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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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you. here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my tears. that no one wishes to feature is the only liberal the christian. can really go to the.
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what's going on everyone thanks for tuning in to the brand new show i've been preparing all month for you called breaking the set and i'm your host abby martin i may be smashing through the left right paradigm set in the political and media establishment this country to find the middle ground the truth so yeah so yesterday supporters of army private bradley manning protested in thirty five cities across the u.s. to demand that president obama release him from military detention look the legal maximum to hold someone in the u.s. without charges is one hundred twenty days but so far private bradley manning has been locked up for two years three months and twelve days without charges today marks day number eight hundred thirty five you know with all the rhetoric coming from the political status about human rights abuses and spreading freedom abroad you would think that the rule of law would actually apply to american citizens at home it's truly
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a sad state of affairs when the perpetrators of war crimes are calling the shots and those who blow the whistle on war crimes are the ones being treated like the criminals and that is why breaking the set. with all the distortion back paging and censorship in the corporate news establishment i want to highlight the biggest weapon of mass distraction being dropped on us this week amid the twenty four seven corporate media coverage at the d.n.c. of course it was all cheers and soon all over again as president barack obama took the stage last night at the d.n.c. take a look. but know this america our problems can be solved our challenges can be met. the path we offer made the harder but it leads to a better place and i'm asking you to choose their future they remind me in the words of scripture that ours is
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a future filled with hope. and if you share that faith with me if you share that hope with me i ask you tonight for your vote. well done now call me a cynic but i wasn't really moved by a speech full of baseless rhetoric and honestly i wasn't expecting to be i wasn't expecting mr obama to bring up past empty promises about closing guantanamo or how important it is to protect whistleblowers while bradley manning sits alone in a cold dark cell or why on his watch the deaths of u.s. troops in afghanistan have doubled and half the time in under bush's term and also not surprised that the corporate press distracted us from the real news that was going on yesterday that has a much bigger impact on the rest of us than a bunch of pre-approved scripted speeches my point is this yesterday while half of the country was watching the news probably the most right leaning federal court of appeals in the country did away with part of the citizens united case that made campaign spending by corporations subject to disclosure laws here remember the
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citizens united case right well it's the case that reaffirmed that corporations are people too and that money is speech well the u.s. court of appeals for the eighth circuit ruled on wednesday that minnesota law requiring companies to track and disclose the amount of money that's spent on political campaigns likely violates the u.s. constitution so not only can companies give as much money as their corporate hearts and souls desire but the rest of us living breathing human beings will no longer have the right to know where all of the political money is coming from now i know it must have been really really difficult for all those dollar bills out there their feelings must be so hurt well they were burning up in the pockets of all the frustrated corporations who are finding it super hard to anonymously fun political campaigns with undisclosed massive amounts of cash so george turn that frown upside down this is a big win for you but i digress i should mention that five of the eleven judges
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dissented from the absolute overkill of the precedent set by citizens united so as far as i could tell this fight is far from over so while there are few remnants. if this democracy is still left in this country why don't you join me in challenging this decision challenging citizens united and challenging the establishment. while lection time is just around the corner and america is getting ready to vote but ultra conservatives in this country are now acting voter i.d. laws in a number of states that require voters to show government issued identification at the polls all of the pretext of voter fraud according to the brennan center for justice more than five million americans could be affected and disenfranchised by the new rules already put in place this year now if you are concerned about this undermining of the democratic process you should be joined us to help us break it
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all down i'm joined now by howard university professor in the host of the radio show inside the issues dr wilmer leon thanks so much for coming on oh thank you for having me so you recently wrote an excellent article talking about how these voter id laws are essentially a bloodless coup d'etat against democracy what did you mean by that what i meant by that was that for these new voter id laws to have been put in place when prior to this government issued id was not required to vote is basically disenfranchising very large number of people who otherwise are legally registered voters and. i wanted to show i'm not really quickly of the states that have the voter id laws already intact i mean we see a ton of them talking about the issue of. and a lot of them have republican leadership is this a coincidence it's not a coincidence it's not
