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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the man planning julian assange is legal breakout from the ecuadorian embassy in london and speaks out on the whistleblower was why exclusively to our team. was charity means of morale to rebuild make those involved a cause for the disabled and low income pensioners both foreign creditors and reject the athens plan saying brings us to very. the new u.n. peace envoy begins a syria mission which is pretty certain the goal here banfield to finish the bridge infighting and terrorist activity in. washington the busa middle east the sales with the region now the biggest buyer of american weapons which have
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flooded the nation's surrounding syria. you're watching r t live from moscow with me to say let's take a look at this always a bulletin he's pursued a dictator shut down drug trafficking cut tells and even expose entire terror cells and now he is representing julian assange renowned loyal both tulsa goes on has been speaking to are to you about where the whistleblower was future might take him archie sara for their shares with us some of what goes on revealed. he reveals a little bit about this ongoing battle for justice achieved in the science of course the wiki leaks founder remains holed up in the ecuadorian embassy here in london in knightsbridge and no real end in sight at the moment for this. standoff.
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remains very very firm that we're in a science to be extradited that would put his human rights a very real risk at the same time the u.k. has said they're not going to grant you in a sound free passage and that if he sets foot outside the ecuadorian embassy he could be arrested for breaching his bail conditions so just where does that leave well in the interview with r.t. both those are garceau on a sound his lawyer said that they're going to continue to fight what he termed a terrible injustice and i'm glad. it's clear that i grew to julian a sort of political asylum because he was facing terrible injustice and exercised his fundamental rights and i think this wrong to needs to be defended at this point we consider it prevalent and a legal solution is possible and that if both the u.k. and the crew go to the international court of justice this ruling that bound to obey now remember killing innocents has never actually being charged he is wanted
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for questioning in sweden of a rape and sexual assault allegation so one of the biggest criticisms leveled at good innocence is that his bid for asylum in ecuador granting him asylum is very much just trying to evade justice now his lawyer tells us that he's more than ready to go they have all the ready to face the questioning as long as he's being given a guarantee that once he was in sweden he'd face extradition to the u.s. and they have never received those guarantees as our son tells us you know you saw julian assange has told swedish prosecutors that he's ready to cooperate and ready to be questioned to submit himself to the procedures but only if he's guaranteed that it would not lead to a more complicated case. in which is rights to freedom of speech and information would be violated now as he said kill innocent and his legal team have always maintained that there is a very real fear here that were he to be extradited to sweden so that he could face a further extradition. to the us where some of the quine's that he could
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potentially be accused of espionage for example for his work with wiki leaks that carries the death penalty in the us a very serious concerns that his lawyer makes in the interview i do not think mr assad is a spy all he did was exercise his right to freedom of information on what he received and shared it but much more surprised that there's been no investigation into the glaring crimes documented in those leaked reports featuring u.s. interference with issues that have absolutely no relation to either national security or the safety of american citizens or different from a few both sides of course very very eager to find some form of resolution but just when and how this will come remains extremely uncertain indeed his lawyer told r.t. there is no time limit to resolve this situation so loosely this one could be set to run and run but you can catch the full interview with julian assange as
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a lawyer but also exclusively on r.t. tomorrow. still to come in a few minutes of course of all claims i knew then mark have you spoken with public celebrates the closure of all foreigners to provide for your office as are the realization of all servant to leave but with thousands of the e.u. and nato forces still on its territory international presence is barred from. also from the pentagon to the pyramids we find out whether bring in major contractors and a whole lot of u.s. corporate executives to cairo. u.n. peace envoy lakhdar brahimi has started his syria mission kicking off with talks with. egyptian m. arab league leaders his predecessor and former u.n. chief kofi annan quit because of divisions at the security council on ending the daily bloodshed bremer's version isn't likely to be any easier one syria's largest city aleppo is witnessing escalating fighting as rebels intensify the attempts to
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take control the city is also being rocked by a car bomb that killed at least three civilians and injured forty others a few hours earlier jordanian militant leader linked to al qaeda threatened to launch deadly attacks to as president as said a model from the syrian social club ex-pat group thinks the country has become fertile soil for terrorists but has turned into a more regional wider conflict krapp's even some sort of an international war on syrian soil. i personally. witnessed first. demonstration on the seventh of may two thousand and eleven. the mistry mists outside the syrian regime and shouting very clearly. only and that doesn't need any explanation does it so it is not surprising what we are seeing or hearing that there are jihadists who are coming into syria because mr peres have
