also creates an historically unprecedented opportunity for the syrian people to untangle a problem built on a longstanding and deep rooted feud in a totally new way she saw this is of course only possible if there's enough political will power to do that with the head of syria manages to resolve this crisis without it will for the first time in history cast away the all too familiar pattern of dividing the state and society who along the lines of differences as was the case in libya and iraq just to replace it by a real nice songs that will get syria a place in the sun in the new political and economic environment. and walk.
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something that people can look at and it opens their eyes that their chairs what can be achieved by using your imagination. the. mind in motion would be soon which brightened if you knew all about sound from finest impressions so. please for instance on t.v. dot com. morning's today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are old today.
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porton always due to decide whether muscular under spray a week is going to spend the rest of his life in a prison cell or in a mental institution that's while the case itself lies dave barry over europe small to contradict some. from economies dodge greece's hopes for more time to implement cuts while the launches are to germany demanding it stops bragging rumors it was imminent if you were exit. i think you are as nuclear watchdog bringing his talks with iran over its disputed atomic program which the country claims is putin's four . hundred right now it's time for a sports update with. hello
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welcome along to the world of sports is what's coming up and running through savings time jay how one foot in the first round of the europa league one nil win over all is it out tomorrow in the qualifying round first leg. to dreams or broken ankle and casey stoner's hopes of retaining his moto g.p. world title and possibly prematurely ending his career in the process. pedal power of the longest mountain bike race in the world take place in the swiss alps as the locals dominate with a one two three. the first. ninety minutes away from writing a new chapter in their history they've beaten dutch side as it alkmaar one mill in the europa league play off first leg. strike five minutes into the second half was enough to give proceedings men the advantage the douglas county side had never
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reached the first round of europe's second competition they now just need to keep a clean sheet in the netherlands next week to reach the group stages for the very first time. elsewhere you eventis manager antonio conti is passionately maintaining his innocence after his ban for his role in the latest italian a match fixing scandal was held this week the forty three year old will miss you defense of the syria title after receiving a ten month suspension he's expected to launch a second appeal to be heard next month. so honest it to me for seven months i've been on the front pages of the newspapers and on the main television news channels seven months that my face has been associated with the match fixing scandal i've never gambled in my life according to them i had to denounce anything i saw that was illegal but i didn't see anything that was or what was i supposed to denounce invent something what are we talking about you know but learned now for russian youngsters dreams of playing the world's most popular sport on the biggest stage is
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one step closer to reality they've been selected for a place at barcelona's legendary academy but the hard work starts now as events of course reports. many are called few are chosen that is exactly the case with these up and coming players age sixteen to twenty they're looking to have the jackpot of their dreams all while getting up close and personal with world class coaches and players such as former barcelona manager pep guardiola and player javier mascherano the coach who has won just about every trophy possible knows exactly what qualities can transform wrought talent into a world class footballer we don't pay much attention to the players' physical build and a flood of cism because they're all still growing technique however is a vital importance and that's what we look for at barcelona cademy one hundred finalists from fifty five countries able to make the cut for now including four russians from st petersburg cross no dar and moscow it's unlikely that dimitri call
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a call off curial romance curial lopped of or blood just last year not ever envision doing drills under the watchful eye of my serrano and his teammate thiago alcantara but that's exactly what happened however just like in professional football nobody spot in the lineup a safe with the organizer said to slash the list almost in half to fifty two only sixteen players will remain in the end though and they'll embark on a tour to play the manchester united football academy select and the united states youth national team among others the winners will be announced on saturday and while simple match suggests that the russians have a slim chance to enter that last sixteen muscovite lops have been particularly has been impressing the scouts with his footballing prowess so a tough pressure filled test for the youngsters in front of the sport's biggest names set to separate the very best from the rest yvonne's gorski are key. now in motor sport training the moto g.p. world champion katie stoner admits the defense of his title is over the twenty six
