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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 2:37pm-3:07pm EDT

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if i know it and i do not report that i am helping. to continue is that away and after even of human rights watch begin to talk about things perpetrated by. actual armed insurrection affiliated saying that it is affiliated to the opposition that were doing scenes against humanity and this is any problem and we're talking about the syrians in general do they want regime change look i think that yes and said to do regime has fallen there is no more of disillusionment you will never ever have the same regime on what now the commission they have been discriminated not because they are commission but because being commission they could not participate in islam is the most patience and sometimes it arrived to violence is against them. everybody says you
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know we had more than two hundred thousand coalition that had to flee out because of this big worse position that we have to. discern between exterior opposition you know in some of the leaders of the opposition outside of syria they never came back to syria since thirty years so they don't have. a popular ground ok they want to come to be able to come but with the help of. the foreign. what an intervention media thirty but you have. opposition. would doesn't want these kind of foreign intervention. they want changes but we saw violence and we saw destroying everything when we're
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talking about a solution a third way as you mentioned earlier in this conflict how is that going to happen given that there are a lot of guns on the street how is the solution to work and what exactly can be done there is a big violence you know but. it's not everywhere in syria. the violence that is reside needed by the border guards and is following a special plan but in that country. you have a large pieces of people. around of lens which is not on the violence and also even in the cities where you have violence they have so much space but. what would be. a kind you know for a country like iraq completely destroyed that many of the opposition and begin to
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think and to say it's not the way the value and it's not doing so since one year we have been more than one thousand people have been invited to. to the tourist complex to think about it certain way and certain way the name of the certainly it is more solid initiative is a more subtle high initiative does not come from the opposition does not come from under the it comes from the silent majority of the syrian people from the leaders of families of tribes of clans and also from religious leaders they meet together and they were very active. when there were the challenges that nobody could solution it but them for
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example in homs. you had many families completely trapped the. streets. they were controlled by the opposition but it was going to bomb them and so they were under high danger they were trapped for more one month nobody would know how to do it so most of the high intervene you know. they have their cousins inside the opposition for example and the good religious leader they have their own people believers in sausalito so they made negotiation secretly and slowly by slowly everybody could go out well there are also other christian or catholic figures aside from yourself were also making comments on the syrian conflict and there are some of them who don't agree with you who say that the syrians need outside help
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they need intervention yet you're both all from the same community what do you say to this what do you think of this i want to say is that the syrian people has to defy by itself we itself what they want and my claim is that let the syrian people alone and the majority of the syrian people they want change by the change would be impeached in dialogue and reconciliation i hope he said. syria is so strong he said they will make they are doing a new social pact. new basis. if you want ideology of party political party and it will be stronger it will be better and it is open to and you future full of you know more contemporaneous achievement
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top stories this hour here on our t.v. series delegates walked out of a meeting of states into the u.s. taking place in tehran they were angered by egyptian leader mohamed morsi who called president assad's regime up. lot of the divided u.n. security council tries again to break the syrian deadlock turkey was also invited to the ministerial meeting it's pushing for a buffer zone something russia and china strongly object to that as heavy battles continue. chancellor merkel is in china to drum up business and convince beijing that the euro is on the road to recovery beijing says weaker eurozone states need to impose further cuts and reforms. but with a new team with more on those stories in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime paul is next with the sport.
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thank you very much bill welcome along to the world of sports he's what's coming up european to all russian champions and he's in pieces by a draw against european giants ac milan in the champions league group stages all spotted in moscow placed the might of fossilised. blushing the cash bar munich breaking burgers may go record one song signing spanish midfielder having martinez for fifty million dollars. underway china climb the first gold medal in the paralympics as the games begin with a spectacular opening ceremony in london. but we start with football way in the champions league russia's two representatives this season have found out their opponents in the group stage on the draw has not been kind russian a premier league champions and something just bugger in group c.