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a long time seeing this conflict as the same model or the same you know viewing point just like they did with afghanistan three decades ago the problem we're having basically is that took so long to acknowledge that jihadist. you know element after i think it was too late. so far the u.s. has limited itself to calling for arming syrian rebels without taking any official action it's made no promises about not sending weapons to neighboring states and recently reported as the middle east is a frequent end of the client of the american arms trade. and takes a look at whether period is policy might lead the world may be terrified of a potential war with iran but for arms producers tensions fear is good business so it is for the united states according to
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a recent congressional research service report within just one year the u.s. has tripled its arms sales tripled here's how it looks in numbers just around twenty billion dollars in two thousand and ten and over sixty billion dollars in two thousand and eleven so this is six point three billion dollars to be exact according to this report as far as the u.s. share on the global market is almost eighty percent of all worlds arm sales have to mention this congressional service research they arrived the numbers from unclassified arms sales reports now who provided the spike in sales that is mostly the persian gulf state half of what the u.s. sold last year went to saudi arabia eighty four advanced and fifteen fighters a variety of ammunition missiles and logistic support dozens of attack helicopters but why this spike looking at the graphics one might think something is brewing here apparently many experts think the same with spoke with daryl kimball
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of the arms control association here's what he said. we often see conflict emerge after a group of states in a particular region with tensions have bought or built weapons so this does not necessarily ensure security but clearly the insecurities of the region the doubts about maintaining peace between states in that region are driving these wealthy countries in the middle east to buy u.s. weapons there is already a war going on in the region the civil war in syria saudi arabia and other gulf states are actively involved in that war there funneling weapons to the rebels in a strive to bring down assad iran's long time ally in the region many experts talk about syria as a stepping stone to iran in a sense the war on iran has already started it the spiking arms sales could be
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a graphic sign of that it's hard to claim that arms sales is the and game for the us although he does profit handsomely from the sales in february nine hundred forty five president roosevelt at a meeting in egypt with our little abdel aziz bin sout the founder of modern saudi arabia pledged to defend the kingdom in exchange for a steady flow of oil up to this day u.s. actions in the region have been consistent with that goal the us has armed the gulf states to the teeth turning a blind eye to widespread human rights violations like of democracy terrorists turning a blind eye to a lot of things the question is whether the world is ready for another devastating war in the region i'm going to check on our tape coming up for you later on in the program coping with a revolution but if the facts of the economic and political uncertainty has on regulate just someone who was forced to go up the role of these in search of work.
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a rough start for greece in his quest for more bailout money with his creditors rejecting about two billion euros worth of planned cuts saying they're not nearly enough defined top of that this infighting within the government itself over a way to make savings at the root of that way of storage of measures that would target low income passionate and people with disabilities something that not even a even just thirty supporters that make up the government could handle nevertheless negotiations continue with officials promising to cut elsewhere and satisfy the country's e.u. and i.m.f. creditors and as our g.d.p. to all of our imports the greek people are under no illusion that those cuts will be any more bearable. for the greek prime minister antonis samaras isn't sugar coating his message after these painful. there is no
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other way. it would seem that the greek public don't agree with the pm. this weekend saw large demonstrations in the country's major cities and when you look around those cities you can see the effects of the crisis on every corner this was once thessaloniki busiest market now like a ghost town. costus has run this coffee shop since the one nine hundred seventy s. he lays the blame for the current troubles on a political class who are looking out the greek interests if the politicians don't care about the people they care more about what germany is than what the greek people need big people on the street and invariably the conversation will turn to talk of tax as pensions and wages have been slashed prices and taxes have soared. of cards from from. and in the same time of increase
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taxes it's very very difficult to pay some bills for the war and for water from the fall of a with unemployment at just under twenty five percent and fears that it's just a matter of time before it passes the thirty percent mark people take work where they can find it constantine works in a factory that produces industrial lubricants a university graduate with degrees in nanotechnologies and biology this is in the work he was trained for but counts i'm self lucky to have it your thought that the situation is bad but this work allows me to provide for my family and i enjoy it. as unhappy as the vast majority of greeks are with the current situation if the country is to remain in the euro zone an extra eleven point five billion will have to be cut from greece's deficit to make sure it receives e.u. bailout money that means more pain ahead for the greek taxpayer but despite their
