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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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it's been over a year since the u.s. took out osama bin laundering a raid deep inside pakistan despite the displeasure from the pentagon a member of the seal team that conducted the raid has written a tell all so is he a hero or a traitor we'll drive into that topic. and marching for workers' rights on labor day protesters take to the streets in charlotte north carolina just ahead of the opening of the d.n.c. so why is the pro labor party holding their national convention in a state that's not friendly to unions are tea asks more. and as democrats gather for their convention our team is in north carolina in charlotte north carolina to cover the event we'll take
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a look at some of the president obama's promises from four years ago and find out if he has come close to fulfilling them. it's tuesday september fourth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you're watching r.t. . well starting off this hour it's one of the most highly anticipated book releases in the us a first hand account on the raid it will sum up in one's compound and a detailed explanation of the events leading up to those tense moments in the book named no easy day a firsthand account of the mission that killed osama bin laden was published today by penguin books and is already a bestseller on amazon it was coauthored by two men the well known journalist kevin mauer and a former navy seal whose use the senate pseudonym mark owen turns out the former navy seal is actually thirty six year old matt bisan that from rangle alaska for
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many americans this book is exactly what they wanted an inside look at what really happened in the a lot of bob compound sixty minutes was the first person was the first station to interview matt business here's part of that interview. one of the things that i liked after the fact was i remember our bowling coach coming by and talking to each one of us and then our whole sort of as well i thought that was that was cool that you know they walked by shook each word and so they are are you guys ready could you just pull it off and i'm pretty sure to him and we also just absolutely how long was it before you got the cold to go we had a week off from virginia beach and i want to say off was a complete but then we had a week a week off at home. conducted one more herschel day training on the on the web site as mark up and then we got the word that we're going now many are questioning the motives of the book and the pentagon is eager to get its hands on both the book as well as the man who wrote it business did not have the book vetted by the pentagon
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before publishing it and he had signed to non-disclosure forms while serving in the seals so is he a hero or a traitor and what pos it what good could possibly come out of prosecuting him to talk more about this i was joined by colonel morris davis retired air force attorney and professor at howard university school of law we first discussed how finding non-disclosure agreements are take a listen well they're very clear i signed similar agreements when i was in the military and sure like mr bissonnette when i left as well you signed saying that you would not disclose classified information and it explains or penalties for doing service that it's fairly explicit what you're getting into and talk about the process of vetting books i understand that they actually have to look through everything because it's a matter of national security if these books have classified information but do they ever claim that things that are maybe not necessarily national secrets just
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things that maybe make them ill military look bad was a good example tony shaffer who was a former army officer wrote a book that the pentagon made a bestseller overnight because they went out and bought up every edition of the first run the book was later vetted. released in the new york times actually did a side by side and you can see the significant editing of minute details that obviously didn't put any want to risk but oftentimes the vetting process is used to review to remove embarrassing information not a thing that really hurts national security but there are things that we've done that we're not particularly proud of and if we can let's try to keep those quiet and we actually have tony shaffer on the program quite frequently and he's kind of showed us and talked about his book and some detail so let's talk about this book in particular if they didn't have it vetted they had it vetted through what they say is their legal analysts but why is it why is that on enough well they specifically says i'm assuming the agreements that mr bissonnette signed are very
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similar to the ones i signed and it explicitly states that anything related to your activities while you're read into these secret programs that you will submit in advance not done it myself i wrote an article that i submitted to the cia for their review waited a few days and got it back and didn't have any problem. mr bissonnette and his folks chose not to do that there is nothing in the agreement says you can substitute two you think is an adequate proxy to review the work so i think he clearly understood what he was doing was wrong the department of his general counsel jay johnson sent a letter last week to mr bissonnette into penguin books explaining that it appeared he was in violation of the agreement to nonetheless they elected to to move forward and they say that there's nothing classified in these books they say that there isn't there's no problem with that i mean the co-author signed on and he has written four books in the past for very well known books he's been known as
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a well known journalist so if there's nothing classified why not submit to the pentagon's oh it's hard to imagine discussing anything related to the raid that resulted in osama bin laden's death other then i was there it happen. and that wouldn't be classified. and i think there's an abuse of the classification system in a lot of things that shouldn't be classified or but it's hard to imagine from my experience of my involvement with detainees at guantanamo the level of information is classified it's hard to imagine mr bissonnette other than acknowledging he was there that may be about the extent of what you could say without getting into classified and i haven't read the book but it is hard to imagine it being more than a page long without getting into some classified information and apparently the pentagon george little the pentagon spokesman this afternoon said that it was highly irresponsible that they've reviewed the book now and that it does contain information that they consider to be classified so we'll see what the next steps
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are right and just taking a bigger look back at these nondisclosure forms when you sign away your basically or your freedom of speech with these nondisclosure forms how far do they go how how long into the future is it that before you can speak of what you did and take credit for what you did in the military or there is no time limit if you're talking about what you did while you were involved in classified programs without advanced authorization you're not permitted to talk about it now interestingly the you know the obama administration has been pretty free in talking about you know drone strikes in the death of bin ladin the computer attacks that shut down the earliest hampered iranian nuclear program so they've been kind of fast and loose and letting information out embarrassing information on the other hand has been a little slow to get out how that process would have gone had mr bissonnette asked for permission and. you know remains to be seen and i guess we won't know that mr bissonnette book comes at a quite interesting time in politics right now he of course says that his book is
