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building. which certainly doesn't give a. mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. which is why you should care only. breaking economic barriers in the free trade zone in asia pacific dominate discussions at the apec summit in russia with vladimir putin weighing in. the u.s. are both its presence on the border with syria with more agents reportedly training and organizing rebel militias. it could send heavy artillery to help opposition troops. and formally becomes the democrat's presidential candidate with more promises of change but his opponents say he's failed to deliver on his own original pledges from four years ago.
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screen international news and comment live from new center here in moscow the asia pacific economic cooperation summit is living up to its title in stock the emphasis is on working closely to ride out economic problems and ensuring greater energy security. as president of the host country has been talking about how he sees that working with the rising influence of russia and china's partnership what it dmitri medvedev is in that of a stock with more. he started by praising the role of apac as both an organization which accounts for no less than fifty percent of the world's trade g.d.p. and of course investment but also as a organization as a forum which provides the grounds to discuss ideas on how to shape global economic
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growth its regional integration which is in the driving economic growth forward and of course the fact that apec is such an important organization demands a common responsibility for all the actions that they are taking in order to avoid basically european scenarios now a huge role of course of devoted to limiting protectionism within this region and also russia has a specific role within a pack of course it needs to use its vast resources including oil and gas in order to provide energy security within the region and also its vast territories including that of its customs union with kazakhstan and belarus to build a bridge basically between asia and europe but also that in a. kind of back all of his thoughts about the importance of this shift towards asia
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for russia in the next news of interview that he gave to several days ago one of the main issues of course the importance of trade with china which has become one of the most important partners for russia with trade expected to exceed one hundred billion dollars through out the end of this year let's listen to what the g.o.p. has actually had to say during that exclusive interview with r.t. china's taking up this new leading role i know tony in russia's eyes but also in the always of the whole world what makes us rather special however is that russia and china are neighbors and our special relations took thousands of years to evolve to where they are. over the coming years we are bound to achieve. a one hundred billion dollar turnover rate and of course is not only china in that region which is playing an increasing role russia has also announced that it is in negotiations with new zealand and vietnam to create a free trade zone and also of
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a person said that tens of other nations have filed applications to have these kind of negotiations with the u.s. presidential race is in the spotlight everybody is talking about it here and what evolution has said that he is ready to work with either candidate mitt romney gets elected or barack obama gets reelected even though mitt romney indeed has said that russia is america's geo political enemy number one. also said that barack obama is a person he sees which is ready to do a lot for mutual cooperation between russia and the united states but that depends on how much he is allowed to my feeling is that he is a sincere man and that he sincerely wants to implement positive change but can he do it will they let him do it. i mean that there is also the military lobby and the department of state which is quite conservative in cuba as for mr romney's position we understand that this is to a certain extent motivated by election campaign rhetoric but i also think that he
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was obviously wrong because such behavior in the international arena is the same as using nationalism and segregation as tools of u.s. domestic policy and you can catch the full version of this exclusive interview that gave to r.t. on our you tube channel. well now let's get some expert insight from he's a founder and c.e.o. of s.g. h. advisors who provide financial analysis well russia wants a free trade zone in asia pacific which countries would actually benefit from this so or perhaps would there be some countries they would actually lose out. yeah bill thank you for having me on i think the in the asia pacific zone one of the biggest competitors to china that has been rising is really vietnam and both on a trade basis and sort of on a geo political strategic basis they this is
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a rivalry that china's focus on obviously vietnam is a much smaller country and a smaller economy but it's really taking the place of you know some of the cheap labor and low cost producer side and so the the more sort of this trade opens up. the more it could actually sort of help china in to some extent maybe at the expense at the expense of vietnam which has been taking market share away from china global is there an element where beijing doesn't want to be threatened by any other partners or anybody else in the region and really wants to retain dominance there. yeah absolutely absolutely and you know traditionally that rivalry has been most prominent with japan but you know quite frankly china has been waiting that war slowly but surely to the extent
