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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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it starts on t.v. dot com. the russian president says western backed rebels in syria are basically guantanamo bay detainees run amok that have more and lot of approaches exclusive interview to r.t. . a frantic series of meetings between e.u. leaders a new added crisis plans from the european central bank but some expert leave the only solution to financial turmoil is to let the euro collapse. and france reportedly considers giving syrian rebels heavy artillery as part of increased support for anti government forces our top stories.
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online on screen international news in comment live from our new center here in moscow putin says the u.s. and its allies need to wake up and realize they are backing al-qaeda linked extremists in syria the president spoke exclusively to my colleague kevin enjoying his first t.v. interview since returning to the kremlin preaching a sense of flown out of the country far east where nations making up half of the world's economy a gathering for a summit that is daniel bushell is in that of a stock with more. they're charged with brainstorming ideas to fight so global financial slowdown preparation here is in full swing up police are everywhere ensuring security it's an important meeting world leaders really the head of the international monetary fund is here as well a pick seen as a counterbalance really to the economic power of the g eight apec states that make up over half the world's economy and talks that have become a pick free trade zone which would be bigger than the e.u.
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president putin is already here before arriving he gave the first interview since his inauguration spoke to all see discussed really a spectrum of world problems today the syrian crisis was obviously talked about as always straight to the point he was rather skeptical about the syrian rebels even comparing them to guantanamo detainees yet the west is giving the rebels money supporting them despite widespread accusations of atrocities on the ground france even said to recognize an opposition government so everyone supporting them in the west but russia's president pointed out rebels all the very religious extremists the west are struggling against today some want to use militants from al qaida or some other organizations with equally radical views to accomplish their goals in syria this policy is dangerous and very shortsighted in that case one should tell them is all of its inmates and bring them to syria to do the fighting practically the same kind of people we should bear in mind is that one day these people would get back at their former captors on the other hand these same people should bear in
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mind that they will eventually end up in a new prison very much like the one of the cuban shore they were put in always straight to the. presidential elections in the u.s. there's also touched on saying whoever gets in he will try to work with even mitt romney who notoriously calls moshe enemy number one but the president added he can only work with the american leads to the extent that the u.s. side wants to also spoke about america in afghanistan about the u.s. rushing into war there and now of course looking for a way to get out so. the mess is created this part of decade long campaign taliban attacks are escalating we have afghan soldiers trained by nato now attacking the very same nato troops and you also took aim at the missile defense shield being planned in europe but when we talk about the missile defense system our american partners keep telling us this is not directed against you but what happens if mr romney and believes us to be america's number one foe which is elected this
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president of the united states in that case the missile defense system will definitely be directed against russia as it is technologically configured exactly for this purpose and you also have to think about his strategic character not for a year or even a decade and the chances that a man with romney's views could come to power a quite high so what are we supposed to do to ensure our security totally of burning diplomatic issue really recently granted asylum but he still stuck in the ecuador embassy in london being blocked from my getting out barbara traill forty's who even threatened to storm the embassy and violation of international law president putin that war the case is politically motivated britain is once again guilty of double standards but if we are constantly lectured about how independent britain's judiciary is it makes its own decisions and no one can influence it one about julian assange they ruled him to be extradited what is that if it's not
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a self evident example of a double standard i won't make a definitive statement but as far as i know ecuador has requested guarantees from the swedish government sweden wouldn't hand the soldier over to the united states through no guarantees of being forthcoming at the very least this suggests that we are looking at a politically motivated trial present and really warning there are dangers of escalating there sanj case and going out of the framework of international law we could not talk to him about pussy riot is that six and trial has dominated world headlines i staged a punk prayer in the main russia. cathedral got two years in jail for her logan is the most motivated by religious hatred they've also staged political provocations reverser scandalous performances elsewhere mr putin told us he doesn't approve of their actions but won't get involved in the case in any way and i've always felt the punishment should be proportionate to the offense first in case you've never heard of it a couple of years ago one of the band's members put up three effigies in one of moscow's big supermarkets with
