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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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breaking economic barriers and a free trade zone in asia pacific. discussions of the apec summit in russia. the u.s. presence on the border with syria with more agents reportedly training and organizing rebel militias and in the meantime france says it could. help opposition troops. plus barack obama formally become the democrats' presidential candidate with more promises of change but its opponents say he's failed to deliver on his original pledges from four years ago.
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global news twenty four seventh's this is on with me rule receive live in moscow thanks for joining this program the asia pacific economic cooperation summit is living up to its title in the of a lot of our stock is on working closely to ride out economic problems and in show greater energy security. president of the host country has been talking about how he sees that all working with the rising influence of russia and china's partnership. of a stock with more. it started by praising the role of apac as both an organization which accounts for no less than fifty percent of the world's trade g.d.p. and of course investment but also as a organisation as a forum which provides the grounds to discuss ideas on how to shape global economic
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growth its regional integration with you and me driving economic growth forward and of course the fact that apec is such an important organisation demands a common responsibility for all the actions that they are taking in order to avoid basically european scenarios now a huge role of course of devoted to limiting protectionism within this region and also russia has a specific role within a pack of course it needs to use its a vast resources including oil and gas in order to provide energy security within the region and also its vast territories including that of its customs union with kazakhstan and belarus to build a bridge basically between asia and europe but also. kind of back to all of his thoughts about the importance of this shift towards asia for russia in an exclusive
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interview that he gave to several days ago one of the main issues of course the importance of trade with china which has become one of the most important partners for russia with trade expected to exceed one hundred billion dollars through out the end of this year let's listen to what it was actually had to say during that exclusive interview with r.t. china's taking up this new leading role you know tony in russia's eyes but also in the eyes of the whole world what makes this rather special however is that russia and china are neighbors and our special relations took thousands of years to evolve to where they are. over the coming years we are by. to achieve a one hundred billion dollar turnover rate and of course it's not only china in that region which is playing an increasing role russia has also announced that it is in negotiations with new zealand and vietnam to create a free trade zone and also of a person said that tens of other nations have filed applications to have these kind
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of negotiations with the u.s. presidential race is in the spotlight everybody is talking about it here and what evolution has said that he is ready to work with either candidate mitt romney who gets elected or barack obama gets reelected even though mitt romney indeed has said that russia is america's geo political enemy number one. also said that barack obama is a person he sees which is ready to do a lot for mutual cooperation between russia and the united states but that depends on how much he is allowed my feeling is that he is a sincere man and that he sincerely wants to implement positive change but can he do it will they let him do it. i mean that there is also the military lobby and the department of state which is quite conservative as for mr romney's position we understand that this is to a certain extent motivated by election campaign rhetoric but i also think that he
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was already asleep or wrong because such behavior in the international arena is the same as using nationalism and segregation as tools of us domestic policy and you can catch the full version of this exclusive interview that approach and gave to see on our youtube channel. what he said dmitri medvedev reporting there from blood of our stock while economics professor. says creating an asia pacific free trade zone would help russia and china contain the influence of the united states. the benefit would be the member who. recreated on what you are and people meet up with . people probably within europe and the united states china will benefit from it because. it can do it big and if i create a p.v.p. away from it could you cannot be popular like the e.u. the united states get pinned in roughly the important thing in what can be
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a patent or time or anything year. by need to quite the contrary being increasing my wife is in the rest of the world. trying rough it would help to conquer the power of the united states because every moment the united. what i did time and all rushed the who who work with them and what you call the so that you could see why the importance of timing they had to walk pretty closely to give the. bomber in a business task of keeping up to date on all the wheeling and dealing a lot of off talk with the apec summit. global business heavyweights focus on the it will debt crisis the euro and investments also the old south pacific region will get all the details about what is happening or last as far as in business later this hour.
