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mission to teach creation why you should care about humans and world this is why you should care watch only on the r g dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. china operations are on the day.
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you're watching aussies great to have you with us the headline. a london court will give its verdict in the multi-billion dollar legal battle between two russian oligarchs living in greece and there is very salty and romana burble that traill murder who's won in a case full of accusations dirty dealings and threats. turkey pushes for the un
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security council to intervene in syria militarily to protect civilians as britain refuses to rule out a taking action beyond the organizations most powerful body. and also series one of the topics in june and the latest interview the whistleblower promises more we can leaks revelations and claims the media's been manipulated over what's happening as his own predicament a son said he might have to spend six months to. a door and the same. with mitt romney now officially named the republican nominee for u.s. president. talks to skull and research i've been a little about the race for the white house. what do you read into the g.o.p. convention well conventions in the us now are sort of beauty contests they're not
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they used to be in the history of the used to have a lot more effect than nominees actually chosen at the conventions but now we have a party primary and caucus system which does that so it's just sort of a coronation of the nominee of the particular party and they script them pretty heavily romney has complete control over the conference convention and there observe you ron paul supporters that kicked up a little bit of dust but largely even ron paul is playing the game inside the party so you don't see hardly any disputes or anything like that over the platform or anything else and no surprises all though romney started at the very. beginning of his campaign was very rough there was a lot of combat this and a lot of other candidates who basically discredited ahead and yet now at the convention it seems as the g.o.p. just wants from need to be the president yes well they've all that's the tradition
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in american politics usually is they have about a battle during the primaries call each other all sorts of names criticize each other's policy and then all of a sudden you see people who are criticizing him before when he gets enough electoral i mean convention delegates they'll split up and then start supporting him so as it ran this time they think now for the u.s. well usually they're on the republican side they they nominate the person who lost last time the next in line the democrats are a little bit more if he but but i think basically comes down to these conventions and surfers are surface phenomena at the don't really mean much people who actually study elections in the u.s. say it's not really between two candidates it's a referendum on the current administration so. you know they could have almost anybody running and the economy is bad and it's going to be very close but i think some of the models predict obama still eking it out a very close victory but it's going to be close so those models could be off as
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well but i think obama has an intrinsic. advantage in the electoral college because in the united states you know we don't. as we saw in two thousand election we don't elect the president on the popular vote it can sometimes be different than the electoral college so we really don't have a national election we have a state by state election and so. the candidates have to win so many states which add up to two hundred seventy electoral votes and so that can sometimes differ from the national popular vote totals so this could be another election where that happens we'll see but obama has a slight edge in the electoral map and a condom is bad but romney's policies are too far to the right and he seems as if he's moving even further to the right choosing paul ryan for instance a lot of people like his and accuse him of wanting to assert to the right wing of the republican party do you think the u.s.
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is moving in that direction or is it just politics that brought him here well the republicans seem to think that they can energize their base more than the democratic base because the democratic base is kind of disappointed with obama in certain respects and if they can energize their base they can win that way but i don't know that's a bit iffy i think they may have made a bad choice and paul ryan and i think that's choosing him said ok we're going to mobilize our base instead of going for independent voters because he would have picked romney would pick somebody that was like chris christie or somebody that was more moderate to go out to the center and that may have been a mistake because most of the conservatives are going to vote against obama. and so they really didn't need paul ryan they needed some. to get people in the middle particularly. suburban women and you see these comments by the republican candidate one of the senate candidates on abortion and rape. you know
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that really. disaffect women so the republicans led that's what happened leading up to the convention so they don't really want to talk about that the republicans want to talk about the economy and they want all those social issues which are very divisive and might turn key voting blocks like suburban women against them so and in a close election they really need everybody on their side do you think he's able to move to appeal to the middle well not as much i guess somewhat it's hard to say where he stands on many issues he's kind of moved around enough that's believable but after you do that and now if people you know stick you with the flip flopper type thing flipping back and forth between you know views like john kerry was labeled with that. a while back for the demo on the democratic side you know if you're inconsistent on your and and mitt romney has been inconsistent on abortion