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where you know we're looking at you know even on the on the economic front in my business i'm in the financial space and this are our main focus on the main are areas of coverage for us are the u.s. europe and china and japan has almost become you know an afterthought in the financial markets of both on the financial side and on a geo political strategic side obviously there's still a big rivalry with japan bush think china feels that basically it's winning that battle there now it's really looking to extend its influence. into the southern part of the asian hemisphere and this is of course where it started to come into a lot of clash and conflict with the u.s. but we're seeing it through and. we're not seeing a partnership clearly developing between russia and china where both will benefit and both have not equal influence but as much influence as they really want to try
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and achieve by excluding the u.s. in the region. absolutely absolutely the time between putin and hu jintao have been extremely strong and this has frankly been at the expense of relations with the u.s. and not overtly obviously but when it comes to issues like i think syria and iran there is a great deal of court nation and in between the two sides on those political issues then you know these things spill over into the economic side as well of course you know and we're starting to talk about how both countries handle the oil embargo that the u.s. has been sort of pushing on iran you know russia as a producer and china as a consumer they both you know the fact that they're harmonizing this really sort of helps to. counteract u.s. u.s. influence and the ability to which the u.s. can exert its influence on its european allies in asia and japan specifically and
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so we're seeing a lot of that and talking about energy one of the putin says that russia is ready to ensure greater energy security i mean is that implying that the countries partners really aren't happy with the current state of affairs obviously we know there's tensions between russia and europe over energy security you know. there have been tensions between russia and europe over energy security in the past i'm not sure that they're quite as high. as they were before and we've sort of today the peak of that with the gas crisis through through the ukraine but you know those relationships are still strained when you know there are issues in ukraine issues in sort of the transitory areas with bella who says well and so really the deepening of the ties here is really taught towards the east and russia and.
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who are now. and what everybody is really sort of looking towards is the new the new leadership which will be focused on the economic relationships but if
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courtly also put a renewed focus on a serving chinese military and political influence to a more aggressive level than the current leadership has been focused on sun thank you very much indeed founder and c.e.o. of s.t.h. macro advisors join me live there in new york thanks for your time thank you very much film i saw here well that will bring you more on the ongoing asia pacific economic cooperation summit in light of our stock in our business business but it's in a little later this hour so stay with us for that. two bomb blasts of rock the syrian capital damascus one of the explosions was between the justice and information ministry cause no casualties but damage vehicles the other blast is believed to have killed at least five policemen after it went off
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across the street from a mosque and damaged a nearby clinic the news comes amid reports more u.s. agents are going to turkey's border with syria to advise and assist the assad forces in their fight france says it's considering supplying heavy artillery to the rebels in order to help them build a provisional government president of the arab lawyers association. says the west is preventing the syrian people from changing the dire situation. i think the western powers have gone where you beyond what was acceptable even and the questionable matter of trying to interfere in internal affairs of countries under the pretext of human rights protection of civilians civilian protection of civilians is a duty it doesn't still allow the intervention internally but here we have a situation which is ten times worse whereby in fact the western powers are stopping the civilian population from actually coming to terms with the
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government in order to change the government in order to affect the the must stick change at the end of the day the western powers want to change the existing regimes because that regime is the only one that is left that is not pro west we've seen what happened and libya we've seen what happened in iraq iraq is no country which is under occupation not just by the usa but by iran as well stemming from the mentalism is being spread by everywhere but now the west is trying now even to work with the islamist movement in order to thwart any of the movements in these countries and i think syria definitely people in syria i'm looking for democracy i'm looking forward to. but at the present moment the west has moved from that goal into really fighting a civil war against their own over a regime has a responsibility to protect their country to protect even to its own interest and
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britain says it's only sending non lethal aid like medicine and generators to antigovernment fighters in syria but as parties or smith explains fighters from britain are heading for the front line too. to most britons going about their everyday lives the war in syria seems worlds away but for a few it's a struggle they feel personally involved in as the u.k. government portrays president assad as an evil dictator there's evidence that britons are going to syria to fight for the opposition bumming an area m.p. khaled mahmoud says some in his community have already gone there is a particular individual who's actually gone back to baghdad at the moment and is going back in a few weeks time who's been engaged in fundraising supporting people and putting people together to go back to get people to sign that. and made work and other are . saying that they're going to support the resistance some says mahmoud of british
