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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 10:07am-10:37am EDT

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jordanian police and brought here to this camp and now a man doesn't know what to do with them the country is struggling with few natural resources little water and is in need of foreign aid their growing number is putting pressure on in a way the refugee way republic we can close the border in the faces of the refugees we have to help them syria is like a sister to jordan and king abdullah and president assad friends now king is in a very difficult situation goes on there has a direct impact on what has. relations between a man in damascus are already strained a number of defected soldiers and senior officers are being sheltered in the kingdom the most high profile refugee was the prime minister riyad hitch up who fled to turkey through jordan earlier this month and then that the tribes who fearing massive amounts of weapons ammunition and sniper rifles to syria from jordan saudi arabia is promising economic assistance in exchange for months cooperation but it could backfire i mean. if there is regime change in syria and
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the extremists come to power this will make problems for jordan where we have our own extremists although they're far more flexible. and so now jordan faces the backlash of a conflict which some in the country have helped to escalate meanwhile more than one hundred fifty thousand refugees remain stuck on its borders and what's supposed to be a safe enclave but we food is hard to come by toilets case and not enough tends to go around leaving some to the mercy of harsh desert conditions this is. the atmosphere here is so so ban mysteria you die quickly but here we are dying a slow death i wish now i never left to come here. jordan narrowly escaped a wave of uprisings that swept the arab world it says it's getting reforms in place . caught between both sides it might not be enough to stop the serious shockwave however that conflict in. camp on the border.
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is coming to you live from the heart of moscow still ahead for you in this hour a look at the roots of radicalism. the spread of islamic extremism here in russia and whether it's being fueled up from just a few minutes right here on our. wealthy british style. market. why not what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. you know sometimes you see a story. you think you understand it and then. you hear or see some other part of
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it and realize everything. is a big issue. you're watching from the heart of the russian capital as the eurozone is fighting to break free of its crippling economic crisis the leader of powerhouse germany is eyeing profit in the east on a visit to china chancellor. beijing that europe is still a safe place to invest with billions worth of business deals having already been signed i would details on this. i'm no stranger to china this is her sixth trip to the country since she came to power in two thousand and five and there's going to be some big business to be talked about during this current trip and it's not just politicians that are there on this visit a group of around twenty in the delegation including people like siemens and
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volkswagen who are all there to show that the eurozone still is a stable market to invest in but china has its own vested interest in seeing the eurozone stick together europe is china's biggest export market so there will be support there from beijing to keeping the monetary union together but just expect some kind words they shouldn't be any talk of cash coming forward from china to help the ailing eurozone now there is talk of a special relationship between germany and china and that's unsettled some people in brussels who feel a little left out and when you look at the figures you can see why some nations would be feeling like they're not getting a slice of the pie trade between the two countries is set to rise to around two hundred and eighty billion dollars by the year twenty fifteen well the reason that the to make such good economic bedfellows at the moment is that germany produces
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the machinery needed for china's manufacturing industry germany also sees china as a growing market full day or exports since the orders have started drying up from within europe due to the people simply not having the cash to buy german goods within the european union and within the eurozone monetary union so will be the eurozone crisis an increasing economic ties that will top the bill when it comes to i'm going to quit talking to the chinese leadership but what will be underlining the meeting is a cruel fact that germany needs china far more right now than china needs germany. put all of our reporting right there what i mean time china's prime minister has also called on greece italy and spain to go through with reforms. and budget cuts to get their finances back on track spain is meanwhile trying to dispel any fears that it will need another bailout as its formally strongest reach in catalonia has run out of money consultant john holzman believes that will not be able to convince beijing to throw its cash into europe's struggling south what they want to talk
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about is not europe and germany relations between china and germany are great trade bilaterally grew at eighteen point nine percent last year one fifth of all exports to china from europe or germany one quarter of all imports in from china our go to germany that's a booming relationships that's the difference uncouple in germany from europe so a lot of countries around the world are doing it so i think you'll see a polite no unbind spanish and italian bonds as the chinese not become suicidal and this is america can be a good business person for germany but i doubt she can do the same for your the chinese are very polite indeed but they're realistic of everything but they don't want to be saddled with the insanity that is at the productivity of italy and spain comparing the productivity of germany the euro zone's work very well for germany these other weaker countries have gone on a spending binge binge and german exports with that no longer being the case because they're in no position to do that germany is it's absolutely vital looks
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for more years to buy their wherewithal and that means more from china or from india the problem is the whole world is in a downturn and so who buys this excess german capacity becomes vital for the future of germany because of germany goes down well then the titanic really has hit the black hole and it won't be long before the whole ship sinks. now our team at r.t. dot com is working twenty four seventh's provide you with the best stories and videos from around the world it's well it's there for you just a click away let's have a quick look now and see what's on the web site of the school of hard knocks despair for two thousand students in the u.k. you may deportation after their university lost its right to admit foreigners. but the bass and the whole new world record in thailand with relaxation all around are just remarkable public rubdown you see the video story in full as well at r.t. dot com do bear in mind though. you can get the best part of video on our r.t.
