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cave but with food is hard to come by toilets scarce and not enough tends to go around leaving some to the mercy of harsh desert conditions. the atmosphere here is so. serious you die quickly but here we are dying a slow death i wish now i never left to come here. ordinarily escaped a wave of uprisings that swept the arab world it says it's getting reforms in place but caught between both sides it might not be enough to stop the serious shockwave however that conflict in policy r.t. czar to the refugee camp on the jordanian syrian border. r.t. live from moscow is to have a look at the roots of radicalism vestment the spread of islamic extremism in russia or and whether it's being fueled from abroad that's in a few minutes here on r.t. . but first the syrian delegations walked out on the session of the nonaligned movement in tehran after egyptian leader mohamed morsi called the syrian regime
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oppressive in his speech morsi said that assad's government had lost its legitimacy and called on the attending nations to support the rebels syria's foreign minister slammed the comments as inciting further violence in the country my colleague spoke earlier to journalist and broadcaster neil clark who believes morsi is statement was on balance to best. he didn't could criticize the rebels at all i mean the rebels have been responsible for much of the violence in syria the government for another two but you know there were bombs going off this week that you know people clearly didn't he didn't make any mention of that so i can understand the syrians feeling very green by what he said you got to bear in mind the fact that egypt receives about one point five six billion u.s. dollars in aid and on top of that back in august they received two billion dollars from qatar and of course the u.s. a guitar or two of the leading hawks on syria so when you're receiving that much money from the u.s. and a tie it's hardly surprising go to a summit and criticize syria and i'm not
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a big surprise really so the new leader the new egyptian leader mohammed morsi or perhaps already. signaling his friendship with the west or possibly a war capitol hill as you say with his brow don't follow should you think that with the whole summit going on and you know one hundred twenty members of member states being represented here do you think they can come to something to resolve the ongoing crisis in syria. who are like you know what i think the key player in this rule is the u.s. i mean the u.s. is the main part of this token is that the u.s. and its allies which look at force as well and if we're going to change it as you tell me i don't really see what the any movement can actually do i think the boss of us is caught or we're getting a break from the washington is more of a right wing rhetoric about arming rebels on the lease or rights today so unless we get a major shift there it's not going to help really and a great egypt position is helping at all it doesn't matter what media groups we set up which countries are on the key player in all of this is the u.s. the u.s. is the one stoking this up the u.s. has to change its policies and to let syrian sort out their own futures back out of syria then we can get some peace and dialogue now as you say so washington of the
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u.s. is the big player here perhaps behind the felted curtains are washington has said that the whole are not aligned movement summit isn't worthy of any high level attendance that coming from the u.s. state department just the other day do you think such criticism is justified it's two thirds of the world in the u.s. has the arab gets to say it doesn't count it's beyond what's really because of course the u.s. wants us to believe it only it and its allies represent the international. the international community is meeting now in tehran the u.s. doesn't like it the fact is that the u.s. getting what isolate iran and a whole series of issues south america africa countries china russia you know that is the world i think going to see more warships in the years to come to us power is in decline and that's the reality and that's what we don't like. as the eurozone is failing to break free of its crippling economic crisis the leader of powerhouse germany is on profit in the east on a visit to china chancellor angela merkel is aiming to convince beijing that europe is still a safe place to invest with billions worth of business deals having already been
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signed on these people over has the details. i'm no stranger to china this is her sixth trip to the country since she came to power in two thousand and five and there's going to be some big business to be talked about during this current trip and it's not just politicians today on this visit a group of around twenty in the delegation including people like siemens and volkswagen who are all there to show that the eurozone still is a stable market to invest in but china has its own vested interest in seeing the eurozone stick together europe is china's biggest export market so there will be support there from beijing to keeping the monetary union together but just expect some kind words they shouldn't be any talk of cash coming forward from china to help the ailing euro zone now there is talk of a special relationship between germany and china not unsettle some people in brussels who feel a little left out and when you look at the figures you can see why some nations
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would be feeling like they're not getting a slice of the pie trade between the two countries is set to rise to around two hundred and eighty billion dollars by the year twenty fifteen well the reason that the to make such good economic bedfellows at the moment is that germany produces the machinery needed for china's manufacturing industry germany also sees china as a growing market full day or exports since the orders have started drying up from within europe due to the people simply not having the cash to buy german goods within the european union and within the euro zone monetary union so will be the eurozone crisis an increasing economic ties that will top the bill when it comes to i'm going to quit talking to the chinese leadership but what will be underlining the meeting is a cruel fact that germany needs china far more right now than china needs germany. and china's prime minister is also called in greece had to be in spain to go