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you're watching art's he now a to bomb blasts have rocked the syrian capital damascus one of the explosions was between the justice and information ministry is that the other blast is believed to have killed at least five policeman after it went off across the street from a mosque and damaged a nearby clinic other news comes amid reports that are more u.s. agents are going to syria's border with turkey to advise and assist assad forces in their fight france is considering supplying heavy artillery to the rebels in order to help them build a provisional government britain says it's only sending non-lethal aid like medicine and generators to anti-government fighters but as artie's laura smith reports some in the u.k. are braving combat. to most britons going about their everyday lives the war in syria seems worlds away but for a few it's a struggle they feel personally involved in as the u.k.
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government portrays president assad as an evil dictator there's evidence that britons are going to syria to fight for the opposition bumming an area m.p. khaled mahmoud says some in his community have already gone there is a particular individual who's actually now gone back to baghdad at the moment and is going back in a few weeks time who's been engaged in fundraising supporting people and putting people together to go back to get people who say they. support the maid work and other. rides saying that they're going to support the resistance some says mahmud of british syrian extraction others a british muslims who feel their faith makes this their struggle but whatever their reasons for going the fear is what they'll be when they return they're trained in the art of warfare but also radicalized as well and then they want to then continue that radicalization they want to bring more people on board and then perhaps
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they're looked to. resolved. some of the gripes they have that's blowback the u.k. has already seen from the conflict here in london on the seventh of july two thousand and five the official report into the seven seventh's bombings reveals to rebut that two out of the four had been to afghanistan the so-called jihad back in the u.k. mohammed sidique khan and that town with together killed fourteen people and combined it with. the seven seven bombers were only vaguely known to the authorities and that could be the case for fighters returning from syria too it's all very well to notify the u.k. borders agency but in reality there's very little they can do people that may leave here to fight in syria will not go directly to syria they may stop in turkey or levon on iraq so the government will not be able to really know. the
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nation there's no real way of telling whether they're actually going to end up in syria there is no way to know. who when they enter syria who they'll be liaising with. their ideology is necessarily how. viewpoints by change in syria these are the scenes that could greet them on their return and islamist organization the english defense league is unlikely to take further radicalization of british muslims lying down creating more bad feeling and deeper fissures in an already divided society full western whose british freedom party is allied to the e.t.l. says militant groups are preparing for a confrontation we're going to get further and further into this horrible situation of the us and them and then you have small scale violence that starts. to i think literally entering into a religious civil war scenario so far the government's given the syrian
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opposition eight. eight million dollars for non-lethal equipment including communications but ordinary britons could find themselves paying the far higher price of unrest and insecurity at home for their support for the syrian opposition laura smith r.t. london. and he is coming to you live from the heart of moscow are still on the way for you. convenient hostilities. to report settlers using iran as an excuse to occupy palestinian land.
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and they were young and. their careers were. flight for them was one of many. and the last one.
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leaving the ice narky. more news today boylan says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. it's good to have you with us here on r.t. today we'll get to the update or rather the world update in just a couple of minutes and other the formality of barack obama being named the democrats' candidate for reelection in november is out of the way on the closing
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day of the party's national convention the us president to voters to help him carry on the changes he began nearly four years ago obama said the decisions ahead for washington will affect the lives of americans for decades he also had back at his opponent mitt romney dumping the republican a foreign policy rookie naming russia as america's number one and romney responded by accusing obama of offering no new policies and leaving old promises unkept the two candidates are currently tied in the halls one hour campaign ahead of november's vote one analyst told me that neither one of them offers any real change . in romney i think is a great example of what's wrong with america that he's obviously he's highly whose taxes for the american people is was not the truth about his plans is he sending money or sure he created he became wealthy by destroying u.s. businesses and create jobs overseas and he's exactly what's wrong with this country
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on the economic side it's a he's a one percenter and he's the one percenter deep in his heart so he's really what's wrong with president obama same time you know he was supported by wall street he supported by the health insurance industry put in place policies that supported religion just so neither of these kids really represent the people they represent the big business moneyed interests and not the people who are you know the only two party electoral system the country faces very severe problems with the economy with money being funneled to the tile the four hundred wealthiest americans have the same wealth as the bottom half of the whole country one hundred sixty million americans if we see a foreign policy based on empire either romney or obama will confront these issues and that you will hear even discussion about breaking up the big banks you want here any discussion about amending ending u.s. empire or cutting the military budget. fired us straight to attacks in iraq to kick