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assault weapons ban and even on health care yes in fact obama and mitt romney have switched positions because used to be obama was against his own what became his own healthcare plan because hillary originally proposed it during the primaries and of course mitt romney was the guy who dreamed up the whole thing is governor of massachusetts and now he's against that sort of thing so you never know what's going to happen there or what position they're going to take but that changing of positions don't you think it's going to weaken his campaign run this campaign especially now when you're talking health care economy. jobs well i think it does certainly when you flip around flip flop around on positions but i think really it's a referendum on obama that's what the experts say political science. used to study these things i mean they could put anybody in the in the chair and one of the key factors but not the only factor is the economy so we'll have to see if they can keep g.o.p. that republicans can keep you know on the offensive on the economy and if they can
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do that that that highlights the problem but it's not really even the unemployment rate of change and really. the economy would have had to improve probably by may to help obama out and that didn't happen so that the fundamentals of the election are are set you know months in advance so we'll just see what the what the last count is but in an election this close to you know course they're pulling everything out on both both camps to attack the other one because they need every vote they can get so that must face the economy what are the challenges facing romney at this election's and this elections well i think the main one is getting distracted by the social issues old many people don't agree with the social issues in the public and party because they're very much to the right of the population and i think those key voting groups that would be shy about voting for ron the and
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that so they have to kind of keep that under the table but this just sort of sprang up at this senate candidate saying these things which are really quite outrageous about rape and that sort of thing and so lots of women might but this is the south romney completely distance in south from he did on the platform and the his vice presidential candidate both say no exceptions for rape or incest in the an anti-abortion platform so mitt romney has personally done that but he's still kind of weighted with this baggage and it also is just kind of a big idea another many women who are against abortion out there and they probably will vote of course republican but you know there are if you're trying to get votes in the middle that's a key constituent. the other problem that the republicans have well they have two other problems working. union worker who a lot of times supported. republicans during the reagan era that's dwindled because
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we've had we have fewer manufacturing jobs so there's fear of those people the other thing is the hispanic population is has been a rage by some of the republican stances on immigration so that's the fastest growing minority and you see a lot of western states colorado nevada which used to be solid republican are moving in the democratic camp or at least neutral and so that's where oh obama has gotten an advantage on the electoral map the state by state election which is really the key election but it's a slight edge at this point on foreign policy is it seems as if economy. jobs these are the main factors of the elections here about what about foreign policy and do you think that romney has any advantage or less rights well if anything i think he has the last advantage he's trying to make a big deal about the iran thing but you know obama killed osama bin laden and here are some of bin laden is bill and number one and you know it took them ten years
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and george w. bush never got them so that's a feather in his cap here in the united states i think. romney has been very hawkish but people are tired of two wars here they want to get out of these wars so i don't think if anything that's a detriment to him that he's got all these neoconservative hawkish foreign policy advisers foreign policy won't traditionally hasn't provide played much in u.s. elections because it's usually domestic issues and the economy and in this case it's even more so since we've had this long recession and now a long sluggish period of recovery so i think even more so people are turning inward because they want to get rid of these wars and you know get back to what they're doing in. that's why it's going to be mainly on the domestic issues so if anything i think foreign policy his views probably are handicapped form but the critique that the deal is. they're criticizing obama on syria as you said on iran
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and other issues and it seems as if he's romney is trying to win base for him by criticizing obama on this issue i think they are criticizing him but most most american voters don't really care about that to be quite blunt and so i mean they just you know they may read the newspapers and they don't know very much about these issues foreign policy and defense stuff they don't know what's what our policy should be in many of the countries because they're not even familiar much with the countries but they know their own paycheck they know the educational system they know the state of the highways they know stuff and domestically and that's why us elections usually tend to focus on that unless there's a big war going on or unless there's some crisis like the iranian hostage crisis during the one nine hundred eighty for jimmy carter something like that then it becomes a bit more of an issue and less than three months left for the elections obama is still leading do you think that's going to be the case for until november sixth or
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d.c. that he's well the polls there are about even depending on which polls but those polls don't mean anything because it's state by state and i think you have to look at the electoral map and obama does have an edge there although they kind of his bad do you think he needs a miracle for the economy to keep that lead in the elections or is it also the fact that romney has issues with health care with the economy it's not going to help obama but he'll probably will he's probably benefited from those these groups that have become disaffected with republicans like hispanics you know and that's sort of thing and i think he's got an electoral edge because of that i. good leverage tory to mccurry was able to build
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of a luxury see round trip with open air entertainments. a little to size to get in better shape. and cuisine with all my healthy ingredients. in this case something to remove our summer sales on our cheap. stores and i'll see a london court. to. sell between two russian living in. his one and a case. things friends. the turkey pushers will be u.n. security council to intervene in syria militarily to protect civilians as britain refuses to while taking action beyond the organizations and most powerful body.