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not political but of it is september elections are in november so not that far away so let's actually i want to play you a quick sound bite from the sixty minutes interview that he did and then we'll come back and talk about it. this book is not political whatsoever those. present proud mouth either party and we specifically stroh's september eleventh to keep it out of the politics you know if these crazies on either side of the aisle want to make it political shame on them this is a book about. every eleventh. breast forms a cover up of not be brought into the political arena because this has nothing to do with politics so you heard him there say has nothing to do with politics he actually went on in that sixty minutes interview to explain. not only were a lot of the seals that he worked with opposed to president obama but one of them actually made a comment when they got back from the raid saying we basically got him reelected so
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there's no way around it it's political right yeah you're right there is no way to avoid it in fact if you've noticed in the last twenty four hours vice president biden out on the campaign trail their slogan he said they had to put on bumper stickers now is thanks to barack obama osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive so this is clearly at the heart of the election one of the consistent critiques of democrats is they're a bunch of wimps they're weak on national security so for the president it's kind of a conundrum here on the one hand it's good to have the public reminded that he was responsible for the death of osama bin laden on the other hand you know president obama has been six people indicted into the espionage act john kiriakou who also wrote a book from the cia tom drake from in a say. there's been twice as many people indicted by the obama administration for leaking information or allegedly leaking information than in every other administration combined so to not do anything people are going to say that they
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hope is reelection effort and if he does something they're going to say is to try to quiet. you know somebody who's telling the truth so it's kind of a no win situation for the obama administration paul and it's an interesting disparity saying you know they are going after these westwards we've actually reported on carry on as well quite a bit so let's talk about what could possibly come out of this i mean right now what we're hearing is that all the prophets are of are going to go to follow fallen warriors families here in the u.s. and i know that the justice department is pursuing possibly a civilian case that would link it to the profits what good can come out of prosecuting him expression in a civilian court when i think like many of these cases where there have been charges brought even they've been dropped a chilling effect not so much the effect on mr bissonnette but don't the next marc bissonnette to come along does he talk or not talking with this key people and you
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know quiet to keep information out of the public domain and at the same time i mean like you said earlier democrats are afraid of being touted as not you know not hands enough when it comes to national security so if they don't do something will it hurt them. well i think it will is again there is no graceful way out of this for the democrats or for the obama administration that they do nothing then the critics are going to say well you want to set for mission out there to remind the public as they go to the polls that you authorize the death of osama bin laden if they try to prosecute and it's going to be you're trying to shut down another whistle blowers time trying to tell the truth and i just don't see a real graceful way to dance around this issue and i mean look let's talk about we are all kind of touched on it earlier but let's talk about the fact that you know that they say that there is some classified information but these think at this point they're looking for classified information anything to punish somebody who they didn't want to speak out i think they are. i mean there's still information
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and classified it going ton of it from people that have been in our custody for eleven years as you mentioned the osama bin laden raid was just a little over a year ago so the information is much more fresh then the information that some of the detainees at guantanamo have which they are still safeguarding and protecting so it is a sad before i think it's hard to really imagine discussing the events that took place that night without talking about tactics and techniques in information that could potentially be useful to an adversary so i think they are probably coming through the book again right now looking to see what they can do with that information what if anything right right so just talking about guantanamo bay for a minute let's take a look at the d.n.c. platforms from two thousand and eight until today so back in two thousand and eight they wanted to i mean president obama touted it he was going to close guantanamo bay you know what it took he signed an executive order on time away is still open
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you are an expert on one time always let's look at the guantanamo bay twenty twelve d.n.c. platform it says that is why we are reforming military commissions to bring them in line with the rule of law that is why we are substantially reducing the population our guantanamo bay without adding to. it and we remain committed to working at the branches all branches of the government to close the prison altogether because it is inconsistent with national security interests and our values a little bit different of a narrative from two thousand and twelve from two thousand and eight they were saying they were going to close it and now they're kind of saying. not quite as many prisoners and eventually will close it they talked about that you know it's kind of one of the you're called the george bush the elder had his read my lips moment where he said read my lips no new taxes remember president obama's lips moving saying i'm closing guantanamo which was in two thousand and eight and we're sitting here in two thousand and twelve so he didn't keep his promise i mean this is one where there's no quibbling about did he say it or did he not he said he was going to close guantanamo he acknowledged it's
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a blight on our national reputation and he caved into the fear mongers on the other side and didn't want to look like well and so he's kept it open and remains up like today in fact attorney general eric holder a week or two ago in an interview with bloomberg said that he regrets abandoning the decision back in zero nine when the pressure mounted we could have had these trials in federal court they would have been over by now they would have been safe and secure and it would have been a credit to our reputation rather than the continuing blight that we've got now a lot for the d.n.c. to talk about this week and whether the you know everything from president obama's re-election campaign to maybe closing guantanamo bay and this book so thank you so much for joining the program colonel morris davis retired air force attorney and professor at howard university school of law a pleasure. still ahead here on our t.v. it's the democrats' turn to gather and rally support around their candidate for president but the pro-union democratic party is taking some heat for holding the convention
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and antiwar first state more and we come back.
