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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 5:37am-6:04am EDT

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so you. did not have any of the way and it will remain a source of pollution for this very hour until it is repeated and the party that can do that is you know the simple mark the twenty fifth anniversary of the tragedy at a union carbide india ltd facility in bhopal and even today continues to evoke strong emotions globally and rightfully so we're saddened however that spite all the has been written about the tragedy in the past twenty five years so many misconceptions still exist about union carbide and it's wrong the government of india is the appropriate entity to address any i'm going to need to express by the people of bhopal. we are saddened by the fact that the site remains on remediated adding to the tragedy that has occurred the site today is in the hands of the state
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government of my dear pradesh the state government. and together with the central government they are trying to get the site cleaned up union carbide is now a wholly owned subsidiary of dow chemical. thousand one third the boards of carbide approve the burger agreement create the world's second largest chemical company. does complicate things and doesn't because the. nation is very good in india and in the us and. the polluter pays principle is the idea under international law that the liability for pollution should always be traced back to the polluter the polluter should not be able to externalize the costs of pollution onto society at large or a third party it shouldn't be the government's responsibility to clean up at public expense after private polluters. so no no no no no no that is one
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of the. people. drinking contaminated water you see. in the neighborhood and then he got. every founded highly contaminated they do not have any other choice and they are drinking this water. it was like sometime two thousand and four it was sometime in the evening. when i have eased back to my home there was a letter written by my brother. i'm going to die in a few men so take care of yours and he was like he was laying on his back in this room so i had to phone one of my one of my brother's friends and they said only. both of us took my brother to the hospital and finally he had to write that thing.
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before that he had run into a jungle where food he had tried to set him off fire. he didn't have any physical problems his sickness was that of paranoia and fear that if anyone came over then she would go and hide in the bathroom he used to say he could hear a voice in his mind i believe that a war in hell's with time but involved it's getting worse. if we blame each other for everything when no solution will come. the government blames the company we blame the government of the government so first the company suffers and most importantly the people who suffer. i don't remember actually who was the media person who asked me this question who do you blame to work surely according to you. before i answer to his question he said you were god when they he
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said to me your governments like ditching you they have been the people from. so if you're going is not willing to help you then what will you. do for you. on that i'm not particular night on the second and third december some gases from the union carbide leak and some of the people died now being an autopsy surgeon it was my moral duty to find out what the cause of death was. after analysis it was established that cyanide was present along with nearly twenty nine compounds are to which team were deadly. they get us. like in hiroshima and nagasaki it had an adverse effect on their genes so similarly this adverse effect of the gases causing genetic mutation in india. would like that we don't speak about bhopal because he's not a good image of all india in america they don't want to talk about because in spite
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of the fact that there is a wall of and fall the rest against mr one man and a son and mr anderson has retired in a beautiful house. north of new york of course never. end it was a bone of glacier we're looking at we're going to be inventive and one of the implications is for the nation which you know the more than thirty thousand people are affected and the people who are drinking the polluted water think about the problems this can problems that is diseases through the. infections industrialization of. foreign investment you know the. all of those are sick and that's the position that i'm going to get specific governments are not in business to protect the population. that's what they say they are but it's usually a pretty low priority. don't take any worry about somebody started taking over the
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record countries that started it pretty often loses. a loss of the working group population but the leaders were willing to take the risk or it was the room for their own hands i mean this is just some history. the. least want to response in us stocks on a daily the government just pimping for dow chemicals and these are the. same people who have so far stalled justice for the bhopal gas victims. but we strongly feel that on this occasion of the twenty seventh anniversary we will be able to destroy the nexus and we will get justice. they do it like they are they have not been go out have gone by the people the
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other ones who are violent we have a lot of the people responsible for this you can follow them you know this is not the rehab norbit the way it's going to five years what did we not get just if you missed it is what he does what isn't new but. this could make it's nothing new i was hired to do emerge an acquisition for union carbide to bring all of the computer applications on the same traumas dowse i saw how a corporation works because they are more concerned about bottom line profit than anything i just decided that i was making a profit for just the wrong people and chemicals made the decision to purchase union carbide knowing that these liabilities were outstanding so when you purchase the assets of a company purchased those liabilities. we are just asking for our right to clean water union carbide has fully exploited the sort of international dimension of this problem it informs the american courts that new york law can't apply because these
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events took place in india but the same time the same indian law doesn't apply so in effect they're arguing that they're above the law so there are international rules appropriate behavior for. of course international law has no enforcement laws for somebody. if the united states doesn't force i'm. part of a budget they should take responsibility for. where dime from the water i mean no one is offering clean water they have no choice. dow chemical go to how it go to how do how. agents of dow should be spanked. if you look so good to the jurisdiction of a deal then you'll have to submit to the american boards and the american courts after do something about.