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a coincidence at all that between republican governors and republican legislatures that they have been able to pass laws that do no do nothing more than dissin bring . disenfranchise legally registered voters people who have who voted in two thousand and eight people who voted in two thousand and four and did not need government issued id in order to do so now effective november sixth coincidentally are going to need to show this identification and when you look at the demographic of those people that are going to be disproportionately impacted by this you're dealing with minorities primarily african-americans and hispanics you're dealing with the elderly and you're dealing with the disabled and to in many instances the cost for them to get these different pieces of identification for many of these people on fixed incomes or from a lower economic strata is incredibly cumbersome well i think
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a lot of people don't understand really this issue and i don't really see what the big deal is i mean i've always used my idea to vote i know a lot of people would say you what's the big deal i mean you should be able to show a government issued id if you want to vote for you know politicians in this country so what i mean why is this such a big deal and why should people care it is it's a big deal because how is also that most of the most of the people who make that argument are licensed drivers and most probably were born in a hospital well if you are fifty five or sixty years old and you live in alabama or you live in south carolina or you live in tennessee you may not have been born in a hospital you may have been born at home a birth certificate may not have been issued for you. and so going to the state house going through the process of getting a birth certificate is much more cumbersome than a lot of people understand that. many of these individuals aren't licensed drivers
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never have been so it's putting an unnecessary burden. on a demographic a group of people that previously had not been subjected to these requirements and here's and here's the really important to understand the premise for this if you ask the proponents of it the premise of this is the reduction of voter fraud the interesting thing is you never hear them talk about the data to support their argument because the data doesn't exist in the reason the data doesn't exist is because voter id fraud in this country doesn't happen it's not a problem in your article you talk about how there's only been about ten cases in the last decade exam voter fraud actually happening so well more why is the media continuing to propagate this myth that voter id fraud is a problem that we need to deal with because most journalists aren't as thorough as
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you are for one thing and instead of their doing the research instead of their doing their homework and instead of them asking the proponents of this to actually provide data to support their argument they're just going along with the argument because on its face it makes perfect sense we want our elections to be free of fraud we want our let our elections to be clear and clean everybody wants it so to argue against that makes no sense into you asked the question are our elections actually being subjected to the problem that these laws are trying to solve and the answer is no in fact in pennsylvania the prosecutors had to sign a statement that said a in pennsylvania they have not had to prosecute anybody for this and they also signed a statement that said not only did they not have to prosecute people in pennsylvania they are not aware of any cases in the country where this has been prosecuted it is truly amazing that the problem is totally nonexistent i mean the
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grand scheme of things that this is continuing to be brought up and i mean it's just undermining the democratic process but i want to talk to you about the. absentee ballots because that's another issue that i don't think people when they hear about voter i.d.'s this is another thing that's going to disenfranchise people asked that i share in mandarin talk about the absentee ballots well one of the one of the provisions in many of the states is that if you go to the polls and you don't have government issued id that they will give you a provisional well operational list or the provisional first they'll give you a provisional ballot and then once you show id your ballot will be counted but the election will have already taken place the outcome will have been determined and so counting these ballots if it's done at all will be will really have no impact in terms of the absentee ballots in many states absentee ballots are the last ballots that are counted and in many instances they're only counted if the margin of
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victory with is is within a certain percentage so again in many instances many of these ballots may not even get counted and i've always i've always voted absentee as well but i want to ask you one really quickly to ratchet up all of these states that have these idea laws and that might and knock down later i mean talk about the pool the enormous political pool that these states have to sway an election oh texas florida for example are two of the two along with california who doesn't have this problem but texas and florida. i don't know off the top of my head exactly how many electoral votes they have but when you add up all of these all of these states we're talking about seventy one maybe seventy six percent of all of the electoral votes that are better that are of the five hundred thirty six that are available are coming from these states so we're talking about what is an enormous and when you're talking about of very large percentage of the electoral votes that you need to get to two
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hundred seventy are coming from these states absolutely and i thank you so much for coming on and break it all down it's a my very serious issue that needs to be tough. about war dr wilmer leon thank you for talking about it. so they're very first week of breaking the set and i hope you're doing it so far and if you are go to our you tube channel and subscribe at youtube dot com slash breaking the set or going to our website r.t. dot com slash usa now i know the nature of the internet is that hate is going to hate and troll is going to troll but if you're the more intelligent minded feel free to write me and let me know what you think of the show also if you're wondering about what i'm bitching about or doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin and i'd like to take a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear the good and the bad and we highlight our hero and villain of the day next.
