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which brighton. song from steve. santagati dot com. that he use paymaster heads east germany's chancellor is right now in china seeking investment trying to convince beijing that the euro is still stable enough to invest. main de main scandal syrian officials walk out of the nonaligned summit in tehran as egypt's president morsi lashes out at assad's government calling it oppressive. and the rebel officers from in syria will be wiped out sooner or later this according to president assad in a recent t.v.
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interview however the insurgents seem no weaker as they continue to battle the army . pleasure to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm a life in moscow the german chancellor is the latest a youth leader to beat a path to china with the shoes delegation of business leaders alongside beijing offers as good a chance as any for the struggling european economy to attract the investment it needs to avoid financial catastrophe and has become rather a frequent guest in china aiming to nurture a friendship with the economic superpower. reports. i'm no stranger to china this is her sixth trip to the country since she came to power in two thousand and five and there's going to be some big business to be talked about
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during this current trip it's not just politicians today on this visit a group of around twenty in the delegation including people like siemens and volkswagen who are all there to show that the euro zone still is a stable market to invest in but china has its own vested interest in seeing the eurozone stick together europe is china's biggest export market so there will be support there from beijing to keeping the monetary union together but just expect some kind words they shouldn't be any talk of cash coming forward from china to help the ailing eurozone now there is talk of a special relationship between germany and china not unsettle some people in brussels who feel a little left out and when you look at the figures you can see why some nations would be feeling like they're not getting a slice of the pie trade between the two countries is set to rise to around two hundred and eighty billion dollars by the year twenty fifteen well the reason that
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the to make such good economic bedfellows at the moment is that germany produces the machinery needed for china's manufacturing industry germany also sees china as a growing market full day or exports since the orders have started drying up from within europe due to the people simply not having the cash to buy german goods within the european union and within the eurozone monetary union so will be the eurozone crisis an increasing economic ties that will top the bill when it comes to anglo merkel talking to the chinese leadership but what will be underlining the meeting is the cruel fact that germany needs china far more right now than china needs germany. ok for more americans mission to china let's not talk to john holzman the president and co-founder of political risk consulting from john c. holzman enterprises a great pleasure to see you today thanks for coming on the program the question i have to start with is i really want to have you answer is frankly what's in it for china to invest in the you're just saying watch on is being used as another form of
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a bailout. well that's indeed what i think mrs america would like and one of the things she's going to talk about with the chinese is that they should really use their vast foreign exchange reserves which are the largest in the world to buy italian and spanish bonds and that's going to sound awfully odd if you shouldn't go and when shit about what they want to talk about is not europe and germany relations between china and germany are great trade bilaterally grew at eighteen point nine percent last year one fifth of all exports to china from europe or germany one quarter of all imports in from china our go to germany that's a booming relationship that's the difference on couple in germany from europe so a lot of countries around the world are doing it so i think you'll see a polite no one buying spanish and italian bonds as the chinese do not become suicidal and this is america can be a good business person for germany but i doubt she can do the same for europe well you say investing it's up elements of all the stuff in a euro zone could be suicidal for china you know when you want to say that. the
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eurozone has quote an absolute political will to stabilize the single currency to tell us if you buy it absolutely not i mean after two i mean the proof is in the putting in after twenty two summit meetings of saying this exact same thing i think everyone is aware of the emperor is very much not wearing clothing the chinese are very polite indeed but they're religious above everything and what they want is more trade with germany petro chemicals and heavy engineering cars the wherewithal but what they don't want is to be saddled with the insanity that is of the productivity of italy and spain compared the productivity of germany everyone they cannot read the tea leaves after twenty two times with thing of the latest unemployment figures from germany are up now for a fifth month in a row is it possible the e.u. its financial crunch is starting to look on steady well that's it i mean the key to this is always been that the euro zone has worked very well for germany and that these other weaker countries have gone on a spending binge binge and bought german exports with that no longer being the case
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because they're in no position to do that. germany is it's absolutely vital looks for of more partners to buy their wherewithal and that means more from china more from india the problem is the whole world is in a downturn and so who buys this excess german capacity becomes vital for the future of germany because of germany goes down when the titanic really has hit the plug hole and it won't be long before the whole ship same's germany goes down as you say that could be a titanic in the making but what about china what happens to tell us what happens if china's economy slows right down who would bail them out well that's it no one and i mean i think the thing is china's economy isn't going to go down in the catastrophic way like europe but the problem is that china's been growing at nine to ten percent a year for a very long time if they have growth it slows to six or seven percent which is entirely on the cards that sounds great to a european or an american but from a chinese point of view that's at it absolutely cataclysmic and then who picks up that excess demand around the world india is slowing down it seems south africa is certainly slowing down brazil is slowing down if china slows down something's gotta
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give someone has got to pick up this capacity and germany is the number one export champion of the world so they are hurt by this more than anyone else hence or second visit is you're saying to china in seven months you soon going to have an apartment there certainly in just the pots we call it so we've had a couple of middle eastern countries go to china also looking for similar investments and it's also happening on the other parts of the world as well they're looking to china china really becoming such a global power with its economy that so many other countries have to scuttle on nova looking for a handout i think the thing is that china is the only big market that's been booming for a long time through all these conditions and it's a growing market unlike the american or european markets which are very mature markets where if you get three percent growth a year obama would be very easily reelected in china you have at the moment it's not topped out yet that the growth still seems unlimited even though it's certainly not and it's so everything china isn't about china it's a magic word that somehow gets people out of the predicament they're in but of
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course in the real world this just isn't the case john holzman the president and co-founder of john c. holzman enterprises a lie from ralph and buck thank you very much for coming on out so it's a pleasure as ever.