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year old flying back to australia for surgery after breaking his ankle in indianapolis at the weekend stoner says he has no idea when he'll return to the sport earlier this season the two time world champion announced he would be retiring at the end of the current campaign but he hopes to return in time for his home race on october twenty eighth he's currently thirty nine points behind championship lead a horse with seven races remaining. all staying on the bikes and moscow is gearing up this weekend to host a stage of the superbike world championship for the very first time the event will be held in a brand new circuit the moscow raceway located on the outskirts of the capital for a local fans will have plenty to get their pulses racing with russia's young team and ride of like the millions of competing in the super sport category the twenty five year old has already finished on the podium this season and sits twelfth overall however all eyes will be on the super bikes with just four races to go this season the eleventh stage could be crucial for the destiny of the world title with
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legends max biaggi and carlos chaika fighting for the championship and both delighted the sport has come to russia. everyone. wanted to come russian for the first ever grand prix. the modest part of the world's poor. on the war play its. never sure for years so here we are the first one so is that big a particular thing for us to show for now here presenting us with. the wall. times are changing and it's great. to be part of the change. that makes it special now continuing the motor sport they even in formula one the future of ferrari's felipe massa remains uncertain the brazilian has had a disappointing season to date and carney says fourteenth in the driver's standings he's a forward. hundred thirty nine points behind his team mate fernando alonso who leads the championship masses best finish this season with
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a fourth place at the british grand prix in july while his spanish stablemate has finished on top of the podium three times this season the thirty one year old's last grand prix victory came at his home race in brazil in two thousand and eight and he hasn't finished on the podium since south korea in two thousand and ten haven't met his immediate future will be decided in the next few weeks how they work with this and it's more me nothing will happen at the moment the most important thing will be what happens to the next few races. in the second half of the year in comparison with the first in the end results are what matter to secure anything in the future. now to tennis where the draw for the first round of the u.s. open has been made in both the men's and women's competition world number one roger federer takes on american donald young defending champion novak djokovic will play paolo and see what the olympic champion andy murray is up against alex popov all of the junior class he has beaten finalist rafael nidal is absent through injury
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meanwhile in the women's draw top seed victoria azarenka faces russian alexander had over the second seeded lescott advance is also up against a russian in. all maria sharapova who seem to take from hungary and melinda singh. and finally to cycling where the world's longest mountain bike race is taking place in the fabulous surroundings of the swiss alps are terms artie's arch and guardians has more on the twenty twelve grand range. for the for i was the swiss mountain bike race marathon is an event which attracts the sports elite and amateur was from all over the world and this year the twenty third edition of the grantor eight was no exception with around three thousand writers taking part the race consisted of four different routes so that everyone could have chosen the want to their liking for abilities the longest route ran between the villages to have a beer and agreements and then one hundred twenty five kilometers of course from
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the start to finish also included a five thousand metre climb and without doubt the swiss alps provided a breathtaking background to the support and drama. i suppose of the race representing more than twenty nations and the chance to enjoy the splendor of the surrounding landscapes but only few months of the trade managed to get into the poor and the end of the day and all to the delight of the swiss crowd the main rays became a one hundred percent triumph for local riders alexander moves who celebrated a through deserved victory was followed by his countrymen. and corner
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a loser. department on earth it took a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice i was lucky during the first descent to climb on off super two i was in a great mood and the fans were fantastic and then there was the last descent and here i was at the finish i really had very bad my third place today there was a really hard race it was my goal to go on the podium today i had a really. big lie. because my chain must say. that i had a crash in my car jane and then i could only arrive two gears and then to finally that that i mates are today. yeah i have really have you if russia also had a representative from this endurance event and dream alicia and to finish in two hundred seventy fourth in the overall standings still coming home ahead of thousands of the competitors that's only going to announce an r.c. well that is all from the world of sport for now although there's plenty more later
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here and i'll take the wild weather is next. british. find out what's really happening to the global economy. headlines you need to. understand it and then. you hear. and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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