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series one of the topics and driven out some latest interview there with blower promises more weekly express relations on claims the media's been manipulated over what's happening is over own predicament said he'd mind how to spend six months to a day in the ecuadorian embassy and. under the americans say we saved the best for last this hour as you know is here with this. pretty happy with this this is sports today plenty head over the next ten minutes including. continental clashes in each get one of the better chance means the group stage draws while spartak moscow must face barcelona in one of their fixtures. the ugly side of the beautiful game russian authorities again come together in an
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attempt to crack down on the ever present issue of pool again ism in football. and moving on up on reoccur lanka's quest for a first ever grand slam crown texel pace the victory in round two for us. but we start with football where in the champions league russia's two representatives this season help discovered their group stage fate it could have been worse for a russian premier league champions and eat the same petersburg side drawn and could see alongside seven time european champions milan chronically art of form to mystically it must be said as well as belgians under liked on first thomas malaga from spain. in group g. spartak moscow face the almost task of taking on barcelona as a couple on side one europe premier a competition twice in the past four seasons which beside benfica and scottish champions celtic complete the group. elsewhere reigning champion chelsea who won the competition for the first time in may are in group e.
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their imminent opponents are italian champions eventis shock dardanelles confused brain danes f.c. nortel and. group d. believe the group of death the champions of spain will face the champions of england for real madrid drawn against manchester city two former winners of the competition complete the line up nineteen ninety five champions i.x. in one thousand nine hundred seven title holders parisienne dortmund. while the army men's europa league march is over before even. starting c.s.k. moscow missing out on the group stages of a major continental competition for the first time since two thousand and four following it to know the fate the sweet ai k. in their second leg qualifier c.s.k. held the one heading into the moscow region clash and where big favorites to advance the home side ever failed to take advantage of multiple chances before seeing a high case with a deciding goal to an extra time the muscovites losing to on then on aggregates with the calls for the resignation of monetary minutes lidsky now getting them to
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hit a larger. russia will have a second representative in the tournament however jean joining with being in the group stages following a stunning five nil away win over the last night captain some new it so netting the second right before the break come a rooney and doing it all himself quite an incredible goal the fifth simply scorching on dutch soil continuing their plates in the second half five nil on the evening six the overall misstating side certainly one to be avoided monday's. talks have taken place in moscow aimed at trying to reduce football hooliganism in russia the police supporters' group and the premier league were all present with new legislation set to be introduced in september to try and curb a problem that simply won't go away richard on port fleet has more. talking football hooliganism in russia is often discussed however if we see this email
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problem seem to occur with rival supporters clashing both inside and outside stadiums across the country. part of the problem is very is no effective legislation in place to tackle the problem and this is something we are far at ease and looking to change. we're looking to bring in legislation to try and combat football hooliganism unfortunately there are no universal laws in place at the moment to deal with this problem in the autumn the duma will discuss this problem will also look to try and angle things like players instead as this has a negative impact on the game fires are all too common at stadiums around the country despite heavy fines from the way for pyrotechnics are still let off the champions league and europa league matches but clubs are the ones who have to foot the bill or bowser guilty of bringing flares into the grounds often get away with a fine of just a few euros bats are buried in courts. who will be looking to liaise with clubs and
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fans to try and make stadiums safer places and the new legislation will be much tougher and those who want to break the law were looking at how the authorities in england and germany have managed to deal with hooliganism they have dealt with the problem very well and will be looking to try and bring in similar laws into russia to overcome this problem supporters' groups have often campaigned for stewards to take the place of police in football stadiums as this became a cross much of europe. this may have some effect in reducing the problem however the only way football hooliganism can really be tackled is if the troublemakers are held accountable for very actions. the laws and fines football hooligans for years have to be tough for if they are shown on t.v. or displayed in newspapers for what they have done then i think they'll think twice about doing it again if the issue is a fine of ten your parents nothing to keep on causing trouble the police and the