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harz agenda of a study to cats and actually bites in all sectors of this funny economy and the problem is that is not working is not bringing down the deficit which is the main target and then as i say he's damaging all the aspects of spain's economy. live from moscow this is r.t. still to come for you just a bit later how dream for a better life can make matters worse. in syria you die quickly but here we are
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dying a slow death as we report on the faith of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the violence in syria but only to meet despair at their new. looking for traces of extremism in islamic russia the recent assassinations of two prominent muslim clerics and buffalo investigators trying to identify the roots of hatred. syrian officials walked out of the nonaligned summit after the egyptian president called the government in damascus oppressive the gathering in iran is made up of a third of the u.n. members who don't consider themselves part of any world power block a host of terror on used the meeting to propose creating a three nation group compromising of itself egypt and venezuela to try and help end the syrian conflict the un chief ban ki moon he's at the meeting despite u.s. objections he says that iran can play a major role in halting the war in syria or on zone international issues including is disputed nuclear program they're also part of the discussions and iran's supreme
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leader ayatollah khamenei stressed his country is not seeking atomic weapons but it won't under any circumstances give up its rights of peaceful nuclear energy right sariah support all right things to iran is still being rather courteous. the i.a.e.a. has a twenty four hour around the clock monitoring system off the facilities to ban ki-moon can watch it from his office at the united nations so i think a courteous gesture on behalf of humanity inviting two to the facilities mr brime ki-moon does recognize the fact and he has said so this iran is a key player in the region and nothing much really can be solved if our security participation and now i'm sure that the united states and israel good likeness to ban ki-moon to come down hard on iran but he's also aware of the fact there's two thirds of the countries that belong to the united nations are member countries of
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the nine aligned movement the united states state department likes to say many things and i think that's precisely because they do tend to be very aggressive in their foreign policy towards certain countries in particular although i think they have the whole goal in mind they would love to be a global hamonic power with the nonaligned movement now is one hundred percent coming together to resist this kind of aggression to resist this kind of double standards and hypocrisy and i think that's probably really taking off the united states to this point. fierce battles between government forces and rebels syria's president made his longest t.v. appearance in months stressing his confidence in victory over the insurgents however bashar al assad admitted it would take some time for the country just scramble out of the crisis he lashed out at turkey saying it bears direct responsibility for the bloodshed in syria some of the latest fighting has taken
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place at an army airport in the province where the rebels reportedly destroyed ten government fighter jets a similar attack on another local that was repelled down the military hardware saved sister agnes mariyam who spent over a decade in syria and came to the aid of the suffering when the conflict erupted as armed gangs started causing chaos a very long time ago. i would of thought it is that it's not the political. it's not even civilian in the january i asked to go to do or position parts where to get the word order implemented and so i could have. an eyewitness and in the beginning we did not even know who were those people and we said said those people there were. identified gangs you know we said we don't know who they are but they are spreading. these ordered the.