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with seven tie european champions ac milan trips to belgium and spain also away to challenge for letty's men as under lock and malaga make up the rest of the group the la liga side competing in the competition for the very top. in group j. last season's top flight runners up spot at moscow face the ominous task of taking on barcelona the catalan side have won europe's premier competition twice in the last four seasons portuguese side benfica and scottish champions celtic completed the group. and the reigning champions chelsea who won the competition for the first time in may are in group eight their opponents are italian champions eventis shut down yet ukraine f.c. north said last. time there had to be one group they could be called the group of death the champions of spain will face the champions of england israel madrid for the draw against manchester city to form a winners of the competition complete the line up one thousand nine hundred. five
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thousand nine hundred ninety seven champions produce here taught me. and you can say that full draw on the dot com now and the euro plates has come moscow or carney in action against qualifying round second like clash they led one nil from the away leg but conceded early in the russian capital this evening and appeared to be heading for the dreaded extra time is only a matter of seconds left later on thursday this headings and go to the netherlands with a one zero lead over ours at newcastle host roma toskala who want to draw and grace an interval out of just kicked off against remaining side as the last two i mean while liverpool will be hoping to progress at the expense of scottish club hot. and i'm goals from andrew webster twelve minutes from time in the first leg means john mcglynn hearts trail one nailheads one failed the s.p.l. side make the trip south of the border i'm from liverpool an inconsistent for three nil to fame to west brom on the opening day of the premier league season was followed up with a two two draw against champions manchester city last week but manager brendan
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rodgers insists his side all favorites to progress. on this will listen to. you one of the good top players and we need to. treat every team that comes to run free to shut the door during the advantages of those personnel to know that nothing's impossible ills with grace try and make sure that we believe lucio should go to work or social forty extremely hard to get the ball we don't panic when it reaches a key position we don't get a weaker than we do not will be. petition the ball night. meanwhile the latest chapter of the footballing saga between real madrid and barcelona has gone the way of the galactic ice trays a marine air and car and finally ending their seven game el classico losing streak to lift the club's first spanish super cup since two thousand and eight passing how the three too late from the first leg the railway said little time wiping out the deficit. taking advantage of
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a strong defensive mishap to open the scoring eleven minutes gerard piqué the next boss of the friend little show a lapse in concentration a pretty good flick christiane out of the game one of one with goalkeeper victor valdes rising for two no late night the visitors were continued without you and i was sent off down eldad full flight you know messy process hope for the stunning free kick right before half time for two one was how it finished on the night for aggregate playing for trophies of the season on away goals. the more there has been some good news for barcelona as their midfielder on this in the us that won the u.a.e. for european of footballer of the year award team a leader of messi and relevant great forward cristiana are now there were the runners up the spanish international the nineteen writes well when i was messing with six seventeen eight the award is voted for by fifty three journalists representing each of the u.a.e. for nations in the a.f.l.
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to play in the league title last season but was part of the triumphant spanish side of the one euro two thousand and twelve. now with the clock ticking until the closure of the european transfer window german club munich have smashed the national record to science spying it having martin as the central midfielder arriving from la liga club athletic bilbao for a fee around fifteen million dollars or just over thirty six million pounds the twenty three year old was a member of spain's two thousand and ten world cup winning squad and also helped his country defend a european title this summer martin has apparently had other options for the elected for a move to the bundesliga. itself if you will at the end of last season given all the options there was one that stood out amongst the rest which was coming here this is one of the three steams in the world historically and currently when they told me it was an option i quickly focused on coming here people have spoken well about the city and the people. here now to the u.s.
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open tennis where russian nicholai data denker is looking to reach the third round of the final grand slam of the year the unseated russian is taking on a local favorite that's twenty third st martin fish there in action right now the other day taking the sat frenchman jay wolfson tsonga is up against and saves martin clears out of slovakia very strange again. taking the sacks on the story back then the second six one before dropping the third later on the world number one and top seed roger federer beyond our germany. counter in the women's draw meanwhile saw fourteen take the richter olenka beating grettir arms in straight sets and then pretending to really williams plays where they are jose martinez sanchez of spain process and say that last year advanced poland things another spaniard carswell audience member all right. now cyclist lance armstrong maintains he's still a seven time tour de france winner the american was stripped of all the titles that he's won since one thousand nine hundred eight after saying he would no longer
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challenge the u.s. anti-doping agencies drug charges against him however he says that is not an admittance of guilt. my name is lance armstrong i am a cancer survivor i've been asked to come up here and talk about my story of survivor ship i'm a father of five and yes i won the tour de france seven times to book saying we're going to go of kenya set to put his own bait in a record on the line this weekend the w.b. and i.b.i. middleweight champion faces poland's greg goss proxy in new york on saturday but for a fight club can was keen to stress a possible super fight with a russian to me is not currently on the cards presently dimitri pirro doesn't really mean anything to me even though he is a w b o champion i'm not really interested in him i'm about to fight proxy on september first so beautiful it isn't in my head at all this and you're finally at the paralympics in london russia have claimed two gold medals on the opening day of
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competition so a win in the men's four hundred metres freestyle swimming while it's on a soft did likewise in the women's event but away from the competition there's a party atmosphere in the english capital as roman cost whoever puts. the final stage of the paralympic torch relay saw some of the world's most acclaimed stars usher the flame through the streets of london among them top international model and mother to three children and i tell you about john of who also happens to be the ambassador for the next winter games in russia's black sea resort of sochi in twenty four it's not just that i cannot write i want to use the resources that i haven't got you do want to help me paralympic meaning my own penes. of support for kids to contribute to the apartment because instead of london twenty twelve organizers have pulled out all the stops in order to achieve a record breaking ticket sales that's certainly something to live up to when the next winter paralympic capsule of sorts you will pick up the bats and our group was
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lucky enough to also catch up with thirteen time paralympic champion remembered. the russian state duma deputy participated in six games herself but admits that it's a completely different experience so right here as a fan let me now present i've never attended the opening ceremony of the games in my six paralympic outings as an athlete because i usually had to prepare for competition during that time so this first time experience is like a holiday for me and from the streets on when the torch to the stadium where thousands of international spectators made their way to the opening ceremony. so the twenty as well paralympic games have officially begun over the next couple of weeks after these from hundred sixty six countries will battle for the gold medal in twenty one different sports and these games are promising to be the most watched paralympics to date. from our cost of reporting for our team for going to
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court the logs and. that is all from the world of sport for now but before we go i just got to tell you that sas com moscow have been eliminated from the europa league they were leading one nil going into the second leg. here in the russian capital but they've lost two nil conceding a second goal deep into injury time so sas college europa league campaign. that is all from the world of sport for now but there's plenty more to hear a lot in the world weather is next.
