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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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if you just joined us for a warm welcome this is all to live from new center here in moscow top stories now the russian president says western rebels in syria are basically detainees run amok let me put a spoke exclusively to his first t.v. interview since returning to the kremlin. european central bank announces a new crisis plan based on potentially limited to. struggling eurozone nations leaders are holding meetings across the continent some experts still believe they should just let the euro kind of. reportedly consider giving syrian rebels heavy
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artillery as part of increased support. forces moving to protect opposition enclaves and help them create a government in waiting. for the moment i'll be back with more in the news continues in the meantime here to spill the beans on the darkest secrets of the world's economic giants it's mexico with his latest report. max keiser this is the cause the report the globe's globalization trend continues to disintegrate what is being taken the ultra fabulously illegally rich versus the. other side what's going on well max what you do see we have
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a global depression going on and and what are the response as we see across europe we see uprisings matching not quite the intensity of what we saw in the arab spring but we see uprisings around the world and now the billionaire class is fighting back world's richest woman too jealous poor drink glass work more a struggle in mining tycoon gina rinehart who's worth thirty billion dollars wrote if you're jealous of those with more money don't just sit there and complain do something to make more money yourself spend less time drinking or smoking and socializing and more time working down there in australia i wonder how the brewers of foster's beer feel about her calling for this boycott of beer but take a look at this woman she got like. three hundred pounds here's a woman who inherited her wealth she inherited her mining company and her father by sheer luck flew over in thought as iron ore he had to fly low in order to
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avoid a storm and that's how we even found this largest ever iron ore mine in the world so here's this woman saying if it took hard work to fly through this storm and find that iron ore it took hard work for her to inherit her wealth in fact she did have to work quite hard because her father found a new wife that there was a big squad hope to be in them there is a use the woman who is an arab. vast sums of wealth due to our father stumbling upon of the one of the largest iron ore mines in the world and immediately the god complex kicks in this is what you find at that level as people feel closer to god you see it whether it's a religious potentates or a fabulously wealthy stumbling iron or developers there's a certain threshold of wealth for people begin to think that oh i'm god i have a god complex then i make these ludicrous statements like will drink less work or
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from coming from this big game with australian gila monster from or per durned australians zana do you've often said these are neo feudal times and this is a very this is how the original feudalism was justified there was some how they were divine it was the divine right of kings and because the likes of king henry the eighth controlled all the wealth all the money had to go to him and he would see these peasants living in squalor in the streets and he'd be like it's your fault for being so ugly and stinky you smell like you're in and you smell like beer if that's the reason why you're poor it's not because i am taking all the well this woman needs to spend less time in the sun to do and maybe spend more time playing a digital rue because a dingo stole her soon. so let's move on to some more of this untitled class these guys and women and people who inherit all their wealth. and
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then proclaim that the markets has decided that they because they are worth a price a number that is worth more than you that they are somehow better harvard plagiarism probe under way for about one hundred twenty five students yes the most elite of all the elite universities harvard where most of our presidents and congress people and senators have gone to well the undergrads apparently cheated in the introduction to congress. they couldn't get into the introduction ethics. so they decided to take introduction to congress learning how to cheat fantastic well think of any american congress person what are they engaged in insider trading kickbacks vote rigging gerrymandering bribing yeah. well these kids should be passing with flying colors should we give in and then given them for the plagiarism for the
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cheating of these harvard kids and all our summers remember he was president of harvard might be back there again you know he was he's actually funding some venture capital projects now using is insider trading contacts of course after being booted for making some massages comments a while back but if morris arbor as you point out is the final through which a lot of the top crooks in america come through it's a regular hotbed of legacy clip talkers well let's talk about that legacy legacy admit rate at thirty percent so these are children of alumni of harvard and radcliff they receive four times the regular admission rate and twelve to thirteen percent of all students are legacy so just like that woman gina rinehart she inherited her well had nothing to do with her.