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you tube channel. right out on in quarter past the hour here in the russian capital the killing of a spiritual leader of dagestan in muslims is being seen as another sign of a steady rise in extremism here in russia the attack came on tuesday when a female suicide bomber entered the cleric's home disguised as a pilgrim and then blew herself up concern has also been fueled by last month's double assault on muslim figures in the republic of tatarstan some experts believe the roots of extremism lead all the way to the middle east but others say the threat of anti islamic hatred could be even stronger. going off reports. the trip to work the tragedy that our sons had moved he was driving when a series of blasts threw him from his core the man who's been openly against the spread of radical ideas among the leaders survived to find his deputy was shot dead in another part of town investigators still don't know the exact motivation behind
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the attack but the spotlight is now on to understand most people here are muslim and that gets mentioned more and more when it comes to the spread of radical islam in russia is that some of the local muslim communities are financed by arab families from states where it's an official religion because the money. to be worked off and they demand their ideology spread here it's at me like a business is one of the most fundamental branches of islam it's strongly advocated in saudi arabia which backs it up with billions of dollars of support across the muslim world its followers often oppose all other religions sometimes even calling for jihad holy war against them but any other radical movement of us live of course not part of the official religion here but i thought he saw a different ideas often taught in small mosques hidden from the mainstream. like this one form a boiler house rebuilt into a mosque in one of gazans many apartment blocks they aren't it's
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a mom's denying being radical but admit they do not support their stance official branches of islam and we don't divide brother muslims and there can be no radicalism no terrorism these are words only used by prove a kidders who want to discredit islam. we were told here believers are taught to sincerely any quality there are no longer are held in modern society look at with justice can only be achieved through islam and when someone says islam is the only fair way of life and social order they're called radical or extremist and what's the punishment for stealing the hand is chopped off. not the kind of punishment you'd find in russia's criminal code nevertheless such ideas are reportedly gaining more support among young muslims for some experts it could be partly to blame on how the list of banned extremist literature was thrown together. often in books by classical world famous author is
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a band or the sum of prophet muhammad saying how can we expect muslims to react and of course the radicals use this to gain influence. of course start our son is a long way from becoming engulfed by the war stuff radical islam how the state reacts to the spread of extremism is now key the wrong moves could only worsen the situation you've got going to all of our guys on our son. well the russian city of cousin has come under the spotlight again this time as two women were found dead in their flat with the words free pussy riot written on the wall above them apparently in blood is being treated as a murder scene both the elderly woman and her middle aged daughter died from multiple stab wounds authorities are investigating whether the killer was a supporter of pussy riot lawyers of the band have already described it as a provocation of course it was a three members of the russian punk band jailed earlier this month for two years after an anti putin stand in the country's main cathedral.