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a sign saying that jews gays and migrant workers should be driven out of moscow yes normally i think you're thora he should have looked into their activities back then but after that they staged an orgy in a public place then they uploaded the video that was on the internet then they turned up at your lack of a cathedral here in moscow causing unholy mayhem and then went to another cathedral and caused mayhem there too i will not comment on whether the verdict is well grounded in the sentence proportionate to the offense these girls must have lawyers who defend their interests in court they have the right to file an appeal and demand a new hearing and it's up to them it is just a legal issue pollies way to vladivostok go but it was also part of efforts to save an endangered species of crane by disguising himself as one the crane was raised in captivity and they don't know how to migrate south so environmentalist eros as you're all devised an imitation crane to show them the way has led to the spectacle
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of a person putting on a special costume and flying a motorized microlight to show the birds their way to asia. well you can watch the full interview with vladimir putin right now or not you tube channel. the asia pacific forum is already producing its first financial agreements natasha's across the latest force of artes business to us. absolutely in the business bulletin will bring you all the details of the apec forum taking place in russia's far eastern city of the of our stock including some of the leaders deal signed one of them is in the energy sector between russia's role as nafta and the u.s. oil major exxon mobil and another one in the automotive sector the details of the story and more later this hour. the european central bank has
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a new anti crisis plan it will buy bonds from struggling eurozone nations along the likes of greece and spain to borrow even more cash cheaply it comes as the heads of the he used five leading economies on a merry go round of meetings the latest effort to ease the union's financial woes while the french president francois hollande is talking with the british pm david cameron just two days after meeting the italian prime minister mario monti montes now meeting european commission president jose manual but also in rome and the german chancellor angela merkel is in madrid for a summit with the spanish leader money on overhauling appear a french economist spoke to a little earlier he believes the e.c.b. his plan to buy government bonds ignores the big picture and would achieve nothing . the european central bank will buy. on the three years in the same time we resell private corporate bonds it's called civilization. not to increase global liquidity on the market as
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a result effect of this strategy to be short lived i don't expect this kind of anti christ plan to work more than three to four months he didn't address the main crisis of the eurozone crisis is not a crisis of that there it's a competitive into krises and by the way it's as a deep freeze of growth the collapse of growth we have in a lot of eurozone kountry and this for the e.c.b. is not addressing the real crisis so far as the situation of greece but also of portugal spain and probably italy is going from bad to worse we have just listened in today as that. and royal mint rate in greece went to twenty four person it's already over twenty four person in spain and it is growing very fast in port. bill italy sat's major problem and the other problem is the fact that the
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eurozone is in a recession so far and he is now stating that the recession cool go on for the next two year this is not good news and the e.c.b. is not addressing this problem. despite not being in the troubled euro zone britain is feeling the pain of a double dip recession nonetheless with the economy shrinking nearly one in seven shops in the u.k. stood vacant at the end of june and that number could be said to grow forty's laura smith. only you know. a nation of shopkeepers and dave mears family are some of the proudest with three generations in the flooring trade this shop has been here for seventeen years but recession has hit the business hard and dave's had to fire more than half his staff really high in a one off. i think. anyone with it would not want to put someone to
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work. boy. but everyone would have gone so. dave and his staff are victims of persons dreaded double dip recession which means the economy's been shrinking for three consecutive quarters but the second time in four years for ordinary people that means there's less work available and more employment and if you're running a business you'll be selling less and won't be seeing any growth in sales or income there are home grown reasons for recession but a lot of the trouble comes from the beleaguered euro zone and for these market traders in camden a place that usually popular with european tourists it's a double blow to spain very very boy even saturday sunday it looks like we have one week date it's been less less cost of us. to divorce in less than previous years
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this is now the longest double dip recession since world war two but stephen davis of the institute of economic affairs says things haven't been this bad since the eighteen seventies and that was a long period of very very low growth rates profound economic stagnation in places like britain and france sparked off by something very similar to what we have this time all the time in property stocks produce. the rise of quite a lot of intense competition divisions. restocked come down to eighteen nineteen dave knows about social unrest his shops in croydon where some of the worst rioting happened last august during the trouble he camped out among the culprits in his barricaded shop to protect his livelihood.