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through with reforms and budget cuts to get their finances back on track spain is meanwhile trying to dispel thing is the need to bring it out as it's for many strongest region catalonia has run out of money risk consultant john hulsman believes that will not be able to convince beijing to throw its cash into europe struggling south what they want to talk about is not europe but germany relations between china and germany are great trade bilaterally grew at eighteen point nine percent last year one fifth of all exports to china from europe or germany one quarter of all imports in from china our go to germany that's a booming relationships that's the difference uncouple in germany from europe so a lot of countries around the world are doing it so i think you'll see a polite no on buying spanish and italian bonds as the chinese not become suicidal and this is america can be a good business person for germany but i doubt she can do the same for your the chinese are very polite indeed but they're real it's above everything but they don't want to be saddled with the insanity that is at the productivity of italy and
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spain compared the productivity of germany the euro zone's work very well for germany these other weaker countries have gone on a spending binge binge and bought german exports with that no longer being the case because they're in no position to do that germany is it's absolutely vital looks for more partners to buy their wherewithal and that means more from china or from india the problem is the whole world is in a downturn and so who buys this excess german capacity becomes vital for the future of germany because of germany goes down well then the titanic really has hit the plug hole and it won't be long before the whole ship same's. our team working twenty four seven to provide you with the best stories and videos from around the world and here's a quick look at what we have to you at the moment on the website the school of thought know this but after two thousand students in the u.k. may face deportation of the university lost its right to admit foreigners. plus the mass of them all the new world record with. remarkable public
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in the video. capture or no that's videos on our mutual. the killing of a spiritual leader of dagestani muslims by an islamic extremist is being seen as another sign of a steady rise in radicalism in russia the attack came on tuesday when a female suicide bomber entered the clerics disguised as a pilgrim and blew herself up concern is also being fueled by last month's double assault on muslim figures in the republic of tatarstan some experts believe the
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roots of extremism lead all the way to the middle east but others say the threat from islamic hatred could be even stronger. reports. the trip to work that turned to tragedy that our stance had moved he was driving when a series of blasts threw him from his car the man who's been openly against the spread of radical ideas and on the lever survived to find out his deputy was shot dead in another part of town investigators still don't know the exact motivation behind the attack but the spotlight is now on the other stun most people here are muslim and that gets mentioned more and more when it comes to the spread of radical islam in russia yes some of the local muslim communities are financed by arab families from states where whack a bit and as an official religion the money has to be worked off and they demand their ideology is spread here. like a business is one of the most fundamental branches of islam it's strongly advocated
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in saudi arabia which backs it up with billions of dollars of support across the muslim world its followers often oppose all other religions sometimes even calling for jihad holy war against them but any other radical movement of islam of course not part of the official religion here but i've already see different ideas often taught in small mosques hidden from the me. like this one form a boiler house we build into a mosque in one of gazans many apartment block you aren't it's a mom's denying being radical but admitting they do not support their stance of visual branches of islam. we don't divide brother muslims and there can be no radicalism no terrorism these are words only used by prove a kidders who want to discredit islam. we were told here believers are taught sincerely any quality and there are no longer are held in modern society with justice can only be achieved through islam and when someone says islam is the only
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fair way of life and social order they're called radical or extremist and what's the punishment for stealing the hand is chopped off. not the kind of punishment you'd find in russia's criminal court nevertheless such ideas are reportedly gaining more support among young muslims for some experts it could be partly to blame on how the list of banned extremist literature was thrown together. often in books by classical world famous authors are banned or the some of prophet muhammad saying how can we expect muslims to react and of course the radicals use this to gain influence. of course start their stand is a long way from becoming involved by the war stuff radical islam how the state reacts to the spread of extremism is now the wrong moves could only worsen the situation you've got going of already that are stun. well the russians today
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because iran has come under the spotlight again this time as two women were found dead in their flat with the words free pussy riot written on the wall above them apparently in blood it's being treated as murder both the elderly woman and her middle aged daughter died from multiple stab wounds or it is investigating whether the killer was a supporter of pussy riot laws of the band of already described it as a provocation three members of the russian punk band were jailed earlier this month for two years for performing a so-called public prayer in the country's main cathedral. this is r.t. live here in moscow coming up in a few minutes for you a stairway to heaven and all idea of the soviet engineer is now being put into practice find out about the plans to boldly build an elevator into space. that's still to come but first. the russian crew that have been seized by pirates
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off the west coast of africa has been freed none of the twenty four people on board were hurt that's according to the russian foreign ministry the pirates pumped out some of the made their escape the tanker was seized on tuesday after next change of gunfire with security forces from togo it will now continue its voyage. and now to some other news making headlines around the world at this stage of the day five australian soldiers have died in afghanistan in a pair of separate incidents two soldiers were killed when their helicopter rolled over while landing and just hours earlier a man in an afghan army uniform opened fire on australian soldiers at a military base killing three and wounding two the so-called green on blue attacks in which uniformed afghans turned their weapons against coalition allies have surged this year claiming the lives of forty five troops. scandal hit barclays bank is facing another ford probe over the billions it raised from middle eastern