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this in two thousand and four the supreme court's directed the government to provide clean and safe water but the government the state from central has failed to honor the supreme court order. and then they promise that by november two thousand and nine the government would supply clean water but that promise was never fulfilled looked up to some pipelines were laid in some areas but not in every area of the water they're supplying the spikes his duty. and dad might differ dish that mission control board certified against any high concentrations of oil like that do so knowing this water is what is being supplied to the locals who have given their lives.
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no company should realize that it cannot break this country's laws. how much if we win this fight outsiders will gain nothing gain will be for years the people of palm. like you know most of what we have asked for is the clean up cost union carbide should clean all the poisonous and powerful toxic chemicals that are stored inside the plant. for me to the ground water which is polluted in a radius of three kilometers around the plant should be cleaned and union carbide should be paid for about you but you don't need to. bring i'm dissing to india bring them here. chemical leave india leave india on top of that we have asked for compensation for the victims who are suffering. and it's our mission to fight for people who are weak people who cannot fight for themselves or even know
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how. this is all union carbide should bear these expenses because in the coming ten to fifteen years people will keep getting affected due to the growing to water contamination and will be more prone to cancers like diseases given audios madea's we are fighting for our society we are fighting for our country we are fighting for bhopal gas victims. it's only by virtue of the fact that this outfit if it indeed. able to exist. has come out this year a fresh known bailable warrant has been issued for foreign anderson. and if the government fails to wake up and help then we are committed to fight the next twenty seven years against the nexus between the company and the government the process could change dramatically if the indian government had to reverse this and have the
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courts examined something the government the many of them not they don't have the authority to someone with their name of government but what they have said to the government if they want this really come to an interview i think it was what it was . they were all this it was in court of law they have subpoenaed they have submitted a letter all the that's all over the what are your. i. get on any ideas from our research one thing is very clear the union carbide india factory is infected with poison frank it is a poison which will not lead to death just by touching it so i can understand why their mind pradesh government is saying there is no poison. but it is also true that it's a kind of poison that is leaking into our environment that is the main thing i'm sane is that the factory should be cleaned as soon as possible.
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god has given you this beautiful word with all the facilities but god has given everything here why destroyed. itself come on friends join the march with the victims and show that your passion has not cooled down. has not turned down because we did not get justice and unless we get justice our passion will never come down. every year millions of people dying because of his unburdened of pursuit of profit. in what in name will follow saying is that you cannot do it in far not allowed to do. because life is sacred and that cannot be violated. this is my house the twenty the strength from the rest of the world who will get
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justice from dollar company that i get. the twenty fifth anniversary is just a landmark the fortieth of the verse read the first of the diverse read will be as important for the final goal and the goal is to clean the factory farm all those toxic fluids which still pull you the water that the people have to drink. and amazon i want the world to understand the crime of these companies they profit from the analysts products as they show on t.v. . the same products in our lives not only that. we should never allow down to continue their poisonous business in any other city in the world so that another book powell who will not be repeated by. any worse really gives us more spirit gives us more and go to judgment people around the world to help informal five and we get more support every year than the previous
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year if there is justice and this world would be safer for all of us to live in because it would set a precedent and a parent company cannot set up a subsidiary somewhere in the world create a large scale environmental problem there and then when the time comes to fix liability sell off its local subsidiary and then retreat to the united states or any other developed country and to basically say that nobody can sue them here nobody can hold them accountable so that's the sort of context in which if our litigation were to be successful it would set important precedent. am . i was.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images called world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today.
