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i've. i've. got. it.
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hello again the says she coming to live the most definitely. india and china's plans to step up that military changes has the west where as the world's two largest armies unite that it's to boost the plans in the region. the two assholes
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training of a bulk of afghan forces on first mike and deadly inside out tugs as a nation had meds negligent and chains of the betting process has led to his attention that goes on and. on and a new way to protect his in russia from paul to be content faces criticism for its ambiguous language that threatens to deprive children of programs and content of the age of cultural. as the tension around the locks and mosque the holiest site in islam continues to build talks to talk to shake sabri former grand mufti of jerusalem and palestine things that the israeli government is deliberately targeting the sacred sites. what we have said. the mufti of jerusalem say thank you very much for joining us here on r.t.
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israel allows was loves to make program read to mecca but on the other hand it forbids men under the age of fourteen from entering the mosque during ramadan to pray on fridays how do you explain this contradiction. this contradiction is due to the fact that they let our brothers who live in the areas of biden nine hundred forty eight carry out the harsh suse's their legal right there also is some political benefits to be gained from demonstrating that there is freedom of religion acts as for the acts and the rules of the strictest their suits is on their territory it was situated somewhere else no such measures would be taken now their focus is on acts of the occupation authorities on criticised only for that the most of their actions deserve criticism you have said that jewish authorities are trying to sensitize was them sensitivities to access why do you say this. hell israeli or cubans are trying to make it seem like the al aqsa mosque is not
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really that important they say that muslims have the holy cities of mecca and medina so they don't need jerusalem or an accident they also want to weaken the link between muslims and palestine but since i lack so connects one point five billion muslims with jerusalem and palestine this link is made of belief and faith they think that if they weaken that link muslims are going to lose interest in out in reality though the muslims that don't live in palestine feel closer to because they know it's in danger as are their beliefs and so whatever the occupants do to diminish alex's significance is bound to fail that you have also said that if the israeli government and fanatical jewish groups formed muslim reaction they see this as a green light to move forward so what in fact should muslims do now sadly muslim countries are now more concerned with their domestic issues neglecting the issue of imax or
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in jerusalem and i loaned israeli or keep insta carry out their hostile plans and they have quite a few of those including the jewish organization of jerusalem and taking control over. there making the most of the numerous domestic problems that the arab and muslim countries are busy addressing right now so they can carry out their plans without any resistance. why do you believe that you are the muslim worlds first line of defense against israeli and jewish ambitions in jerusalem. the thing is jerusalem is isolated from other palestinian territories palestinians from the west bank and gaza strip are not allowed to enter the city the only people who can get into a palestinians to live in the areas occupied in one hundred forty eight they can do that because they live there so it's only the people who live in jerusalem in the areas that i mentioned who can come to iraq. these are the people who protect it who coordinate action to preserve it but if these people stop going to iraq there
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will be no one left to protect it we are grateful to them for what they do in there to the us what do you think about israeli claims that the wall and checkpoints are there for security reasons. israel's claims that the wall was built for security reasons have nothing to do with reality this is not true because they do not observe the nine hundred sixty seven borders they have occupied a lot of palestinian territory in addition to those that were seized in one nine hundred forty eight secondly making all people feel like prisoners is not the way to solve security issues the way to do that is to ensure security of all people as well as grown them full human rights that would be a fair approach to a wall is not a solution. over the years have the israelis changed treatment of palestinians wanted to come and pray at al aqsa mosque but mr that the balmoral plenty and the
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occupation regime treats palestinians in a way which is far from humane they are cruel oppressive they don't have mercy there's one issue that's not reported in the media i'm talking about palestinian women who don't always get a chance to give on earth in hospital occupants not ambulances at checkpoints and sometimes because of these delays ambulances cannot get to the women in labor on time as a result they cannot give birth at a medical facility sometimes the baby dies and even the mother herself can bleed to death and we have very disturbed over three hundred cases of such inhumane behavior on the part of israeli authorities that i have met with a number of delegations of american scholars and asked them if they have ever heard of this and they all said no the western zionist media do not report these cases why opinion is that these checkpoints are set up to inflict more suffering to kill unborn babies whose mothers have to give birth on the way to hospital how far has the israeli digging and i'll ask some mask on and how much of
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a problem is that to the structure of the building and have for the. i have for the . excavation work so extensive they are digging in two directions from still one going south and to the west of the mosque and because of this digging houses a muslim artifacts get damaged but actually they haven't discovered any jewish artifacts during excavation one jewish archaeologists admitted that they had not found a single stone related to jewish history but there's no doubt that this dig will cause destruction of the mosque there already cracks in its southern eastern walls they remove soil from under the mosque uncovering the foundation is that the building is hanging in the air and geologists say there nurse great with a magnitude of five point zero will collapse the structure before they dug out these tunnels the mosque was good even the worst earthquakes the dig is very dangerous we have protested against it several times but the authorities have
