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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 6:37am-7:07am EDT

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this they didn't know they said they were wearing like soldiers but do you think that it's their loyalty towards the what do you want me to do i cannot shut up if if if nobody is reporting this i feel that if i know it and i do not report that i am helping. women and to continue that way and after even have human rights watch begin to talk about things perpetrated by. actual armed insurrection affiliated saying that it is affiliated to the opposition that were doing sins against humanity. and this is any problem and we're talking about the syrians in general do they want regime change look i think that yes and said that there is has fallen there is no more disillusionment you will never ever have the same regime on what now the commission
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they have been discriminated not because the commission but because being commission they could not but it dissipate in islam is the most gracious and sometimes it arrived to violence is against them. everyone says you know we had more than two hundred thousand coalition that had to flee out because of this on big worse position that we have to here to discern between exterior opposition you know in some of the leaders of the opposition outside of syria they never came back to syria since thirty years so they don't have. a popular ground ok they want to come to be able to come but with the help of. foreign. what an
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intervention media thirty but you have the. opposition. would do doesn't want these kind of foreign intervention. they want changes but violence and result destroying everything when we're talking about a solution a third way as you mentioned earlier in this conflict how is that going to happen given that there are a lot of guns on the street how is the solution to work and what exactly can be done there is big violence you know but. it's not everywhere in syria. the violence that is inside needed by the border guards and is following a special plan but in a country. who have very large pieces of people. around off land which is not on the violence. and also even in the cities where you
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have violence they have so much space. what would be. kind of you know for a country like iraq completely destroyed that many of the opposition and begin to think and to say it's not the way the value and it's not doing so since one year we have been more than one thousand people have been invited to. tourist complex to think about is certain way and third way the name of the survey it is more solid initiative is a more subtle high initiative does not come from the opposition does not come from division it comes from the silent majority of the syrian people from the leaders of families of tribes of clans. and also from religious leaders
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they meet together and they were very active. when there were the challenges that nobody could so lucian it but them for example in homs. you had many families completely trapped the. streets. they were controlled by the opposition but it was going to bomb them and so they were under high danger they were trapped for more one month nobody would know how to do it so most of the high intervene you know. it is the notables they have their cousins inside the opposition for but just need they have. believers in sorcery so they made negotiation secretly and slowly by slowly everybody could
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go out well there are also other christian our catholic figures aside from yourself we're also making comments on the syrian conflict and there are some of them who don't agree with you who say that the syrians need outside help they need intervention yet you're both all from the same community what do you say to this and what do you think of this i want to say is that the syrian people has to defy by itself we itself what they want and my claim is that let the syrian people alone and the majority of the syrian people they want change by the change would be impeached in they alone in reconciliation i hope. the show in syria is so strong. they will make they are doing a new social pact. new basis result if you want
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ideology of party political party and it will be stronger it will be better and it is open to and your future full of you know more contemporaneous achievement and i hope with the blessing of the patriarchy the last i respect and i give him all my side with a show as a believer of sr i guess i am thank you very much for your time. dreaming of a luxury used sea round trip with open air entertainments. a little min
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stream among. the headlines augie on the e.u. is paid to heads east germany's chancellor is in china trying to convince beijing that the euro currency is still stable enough to invest in the euro zone's fourth largest economy spain is desperately trying to avoid asking for yet another bailout . syrian officials walk out of the nonaligned summit in teheran. as egypt's president lashes out at assad's government calling it oppressive for the gathering in the iranian capital is made up of one hundred twenty nations who don't consider themselves part of any global alliance. and of the rebel opposition in syria will be wiped out sooner or later this according to president assad in a recent t.v. interview but the insurgents seem no weaker as they continue fighting beyond me bringing further destruction to the war torn country. supporting action mr you know