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heads east germany's chancellor is in china seeking investment trying to convince beijing that the euro is still stable enough to invest. main de main is scandal syrian officials walk out of the nonaligned summit in tehran as egypt's president morsi lashes out at assad's government calling it oppressive. and the rebel opposition in syria will be wiped out sooner or later this according to president assad in a recent t.v. interview. as that continues of.
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international news live from moscow's city center this is artsy with me rory sushi welcome to the program the german chancellor is the latest e.u. leader to beat a path to china with a huge delegation of business leaders alongside offers a good chance struggling european economy to basically attract the investment that it needs to avoid financial catastrophe and has become rather a frequent guest in china aiming to nurture a friendship with the economic superpower. now reports. america is no stranger to china this is her sixth trip to the country since she came to power in two thousand and five and there's going to be some big business to be talked about during this current trip it's not just politicians that are there on this visit a group of around twenty in the delegation including people like siemens and volkswagen who are all there to show that the eurozone still is
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a stable market to invest in but china has its own vested interest in seeing the eurozone stick together europe is china's biggest export market so there will be support there from beijing to keeping the monetary union together but just expect some kind words they shouldn't be any talk of cash coming forward from china to help the ailing eurozone now there is talk of a special relationship between germany and china not unsettle some people in brussels who feel a little left out and when you look at the figures you can see why some nations would be feeling like they're not getting a slice of the pie a trade between the two countries is set to rise to around two hundred and eighty billion dollars by the year twenty fifteen well the reason that the to make such good economic bedfellows at the moment is that germany produces the machinery needed for china's manufacturing industry germany also sees china as a growing market full day or exports since the orders have started drying up from
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within europe due to the people simply not having the cash to buy german goods within the european union and within the eurozone monetary union so will be the eurozone crisis an increasing economic ties that will top the bill when it comes to angola merkel talking to the chinese leadership but what will be underlining the meeting is the cruel fact that germany needs china far more right now than china needs germany. reporting right there were in the meantime are europe's fourth largest economy that of spain reportedly considering. whether to ask for yet another bailout catalonia known for its proud and independent attitude is now seeking over five billion euros of rescue cash from madrid spain is a prime minister admitted the fact that such a wealthy region cannot meet debt fundings obligations is rather a large problem catalonia accounts for almost a fifth of the country's economic output. though believes the whole situation could
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have easily been avoided. the way in which the space tax system works it goes this way. it is the central government that collects all the taxes actually ninety five percent of them and then pretty stupid among the different regions. following the great t.v. as they call it the reach of regions gets less money the poor regions get more money so that's a load which actually gets back very a small amount of the money it keeps to the central estate and that is why they have these huge steps so what they say is that there is not really there that is the depth of the spanish the state of the debt that this financial state has decided them to have so what they want as they put it not alone not not money from all the other people's pockets but they won just more money from their own pockets spain he's essentially is now performing
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a very hard agenda of austerity cuts and that is actually biting all sectors of a spanish economy and the problem is that is not working is not bringing down the deficit which is the main targets and then as i say he's damaging all the aspects of spain's economy. but let's get some more analysis on this natasha it's guy the aussie business that's good to see you today let's let's focus in on this whole issue with spain and possible bell out as i was just saying a moment ago catalonia accounting for roughly a fifth of the country's economic output this must be a drastic situation for them to find themselves and now well it is pretty drastic. let's separate the emotions from the facts first of all catalonia is the third region to ask for help and because of the way the spanish tax system is set up catalonia is not only spain's wealthiest region it's also the most indebted region so it was just a matter of time before was going to ask for help and overall spain has six regions that can no longer tap the international bond markets with
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a combined debt of almost one hundred two billion dollars or the equivalent thereof so it's pretty bad pretty bad as you say but you know you talk about greece italy portugal you know all these all these nations are struggling at the moment and now spain is doing everything possible perhaps to save some face and not ask for yet another bailout i mean how likely is it that while it's trying not to ask but spain has slipped into recession three months earlier than it had previously anticipated catalonia is regional government's request for money certainly boost for the chances of spain's national government requesting an additional bailout of its own but the bond market so far is pretty much ignoring the situation there waiting for a reaction from the european central bank which should come within days and of course we'll keep you posted on that us well our very good natasha on your sky we'll see you soon for the business. for those syrian officials walked out of the
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