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killings abducting and the many kind you know of the mid towards what example they would know if i have seen. in homs or. if luck of blood. because in the day before. people you know sources and i then defied gangs have been beheading nine i know with people just because they were i know we have seen this was my. and you can watch the full version of our interview with first hand accounts so deep from the heart of the conflict in syria about a coming up in about an hour and a quarter from. the meantime a jordanian security forces at a massive refugee camp on the border with syria are on high alert after two hundred refugees turned on the guards over the camps conditions policy reports dealing with
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the immense influx of refugees is far beyond what jordan can handle. exhausted and drained there's not much for these refugees to do besides swelter under the scorching desert sun sheltering from the violence back home in syria they walked for days in the heat to get here and so they come in numbers and under the wire not one person here has gone through the official borders instead depending on the level of violence in syria as many as a thousand people each day are fleeing across into jordan they're picked up from the border by the jordanian police and brought here to this camp. and now a man doesn't know what to do with them the country is struggling with few natural resources little water and is in need of foreign aid the growing number is putting pressure on an already refused a republic we can't close the border in the faces of the refugees we have to help them syria is like a sister to jordan and king abdullah and present assad friends now our king is in
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a very difficult situation goes on has a direct impact on what happens here relations between a man and damascus are already strained a number of defected soldiers and senior officers are being sheltered in the kingdom the most high profile refugee was the prime minister riyad hitch up who fled to turkey through jordan earlier this month and then there the tribes who fearing massive amounts of weapons ammunition and sniper rifles to syria from jordan saudi arabia is promising economic assistance in exchange for months cooperation but it could backfire army it if there is regime change and. area and the extremists come to power and this will make problems for jordan where we have our own extremists although they're far more flexible. and so now jordan faces the backlash of a conflict which some in the country have helped to escalate meanwhile more than one hundred fifty thousand refugees remain stuck on its borders and what's supposed to be a safe on cave but we food is hard to come by toilets case and not enough tends to
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go around leaving some to the mercy of harsh desert conditions this is. the atmosphere here is so so bad and in syria you die quickly but here we are dying a slow death i wish now i never left to come here. jordan narrowly escaped the wave of uprisings that swept the arab world it says it's getting reforms in place bash caught between both sides it might not be enough to stop the serious shockwave however that conflict in policy r.t. there are three refugee camp on the jordanian syrian border. of course and we've got plenty more for you on our website r.t. dot com our in-depth news analysis available for you twenty four seven for example of a blast from the past one of germany's largest cities holds its breath of thought is right there perform a controlled detonation of a massive world war two. plus what does it take to shoot down
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a passenger plane and find out how a miscommunication almost resulted in the downing of a european low cost airline and that's also on our website. and staying with the skies or here's what else we have for you this hour here on our space lift take rather literally we report on how the dreams of one soviet engineer of an electric train to the cosmos are growing ever more. now the killing of a prominent muslim cleric in russia's southern republic of dagestan indicates a steady rise in extremist activity that's according to local security officials and the attack came on tuesday when a female suicide bomber made her way into the mufti's residence unimpeded and said of the explosives tied to her body concern is also being fueled by an earlier double assault on muslim figures in the republic of tatarstan some experts believe the roots of extremism lead all the way to the middle east but others say the threat from anti islamic hatred could be even stronger. than of investigates.
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the trip to work the tragedy that our stance had moved he was driving when a series of blasts through from score the man who's been openly against the spread of radical ideas among leaders survived to. his deputy was shot dead in another part of town investigators still don't know the exact motivation behind the attack but the spotlight is now on the other stun most people here are muslim and that gets mentioned more and more when it comes to the spread of radical islam in washington. some of the local muslim communities are financed by arab families from states where wacko business is an official religion the money has to be worked off and they demand their ideology is spread here. like a business is one of the most fundamental branches of islam it's strongly advocated in saudi arabia which backs it up with billions of dollars of support across the muslim world its followers often oppose all other religions sometimes even calling
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for jihad holy war against them but abysmal any other radical movement of us lot of course not part of the official religion here but i thought the same different ideas often taught in small mosques hidden from the mainstream. like this one form a boiler house rebuilt into a mosque in one of gazans many apartment block you aren't it's the moms deny being radical but admit they do not support their stance of visual branches of islam. we don't divide brother muslims and there can be no radicalism no terrorism these are words only used by prove a kidders who want to discredit islam. we were told here believers are taught to sincerely and equality and there are no longer up held in modern society with justice can only be achieved through islam and when someone says islam is the only fair way of life and social order they're called radical or extremist and what's