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you're back again and the blood of rail madrid in this season's el classico battle that's right the opening trophy of the spanish football season has not gone to the favorites barcelona but. we have much more on that plus the rest of a busy day in sports henri coming up right now. your company this is indeed sports today a busy day let's get right to it. make valid double sports fenerbahce and champions league qualifying to join fellow russian sides and in the group stages of europe's top club competition. time to say goodbye kim clijsters final singles tennis match ends in defeat but the four time grand slam champion losing to laura robson in the second round of the u.s. open. wound on your marks get set go with the paralympics officially kick off with
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twelve days of action ahead and events as diverse as wheelchair fencing to blind football. but first there will be two russian representatives after all in the champions league this season spar time joining as an eight in the group stage draw following a three two win over fenerbahce leading to one from the opening leg in moscow spartak new anything but the feat in turkey last night was secure the lucrative european cup berth we didn't just trying to find though a brilliant flowing me. after only half a dozen minutes seeing even mcgeady bari for the games opening goal. header twenty one minutes from time for the hosts would mean a nervy finale but spartak held on for a one one scoreline meaning the a cement their place among europe's top thirty two thousand. read why it's not go into thirds as group stage drop make deedes former side celtic will also be there after they self held some borg for known are get the spines losing their second leg
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dynamic here have qualified at the expense of parisienne munching blood back clues on the leader will also be looking forward to some big european clashes this. in the europa league meanwhile saskia moscow are seeking to reach the first round proper the army men hold a one no lead over a sweeter side a i k. heading into the second leg of their qualifying tie here in the russian capital constantine to top off previews the action. after starting the season with two disappointing defense in a row this guy bid to be back on track with force through a two week tour is scoring eight goals and considering none and they're eager to continue their run it is they who sweden's ai came the second leg of their europa league qualifying tie after securing in their away win in the first encounter. played confident at the bag during those games but the reason we want for matches is that we had most of the possession and tekken play improved to come management
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are confident of reaching the first round proper and will be relying on a swedish international to do so recent signing russell was al will have a key role in the midfield battle element maybe too much based on last hour in sweden he's a skilful player when you don't get pressure on him and he did a good game there for so that was not good for us however to his guys the fans are wary of the threat. and know they have a battle ahead if they're to progress which assumes the money i.q. are a strong team use their especially good physically it is hard to tackle them and play against them and set pieces we have to be careful near our own goal. meanwhile the eleven time swedish champions who are ranked two hundred second in the u.s. for standings come into the clash with nothing to lose the seat for the after twenty matches in their domestic championship and it is elms man will build looking
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to put pressure on says goes the fans and look to capitalise on any mistakes at the back i think we had a good thirty minutes in the last game to start with we've seen we've seen how. defending and they've got some weaknesses but yourself we also need to defend ourselves they're really really skilful with the passing game after suffering a one home defeat in the. first leg aiki have outside hopes of reaching the europa league group stages however was so much at stake this week if sides will surely go all out to some european glory on sunday but. moscow region. saga between real madrid and barcelona has gone the way of the galactic coast to say marina and co finally ending their seven game el classico losing streak to lift the club's first spanish super cup title since two thousand and eight held a three two lead from the first leg but wasted little time carving up that
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advantage taking advantage of how via must run a defensive mishap to open the scoring in the eleventh minute p.k. the next parser defender to fall victim to the home side's attack a brilliant back heel bio naldo thing himself a one on one opportunity with victor valdés of which he took full advantage of the visitors woes continue when adriano was sent off for a halting ronaldo in full flow leo messi gave us a hope with a stunning free kick right before the break but too on was how it would end meaning the series finished all four for an hour gets reale thus claiming the first trophy of the season on the way golds. the career of a tennis legend has come to an end at the u.s. open kim clijsters saying goodbye to the game in which she reigned supreme for grand slam events the twenty nine year old belgian losing to british started laura robson in the second round of pushing medals eighteen year old robson had only tasted victory once before in a grand slam encounter but was fully deserving of the seven six seven six scoreline