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off the r.t. world update now are three separate times on sheer will serve left at least four people dead and sixty two injured in iraq's northern city of cork and the blasts went off as worshippers left friday prayers for the worst was in the south of the city where an initial explosion killed four then a second bomber set off as police and rescuers arrived that one wounded at least twenty four. over four thousand greek police station a march in central athens angry being forced to make cuts amid a dramatic rise in crime and suicides some staged hanging is outside the finance ministry and the police face pay cuts as the government tries to qualify for us next to bare all out payment the new austerity program for two thousand and thirteen is yet to be finalized a union leaders warn of violent social unrest to come. and fresh from is a las vegas exploits prince harry is back in uniform and being deployed with his
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apache attack chopper for a four month tour in afghanistan and the prince was previously there in late two thousand and seven but was a prematurely withdrawn after his presence was made public he's the first member of the royal family to serve in a conflict zone since his uncle prince andrew flew helicopters in the one nine hundred eighty two foreman's war. has ordered all of iran's diplomats out of the country and it's closing its embassy in tehran ata were said it was acting because of the islamic state support for the syrian government its threats against israel and defiance of u.n. resolutions. the foreign minister called iran the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today. well the hypothetical threat of an attack by iran is being used by hundreds of israeli families who are refusing to leave the largest city in the west bank but their critics say that's a feeble excuse to illegally stay on land that doesn't belong to them. investigates
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i was the call to prayer religious jews walk past a mosque in judaism's second holiest city the scene speaks volumes about the gap between two peoples living cheek by jowl forty five years ago a part of hebron the largest city in the west bank was returned to jewish control since then around six hundred jewish families have lived in the small enclave outnumbered vastly by palestinians they vow they will never be driven out despite the fact that jewish settlement in hebron is widely considered illegal under international law and so they justify their presence in part by looking for an enemy the fact that. there is a distinct target to get the jews out of her own is not a and and in and of itself it's a means to an end that being that they don't want to use in her own they don't want to is in jerusalem but even more than that they don't want use in tel aviv or in
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haifa or anywhere else and lately instead of pointing fingers of palestinians the secular movement has begun championing the claims of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad he strikes fear and uncertainty in the hearts of most israelis is their rhetoric a lot of faith means but all of them in the future this is not exist and that they don't. remain this eight over and over again but the hostile talk from tehran is having unintended consequences the set a movement is mocking ahmadinejad's comments inadvertently putting him in the camp when israel's most widely circulated daily newspaper recently listed the safest cities to live in a time of emergency most israelis didn't notice that listed among the so-called cities of refuge or civil settlement alongside residential centers within israel proper. is doing for the settlers what they've been struggling to do alone and that is give them legitimacy by terrifying ordinary israelis so they forget to
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distinguish between israel proper and the settlements but a growing chorus of entry settlement protestors is calling on the government to cool down and stop buying into the politics of fear it's obvious that our government is talking about iran as a diversion diversion from the no peace with the palestinians with the with the what's going on with the settlements with the amount of money that they're spreading on the settlements nonetheless the settler movement is moving full steam ahead behind me is palestinian have run permission to drive through this boom comes from the israeli army that sits here just outside palestinian have run inside. jewish have run this is the perfect example of how israeli settlements and palestinian villages and cities exist on top of each other and for as long as the settlers can play on israeli fear and convince israelis that muslims want to kill them wherever they are they'll continue building their settlements and ordinary
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israelis will remain focused on the freight outside their borders rather than look at what is happening in their own backyard policia r.t. hebron. all right in just a moment we'll get to marina with the business for now though ecuador has repeated demands that britain grant safe passage to julian assange and wiki leaks editor remains in ecuador's london embassy trying to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes he believes he could then be sent to the u.s. and charged over the release of hundreds of thousands of secret diplomatic cables over two weeks ago that we could least editor made his first public appearance since being granted asylum in ecuador calling on the u.s. to stop what he called a witch hunt on a whistleblower was spoken to a nicholas costello a new york based author and a former academic specializing in latin american history ultimately about what the future holds but you know songe you can watch the full interview with him in about two hours time for now though a preview. of course there was
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a sure how this issue would play for korea politically just because i think a lot of ecuadorians are very poor they confront just a daily battle for survival and so at first i thought this was this is a pretty esoteric issue people have more bread and butter concerns and yet in the past few days you've seen protest in front of the british consulate in quiet killers and the sea and keep and it's just been a kind of a bizarre and surreal sight to see him pitch and his people dressed in traditional clothing with a handkerchief of julian assange which which is very surprising to me so maybe this suggests that maybe this issue resonates that maybe korea has struck a chord and a lot of ecuadorians are. resent the bullying of the united states and they don't like getting pushed around and so they're going to take the this issue.