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investors in two thousand and eight the bank is a suspected of not being open enough and one of the paid advisers raised more than six billion euros of emergency capital at the height of the financial crisis please also recently brought in the manipulating the libor rate and that's the rate at which banks lend money to each other reputation of u.k. banks including r.b.s. the standard chartered have taken a battering after they were accused of breaking the sanctions imposed on. force on the world update the rescuers in southwest china are racing to save twenty one miners trapped in a coal mine after a gas blast left twenty six dead explosion happened on wednesday evening when over one hundred fifty people were in the pit the owners of the mind of been detained for questioning coal mine accidents killed almost two thousand people in china last year where safety rules are often neglected. spectacular fireworks display proved to be one of the highlights of the opening ceremony of the london twenty twelve paralympics which with the show believed to be the event most watched ever
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the competition will last eleven days with over four thousand athletes from around the globe taking part wheelchair basketball shooting swimming track cycling will feature on the first day. forget rockets and shuttles a lift could soon become the new way to get to space american and japanese companies are working on projects to achieve just that but at the heart of the groundbreaking development a russian idea as artist tom bond explains. as strange as it sounds the idea of a space elevator has been around for decades it was a russian yuri azza turn of who in the one nine hundred sixty s. had some of the first modern ideas on it first you would have to send a satellite up into geostationary orbit then a line could be lowered and secured to earth and another one up into space as a counterweight all of this would keep the line tight and allow spacecraft to be lowered up and down it at thousands of kilometers an hour and at the fraction of the cost of space flight it could literally be our lift to the stars and it's not
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far off as you might think most of the technology already exists the biggest problem being that cable reaching out into space to make one strong enough to stretch the thirty six thousand kilometers necessary scientists think you'd need a material over thirty mega yury strong that's the measurement named after yuri arts the turn of the strongest material available now is just three point nine but new projects are trying to solve that science problem and make the space elevator a reality they want it to reach the moon the american company live port is raising money for the project and the japanese firm corporation aims to have one up and running by two thousand and fifty in the meantime russia is working with ukraine and kazakstan to try and build super sized booster rockets for more traditional trips to the moon but who knows by the middle of the century we might have swapped iraq it's for a distant cousin of the humble lift. dimitri is next with the business news
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now and global finance magazine is rated central bank heads around the world with russia getting a better grade than the fed an e.c.v. tell us more net now that russia is in a gig narrative is almost top notch bill global finance magazine is graded fifty central bankers with marks from a to d. on the basis of several criteria including levels of inflation and unemployment in their countries the biggest grades were given only six heads of financial regulators including the ones from australia canada. israel interestingly the chairman of russia's central bank sygate get out if he overtook his colleagues from the fed and the e.c.b. he was given a b. plus grade well ben bernanke here marry a druggie had to be content with just b. and b. minus respectively. well enough of patriotism or secular what's going on in the markets on the stock markets of the united states is valid jones is down point seven percent as you can see there this is on the back of. what is it on the back
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of the lower mental block here that we've got unemployment benefits they just just come back with that unemployment benefits which are flat and that means basically that hiring has slowed down in the united states and the economy is faltering but not faltering harsh enough for central banks to come in with additional stimulus notably the fed with a new wave of quantitative easing but we'll just have to wait and see what ben bernanke he will be saying tomorrow in jackson hole in wyoming now over in the european markets this is the closing picture with the dax is down one point six percent it's driven but down by automotive shares folks margan and b.m.w. are down more than three percent at the close and that's also on worries that retail sales in europe in japan are going down point eight percent also unemployment in germany has been going up the past five months respectively including august and the euro is falling therefore against the dollar while the
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russian ruble is losing value massively more than one percent against both the euro and the dollar on the russian markets there was also a pretty bad day with the r.t.s. falling almost two percent of my sex was a bit helped by the by the weaker ruble and losing mostly on the my six were financial shares with bt be declining more than two percent. now gazprom is mega megaproject stockmen has been put on hold the parties involved that gazprom norway stats oil and france's total have said that costs are too high while demand is actually falling but broadly way from the nation's capital he says that this does not necessarily mean that this is the end of the project just a shift in gas from strategy. it's important to note that gazprom in our view isn't exiting the project gazprom is indicating to investors into the government that due
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to the location the difficult conditions and the current tax regime that this product is difficult to proceed so i'm thing that we're seeing gas from exit per se i think we're seeing gazprom communicate publicly what it used to how it used to project what is really signaling is that many of the next generation projects shelf projects offshore projects or arctic projects are going to need a different tax structure whether it's lowering taxes or changing the set up or framework within which they are taxed so i think that this is an indicator for next generation projects across the board. and then starts also agreed to create joint venture projects in the arctic basically stats oil will be taking a thirty three percent stake in the joint ventures and also an exchange of manager and technical personnel isn't visaged within the. right four more mental blocks and mindscapes join me in fifty five minutes to hear this you can have another go