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ignored us that with seven israeli extremists have gone as far as to call for the aqsa mosque to be twenty dollars and for the first and second jewish temples to be built in its place what do you have to say about this imagine what the jewish extremist groups have a lot of power in israel that they came to power along with the likud party the current government headed by binyamin netanyahu is working with these extremist groups and so now they are revealing their secret agenda including the plan to destroy the al aqsa mosque some of them say that there should be separate visiting days for jews or muslims others claim the mosque should be under israeli control because it's part of the zero they say that it's located within the old city limits these aggressive statements reveal their true intentions regarding the mosque why are they not talking about the control over the church of the holy suppose. they're only interested in the al aqsa mosque we think it's really dangerous people don't
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think there's such claims are backed by the state but in reality the state support the extremists who make least. eight minutes. what will you do you have complained about what to say as the totally inadequate manner in which was the most states have reacted to his radio efforts to take over the mosque what should was in the states do law the old be aware we believe the anarchs a mosque is not only a sacred place for palestinians before all muslims it means that all muslims must share responsibility for its preservation it has strategic importance in that it serves muslim communities across the world in russia the us or europe but all muslims must do what they can to help our cause you can use different leverage diplomatic political or economic every country must know the truth and be aware of its responsibility that we do what we can here on the ground our resources are limited we cannot oppose all of israel's plans alone side in what way and why
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are israel for it and so harassing you and other spiritual leaders to. israel is to carry out his plans gradually step by step without much fuss or objection but we keep bringing it up and by doing so we have exposed the plans of the occupation authorities that's why they use media and press conferences to pile the pressure on us i gag us to crush those who stand in the way of the occupiers but it only proves that there is no freedom or democracy in israel we have democracy for the jewish people it doesn't apply to us what of. the palestinian issue being resolved in the future but boy there are still no signs that this issue will be resolved in the near future particularly with the netanyahu cabinet in power they want to start negotiations from scratch israel does all it can to obstruct install the process to prolong the existence of its state these talks
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didn't make any difference for palestinians these talks are a waste of time. well we can talk about talks with decades that's why i don't think they make any sense is there. what do you think about the way that the palestinian authority is handling the issue of gaining independence. for the palestinian authorities are weak but they're looking for a solution and they want to prove they have achieved something but the talks have actually been a failure so at the moment we don't have any solution on the horizon in meeting we need to unite to revive our economy and science to be invincible when d.-day the moment for a solution comes from the footy is it fair to say that israel is trying to obliterate the arab islamic identity after us and. to hell a little. bit of israel's policy on the ethnic issue is based on the jewish organization conversation of lands on construction of settlements they're working
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to increase the size of the jewish population and cut the number of arabs and they do it by putting pressure on arab merchants and arabs in general to push them out of jerusalem into the suburbs or other towns by referring to a crisis in the housing sector israel stop giving permits for construction and so when a young man grows up and decides to set up a family he will not be able to find or build a home or even if he finds one the rent will be too high to afford and he will be are forced to leave so even without declaring its intentions israel is reading jerusalem of arabs israel doesn't talk publicly about this but according to my observations the population of jerusalem is growing in one nine hundred sixty seven there were seventy thousand arabs today there are more than three hundred thousand on top in one of these prophecies mohammed was asked about where his followers should go after he leaves and he said that muslims should stay in beit. that's in
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jerusalem where they lived at the time in this way he blessed all generations to come to live in this city. so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . there conduce childhood was overshadowed by this tragedy. these two feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. the town of anderson so. innocent victims.
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more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today. the headlines on our see him day and china's plans to stop military exchanges turns the west wary of the world's two largest armies united that it's to boost influence in the region. to assholes training of a polka dot influences are high could deadly inside times as nato had made snag. the vetting process to recruit turning their guns on that.
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new law aiming to protect kids in russia from t.v. content faces criticism for its ambiguous language that threatens to deprive children of programs and cartoons of brave. maria sharapova is keeping the russian flag flying at the u.s. open with more of the latest when the rest of the sport is andre. thanks for watching and these are the headlines into the quarter finals really shroud of the survivors is scared to beat fellow russian not even trying the u.s. open. last full steam ahead super sub public schools locos when they're in the moscow darby against sparta leading with goals from the russian primarily. on the bar in mclaren jenson button wins a clash belgian grand prix to clinch the fourteenth big tree case career.
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first maria shriver has reached the quarter finals of the us open beating fellow russian now in three sets sharapova who is the three seed stormed through the first set six one but the driver fought back to take the next and then was leading two games to love in the decider before she arrived but came back to win that six ball for the match it is the first time. has reached the court and since winning the usa . back in two thousand and six and she will play next marion barry bartoli after she became the five seed petra could be to also reaching the last eight a world number one victoria azarenka and defending champion sam stosur. meanwhile the defending men's champion about djokovic progressed to the last sixteen beating julien benneteau comfortably on arthur ashe caught in an hour and thirty seven minutes six three six two six two the score joke of a child to get through the morning match from a place which stands now. you know eleven am.