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well this is r t thanks for joining us today are still to come in just a few minutes here in the program but of a stairway to heaven an old idea of a soviet engineer is now being put into practice find out about the plans to a bold leave build an elevator into space. twenty minutes past the hour into the odyssey world that we go will start in afghanistan where five australian soldiers have died in a pair of recent incidents two soldiers were killed when their helicopter rolled over while landing and just hours earlier a man in afghan uniform opened fire on australian soldiers at a military base killing three and wounding two other so-called green on blue attacks in which uniformed afghans turned their weapons against coalition allies have surged this year claiming the lives of forty five troops. there is another scandal hit barclays bank is facing another fraud probe over the billions it raised
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from middle eastern investors in two thousand and eight the bank is suspected of not being open enough and what it paid to advisors when it raised more than five billion pounds of emergency capital at the height of the global financial crisis barclays was also recently embroiled in the row over manipulating the libor rate by the reputations of banks including b.s. and standard chartered have taken a battering after they were accused of. breaking the sanctions imposed on iran. a gas explosion at a coal mine in southwest china has killed nineteen while dozens are still trapped inside the blast happened on a wednesday evening when over one hundred fifteen miners were in the pit the owners of the mine has been detained for questioning at a coal mining accident such as this while they killed over two thousand people in china last year where safety rules can often be neglected. it's a spectacular fireworks display proving to be the highlight of the opening ceremony
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of the london twenty twelve paralympics the show believed to be the events most watched ever at the competition last olympic four thousand athletes from all around the world taking part will share basketball shooting swimming and track cycling on the first. well you can forget about rockets and space shuttles a lift could soon become the new way to get to space american and japanese companies are working on projects to achieve just that but the heart of the ground breaking development is a russian idea as artie's tom barton explains. as strange as it sounds the idea of a space elevator has been around for decades it was the russian yuri azza turn of who in the one nine hundred sixty s. had some of the first modern ideas on it first you would have to send a satellite up into geostationary orbit then a line could be lowered and secured to earth and another one up into space as a counterweight all of this would keep the line tight and allow spacecraft to be
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loaded up and down it at thousands of kilometers an hour and at the fraction of the cost of space flight it could literally be our lift to the stars and it's not far off as you might think most of the technology already exists the biggest problem being that cable reaching out into space to make one strong enough to stretch the thirty six thousand kilometers necessary scientists think you'd need a material over thirty mega yury strong that's the measurement named after yuri arts the turn of the strongest material available now is just three point nine but new projects are trying to solve that science problem and make the space elevator a reality they want it to reach the moon the american company live porters raising money for the project and the japanese firm actually corp aims to have one up and running by two thousand and fifty in the meantime russia is working with ukraine and kazakstan to try and build super sized booster rockets for more traditional trips to the moon but who knows by the middle of the century we might have swapped
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iraq it's for a distant cousin of the humble lift. part of the demeter we go over there is the businessman in charge a good to see you again global finance magazine has rated central bank heads around the world with russia getting a better grade than the fed and e.c. be right they gave grades from grades from aid to d.s. as basically like in school and sygate that of the head the chairman of the central bank here and rushy got a b. plus when it was a b. last year while ben bernanke he got a b. and mario draghi going to be minus also the head of china's bank was next in line and getting a b. minus in that grade in their grave we were also they were also calculating taking in mind the rate of unemployment the effective interest rates and basically the rate of inflation so let's talk more about china now it's been pushing to use more of its you one currency in international trade from basically
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a trickle of cross border trade to a real stream now currently uses the you aren't to trade with the hong kong and singapore but sees now latin america and the middle east as its key priorities to to go ahead and do that too let's talk more about that now joined by david kuo is senior market analyst at the motley fool u.k. david good to see you there so what do you think are the chances that china could move and use its you on an international trade at a more wider scale i think is a pretty high chance dimitri i mean you have to remember the china is the third largest economy in the world after the usa and also the eurozone and yet the room and d. or the you are as you call it is not a is not seen as a result of currency the u.s. dollar and the euro which and china wants to change china wants to sort of say let's try and make the yuan more of a reserve currency and the only way you can do that is to make it more tradeable
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and this is where the trick starts that come in because china buys. goods from around the world it buys goods from africa it buys those from south america goods also from australia so you venture i think china will say why don't i pay for these commodities in your hands but in order to make that work it has to make that it has to make that currency the yuan of the round and the trade off if you can't trade it was the point you said it's accepting the yarn and say oh i thought it was a yarns in my attic up if you can't do something with it there is no point so this is what china is trying to do is trying to use how you can as a kind of test bed to make the yuan or the roman be slightly more usable more user friendly and it's allowing these plants in hong kong to offer services in the yard well it doesn't require for a currency to be completely a reserve currency it doesn't require a complete free float which is a very long process and for china's economy it could be pretty damaging well that's