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clubs need to work together to try and tackle this problem it's high time that a proper stance against hooligans is taken however it seems both your foreign cities finally accept there is a problem but it's crucial that the new legislation being discussed easy implemented i'm comes down hard on those intent on causing trouble which you've been brutally dancey. paralympic action our russia didn't wait around too long to open their medal tally in london their team racking up two goals swan so run a bronze on the opening day their two top place finishes coming courtesy of four hundred meter freestyle specialists oxana such a circuit such anchored no stranger to standing atop the podium having won three golds in beijing in the fifty one hundred two hundred meter distances can go also adding a goal to his bulging collection which already boast three top four silver and three bronze medals from athens and beijing both part of the bins are where they
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can make this their best games yet with four more events scheduled for each in the english couple. it's been a mixed day for the russian women in action at the u.s. open maria curragh lanka though with a fine are taking facing few problems against hungary and grettir aren't on the way to throw god fourteen to the current a prevailing six three six two at the louis armstrong stadium or ever present significant other ice hockey star alexander ovechkin liking what he saw to. no problem for the favorites are flushing meadows. other with serena williams seeing up maria who is a martinez sanchez sixty six four in the second round williams is seeking a third u.s. open title. has been forced to catch an early plane home after being schooled by sir ronnie though the twenty five year old winning just that one game against a tenth seat of the telly and better luck for qualifying all get pushed over the underdog to the third round after a tough five seven six three seven five win over to judge what he burton signed all
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russian bottle meanwhile saw you come to me in my car of overcome particularly in this nina in streets. in the menstrual mardy fish overcame a two set deficit to be. done with ankles hopes of a first ever grand slam title coming to an abrupt end following me disappointing four six six seven six two six one six two this. another day another shock in new york with joel fred tsonga heading home following his worst grand slam run since two thousand and seven the fifth seeded french one hundred loss before reaching the third round of a major in five years what were number fifty two martin design and about room still back taking care of business six four one six six one six three in the second on. roger federer has maintained his status as the lord of darkness at flushing meadows improving to attempt any three zero record during night time marches in new york
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the thirty one year old on seating fellow veteran you are in part to advance into the third round remain on course for six u.s. open probably the world of one wheeling six two six three six two. finally it takes a bold competitor to reach the summit of the sport of bouldering there's no safety rope to break your fall if you fail to get a grip but that didn't seem to faze russia's goal man of who held on for victory at a world cup event in germany last week with robert downey in singapore. no equipment at all. just a man with bare hands. here is the proof that is all it takes to climb baroque. or boulder as they call these massive artificial stones bouldering stirred as a method of training for climbers back in the nineteenth century nowadays it is sports but those using their body as the ultimate to. strength exterior
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and even the mental skill of problem solving all put to the test in this short routes to the top this year the world cup series reached its pinnacle in munich germany with two climbers sharing the overall lead going into the final stage of the two thousand and nine world cup champion russians were stunned game enough. and the quiet down trophy winner. yet the most it was i've been in the sport for quite a long time to know killian fish trooper well he's got fantastic technique and outstanding skills when he's focused it's nearly impossible to beat him but sometimes he feels to perform at his best usually i can focus on climbing really well so i just think about climbing just about bells and the ball there so i have a strong head that are struggling so much however this time around the great australian was far from his best to rising with failing to qualify for the
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semifinals. did with this point i'll touch bringing him the twenty twelve ball the world cup although the completion was far from over with the battle for stage victory still ahead in the end game and finish the stage fourth with his compared to it neatly short of food enough proving the best in munich. i knew i had already won could big cock and it was hard to compose myself once again for the finals i tried to stay focused but it's still too different my body and my mind just refused to act at full capacity but there is no doubt the day belonged to gilman a robot arty. not wraps up the sport for now whether it's next year and twenty four hour r.t. .
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world. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.


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