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thanks. to the counseling i'm lauren lyster. all right well yesterday was labor day here in the u.s. a holiday that started in eighteen eight by union workers at the celebration of workers rights and a protest a twelve hour workdays and level pay these days labor day marks the end of summer and time to put away those white pants and shoes but for many in the u.s.
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the struggle for workers' rights continues last week we heard stuff all speakers at the door and see how their success in busting unions. voters in wisconsin got to determine who was in charge was it the big government special interest in washington or the hard working taxpayers of our state the good news is that on june fifth the hard working taxpayers one we did a president who won't sacrifice american jobs and american workers to pacify the bullying union bosses he counts is political our eyes real teacher tenure reform that demands accountability and ends the guarantee of a job for life regardless of performance he said it would never happen but for the first time in one hundred years with bipartisan support you know the answer we did it. as you heard the struggle for organized workers is as strong as ever but it may be
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a losing battle today union worker today union membership in the private sector is the lowest it's been since the one nine hundred thirty s. and then there's this if you take a look at this map the states in the greenish color are right to work states twenty three in total along with the territory of guam right to work meaning that the state can prohibit agreements between labor unions and employers from requiring employees to have a membership pay union dues or pay fees as a condition of their employment meanwhile president obama can attribute so much of his success in the past four years to organized labor so it's interesting that the democrats chose north carolina as a place to host this year's d.n.c. convention and this has union labor is very upset archie correspondent liz wahl brings us their story. the site of the two thousand and twelve democratic national convention is also home to the least unionized states in the nation there's another story to be told that's the story of the people were continually going through the
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decision to hold the convention in charlotte as one some union members and labor activists find offensive of president obama and of them accredit party cared about the working class and unions in this country there's no way they would have had the their convention here all north carolina has some of the harshest anti union laws in the country it is even legal here for workers to collectively bargain with the democratic national convention in town workers want to bring attention to what they see as an attack on workers' rights and the south. inside the wedgwood baptist church a call to organize the south a lot of the right to work laws a lot of the anti collective bargaining laws in a from the southern region north carolina is a so-called a right to work state a law which bans certain union security agreements many states with such laws are in the south workers here sag it leads to abuse of workers' rights their existence
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is that almost of a slave or sharecropper and and i know that might sound like an exaggeration to many at home but but the conditions that they actually work in that exist and are pretty much the same they were from sun up to sound sundown for little to no money have no protections no health insurance labor unions have historically been an ally to the democratic party donating over eight million dollars toward the two thousand and eight democratic convention but staging the d.n.c. in a city that's not union friendly has turned some members off to the party entirely this sends a signal and is obvious and makes it clear still clear that the democratic party is controlled by the banks and corporations still others remain cautiously faithful at this point we don't have the alternative and we certainly mitt romney is not someone that i will i'm willing to jump a good fight we go home. in charlotte north carolina liz wahl r.t. . whether or not organized labor will be a major talking point at the d.n.c. remains to be seen for
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a preview of the convention i was joined by our correspondent liz wahl herself we first discussed the controversy that surrounds picking north carolina to host the convention. that's exactly it mag and a lot of controversy surrounding the decision to hold a democratic national convention right here in charlotte as i mentioned in that report charlotte is one of the twenty three right to work states well beyond that charlotte also has some of the harshest and see union laws in the country and of course a huge event like this attracting scores of delegates and members of the media descending upon charlotte and staying at hotels and hotels here happened to not be unionized so a lot of union members not happy about that which could pose a president a problem for president obama because back in two thousand and eight they donated more than eight million dollars to his campaign so they were key and getting president obama elected this time around a lot of union members that i spoke to say that they're not willing to dish out the dough for president obama's campaign and are critical of the fact that he would
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choose charlotte such and a place that is not hospitable ceiling and to hold this venue another thing that makes charlotte controversial is that it is known as b. is the second largest banking headquarters in the united states second only to wall street of course in new york city so that's why protesters have dug charlotte as wall street of the south and on sunday they staged a protest organizers say over fifteen hundred people showed up organizing protesting against some of the same grievances that we saw during the occupy wall street movement started at a party park spread across the country we're hearing some of the same grievances here in charlotte north carolina where they do the wall street of the south and live we know that there aren't seat was well prepared to handle protesters that ended up being pretty anticlimactic with the protesters and police kind of getting along what's it like down there with security like.