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dreaming of a luxury used to see round trip with the open air entertainments. a little bit of exercise to get in better shape. and cuisine with all my healthy ingredients. in this case something to dream of our summer sales on our chief. news today violence has once again flared up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are today.
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the divided u.n. security council tries again to break the syrian deadlock with turkey pushing for a buffer zone as heavy battles continue. while syria's delegates walk out of a meeting of states not aligned to the u.s. taking place in tehran outraged by egypt's new president in damascus an oppressive regime. plus the euro zone's engine room in germany heads east for investment chancellor merkel is in china to drum up business and convince beijing that the euro is on the road to recovery. online on screen international news and comment live from the new center here in moscow britain and france say they're not ruling out any options in syria including
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a military enforced no fly zone the deadlocked u.n. security council is to discuss the crisis with turkey also pushing for the creation of a buffer zone new york correspondent marina port has the details. nine foreign ministers of the security council seats will be in attendance as will representatives of turkey jordan and lebanon those representatives will be discussing the counter effects and the consequences of the syrian crisis and how it spilled over into their borders turkey is expected to raise the issue of buffer zones with the security council turkey wants to create according to reports buffer zones within syria for displaced people now this is an idea that has already been shot down by the syrian government as well as russia and china and if i'm not mistaken possibly even the secretary general of the u.n. because creating a buffer zone many say why would put military
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a military presence into syria that is not a part of syria's government or military so china and russia are arguing that this can only make the situation that much more dangerous now that the foreign ministers of britain and france were addressing the media just a little while ago saying that their countries are already preparing and planning for the post assad era and they have also said raised a new call encouraging for the defections of syrian officers and soldiers what they're doing to encourage those defections is not clear and the rhetoric from the west has been westward escalating over the past weeks we did recently hear france call on the syrian opposition to form a provisional government this came after france just a week ago called on the consideration of a partial no fly zone to be implemented over syria's air space meanwhile the u.s.
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president barack obama said that the u.s. would intervene if the syrian government were to use chemical or biological weapons on syrian civilians and britain echoed america's. sentiments we also see the west is planning they say for a post assad era but meanwhile this violence is still escalating and the security council has not reached any kind of consensus so you're dealing still with a deadlock among the international community but they're also at least trying to handle the humanitarian situation in syria so clearly a lot of issues on the agenda for the u.n. security council to be discussing. apart from calls on syrian officials to defect yukos william hague has promised an extra three million pounds to help the country's refugees with thousands fleeing into neighboring states it seems the measure will do little to stem the immense influx of displaced people are reports now from jordan. exhausted and drained there's not much for these refugees to
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do besides sweltering under the scorching desert sun children from the violence back home in syria they walked for days in the heat to get here and so they come in numbers and under the wire not one person here has gone through the official borders instead depending on the level of violence in syria as many as a thousand people each day are fleeing across into jordan they're picked up from the border by the jordanian police and brought here to the scamp. and now a man doesn't know what to do with them the country is struggling with few natural resources little water and is in need of foreign aid their growing number is putting pressure on in a way the refugee way republic we can close the border on the faces of the refugees we have to help them syria is like a sister to jordan and king abdullah and president assad friends now king is in a very difficult situation goes on there has a direct impact on what has. relations between
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a man in damascus are already strained a number of defected soldiers and senior officers are being sheltered in the kingdom the most high profile refugee was the prime minister riyad hitch up who fled to turkey through jordan earlier this month and then that the tribes who fearing massive amounts of weapons ammunition and sniper rifles to syria from jordan saudi arabia is promising economic assistance in exchange for months cooperation but it could backfire. if there is regime change in syria and the extremists come to power. problems for jordan where we have our own extremists although they're far more flexible. and so now jordan faces the backlash of a conflict which some in the country have helped escalate meanwhile more than one hundred fifty thousand refugees remain stuck on its borders and what's supposed to be a safe enclave but we food is hard to come by toilets case and not enough tends to go around leaving some to the mercy of harsh desert conditions this is. the
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atmosphere here is so. mysterious you die quickly but here we are dying a slow death i wish now i never left to come here. jordan narrowly escaped a wave of uprisings that swept the arab world it says it's getting reforms in place but caught between both sides it might not be enough to stop the serious shockwave however that conflict in policy r.t. zar to the refugee camp on the jordanian syrian border. still ahead for you this hour here in r.t. a look at the roots of radicalism we investigate the spread of islamic extremism here in russia and whether it's being fueled from abroad and that's in a few minutes on r.t. . first the syrian delegations walked out on a session of the nonaligned movement in tehran after egyptian leader mohamed morsi called the syrian regime oppressive in his speech morsi added that assad's government at last.


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