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and here are these people as well who get into harvard like george w. bush he went to harvard we obviously most people in the world know he's not the brightest in the room these are freaks and zombies and vampires you know the children of the corn remember the horror film this is like children of the crimson i think go through harvard square and they come out the other side ready to rape and pillage as a club talker for the talk for. the string strike well you know the other thing of course is that a lot of our central bank heads and all the congress people as they're going to be in congress these people are most responsible by the way for gina rinehart the australian mining tycoon for being so much wealthier now then she was prior to congress and the fed and the harvard graduates trashing the global currencies and
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the price of these iron ore products has nothing to do with her adding value to the iron ore. other words you have these economists like paul krugman another saying no we couldn't possibly go back to the gold standard keynes call it the barbarous relic instead we're going to rely on central banks and money printing and as a result of all the money printing the price of iron ore is skyrocketing and all these other in food are skyrocketing and rice of gold the skyrocketing so you know we're going back to the gold standard anyway regardless of the interregnum of insanity orchestrated by these books i believe you can have gold is the center of your university even though it's the only except the currency not only in this galaxy but in galaxies everywhere the universe well of course gina rinehart is the world's richest woman as well because of china because the likes of oh mitt romney sent all the american jobs over to china so china is booming because of the so. people who
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graduate from harvard absolutely they learn how to strip a company down to its niblets. loaded up with debt and go go on a podium somewhere in florida talk about how they're going to improve job situation after they've just fired massive amounts of people and stripped out all the assets of still all the money you know they want to do see mitt romney want to do a leveraged buyout of america as a vulture capitalist he looks for weak in the situations you know america now is on its knees begging you know it's an economic precipice here comes mitt and his leverage by a private equity guys you could probably put together a trillion dollar loan somewhere you know his buddies out there in the game and and the dual l.b.o. you want to l.b.o. america well fantastic mitt under the flag of the cayman islands on his yacht that he rented down there in florida it was a cult cracker beg you know mitt romney stars on cracker bag this is a fantastic t.v.
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show well max speaking of niblets he mentioned niblets nicholas sarkozy follows in the highly lucrative footsteps of old friend tony blair by lining up two hundred thousand pounds an hour job with investment bank he's doing one hour of work or he's been asked to do one hour of work for morgan stanley for two hundred thousand pounds he just has to speak to them for a bit and do fifteen minutes of photos the article mentions that blair earns two point five million pounds from rival for j.p. morgan yeah rival these cartels really are rivals frenemy. right well sort of cozy doesn't follow up with a cracker been a theme here if you're talking about baywatch remember that t.v. show with pamela anderson so cozy wants to be the pamela anderson in this remake of baywatch called cracker bank where it says x french president gives a speech at morgan stanley and all the you know twenty thousand brokers stand up to salute the new head of cracker barrel nicolo all suck cozy. the theme here however
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is important to keep in mind max here's a guy who ok he actually worked his way up a bit from nothing and this relative to the likes of mitt romney and gina rinehart but there's this revolving door he's now in and you know definitely his children are just like assigned oh you be the mayor of new we you be the head of this bank you you know they all have like like tony blair's children as well if you happen to be boring to hillary clinton and bill clinton and you suddenly are working at goldman sachs and might possibly run for president you know the sort of sense that who are these people who we allow to rule the world why do so many people want jeb bush to be president and said of mitt romney you know what is the sense that we just this untitled aristocratic. the class that we give so much power that nepotism you know yeah except for maybe carla bruni you know i saw her on the show
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as elisa a i think she's a bag lady now and then so filing max tying all of these stories together going back to the beginning with this neil futile nincompoop gina rinehart tying them all together and what the future might be for the globalist or elite as you might want to call them south africa to withdraw murder charges against minors so this is that american a platinum mine in south africa and as you know that was big on rescue you can see the video here thirty four of the strikers were shot dead and the intention was to charge them with murder and obviously they withdraw the murder charges now but if you recall during the same time in the financial crisis in america hank paulson was also threatening martial law so i really think this is this is a sign of the future what we might see now the original charges were that south african american a minor is charged with murder two hundred seventy of these strikers were charged
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with the murder of their thirty four colleagues under the common purpose doctrine in so we the people any time we unite and try to fight back against this we have you know martial law or murder or any of these things in the background waiting for us. you saw the headline i thought it was a typo at first the police gunned down miners and the miners that were not gunned down or being charged in the murder for the murder yes they were they were being charged with murder but you know the apartheid lives on in the form of interest rate apartheid you know if you're a part of the poor you get charged forty percent or more interest to borrow money if you're part of the elites like harvard graduates coming out of the crimson talked of will you get charged at less than zero to borrow money you know mitt romney when he borrows money it's for less than zero percent he borrows money at less then zero percent. everyone else piles money at thirty percent forty percent you know payday loans compound marra bunny money borrowing at four hundred percent
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that's apartheid right there interest rate discrimination existed apartheid it lives on it lives on the interest rate environment it lives on the south africa it lives on. it stays there we're thanks so much for being on the causeway report thank you max don't go away much more coming why stay right there. spanning continents. and ocean connections. come to. empower the pacific. the russian apec summit on r.t.e. . they were young and high flying. their careers were on takeoff. that flight for them was one of many. and the last one.