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the first first match. so so they. always the morning person. you try to go to bed early and try to wake up early for your body. as i said you know i wanted to start very sharp from the first point but also happy explains david ferrer he booked his place in the fourth round with a four set when i have a strategy is former world number one lleyton hewitt will play richard gas day for a place in the call to use. on local favorite down the road it keeps his career going he said he's going to retire after the u.s. open but made sure of at least one more appearance on call to offer a force that when i have it's nice fabio fognini. argentines martin del potro the pipes in the right way. now let's switch the russian primarily roman pavlyuchenko
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came off the bench to score the winner and locomotives two one win over sparta caspar had gone ahead after just six minutes thanks to dimitry combat was a hit but then and boy leveled only hours. and then the former spurs man power to change the who come on for the second half netted the winner just six minutes later the big three c's lock a leapfrog spot back into fifth spot. meanwhile cross city rivals to scar up to one zero when i had a person die on me at a teenage wing after school he secondly go in these many games russian defended the city but it seems he was the provider for that one the army men have now won their last full matches and are just a point of latest headache and seventy eight. while there was more misery from world war two the normal moscow is down depressed few side threw away a one goal lead to lose again to one in stoppage time but his form a side benefit that hurt the nama went ahead courtesy of christian abodes find
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strike right before the break before thinking is powerful free kick leveled back is midway through the second half much to progress. complete disgust and as always bill is netted the winner from outside the box minutes into injury time as the band condemned best six the feet from seven the game's. wild goose hitting sangi maintain their push for a european place for the two one winner of the family chris sandberg headed home at b.c. there to put the business is ahead midway through the first half involved setting up that one in the senior trawler a netted his second go in as many games early in the second to give angie a comfortable lead. go back to the home side hang on to victory she won i think. so this is how the top half of the table is shaping up after seven matches reigning champions anita level on points at the summit the surprise package . of the best moscow team in place there. to see after that victory last night
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see. him all over new england new signing robin van persie scored a hat trick for manchester united is they won three two three southampton united were two one down with twenty minutes to go see them missed a penalty but the dutchman scored twice in the last five minutes to move united to fifth in the table while the saints go bottom elsewhere. netted one big goal is newcastle came back to draw one one with aston villa a new voice down because because all and lukas podolski scored arsenal's first league goals of the season as they want to kneel at liverpool although gunners manager arsene banga says his pet make sure to talk about travel. truly. confident.
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in formula one jenson button has claimed his fourteenth career win and his second of the year following aid. dominant like the flag display at the belgian grand prix the briton catapulted him self into contention for the title after also winning the race in the shredding grand prix back in march but it was a day to forget the standings leader financial alongside the spaniard crashed out at the start of his hamilton pet is. also retired and the french were most handy of one race ban after a spectacular pileup on the first corner past star maldonado also bad early on however the reigning champion sebastian vettel clawed his way up from tenth on the grid to finish second ahead of him reichen in the german was arguably the biggest gainer as the red bull man overtook teammate mark webber to second in the overall standings vettel is now twenty four points behind a long chalk. this circuit is
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such a special tomorrow special circuit to most drivers. you know the way that it flows in the history. so to get a victory to the light. is very special especially not to me is easier for me so. very very special we go and find a new k h l season will begin this week and it will see last night if you are a savile participate for the first time since the plane crash which killed the entire team a year ago to commemorate the play's lives and to support their families n.h.l. superstars you can email in and a cover to lead to teams in a charity match with more is arch in korea it's fair. on september the seventh russia will commemorate one year since the tragic plane crash which killed the entire. ice hockey team to mother the tragedy of this year's annual pre-season charity match will see all the profits donated to the victims' families of the.
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among them this game unites people from various professions under a single lane remembering all those who died in that crash because i'm sure the memories of our most important things in our lives with of the word i looked at the some of that with a bang a charity match from an open heart featured the teams of youth guinea malkin yak eventual taking to the ice along with fellow sportsmen and celebrities alike as is common at these events the goals flourish with many famous names getting in the school shit. just wizard he grew boardman i. hope the legend that just left it to so i. figure skating wall champion and you have are both find in the net to the amusement of the more school fans. that i really enjoy the atmosphere here how much is very warm and kind and we need to find the spectators for that of course that for us participants it was also an
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opportunity to show our passion for all came and gave our supports to the families of the former local players. however the most into separated here is on the ice where the two captains n.h.l. stars can vote you can mull can lead their charges into countless attacks and counterattacks at times producing not only goals and assists but turn in the knights into a real show i after the sixty minutes the battle was tied at fourteen all men in both sides had five penalty shots apiece to try and see victory but even penalties couldn't separate the two sides both teams score in two out of five sixteen sixteen was the final result in this quite extraordinary. thank you game. three i think it was an interesting match to watch everyone who took part in they tried to play out sending there and show his best hockey then there is looks logical the only thing which could win such a game as friendship friendship between all of us. the night raised more than half
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a million dollars for the families of the victims but the more important. proven the dead gone but not forgotten that's how we got our city mosco. in a crisis that is always spoke for the moment we've got. a mission. could you take three. more charges free. range month
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free. free. free. free broadcast video for your media project a free media.
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