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blow to the capital account i'm laurin mr. today i want to talk to you about amber lyon she was an investigative journalist for c.n.n. looking to expose the atrocities taking place in bahrain since the start of the arab spring her documentary is called i revolution and it sheds an important light on the under reported reality there take a look. right people have been arrested in bombay many of them professional. teachers journalists. of them died in police custody. it's
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a really powerful documentary and here's where things get sketchy before amber was given the approval to air this a c.n.n. producer told her that she had to add a line to her script that read quote foreign minister says security forces are not firing on unarmed civilians but the line was a little perplexed because she had just seen with her very own eyes what was happening on the ground she said quote i saw firsthand that these regime claims were lies and i couldn't believe c.n.n. was making me put what i knew to be government lies into my reporting well maybe she couldn't believe it but i can not only was she actually. practically has to feed americans a bunch of p.r. bowl later she would also find out that her documentary for what she had just put her life on the line to produce would not be shown to the audience that would need to see it the most. it would air on c.n.n. in the us but it would not be shown on c.n.n.
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international which ironically is the most watched english speaking news outlet in the middle east and by refusing to broadcast a documentary it meant that it would never be seen on t.v. by a crane or any of the other neighboring gulf states now after the guardian's glenn greenwald expose this c.n.n. i responded by saying well the dockery documentary was never meant to air on c.n.n. international in the first place oh is that right is that the reason or was it that you were trying to silence one of the starkest reports to date on the brutal repression and braced by the u.s. backed regime or could it have been that the c n n i's decision had been the result of state sponsored t.v. news because you see as glenn greenwald found c.n.n. i is actually aggressively sought out a business strategy to work with repressive regimes and then has the audacity to turn around and say that those same regimes are covered without bias give me a break we should all be applauding amber lyon because she stood up to the big bad media beast that already is were so appreciate of her in fact that they launched
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this facebook page they said thank you amber lyon c.n.n. reporter for the people of bahrain and i also want to say thank you amber for me to you she stood up in the face of what's so wrong in this country your truth soldier girl and you're pretty much a bad ass journalist and that's why you amber lyon our hero of the day so she's the hero who is the villain well this is one that's definitely no stranger for taking the highly coveted villain spot and fact if this were billboards most villainous charts he'd probably be ranking top ten so who is the unfortunate soul taking this claim to fame today well could be none other than the tenant general omar al bashir the distinguished president of sudan is the wednesday by share calling the african union to quote protect the continent from spy satellites he said that the a you had to quote legislate. action of africa's space along with developing a new unified space agency so you're probably wondering what i'm getting at here
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basically he's saying that he doesn't want to see what's going on in sudan last year satellites from a private space company and covered what appeared to be evidence of mass killings killing carried out during sudan's civil war not to mention mass graves bombed villages as well as soon as troops and artillery on the move and images of his crimes are still being collected by the space company with funding by the satellite sentinel project which is probably partly propped up by actor george clooney side no i know what all you ladies are thinking george clooney is good looking and he's helping to expose students gratis atrocities i know i know i'll try to do them on the show soon but just to put this all into perspective for you let me remind you that bashir is the same man the same dictator who is wanted by the international criminal court regarding his role in the dark for genocide you know the genocide that's thought to have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths massive displacement and forceful migrations of millions in refugee camps which created one of the
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largest humanitarian crises in the world. let me catch my breath here just to do establish his villain credit now this is the best part of the story bashir actually asked for protection for all of africa's space which is in itself one of the most absurd things i've ever heard particular because a satellite can't actually violate a country's airspace if it's orbiting above the planet and it's because of this ridiculousness that we know without equivocation that all bashir really wants is another way to silence the people who might expose him for the person that he is which is a violator of the most basic human rights most importantly the right to live and that's why omar al bashir all the sheer sedans of tory is president is our villain of the day. now i want to talk about something that might land you in an interrogation room the
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next time you try to snap pictures while you're on vacation last month the l.a.p.d. released a memo citing photography in public as a grounds for police to file a report open investigation but tension to land you in the crosshairs of federal authorities dig a little deeper i'm joined by our two web producer andrew blake andrew so what on earth is going on i mean. let's talk about what this memo was ok well there's something called suspicious activity in the most cities have them and what it means is a police officer they don't have to necessarily go and say oh you're doing a crime you're going to jail we're going to put you in handcuffs we're going to arrest you they can see any sort of activity and if a officer of the law. has some sort of reasonable suspicion to believe that person is doing something that they maybe should be doing that is a reasonable suspicion i mean where well it was simple asimov taking a picture if you are in hollywood if you're in los angeles if you take a picture of any critical infrastructure site any power plant any police station
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any metro station anything like that that can be considered suspicious because why else would you be doing that now you have to be there is photos. here obviously criminal have you noticed let's not get started on that so you know there is a legit reason obviously this is for national security let's back up a second and in think that ok well these suspicious active reports all this means is a cop says i'm not too sure about what you're doing and i'm going to check a little box and i'm going to write this down and take a picture and i'm going to file it away the thing is these reports they accumulate into tens of thousands of them everywhere in places just like los angeles because the l.a.p.d. is connected to the other systems this information is then shared with the department of homeland security and with with the f.b.i. and any local and federal law enforcement agencies across the country that are in the same shared info space so pretty much. if you're taking a photo in los angeles because a cop thinks you're being suspicious you are now with the f.b.i.