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m. . towards the morrises plans even the harshest critics of the government fear that a return to the drachma would open a pandora's box of fresh financial woes but here is the bottom line is we must stay in the euro no doubt we have to stay he is a simple as that going back to the old currency would be fatal. these are all the party want to keep greece. as a european debt crisis rages on there are a few people willing to bear responsibility for sparking it at the age of pacific summit in russia's far east over the weekend artie's a pita lavelle brought together leading experts to discuss what's wrong with capitalism and how to fix it he brings you a two part discussion here on our teacher day. called the way to. keep the deficit is. a question on the
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right would be. capitalism without bankruptcy is like christianity without. so he is a breakaway region of course of shutting down an international supervisory body is being heralded as a landmark achievement of false or venting but political analysts that xander vision believes it's just the tip of the iceberg of foreign involvement. this is the international clearly an off the grid spoke across the day that's just canary minor aspect of the so-called international crime and that was established during nine ninety nine am to the medical bombing them unified and who were slaughtering manning the un peacekeeping mission of troops and the east.
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mission this helicopter. actually also of a cause of concern you can have a foreign judges sitting in the supreme court for advisors defending him in iraq and here are saying so i'm fatter. it's still going to be i was semi along over the ocean they're going to be you know i mean this is really just a way out of the end these fuel rods that are increased pressure on all those things the majority of things in the world which have been recognized because we're going to ban the. where there is no news of from that region that our dot com including that is stirring black market trade in human organs startling new revelations from serbia which claimed a far more pulse plan militant has testified to taking part in harvesting body parts from kidnap people. all thought online shocking simone's
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british undercover agents trying to use better fake cigarettes with their lies and as best as being among these resulting media. you're watching r t thanks for being with us they have a way it's of america's corporate world in egypt forging business ties to dam issuing last year's revolution is the largest u.s. trade delegation ever traveled through the arab world the push for new markets comes as washington sweetens the deal with a pledge of one billion dollars in debt relief well kyra egypt's new muslim brotherhood elite is keeping the country's foreign policy largely in line with that of the u.s. sympathy for syria's uprising and support for bahrain's ruling family journalist
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ramzy bar news written extensively about developments in the arab world says the american trip to egypt has an agenda that stretches beyond the economy. is organized by the u.s. government although they are insisting the political aspect is a minor aspect this move is not too far removed from the i.m.f. negotiations with egypt so what egypt is trying to get about four point eight billion dollars is not far removed from what the qataris and the saudis and the turks frankly have been doing which is offering all these supposedly free money to egypt to billions of dollars worth of investments believe. of dollars that are actually going to pay the salaries of ordinary egyptians all of this is tying the hands of the egyptian government even surely morsi and his government no matter how well intended he is he's going to find himself in a situation where it's going to become extremely difficult to escape all these strings that are controlling him and controlling his policies and controlling his
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government and while the big corporations are cozy up to cairo as new leaders they gyptian people are realizing they can't afford to wait for the promise changes thousands of fame the uncertainty at home to head abroad just like they can make ends meet that's policia explains. their country may be in danger of crumbling but here they are rebuilding someone else's hundreds of thousands of egyptians are putting bricks to mortar for their neighbors future every few weeks another building goes up in a month with a toil nearly a quarter of a million egyptians are scattered throughout the kingdom next door but many shouldn't be here at all in the chaos and disappointment that followed egypt's revolution thousands of egyptians feared here too jordan with no visa and little more than the clothes on their back while it might still be too soon to say what will be the long term effects of the revolution no one here is in a hurry to return back home just like muhammad he sold his wife's jewelry and
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borrowed neighbors' money to pay for nearly one thousand american dollar work permit but it's long since expired now he's working on borrowed time the bottom line i can't afford to buy another work permit i left egypt because i want to eat egyptian society is very divided and all of us here are from the lower class we're not searching to be rich we just want food for families it's jordan's worst kept secret more than one hundred thousand desperate illegal egyptians lining the pockets of jordanian businessmen who exploit loopholes in the law has been is that there are a lot of people in egypt playing with the papers they promise the best permission but then when the labor is come here they don't know what their permission is for exactly and who is even their boss it's corruption between from their gyptian side the laborers themselves the jordanian government because it gets a lot of mining from fighting this people and the business owners their own