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i promise that's head over to marina now standing by the r.t. business it's a friday but i'm sure. well you got your hand on the pulse of the markets what's going. on where focusing on the apec summit of course we finally have an event that is happening and the business elites and what they're doing this and thoughts all kind of europe is of course that that crisis is something that's a fact in every single country right now and in fact we call for the metals magnet and that is found out from him what he things should be done in order to save. completely. real balance of trade to a real. solution
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to christ. well let's take a look at international stock markets wall street is straight in this hour and after open and mix that's now back into positive territory we see the dow nasdaq adding just the notch there this hour and also we know that this comes after a report that showed that jobs will slow down sharply for the month of all this at the same time this fuel speculation that the federal reserve may take action and implement another round of monetary stimulus which is of course what investors always want to hear about now let's move on and take a look at what's happening in europe we still have a couple of action in fact an hour until it closes there is that the folks is out of about a quarter of a percent this hour when it comes to the german bags over half a percent in the black and all of this is coming after the european central bank said that they would reserve the euro make sure they to keep it inside going after
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market drawing of course announced his suborned by program and that's all about tackling the rise in bahrain cost over in that of hunters in the region this basically meant that confidence got it all time high right now among investors after those comments let's move on in second look at currencies and see what the euro stance is there particularly well again against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble a mixed picture this hour again we see that it's getting against the u.s. dollar loosen the euro mention the ruble let's take a look at the russian markets and they're really taking their cue from other international markets the optimism that's in the air today we see that the arts u.s. is gaining over two percent of the minimized the earlier games we saw go as far as two and a half percent in the black at some point and the mice of course is over one the persons in the line now high oil prices or who are helping russia investors but right now with medical pleading u.-turn and we're seeing declines in lights through this trading at around ninety four dollars per barrel and the brant blend is slowly
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approaching one hundred thirteen now this is the first drop in three days and all this comes as u.s. payrolls increase a little less than expected mewling speculation. thank you wes may have it's happened to you it's us to see just the folly of those that god loves this hour slightly different from the last one rory and by the wise and we should mention that it's seven hours they're friends with a lot of us thought we were both wrong they were both wrong that's pathetic i mean honestly we've got to get our act together exactly but at least i don't know it's i think it's equally bad because you have a corresponding there are a lot of us so we have a corresponding their family there it just doesn't get any worse than i could you know what it is i think it's all these computers because now you can just have a program that tells you what time it is there so you don't have to calculate i'm going to blame the machine. stuff we'll see you soon. back with the headlines in just a moment so yourself. i've
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had to execution dates in believe me oh just pay me one of the execution date isn't any better to go through your life and. be no more than fifty percent of the people who are if you didn't texas are not. you know living on death row it's not. this it's like you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point when death becomes. oh i ever do i hope. i will get a letter your dad is due to be executed next week then as appears scary moment for you to know you can loose here one of the appearance at the end of a manner of me saying i'd say it's time to go see. garder market and i would lead them into this to the best chamber. current state they'll have to they were dating
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