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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i'll be back here with r.t. here's a look at the top stories a group linked to the syrian armed opposition in washington wants the u.s. to push through an no fly zone over the country a move which has always been contested by russia and china the rebels are looking to take advantage of an ongoing hailstorm of reports claiming an increase of government atrocities including air raids and artillery shelling. looking east egypt's new president mohamed morsi has arrived in china hoping to bad billions in economic deals after decades of the country being america's loyal ally gyptian leader says he's seeking a more balanced foreign policy. for british immigration system is under fire
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after more than one hundred fifty thousand illegal immigrants were called unaccounted for after arriving in the country the home office is now promising a major review of its policies to tighten what c.e.o.'s of the. next are danders the world of historic reenactment meets the would be soldiers taking to the battlefields of the past. in the early hours of a hot july dawn a group of unusually dressed people carefully head on to the shore of one of the
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journey up as tributaries there clad in servant military uniform from the days of world war two. in the summer of one nine hundred forty one on the crossing the. one hundred thousand people were killed while they were trying to escape the surrounding enemy. i witnesses say that the river ran red with blood for several days now candles float down the river. moscow's military history club called the division has traveled here to honor the memory of fallen russian soldiers but this journey to smolensk is just the beginning now they have three thousand kilometers to cover across the european roads to take part in the legendary war in peace show in england. in the village of belching and candace the old hope surrounded by a huge park today it attracts collectors of military vehicles and others with an interest in reaction great battles of the past century the thirtieth war and peace
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show is about to take place. during the reign since the beginning of summer has turned the festival venue into a swamp. military enthusiasm began arriving long before the beginning of the show for them not even bad weather can overshadow the event they've been waiting a whole year for one after another festivals open up offering every thing from uniform buttons to tanks. number two number two do you read me number two over there's a gas station one hundred kilometers from here is a third of a tank left do you copy i copy. there was an accident i fell off a four wheeler and broke my spine before that i was a physician a surgeon and there's suddenly i was bedridden but after six months i started walking slowly recovering. the us thinking of was going to do when my friend from
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rostov told me that he'd restored an old soviet probated car. they also had a gas sixty nine cheap knows me he restored it i did it in a mill she stuck decided i needed a uniform to match that's how. started. by the campground in. historical reactors from a soviet afghan war paratroopers club a keenly digging away. in accordance with military protocol the soldiers are preparing shelters in case of an enemy attack the most amazing thing is not one of these soldiers speak russian these people hail from belgium britain sweden france and holland. well we're digging a trench and we're trying to dig a trench we're doing it by hand so. see how far we get and i turned from going to finish it reenacting soviet union in afghanistan because well.
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because no one else was there were basically it's nothing political over enough for communism or something like that it's just out of interest it was quite secret and interesting to research also quite hard if you can't read russian. convoy left moscow with four heavily loaded cars with trailers to cross seven european countries the shuttle is tight and there's little time for rest. we had a pretty interesting trip to the war history show that. when i showed pictures taken with some s.s. officers to my friends. the ask me. how could i be friends with fascists you know you're watching but there is no ideology in it whatsoever but there's no difference between those dressed as the red army or the diocese. where you can
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uniforms only serve to unite people and it's very nice when you pass a german camp in a soviet uniform and the germans stand up to greet you yourself are you but if you . look. at the camp the festival goers are doing the chores and preparing equipment despite grim conditions many have come here together with their families trying to involve those relatives and friends in their humvee. many years ago british police officer neil cullen himself an old soviet t. thirty four tank he restored it and then became a driver. for the second guards tank army living in here in england we necked arounds. hopefully. when they're big enough i think. think.
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tanks. t. thirty four tank has been several months in a hangar to test its performance and refresh his own driving skills he goes for a test drive. the commander leaves his family at the camp and goes for a practice run in the main arena together with one of his crew members. this will be center stage. and a tank range to demonstrate equipment and weapons. to busy timetable of the russian reactors euro trip leaves room for only a few stops in the most important places connected with the war one of them is the best fortress on the polish border. the german command plan to conquer it in the
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first hours of the war however the garrison demonstrated outstanding bravery and resilience. having found themselves behind the advancing german troops the defenders fought bitterly for nearly a month most of the metal heroes death their story became a legend. carry our daddy up man. beltran has seen the start of a training program for newcomers to the desert platoon living history group they are now meticulously reenacting scottish infantry units who fought in north africa in one nine hundred thirty nine to forty three. using the renowned brendan carrier armored vehicles. and the club members but the biggest emphasis on the atmosphere in the camp and pay strict attention to the everyday life of a soldier from that time. that. yeah they.
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do want to be accurate and we do want to be serious but not over serious because we are paying respect to the people who were in the desert war we actually are living history group rather than a reenactment group what we do is we try and show. the public how crude tried to live a normal life in an abnormal situation and during the war but i think the nazi uniforms i think the japanese uniforms i don't think the time is now i think when all our veterans are are away then i think yeah i believe that we should be doing or showing uniforms that make them suffer. germany greets the russian convoy with gloomy weather and cold rain. to drive
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a swath of it every few hours to meet the shuttle and arrive in time for the meeting in the old saxon town of torgau. here on april twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred five soviet an american troops met and embraced each other as brothers . this a ventilator became known as. history's full of curious paradoxes and today the descendants of russian soldiers are once again reunited with their friends at the river elbe. but this time the ones in allied uniforms the germans from a military reenactment society it's possible their own grandfathers fought on the eastern front. these men who proudly wear the uniform of the allies. next to history but also keep the soul of a common world war two soldier alive. the
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russian isn't coming to the unpeaceful to be handed throughout the year the division has been working on the restoration of two soviet era vehicles into a motorcycle and their pride and joy the famous. this truck was often used during wartime and now they're showing it off to all of europe. to be alive we want people to see them that's how we can commemorate those to drive them. away as a copy of the full model. we're taking this to great britain on purpose there's no such cause they're. the symbol of the second world war. three. continental europe is now behind them people standing in the queue for the ferry across the english channel can hardly believe that a bunch of mad russians has managed to make it all the way here from moscow with
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every minute new military vehicles arrive it's beginning to seem as though everyone in europe has put on a uniform and is heading for england. across the water is the port of dover and from there the festival site is close at hand. life in a military camp doesn't just around hardship. having left behind the battlefield many manage to find the strength to change into dress. uniform. wearing glamorous period clothing the ladies are also invited out to a night of swing and joint music. this marquee with a dance floor is perfect as people see the same way the grandparents did. the british band to join basis kicks off.
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i think the music that we play on the music. coming back now because. a lot of people find it here the young people think it's near the old people remember it but i think also people are getting fed up of just. you know electric pop music and also somebody suggested that in the thirty's jazz swing and music came out of her depression. and the world now there's a lot of you know economical problems so maybe people are looking for the same sort of entertainment to cheer them up and that's what we try and bring some sunshine.
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finally the russian convoy drives into the camp. heavily laden vehicles desperately . good through much showed up by tanks. members of the international club of soviet paratroopers in afghanistan who rushed to help them believe their combined efforts don't help. the commander of the second dummy tank as to use his old terrain vehicle as a last resort. to help they drive into the water logged field where the travelers face another challenge their setting up a me tense. it doesn't go so well at first their fathers and grandfathers were far
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more adept at risk during the war but the overwhelming desire to sleep gives them a boost for sunrise the camp is finally set up and all the members of the russian reenactment group a fast asleep.
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