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leaving the ice on our team. i max kaiser welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to cincinnati and talk with catherine austin fitts katherine welcome back to the kaiser report max it's always a pleasure all right catherine austin fitts item number seventeen of the g.o.p. platform states quote the war on drugs and the war on terror have become a single enterprise your thoughts well i think they've always been a single enterprise looking at it from the design standpoint of the people who are running the planet so if you look at this from what i call mr global's point of view i think the war on terror was designed to take the war on the drugs to next step in the in frankly the war in trucks never had anything to do with drugs in the first place so i to me they've been single on you just you know the war on drugs
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had run out of political spree decor and now you've just given it new energy and so now you're being more obvious about merging it but to me it was one in the same along right and the combined war really is the war on civil liberties i guess you could say and in the us i've met there a while but i understand you've got t.s.a. agents shaking people down in the street accent or is it getting pretty bad there i would say that it's getting very tense here near the tension is growing because there is a tremendous infrastructure of enforcement bureaucracy with the powers to carry it down or the powers to caress where the power is to do seizures and frankly there's far more people looking for bad guys than there are bad guys and so the regulatory burden is really very expensive for the economy in every you know pretty people's time and so tech solution now is not just texas tech sation if you're money it's
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taxation of your time and it's getting greater and greater and greater price now back in the thirty's the nazis looted the jewish folks to finance their occupation in america. they knew nazis that run america today are just looting poor people pretty much correct you know to me if you look at how much money is being stolen with asset forfeiture it's a drop in the bucket compared to what's being stolen globally with the debasement so i once did a calculation its up on the blog of a household of four people how much they had in dollar deposits or fear currency deposit because the same applies globally in many other field currencies and i looked at how much the household lost from. from debasement of the currency between two thousand and three and two thousand and eight and then calculate it for one hundred thousand. one hundred the population of one hundred thousand on a guess how much in purchasing power in two thousand and eight dollars a county of one hundred thousand lost over that five year period relied me three
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point three billion dollars in purchasing power so to me debasement is you know we all have one hundred percent chance of debasement confiscation if you will it's happening now and that just is or money if you look at as i said the time burdens are extraordinary too so everybody's having their money confiscated daily as we speak in they have for years which is what you've been talking about so much on the kaiser report god bless you my whether it's the war on drugs or war on terror they're both being laundered the proceeds through banks like a just b. c. and barclays and. of course part of wells fargo and hundreds of billions of dollars get launder through these institutions as part of the fake wars to line the pockets of these bankers any new developments and some of the tricks of the trade there is it's just the old classic money laundering scams of it is that they come up with some new ones we like to kind of. take
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a look at some of the best you know best of practices for scam stores anything new out there well that the market share of the big banks has grown tremendously as a result of the bill that says you. you know and as you've covered i think the average person certainly here in america is starting to realize that that's the fact which is why my expression financial create ties i think more appropriate more and more people are looking at that at that way i was just up in ohio at a fundraiser for a congress person who pointed out that this whole time there's only been forty people in the financial fraud section of the f.b.i. and no presentations in fact all the f.b.i. personnel right before this all before the bailout started get moved over to the war on terror but here's the way i would say it because you're going to see this come up very significantly in this whole issue in the budget wars that are coming after the election the presidential election here both going through this election budget cycle in october and september october but then coming into next year you've
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heard conversations about the fiscal cliff we now have the republican candidate appointing a vice president or nominating a vice president who is very interested in the budget so here here's what's happening in the in the broader relief max we have people who are free to kill with impunity richard don't let's call them the breakaway civilization and then we have people who are not empowered to kill with impunity and if you look at the budget discussion every expense of the people who can kill with impunity is off balance sheet and their revenues are not taxable and everyone's trying to balance the budget with the people who can not kill with impunity and so we're really come down into a society where we have more and more people who are not subject to the laws and another group of people who are subject to the laws which are growing you know every day and the reality is you cannot balance the federal budget if the people
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who can kill with impunity are outside of it and that's what the political war is all about and that's why i think it's time to talk about will why are these people above the law and what can we do about it and that of. are some clues the banks but from my point of view the banks are just a vacuum cleaner that works for the people who are above the law right i mean their way of dividing it up here is that that one percent versus the ninety nine percent or the democrats versus the republicans are the corporatist versus the open source free market but say that it all does iraq yes i have got a group of people that are able to kill with impunity vs the paper i can't tell them pandering so i thought and then i'm about to talk more on the well they are above the law you know i always call it the eyes wide shut crowd because you know if you if you if you watch carefully what hollywood tries to tell us sometimes it's all in the movies but you're putting a lot say a paul ryan in that camp cracks no i think paul ryan you know if you if you if you