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syrian extraction others a british muslims who feel their faith makes this their struggle but whatever their reasons for going the fear is what they'll be when they return they're trained in the art of warfare but also radicalized as well and then they want to then continues on radicalization they want to bring more people on board and then perhaps the looks to try to. resolve some of the gripes they have that's blowback the u.k. has already seen from another conflict here in london on the seventh of july two thousand and five the official reports into the seven seventh's bombings reveals the existence of rivers that two out of the four bombers had been to afghanistan for so-called violent jihad back in the u.k. mohammed sidique khan and tongue with together kills fourteen people in combined
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suicide attack specific and seven bombers were only vaguely known to the authorities and that could be the case for fighters returning from syria too it's all very well to notify the u.k. borders agency but in reality there's very little. well they can do people that may leave here to fight in syria will not go directly to syria they may stop in turkey or levon on iraq so the government will not be able to really know the. nation there's no real way of telling whether they're actually going to end up in syria there is no way to know. who when they enter syria who they'll be liaising with what ideologies necessarily how ideologies and viewpoints by change in syria these are the scenes that could greet them on their return and he islamist organization the english defense league is unlikely to take further radicalization of british muslims lying down creating more bad feeling and deeper fissures in an
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already divided society full western who's british freedom party is allied to the e.t.l. says militant groups are preparing for a confrontation we're going to get further and further into this horrible situation of them and us and them and us and then you have small scale violence that starts and it's the tit for tat and that's why. i think we literally entering into religious civil war. so far the government's given the syrian opposition eight million dollars for non-lethal equipment including communications but ordinary britons could find themselves paying the far higher price of unrest and insecurity at home for this support for the syrian opposition laura smith r.t. london. the formality of barack obama being named the democrats' candidate for reelection in november is out is on the way or out of the way i should say on the closing day of the party's national convention the us president urged voters to
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help him carry on the changes he began nearly four years ago the bombers said the decisions ahead for washington will affect the lives of americans for decades and also hit back at his opponent mitt romney doubling the republican a foreign policy rookie for naming russia america's number one enemy romney responded by accusing obama of offering no new policies and the old promises on kept two candidates currently tied in polls will now campaign ahead of november's vote one analyst told r.t. neither office change. or iran the i think is a great example of what's wrong with american politics he's obviously absolute crap is hiding his taxes for the american people is was no the truth about the science is he sending money offshore to create became wealthy by destroying us businesses and create only our jobs overseas and he's exactly what's wrong with this country on the economic side it's a he's a one percenter and he the one percenter deep in his heart so easily what's wrong
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with president obama the same time you know he supports my wants you supported by the health insurance industry puts in place policies that support the corporate agenda so neither of these candidates really represent the people they're resent the big business moneyed interests and not the people's business we have a phony two party electoral system the country faces very severe problems with the economy with money being funneled to the top the four hundred wealthiest americans have the same wealth as the bottom half of the whole country one hundred sixty million americans and we see a foreign policy based on empire either romney or obama will confront these issues and that you won't hear a discussion about breaking up the big banks you want here in discussion about amending ending u.s. empire cutting the military budget. and some other news around the world this hour at least four separate attacks of shia mosques nine people dead and eighty injured in iraq's northern city of kirkuk the blast went off as worshippers left friday
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prayers the worst was in the south of the city where an initial explosion killed four people two more bombs were set off as police and rescuers arrived in what appears to be a coordinated attack. of four thousand greek police staged a march in central athens angry at being forced to make cuts amid a dramatic rise in crime and suicides some state hanging's outside the finance ministry the police face pay cuts as the government tries to qualify for its next bailout payment the newest thirty program for twenty thirteen is yet to be finalized but union leaders warn of violent social unrest to come. as ordered for iran's diplomats out of the country is closing its embassy in tehran said it was acting because of the islamic state support for the syrian government threats against israel and defiance of u.n. resolutions covered as foreign minister called iran the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today. well the hypothetical threat of an attack by iran is being used by hundreds of israeli families who are refusing to
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leave the largest city in the west bank but their critics say that's a feeble excuse to illegally stay on land that doesn't belong to them not to fall asleep reports i was the call to prayer religious jews walk past a mosque in judaism's second holiest city the scene speaks volumes about the gap between two peoples living cheek by jowl forty five years ago the part of hebron the largest city in the west bank was returned to jewish control since then around six hundred jewish families have lived in the small enclave outnumbered vastly by palestinians they vow they will never be driven out despite the fact that jewish settlement in hebron is widely considered illegal under international law and so they justify their presence in part by looking for an enemy the fact that. there is a distinct target to get the jews out of have wrong is not