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in new york city the scalp of three time u.s. open champion clijsters certainly one for the teenagers scrapbook. reassure up of a meanwhile was not in the mood to stick around on court for too long the third seed russian thrashing sponsored. lino six love six one in just fifty four minutes little known american a moment trump was next challenge in russia. ending champion some still would receive three through to the third round the extreme always in control against romania and the d.n.a. of its whole winning six three six love on the american heart it's. monday murray has been showing the same top form that brought him a london olympic gold medal the scot remaining on track to become the only player to ever win the summer games on the u.s. open in the same year the twenty five year old brushing aside creation even dudek six two six three sponsor it's probably one drawer of the lopez will battle for the chance to face murray in round. one elsewhere in the pick of the man in action
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world number five dublin for overcame a potential but skin in the guise of big serving size african kevin anderson responded winning a six four sixty seven. brings us to boxing where the pride of kazakstan konami glove can is set to put his unbeaten streak on the line this very weekend the w.p.a. and i.b.o. middleweight champion will face off against pole proxy on saturday in new york and also taking the time to step out a possible super fide russian to me is a prisoner not on the cards. i have a good point but i don't believe so. will be weak enough to let me get it through time and time again and almost i think it will be a tough fight presently dimitri put all doesn't really mean anything to me even though he is a w b o champion i am not really interested in him i'm about to fight proxy on september first incident in my head out. there london parlin pics are
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now officially underway following the opening ceremony that welcome thought police and funds to the games and the party began long before the evening spectacle featuring a certain russian supermodel no less on the streets of the english couple got a man called. the final stage of the paralympic torch relay saw some of the world's most acclaimed stars usher the flame through the streets of london among them top international model and mother to three children and that's all you have a giant of a who also happens to be the ambassador for the next winter games in russia's black sea resort of sochi in twenty fourth saying. that i cannot write i want to use the resources that i have been rushing to do or to help me paralympic movement own pins are already getting plenty of support for accused contributing to that partly because instead of london twenty twelve organizers have pulled out all the stops in order to achieve a record breaking ticket sales that's certainly something to live up to when the
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next winter paralympic capsule of tsotsi will pick up the bats and our group was lucky enough to also catch up with thirteen time paralympic champion remotes all of the russian state duma deputy participated in six games herself but admits that it's a completely different experience so right here as a fan let me now present i've never attended the opening ceremony of the games in my six paralympic outings as an athlete because i usually had to prepare for competition during that time so this first time experience is like a holiday for me and from the streets on when the torch to the stadium where thousands of international spectators made their way to the opening ceremony. so the twenty as well paralympic games have officially begun over the next couple of weeks after these from one hundred sixty six countries will battle for the gold medal in twenty one different sports and these games are promising to be the most watched paralympics to date. him on cost of reporting for our team for going to the
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park and lots of. great stuff is your lot but do join paul scott he'll be here in just under two hours time with more weather is next year though in twenty four hour art. well. it's technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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that he use paymaster heads east germany's chancellor is right now in china seeking investment by trying to convince beijing that the euro is still stable enough to invest. main de main scandal syrian officials walk out of the nonaligned summit in tehran as egypt's president morsi lashes out at assad's government calling it oppressive. and the rebel of position in syria will be wiped out sooner or later this according to president assad in a recent t.v. interview however the insurgents seem no weaker as they continue to battle the army and. a pleasure to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm rory sushi i live in moscow the german chancellor is the latest
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a youth leader to beat a path to china with a huge delegation of business leaders alongside beijing offers as good a chance as any for the struggling european economy to attract the investment it needs to avoid financial catastrophe and has become rather a frequent guest in china aiming to nurture a friendship with the economic superpower. reports. america is no stranger to china this is her sixth trip to the country since she came to power in two thousand and five and there's going to be some big business to be talked about during this current trip it's not just politicians that they're on this visit a group of around twenty in the delegation including people like siemens and volkswagen who are all there to show that the euro zone still is a stable market to invest in but china has its own vested interest in seeing the eurozone stick together europe is china's biggest export market so there will be