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involved surprisingly jordan's labor ministry does not deny this but insists it is cracking down trying to organize all the time what to do the kind of some of them. on the understanding that the tourists. and this is legal but when the. and there it here in the country they try to fit torques and jobs and they kept looking for jobs all the time without in vain. and has been working here for nearly two years he's got a degree in social work but the only employment he can find is to wait tables in a man his salary pays his rent the race to send home for his wife and children there's nothing left for a new visa. but every six to seven months the police make a check during this time i stay at home and isolate myself for about ten days to two weeks the police are starting to get more strict but i'm not thinking about going back to egypt for now because the security situation there is not stable or
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whatever hardships they face here in jordan their families back home depend on every dollar sent back across the border for now the risks far outweigh returning to a country where the prospects of work all stability or even gloomier policy r.t. amman jordan. let's check what else is happening around the world element in production workers have gathered in their hundreds in room to protest the closing of a plant in sardinia core facility future is being discussed at a meeting at the economic development ministry the decision was taken in march to close the plant down unless a buyer could be found this is still hasn't happened promises that the plan could still be reopened have done nothing to quell the union members. and owners of miners the in south africa have gone on strike defying union calls to return to work demanding better pay and conditions they must near the troubled mind
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where police shot did they leave for workers last month the bloodshed sparked a wave of anger across the country and internationally. the u.s. has formally transferred control of a bag rom of prison to agonise or to use the facility holds more than three thousand taliban insurgents and suspected terrorists analysts believe the handover is largely symbolic as the fate of inmates remains unclear including fifty foreigners not covered by the agreement the u.s. military still wants to run a section of the jail which has been labeled afghanistan's guantanamo prison abuse and torture reported. now background prison lies within one of the largest spaces of the nato led forces in afghanistan and a few minutes time were revealed the ups feel of danger that exists they fall soldiers themselves dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much
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pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with elizabeth always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects. right it's over the business news now with natasha right the u.s. markets the trading in just a few minutes natasha what are we expecting the while u.s.
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futures are pointing to a lower opening on wall street which is not really surprising considering that u.s. stocks had multi-year highs last week on expectations of more stimuli investors are mostly on the sidelines in the europe as well let's see what's going on there at the moment and as we can see the picture there this hour is mixed at the moment the footsie is flat to positive while the dax is shedding some value traders are waiting for q key events that will help them we are their strategy going forward on wednesday germany's constitutional court will rule on the legality of the euro zone's permanent rescue fund known as the european stability mechanism and on thursday the u.s. fed reserve will meet investors are expecting more easing otherwise known as more money printing moving on to the currency markets the euro is trading a lower to the dollar the sour and the russian ruble is shedding value to the
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current sea bass kid which is actually quite a surprise considering that crude one of the main factors supporting russia is trading higher that's certainly true for the deluge shii let's see. the crude market figures there here they are and as you can see as you can see brandt is actually higher that is shedding some value and in fact it was near the highs for the week it's just off those highs amid speculations that countries like china and the united states will. only stimuli countering the signs of a slowdown that threatens fuel demand here in russia the equities are trading mixed as you can see the sour of one of the main losers in. and then the pentagon's producer no but attack and that's on the news that gazprom will stop buying gas from independent gals producers at bit more details on that apparently lukoil
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managed to convince the gal's monopoly to honor the gal's purchasing contract between the two companies according to venomous to daily gazprom but will stop buying from other independent gas producers as it's trying to support its own production in light of falling demand. and that's all we have time for in this edition of business save back here in about fifteen minutes thanks for that update in atocha we'll see you soon. coming right up stay with us.
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well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got this huge earth covered. please. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all over the day. look.
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at mission free cretaceous free in-store charges free arrangement free risk free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media oh don carty dot com. obviously boy. did that if it is. a. question of right know it we have to. write something. capitalism without bankruptcy is like christianity without a. plug .


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