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a lot recently because of frustrated because actually are working a lot harder for the sign money that. he. and as we all know things of increased a lot in prices then. plus tax and everything so you know if it wasn't for the support of our stock of ours i think we'd be in a lot of trouble dave believes this is the new normal a stagnant economy where only the most scrupulous survive and even they make just enough money to scrape by and economists don't deny that the recovery will be long and arduous stating we could be in for a lost decade or even two nora smith r.t. london. in a few minutes from now we've the latest from the front line in the battle for the white tells the democrats of course incumbent president for a second term some of the bombers old promises still appear little more than words
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. but first france is considering supplying heavy artillery to the syrian rebels to help them fight president assad's forces that's according to diplomatic sources say paris is also stepping up support for the syrian opposition to help them forge a government in waiting artie's paulus lear has the latest. problems has started providing direct aid and money to five syrian cities as paris intensifies its efforts to weaken the presidency of bashar assad now this is the first time a western power has made these announcements and these kind of moves and follows reports last week that powers had identified areas in the north the south and the east of syria that would free of assad's control and that they were considering sending heavy artillery to the zones now the zones of being called so called liberated zones areas that are in the hands of rebels and that will ultimately be governing themselves but what has become clear is that this whole offering of these
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kind of zones is really an alternative by the waist to nigeria that it has put forward and that is namely buffer zones to be created inside a syrian territory the idea that did not receive approval at the united nations security council because of the positions of russia and china be concerned really is that you create a buffer zone merely as a pretext for creating military intervention because with out having a no fly zone you cannot create a buffer zone and to create a no fly zone you certainly need to have military involvement and to this in the french foreign minister has admitted and i'm quoting him there to ensure the protection of displaced people they must be anti aircraft and that's as well as ground forces that would also be needed what is the coming clear is that paris has become the locomotive of the syrian opposition paris has said that the opposition in syria needs to unite and that it is standing by to recognize the opposition as
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the official government of syria the recreate coming out of powerless against assad is also increasingly hearing from the french foreign minister that the assad regime needs to be smashed the problem is that when you use this kind of rhetoric and when you start sending heavy artillery into syria you are doing everything except promoting peace initiatives if anything you do in the opposite with many saying that the scene is being created for more violence more death more destruction and more devastation inside syria policy r.t. tell of. geopolitical research. says the rebel forces paris is backing a fighting to impose their own order on the syrian people and their long term agenda is introducing a. taliban like fanatical. islamic sharia law in syria and ending the tolerance of different religions which has been the trademark of syrian life for decades under under the old assad family.
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in general and there are reports of from journalists inside syria over the last months of these so-called opposition in many cases there are al qaeda or mujahideen that have been brought in from saudi arabia and elsewhere and provided guns and weapons. that they have beheaded civilians and blame the atrocities on the assad government so this is a really. i don't know what you could call the equivalent of the obvious recognition of a government in exile or building a government in exile perhaps if the russian government were to recognize the ku klux klan as a government in exile in america and provided heavy artillery so that they could go against washington or something like that it's just absurd. you're watching. live in moscow with twenty four hours a day coming your way in just a few minutes from now fight for the right police to gas and shop a program for demonstrators in bahrain protesting against jail sentences given to
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leading opposition activists. barack obama's democrats have formally nominated him for reelection in november during the second day of the party's national convention in north carolina x. president bill clinton took center stage to praise above and hit back at republican claims that he has the worst economic record of any president in modern history. reports the democrats are failing to explain why some of obama's promises were never fulfilled. in two thousand and eight brock obama turned us politics into something of a pop culture phenomenon we may be one of those defining moments. a moment when our nation is at war our economy is in turmoil the democratic presidential candidate accepted his party's nomination value to rebuild america's moral standing and break from the policies of his predecessor the failure to respond is a direct result of
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a broken politics in washington and the failed policies of george w. bush four years after change occupied the white house america is still at war twenty three million citizens are unemployed and most of the national security policies cemented by george w. bush continue unabated or have been expanding the coded fixation of what were illicit abuses under bush imprisonment without trial spying without warrants we've now replaced imprisonment and torture largely with assassination which is actually not a moral improvement under obama's leadership kuantan i'm obey remains open the patriot act has been renewed warrantless wiretapping extended but cia black sites have closed targeted killings have been justified drone strikes publicly acknowledged military commissions codified however enhanced interrogation like waterboarding has been banned critics say obama has not only double down on bush's policies he's also
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raise the stakes signing the national defense authorization act made him the first us president to assert the right to assassinate anyone anywhere without any legal sanction if there is a war cries out there we can the war crimes iraq. tops the list this made many of those who voted for him hoping for change left disillusioned in fact what they appear to have voted for was more of the same obama's ratings are now the lowest of any incumbent president since the one nine hundred eighty s. the two major parties are very this are very much the same on all the important issues when it comes to spending more money than we have. engaging in foreign conflicts that we can't afford the cost of america's overseas military campaigns have contributed to a u.s. national debt that topped sixteen trillion dollars this week while obama's america is running on empty critics say wall street continues to play largely by the same
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rules that led to the global financial crisis there hasn't been regulation of the banks in a sufficient way and that the main crisis affecting the united states which is to say the financial clutch on the global economy and the corporate stranglehold on the political system hasn't changed at all because president obama comes from the coalition that led to that in the first place since obama has stepped into the white house america has seen an unprecedented rise in grassroots movements like the tea party and occupy wall street they'll both very different one thing uniting them is the claim that the people of america are being ignored by their own government the two major us political parties have historically gone to great lengths and have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to highlight their differences yet following obama's first term in office the biggest change may be that more voters are likely to see a democrat and a republican as two sides of this is more merino point ny r.t.