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right but at the moment i mean china is still a command economy so there are no words to be able to control the value of currency they had eventually you're absolutely right that will change but we're only at one stage i think what will be a five or ten year process so we're looking at so it's not something that will happen in about ten years time but step one at the moment really used to get people more familiar with you out making people and deposit money in your hands in hong kong and hurting in interest aren't making people borrow money and that you are they also have these things called them some bonds you know in which you can actually still buy these bonds and earn a rate of interest and the more confidence people have in the yuan then of course it becomes more tradeable and then you know how your scenario eventually reaching that point where you are and will have a completely free float i can look on her not just here because china still wants to control the value back there and see in order to control inflation within within china itself or let's say when it comes to latin america in the middle east that
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they've named their priorities let's say hypothetically they actually start trading in the you what. could that lead to what eventually what will happen demetrius let's say you are a commodity company in south america and china comes along and says you know i don't want to pay you in u.s. dollars i want to pay you in the u.s. and instead now if you are a big cut of one of our big country like china big company within china itself and you say you want to pay in a certain currency i think you know you as a supplier will have to say ok how much do you want to pay and ultimately this is really what china wants to reach at the moment it still hasn't got that there hasn't got that ability and i think china also sort of sees some discrepancies as far as the currency is concerned because it wants to buy a commodity which is based in u.s. dollars it has to first of all convert the u.s. into the u.s. dollar in order to buy that commodity then of course you know the company. in south
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america through instance will then have to convert that a u.s. dollar back into its local currency so lots of things going on i think china's ultimate aim is to be able to say i want to go to south america i want to buy iron ore and i want to pay you in your answer and so therefore the south american country will have the yuan and he wants then buy stuff from china itself he can pay for it in london it suddenly becomes in more tradeable and more global currency all right still seems like a very long term process at least to me but i think you will agree here all right david kirk thank you very much for being with us senior market analyst from the motley fool u.k. talking to us a live here on r.t. . right now i'm afraid that so we have time for to do well in this bulletin of the business is of course join me in fifty five minutes so i will be back with plenty.
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of you in the. well. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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international news. these are your headlines now syria's delegates walk out of a meeting of. the u.s. taking place in tehran. leader mohamed morsi who called president assad's regime oppressive. and divided u.n. security council tries again to break the syrian deadlock he was also invited to the ministerial meeting that's pushing for a buffer zone something russia and china strongly object to. chancellor merkel is in china to drum up business and convince them that the euro is on the road to recovery but beijing says weaker euro zone states need to impose
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further. reforms. speak who lived in syria for decades and witnessed what the people went through when the first. what is being called today a current war this is art. well today we're joined by sister agnes mariam of the cross she's founded a christian community and i'm on a street in damascus she's been living there and working there for the last twelve years thank you very much a sister for joining us today my first question is you've been there for twelve years working in damascus in syria around different areas has there been a difference in your work throughout those years and in the recent months that we've seen uprisings and violence course we have been facing.
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reality evolving to get more and more tragic and democratic. you know it's really in the sample head. it's so for us it was new because we were. put in service provision of the smallest pity since nineteen ninety four when we could do really. appreciate. the security team in syria you know its security of course it which is imposed somehow. by regime which is very strong good and sometimes it kind of. began but nevertheless the reality is that everybody was living in security now were when the events begin. to raise we were very happy. because we also wanted felt that
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the that is a need for a chance but very very quickly. we got bad news. from. witnesses. in our day offices in homs. and also from damascus in daraa. where what the doors of witnesses the civilians without any political. position you know they were counting us telling us stories that were expecting the contrary of what we were seeing on the television so we took a position for the object of truth. real information and also for sunday that it is because lonely by scully you had to help opposition where you had. people
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detained so you were also helping the opposition yes it's what we call opposition. to the civilian op which is your position which is not under any party and that i am not are not are. you have you have always done today peaceful demonstration ok. so we had in our village to free to set free people also if there is a need of humanitarian help even we had the opposition meeting in our monastery and the first appeal for the day i logged and recourse against and was in our monastery i'm sure very well aware of all the criticism that has been thrown your way what is your your relationship with the assad regime. you know i have normal relationships with
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a. religious entity and our of footy is religious it's not political. it's not even civilian you know we had mainstream reports that came to syria and for in one for a while i went with them on the scene you know but in the january. in december i asked to go to a position where the good were already implemented and so i could have an idea as an eyewitness and in the beginning we did not even know who were sourced people and we said said those people there were. identified. gangs you know who said we don't know who they are but they are spreading. these sort of the killings abducting and many kind you know of
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metal rods. to destabilize a country and all saw to implement a kind of racial for its evil war for example they would kill. very targeted targeted for example they would kill a low it i have seen. in homs. a flock of blood. because in the day before. people you know source and i did then defied gangs have been beheading nine and now with people just because they were i know it i have seen this with my eyes and i talked to the population of the sunni population who do you think has has perpetrated this they didn't know they said they were.


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