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support there from beijing to keeping the monetary union together but just expect some kind words they shouldn't be any talk of cash coming forward from china to help the ailing euro zone now there is talk of a special relationship between germany and china not unsettle some people in brussels who feel a little left out and when you look at the figures you can see why some nations would be feeling like they're not getting a slice of the pie trade between the two countries is set to rise to around two hundred and eighty billion dollars by the year twenty fifteen well the reason that the to make such good economic bedfellows at the moment is that germany produces the machinery needed for china's manufacturing industry germany also sees china as a growing market full day or exports since the orders have started drying up from within europe due to the people simply not having the cash to buy german goods within the european union and within the euro zone monetary union so will be the
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eurozone crisis an increasing economic ties that will top the bill when it comes to anglo merkel talking to the chinese leadership but what will be underlining the meeting is the cruel fact that germany needs china far more right now than china needs germany. ok for more and more calls mission to china let's not talk to john holzman the president and co-founder of political risk consulting from johns. holzman enterprise is a great pleasure to see you today finally coming on the program the question i have to start with a really want to have you author is frankly what's if a china is in the eurozone and some people just say well john is being used as another form of a bailout well that's indeed what i think mrs merkel would like from one of the things she's going to talk about with the chinese is that they should really use their vast foreign exchange reserves which are the largest in the world to buy and and in spanish bonds and that's going to sound awfully odd if you shouldn't and when shit about what they want to talk about it's not europe and germany relations between china and germany are great trade bilaterally grew at eighteen point nine
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percent last year one fifth of all exports to china from europe or germany one quarter of all imports in from china our go to germany that's a booming relationship that's the difference uncouple in germany from europe so a lot of countries around the world are doing it so i think you'll see a polite no one buying spanish and italian bonds as the chinese do not become suicidal and this is merrill can be a good business person for germany but i doubt she can do the same for europe well you say investing it's up elements of all the stuff in the eurozone could be suicidal for china you know when you want to say that. the eurozone has quote an absolute political will to stabilize the single currency to tell us if you buy it absolutely not i mean after two i mean the proof is in the pudding and after twenty two summit meetings of saying this exact same thing i think everyone is aware of the emperor is very much not wearing clothing the chinese are very polite indeed but they're realists about everything and what they want is more trade with germany
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petro chemicals and heavy engineering cars the wherewithal but what they don't want is to be saddled with the insanity that is of the productivity of italy and spain compared the productivity of germany everyone they can read the tea leaves after twenty two times that we're seeing at the latest unemployment figures from germany are up now for a fifth month in a row is it possible the e.u. its financial crunch is starting to look on steady well the. said i mean the key to this is always been that the euro zone has worked very well for germany and that these other weaker countries have gone on a spending binge binge and bought german exports with that no longer being the case because they're in no position to do that germany is it's absolutely vital looks for a more partners to buy their wherewithal and that means more from china more from india the problem is the whole world is in a downturn and so who buys this excess german capacity becomes vital for the future of germany because of germany goes down when the titanic really has hit the plug hole and it won't be long before the whole ship same's if germany goes down as you
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say that could be a titanic in the making but what about china what happens to tell us what happens if china's economy slows right down who would bail them out well that's it no one and i mean i think the thing is china's economy isn't going to go down in the catastrophic way like europe but the problem is that china's been growing at nine to ten percent a year for a very long time if they have growth it slows to six or seven percent which is entirely on the cards that sounds great to a european or an american from a chinese point of view that's at absolutely cataclysmic and then who picks up that excess demand around the world india is slowing down it seems south africa certainly slowing down brazil is slowing down if china slows down so it's got to give someone it's got to pick up this capacity and germany is the number one export champion of the world so they are hurt by this more than anyone else hence or second visit as you were saying to china in seven months you soon going to have an apartment there certainly in just the policy so we've had a couple of middle eastern countries go to china also looking for some of our investments.


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