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at it to me. well very shortly we'll be going to washington in the capital account with me after a recap of our top story stay with us life here in moscow. today
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violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day. dreaming of a luxury sea round trip with open air intertainment. a little bit of exercise to get in better shape. and cuisine with all the healthy ingredients. in this case something to. our
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summer sales on our cheek. top stories now the serious delegates walk out of a meeting of states not aligned to the u.s. taking place in tehran and angered by mohamad morsi who called president assad's regime oppressive. while the divided u.n. security council tries again to break the syrian deadlock turkey was also invited to the ministerial meeting it's pushing for a buffer zone something russia and china strongly object to that's as heavy battles continue. reporting the chancellor merkel is in china to drum up business and convince beijing that the euro is on the road to recovery beijing says the eurozone states need to impose further cuts and reforms. with
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a new team with more on those stories in half an hour from now in the meantime we bring you up with capital account from washington next on r.t. . good afternoon and welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. and we are on vacation and you see we've been broadcasting since october so that means we're a little overdue for a break but in that time and in just the last few months we've interviewed so many amazing guests from jim grant to mark father to jim rickards even joining me as a co-host and we've covered so many topics that are relevant on any given day whether it's the bad or the eurozone crisis so we put together some of our very best and most popular episodes from the last few months for your viewing pleasure and the time while we're off and you can look forward to all the new shows starting september fourth so mark your calendar and don't forget interviews can all be found
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in their entirety on our you tube channel you tube dot com slash capital account but for now let's get to today's capital account. we are back on wall street today now after yesterday we descended upon the floor of the new york stock exchange behind me today we're crossing the street for what you could call an alternative exchange we have the opportunity to sit down one on one with jim grant editor of grant's interest rate observer from where he really does is observing jim grant let me just say it is a real honor to sit down with you thank you so much for allowing us into your domain long pleasure well great thank you so let's start with because there is a huge outrage about this library scandal and when we actually first process this
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news we were thinking ok jim grant is probably saying this is what central banks do every day and in fact you have been saying that you've been out saying that so why are people so outraged about why bore and banks attempting to manipulate it when this is the job of central banks that we all live under wrote the private bankers for the pilate rates on the quiet when they think they can get away with it surreptitiously opportunistically rarely central banks do it for a living. so it seems to me that the the london interbank offered rate scandal is almost infinitely insignificant compared to the prevailing problem in that relation market systemically openly and on principle by our central bankers so do you think that the outrage at the banks as mr repton over libel. their turn around and be outraged the people who manipulate the rates on which live bore from which
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libraries ultimately derive lahore's that is a rate that is derived. in very good part from the prevailing level of rates that the central bank said. or fix to use the proper word so the federal reserve the european central bank the swiss national bank all the rest are the business of imposing their judgement on the marketplace so they do this many ways most visibly they they set a money market interest rate that goes in this country by the name of the federal funds rate and that rate happens to be zero zero zero s. before tax might you so the savers get zero before tax the speculators get to borrow at zero with which to finance their speculations so one can make. a good many arguments against the nebulae sion of rates and i have but the library scandal it seems to me is is this as a scandal is almost infinitely insignificant the significant scandal is that is the
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ongoing particular action of rates by our central banks why do you think more people are making that connection have for so upset about live our lives why aren't we more upset about central bank menefee elation at rates as a realist i think that i think there is a ritual loathing of of big money and big financial institutions it is certainly understandable not entirely misplaced because these outfits are kind of state sponsored cartels in good measure you know they. know. that many of them would be standing upright and solvent except for the intercession of the central banks. citibank now that i think of it just celebrating its two hundredth birthday. is only two hundred years old thanks to the taxpayers yeah yeah afterwards if anyone knows anybody else would be worth it to us yeah yeah so it's
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it's not as if people should feel so. throbbing resentment against these mega financial institutions that they ought to but they ought to it seems to me. resent more thoughtfully and fundamentally and a more thoughtful and fundamental source of resentment is the government managed and directed central banks that set the rates. really are the basis for things like why bore and just along those lines to follow up do you think that it's monkey see monkey do banks see central banks doing this as an oh it's going to involve i'm not sure it's i'm not sure it's the it's the traders on the money market or treasury desk these banks say ah if they do it will do that i think what free traders are saying is i think we can get away with this great right yeah there's e-mails now and those are some fun fodder for at least.


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