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well i'm going to say for the most part the big event in terms of protesting was on sunday fifteen hundred people showing up protesting as far as i know the protests have remained peaceful i think i only heard of one arrest but i can say that the security here is very heavy handed we have local police force we have the f.b.i. we have the cia we have homeland security even getting here to the venue to do this report was was a disaster we were stuck in traffic doing circles blockades everywhere to actually get into into the venue there was a. corps of police officers literally creating a barricade with her with her with their bicycles blocking in circling the convention center so definitely protesters even if they want to they're on a very tight leash charlotte and anticipate anticipation of this event enacted some blogs to prevent protests from from getting out of control they sell the so-called
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free speech zone where protesters are not happy about that it's quite far from from the actual center. of the of the actual event the designated free speech zone and some protesters i spoke to say you know what all of america is supposed to be a free speech zone office small cornered off area and this abandoned parking lot where we were allowed to voice our free speech but for the most part. hasn't gotten too crazy but i absolutely would describe the security as a very very heavy handed and liz there's a lot of hawkish talk about foreign policy at the r. and c. with many of the speakers notably secretary of state secretary former secretary connelly the rice taking a hard line against iran and preaching the me importance of the u.s. standing by its traditional ally israel relations between obama and prime minister
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benjamin and. who have been strained to say the very least you think we'll see some of that repeated at the d.n.c. . well it's hard to tell we saw the republican national convention foreign policy say mostly off the table until we heard from from john mccain and connally's right in there and our hockey speeches. trying to ramp up support to for military intervention inside syria and also cracking down on iran it's hard to tell whether or not that is going to be a big talking point here at the democratic national convention what i can say though as last night. late last night the democratic national convention released their platform which basically lays out the vision for the democratic party and also what they see as accomplishments and they did mention. they did
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reiterate the president. his his allegiance or his dedication to nurturing strong ties with israel of course this is something both parties it's a bipartisan issue everybody wants to. portray themselves as a friend and ally of israel and president obama did say in this platform the president has worked with congress to increase security assistance to israel every single year since taking office providing nearly ten billion dollars in the past three years so of course areas trying to. reiterate his his allegiance to the country all right large. wall enough thank you so much for your reporting and we can't wait to hear more from charlotte thank you. to canada now were polls open today as part of an early election for the seats in the kickback assembly the liberal party has been in control of québec for nearly a decade so early polling indicates that the party kavik wa could return to power
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the liberal party was weakened by the huge student protests over to wish and hikes but polls show that many people in quebec actually agreed with the need to raise tuition despite the massive student protests we've seen in recent months they were however less supportive of the emergency law instituted to deal with the unrest that the protests brought now the party quebecois in is in favor of full sovereignty a québec though the chances of that happening are questionable at this point if the p.q. party wins poland maurice would be the first female premier of a quota ever so if this a minority government wins what will it mean for the provinces as well for those as the sovereignty movement there are to correspondent on a stasi it. breaks it all down for us. gloomy economic times attracts social instability and uncertainty and what tomorrow will bring for canada's mostly french
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speaking province of quebec that means agitation for separation is stirring yet again as voters head to the polls it's a three way fight to be the dominant force in combat's parliament with emotions running high come back as one hundred eighty four billion dollars in debt and has an economy that has grown by a mere one point seven percent in the last year falling behind canada as a whole competing at the ballot box are the incumbent liberals the firstly form coalition for the future of conduct and the separatist party and it's the latter which is proving most popular at the polls marching ahead of the others at around thirty three percent this means the issue of convex breakaway from canada could return to the forefront of the decade long reign of the liberals comes to a close it's the latest example of separatism spreading its wings globally in trouble some economic times the separatists leading in the polls claim their short
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term priority would be picking the economy up of its knees instead of pushing for a separation vote straight away the party leader says a referendum on convex independence would only be held if there was complete confidence in a win for now opinion polls suggest less than forty percent of the provinces population would support a split the new found was over could back comes after months of student union protests raging amid summer and spring tens of thousands of students have made their ways out onto the streets and shown their public outrage with clashes with police making news headlines across the world how canada in quebec would fare without each other is a matter of fierce debate among experts we might now be much closer to finding out and stated churkin our moscow. and that was our tease anastasio churkin a reporting for us and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america we post all of our interviews online in full there.


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