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look i'll just call mr you know my metaphor for the people who are above the laws mr global so if you look at mr global mr global is always trying to find candidates you know for the republican in the democratic party who will build enough of a consensus and capture enough interest in the process to buy everyone into a solution now that always worked as long as you could print as much money as you when you didn't have to balance the budget because you could just pay everybody off so i told the story of you know i went to have someone in the clinton administration and said look you know mindy we can we can take your spending two hundred fifty thousand per unit on on construction of housing let me you know let's move that into single family homes out of the foreclosed property we can get five homes for the price of one and she said but how would we generate fees for our friends so the way we've resolved these tensions is you know we've just paid everybody off with fees for our friends we now have a federal budget that does not optimize return an investment to taxpayers by pay
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you know by place if anything we're we're paying both companies and people whether it's on corporate welfare welfare to do things that make them stoop. it or the whole thing makes absolutely no economic sense the question is how do you change because you've you know you've result the tension between these two groups by just you know spitting out and printing money and that's not going to work starting next year if not this year the pain is going to get greater and greater and that is why i wanted biggest issues in this country the second biggest issue right now is gun control because the people who can't kill with impunity understand that the other people can kill with impunity and there's only one thing standing between the sheriff of nottingham and us and that's our guns ok so it's an economy based on force and of course i don't know if you've done a lot of a lot of looking looking at this in terms of the the philosophical economic associations but
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a lot of people in the united states right now in politics claim to be libertarian or followers of schools associate libertarianism and one of the tenets of course of the school is not to use force if they are completely abhorrent the use of force so how do those two things work together well here's the thing whenever i talk to somebody about their philosophy the next thing i do is i ask them how their money works because which you'll generally find and it's not just in america's global e if you if you if you look at what our philosophy is and then if you look at how we're transacting in acting financially you know it's a completely different philosophy so there's a multiple personality disorder that you know the planet is going to have to reconcile one way or another all right so that that best bet was that's kind of what i wanted to know so there's a multiple personality disorder now i want to talk about the bigger kind of global financial picture on the scandals let's get back to a sense we talked we've had
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a live or a scandal that that's opened up involves many of the same players we've been talking about it affects the global economy what's your take on the library scandal . catherine austin fits my take on the library scandal as it's happening because the central banks particularly the fed or doing everything they can to press down interest rates and they want to institute a system that gives them better control and ability to do that because now sovereign governments whether in europe or the united states need the lowest possible interest rates and they need to force the banks to lend money to them not to the broader economy so i think this is about asserting top down control number one number two because we've gone to the bailouts the big banks have dramatically expanded their market share the reality is they're not necessary any longer to engineer the financial crude a time that's over and so i think top down the you know mr global in the central banks want to move the banks into
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a utility model you know it's kind of cost plus because if you look at the the banks at this point they're all trading in operating with federal or government credit and so if the sovereign credit is behind them and the interest in the sovereign government once the interest rate low and the central banks can assert their control i think you just switching to a new fundamental business model for the big banks you know now if you look at best the best three accords they're pushing it that down to the smaller banks you're talking about much more top down centralized control and the day of the big banks being cowboys is is coming to an end all right so i think on a thousand postal workers that are being. thrown off the job put them on a loss rates replace all the con cop a baxter's and take out a thousand banks are thrown off a cliff sounds like a good idea. actually if you look at the f.c.c. in the united states if you look at the as he says i'm sorry s.e.'s senior
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executive service i could run wall street with a senior executive service much better than it's being run now they're excellent. you know so it g.s. seven at the post. the office may not have the training and skills but the yes yes sure do so in essence yes you're you're moving into the s.c.s. government it's really a cost plus model that's used by the defense contractors and i think you know i'm sure lockheed martin is sitting around saying why do we need to pay you know goldman sachs this money we're on a cost plus contracts business model so i mean there's no reason not to move them that way now particularly when they have this market share so i just think the banks are in for a major cultural change ok so you know confirm major reorganization of that entire industry ok catherine austin fits right in time thanks so much for being on the cars report thanks max you have a great day all right super nice going to do for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i guess catherine austin fitts if you are so
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many now please do so because a reported r t t v dot are you and i saw my cousin buy off.
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