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new york. police in bahrain of clashes protesters venting their anger at jail sentences given to prominent opposition figures security forces used tear gas and shotguns to disperse crowds seriously wounding one of the demonstrators on tuesday the country's civilian court upheld the sentences of thirteen leading activists found guilty of allegedly plotting to overthrow the government protesters want an end to discrimination by sunni rulers and more democracy the movement started last year and police crackdowns of claimed around eighty nine since then with thousands injured and dozens arrested asia times correspondent pepe escobar says the gulf monarchies have managed to convince the u.s. iran is behind the protests. the protests in bahrain which are absolutely legitimate it's the case of a shiite majority seventy percent of the country protesting because they are treated as second or third rate citizens in their own country by a sunni dynasty which is very close to the house of saud in saudi arabia and the
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problem is the house of saud the g.c.c. countries that petro monarchies in the persian gulf they managed to convince the us and the west that this is a plot snatched by iran to destabilize the persian gulf which is school plea absurd there is a tradition of protesting bearing that goes on for decades in fact the workers protests that they are shiite but they are also sunni is involved and the fact that this is a two tier society if you are a foreign businessman and if you are aligned with the al khalifa as you live a very good life sunni's of course if you are shiites and you have to try to live the bahraini dream let's put it this way for get it most avenues are closed to you and if you want more human rights and to be treated. normally it's absolutely possible cause from the beginning of the saudis especially they cordoned off the
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area. this salt to washington the idea that this was an iranian plot in where ever happens in bahrain is always view by the saudis and by washington as a minor disturbance in off course the u.s. does not want to compromise its was issue as being the aircraft. go angel of the persian gulf. has joined attention now and business eurozone leaders are flying back and forth for emergency financial crisis talks your keeping an eye on what's happening at the european central bank so tell us more what is while the european central bank actually took a pretty radical step this thursday and agreed to buy government bonds of troubled that nations to bring down their borrowing costs the e.c.b. president mario draghi says the program will be unlimited a country that once via its bonds must first ask for bailout funds and agree to
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strict budget rules nick parsons from national bank explains where the e.u. plans to get the catch to rescue program. the e.c.b. simply creates the money that is one of the functions of a central bank so the e.c.b. will create money for itself in order to purchase these sovereign debt in theory the e.c.b. could buy every single bond that's ever been issued by spain italy portugal and the rest of europe what it means for the average e.u. citizen depends very much on where you sit if you're in spain or if you're in italy there's probably some relief that you know finally interest rates can come down will come down and that we're going to see a bit of. you know the end of the debt crisis is in sight if you're in germany though with all the worries you've had in your history about excess monetary creation and hyper inflation you're probably not feeling quite as good today as you were yesterday. and let's now see how the markets are reacting to all of. this
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european markets ended the day in a very cheerful mood more than two percent for the footsie and the dax as you can see after the e.c.b. also left the interest rates unchanged it was a much anticipated move banking stocks and resource companies were leading the gains france unemployment rates rose to the highest level in about thirteen years in the second quarter but it failed to scare investors in light of all the good news overall wall street let's see what's going on there the equities are really seeing pretty hefty gains of this hour more than two percent for the nasdaq a rally really following the radical measures announced in europe on the currency market at the moment the euro is stronger to the dollars of best develop and appetite for risk after drug use speech the ruble ended the day. stronger to the currency basket and the russian markets finished the session with very have to
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gains bouncing back from wednesday's losses on the corporate side net profit of russia's biggest company gazprom fell twenty four percent in the first quarter but the news didn't phase in the vaster as the stock gained participants of the apec summit in the far eastern city of lot of us stock signed a number of deals on thursday but the most important one perhaps was in the energy sector rosneft in the us oil major exxon mobil have announced plans over their joint projects in russia they plan to start an exploration drilling on the block and cars season twenty fourteen which will be ahead of schedule in the company's also agreed to create a joint venture and to pass two draws them some shares in three of excellence projects in the united states and canada and of course will bring you all the latest from the apec summit on their own friday as well and that's all the latest this hour if you can't wait the fifteen minutes till our next edition you can
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always find a lot more so. or is it are to the cops watch this so ok great natasha see in an hour from now well i'll be bringing you the recap of today's top stories in just a couple of minutes this is all t. live here in the sky.
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