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the punishment for stealing the hand is chopped off. not the kind of punishment you'd find in russia's criminal court nevertheless such ideas are reportedly gaining more support among young muslims for some experts it could be partly to blame on how the list. banned extremist literature was thrown together. off of books by classical world famous authors are banned or the some of prophet muhammad see how can we expect muslims to react and of course the radicals use this to gain influence. of course to others than is along we've only been golf to by the worst of radical islam how the state reacts to the spread of extremism is no key the wrong moves could only worsen the situation you go to school of already because i don't understand. now two women have been stabbed to death in central russia and the words free pussy riot scrawled in blood on the wall of the murder scene the
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middle aged woman and her elderly mother were stabbed dozens of times in cousin a police say they were left almost beyond recognition of origins are investigating whether the murderer was a supporter of pussy riot three members of that notorious russian punk band jail for two years for hooliganism that was earlier this month after staging an anti putin stunt in the country's main orthodox cathedral. are starting to afghanistan now with the r.t. was updated so where the president has removed the country's defense and interior ministers as well as the intelligence chief this is a part of a plan cabinet shake up on the eve of elections i mean we're all in the south of the country three nato led troops have been killed by an afghan soldier the latest in a series of so-called insider attacks and then a separate incident a helicopter crash killed two international service members in the region. a new storm has hit south korea just days after the deadly typhoon battered the
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korean peninsula at the first killed at least eighteen people in the country and drove two chinese fishing ships assure their crops were severely damaged don't know most four thousand trees toppled in north korea the second typhoon is expected to hit the communist state on friday. i just a moment on the tassel with the business for now though have you ever dreamed of taking a lift all the way to the moon a laughter fifty years of space elevator dreams the reality is moving ever closer and the goal is to have people travel in vehicles attached to ribbons of super strong material to reach orbits of up to one hundred and one hundred thousand kilometers this explanation are two artes tom barton. as strange as it sounds the idea of a space elevator has been around for decades it was a russian yuri outside turn of who in the one nine hundred sixty s. had some of the first modern ideas on it first you would have to send a satellite up into geostationary orbit then a line could be lowered and secured to earth and another one up into space as
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a counterweight all of this would keep the line tight and allow spacecraft to be loaded up and down it thousands of kilometers an hour at the fraction of the cost of spaceflight it could literally be our lift to the stars and it's not far off as you might think most of the technology already exists the biggest problem being that cable reaching out into space to make one strong enough to stretch the thirty six thousand kilometers necessary scientists think you'd need a material over thirty mega yury strong that's the measurement named after yuri arts the turn of the strongest material available now is just three point nine but new projects are trying to solve that science problem and make the space elevator a reality they want it to reach the moon the american company lift port is raising money for the project and the japanese firm corporation aims to have one up and running by two thousand and fifty in the meantime russia is working with ukraine in kazakstan to try and build super sized booster rockets for more traditional trips
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to the moon but who knows by the middle of the century we might have swapped iraq it's for a distant cousin of the humble lift. of the business as promised there's a task here again attached to what's going on here with russia as a gas promise but it's a giant gas project stockmen on hold well indeed and stockmen with the normal reserves in fact enough to meet the global demand for gas for more than a year was gazprom its flagship project but now the monopolist and its business partners which include a french tal and norway stat oil believe the development costs are way too high considering that gas prices are falling to discuss this in detail i am now doing. and by bradley way of capital here in moscow bradley thanks for joining so who are the main beneficiaries of this decision there's a lot of talk about independent gas producer nova tech now being the only one in russia with sizable elegy projects but i think right now it's important to note
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that gazprom in our view isn't exiting the project gazprom is indicating to investors into the government that due to the location the difficult conditions and the current tax regime that this project is difficult to proceed so one thing that we're seeing gas from exit per se i think we're seeing gazprom communicate publicly what it views how it views the project. all right but with gals problems production declining and there's been a lot of talk about that but does that really does it really need stockman to stay head of the game. and i wouldn't say simply gazprom russia needs this is well russia's next generation oil and gas projects both face difficult conditions in terms of location and geology so gazprom needs is for next generation gas production but russia as a country is facing this issue. so what do you think that means for other shelf projects today in fact rosneft signed an agreement with
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a well one of the partners or ex-partners i should say to develop some offshore fields in the barents sea what's the future of these projects now well we can see a more use than agreements between foreign companies and russian companies in a variety of areas but to actually proceed with projects and invest capital is going to be different story so i think what when really signalling is that many of the next generation projects shelf projects as you mentioned offshore projects or arctic projects are going to need a different tax structure whether it's slowing tariff lowering taxes or changing the set up or framework within which they are taxed so i think that this is an indicator for next generation projects across the board. thing. you very much for joining us that was bradley way of renee something out all in moscow and that's all we have time for in this edition of business will be back in about fifteen minutes he about. our progress thanks so much for here and also you will get to the headlines in just a moment but after that it's the cars report hope to see you soon.
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