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a and and in and of itself it's a means to an end that being that they don't want to use in her own they don't want to is in jerusalem but even more than that they don't want us in tel aviv or in haifa or anywhere else and instead of pointing fingers of palestinians the settler movement has begun championing the claims of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad he strikes fear and uncertainty in the hearts of most israelis if their rhetoric their lot of faith means but all of them in the future that is not exists and that they don't. remember saying it or and over again but the hostile talk from tehran is having unintended consequences the settler movement is mocking ahmadinejad's comments inadvertently pushing him in the camp when israel's most widely circulated daily newspaper recently listed the safest cities to live in a time of emergency most israelis didn't notice that listed among the so-called cities of refuge where civil settlement alongside residential centers within israel
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proper. is doing for the settlers what they've been struggling to do alone and that is give them legitimacy by terrifying ordinary israelis so they forget to distinguish between israel proper and the settlements but a growing chorus of empty settlement protestors is calling on the government to cool down and stop buying into the politics of fear it's obvious that our government is talking about iran as a diversion diversion from the no peace with the palestinians with the with the what's going on with the settlements with the amount of money that they're spreading on the settlements nonetheless the settler movement is moving full steam ahead behind me is palestinian have run permission to drive through this boom comes from the israeli army that sits here just outside palestinian have run inside. i have run this is the perfect example of how israeli settlements and palestinian villages and cities exist on top of each other and for as long as the settlers can
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play on israeli fear and convince israelis that muslims want to kill them wherever they are they'll continue building new settlements and ordinary israelis will remain focused on the freight outside their borders rather than look at what is happening in the own backyard policia r.t. hebron. just ten twenty five minutes past the hour in the russian capital let's get details now on that apec summit from a business that's marina's there and the discussions want all set of the right centered around politics what else can you tell us that's right well we had investments into the asia pacific region of course the debt crisis a hot topic right now and they go well there's a side secret of all of the metals magnetar legs that it passed out to ask him what he thinks should be done in order to save the euro this is what he had to say. isn't it true. among true. should be. to have completely. real balance of trade to real.
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the competitiveness of europe. on the level you want to project to. create opportunity to see through solution for the crisis. and a look at international markets also is the only one trading this hour and there we can see that they're still struggling to get direction we see that it's both the dow and the guys that what we do know about the u.s. is a basically we had a report that showed jobs growth to slow down sharply for the month of august for some of us are saying that maybe this would be the push needed to make the federal reserve implement another round of monetary stimulus right so if we take a look at exchange rates will see what's happening there in fact we will look at you know first and then exchange rate one of the closing figures the footsie is
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scanned about a third of a percent of all the german over a half a percent and all this optimism that we saw on the markets today was all due to the fact of the european central bank at its present marker for all you did on vale it's a bond buying program on that side that has both tackle the rising and escalating costs on the foreign cost of and that of countries in the region africans like to look occurrences we see that the euro is still strengthening against the u.s. dollar masses market also pledged to keep the euro intact when it comes to the ruble clothes and figures that next picture the ruble gave against the u.s. dollar but losses to the euro talking about the rudeness of a look at the russian markets and their vote we had in fact is reacting to both the positive sentiment on the european markets and the asian markets also rising oil. we're helping but i'll get to that in a second the arts yeah scanned over two percent and then lies that it's the end of zero one and now those oil prices which always have a major effect of course on the russian economy very energy dependence and what we
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saw there in this live there were gains which is why the russian markets were them physically well but now it's dropped and this is the first golf and the three days in fact that all this comes form as there was another report that showed they do as they are always increase the less than expected again for the month of august and also on speculation that the white house might have to tap and the u.s. would slowly in reserve so lots of that from the ports the boys playing on different investors' minds then that's what we have for this hour bill thanks very much indeed marina see in the next town and bring you the headlines after this short break stay with this night this is not in moscow.
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they were young and high flying in. their careers were on takeoff. that flight for them was one of many.


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