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they can cross check them out and they can monitor you whenever they feel like it sounds totally reasonable and you know i mean seriously los angeles is the fifth most most photographed city in the world i mean this is completely ludicrous really on the face of it and and as you said it's now being infused with these fusion centers the d.h. as centers how does this all link up to facial recognition or does it i mean you have also recently exposed to strap wire and some elements of that were kind of i remember it how does this all link up to just today we were talking about a new program the f.b.i. has been working on since back in two thousand and five in two thousand and six they put out the framework for it two thousand and eight they told lockheed martin that they can have a billion dollars to do it just today we are reporting that this program being put together by the f.b.i. you can read about it in our. usa has officially started rolling out and it's going to involve face recognition connected to an f.b.i. infrastructure which can then fuse. collected with these suspicious active reports
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all over the world and all over the united states and they're talking about having like fourteen million photographs of civilians imploded within the next few years and one that's connected with i don't know license plates imaging software iris scans fingerprints and then you connect it with trap lawyer and every surveillance camera in america and then it starts getting a little fishy but hey it's just fear mongering what are the odds that the cops are actually going to start watching us and. already are. i mean isn't it ira it's just kind of ironic though that you know you're they're arresting people who are not arresting people for their data mining everyone compiling information on everyone who's taking photos but then of course you know all of us compiling it and writing everyone up but hey come have yourself a good day and rethink your. course thanks. do
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you ever get the feeling that the people who are supposed to be giving you the news are actually telling you lies like did you know that america is one of the only industrialized countries in the world that doesn't label genetically modified foods and one of the biggest roadblock for that happening is a little corporation by the name of monsanto except they're a little of all they're gargantuan company that crushes anything that gets in their way of the global domination of the food industry one cent is the biggest producer of pesticides in genetically modified seeds in the world and one of their arguments is that they say farmers a ton of money and improve crop yields you see monsanto has created a generally modified see that produces its own pesticide within the plant stent it's called the silliest or b t for short it's a bacteria that's found in terrain everywhere the thing is monsanto is engineered plants that produce this talks in making it airborne and pollinate in the world with it well if there's one thing that's constant over the course of the planet's evolution it's nature's resilience even if the pesticide is designed to eradicate
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a weed or in six pc's nature will always bounce back and eventually become resistant to the poison think of the heavy use of antibiotics lead to super germs just like that a recent epidemic of super weeds have started taking over farmers lands that in spraying crops with monsanto's roundup ready weed killer accorded the president the arkansas association of conservation districts the built up resistance to these pesticides is quote the single largest threat to production agriculture that we have ever seen now for the very first time it's spreading to insects to on santo's bt corn crops in iowa are now falling prey to the very bug they're engineered to resist the worm but the monsanto seeds are deemed useless because bugs are eating the plants anyway what incentive will farmers have to spend money for seeds that no longer kill weeds or bugs and in fact. make the problem even worse look one cent is
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a completely ruthless company that will do anything to meet their bottom line including sponsoring a propaganda campaign to prevent consumers from knowing what they're actually putting in their bodies so in the pants off small farmers who plants get infected with g.m. pollen and then forcing those farmers to destroy all generations of seeds i mean the list goes on and on and tony even don't even get me started on monsanto's talk sic a legacy of government collusion and coverups p.c.b. asper time aspartame and agent orange i mean holo and why the hell are we trusting the same chemical company to make our food anyway look bottom line monsanto cannot be trusted it's time that we as consumers become conscious and critical thinkers it's time that we as consumers stand up to this corporation and force it to disintegrate into irrelevancy and that's what it means to break the set.
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down the national publications so choose your life stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device watch on t.v. any time.
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on this day yes level fans were preparing to celebrate the start of the new season for the continental hockey league. the home team looking at the field as level was expected to emerge victorious.


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