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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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coming up this hour on our team fighting crime one picture at a time the f.b.i. rolls out a new one billion dollar facial recognition system ahead a look at the next generation identification and what it means for our privacy. and a new study finds that california is spending more money on prisons than higher education and the number of inmates has shot up four hundred thirty six percent since one nine hundred eighty is this yet another example of how serious the cradle to prison pipeline is will question more. plus president obama promised to come down hard on the banks for the housing loans that led to the two thousand and eight
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financial crisis but the statute of limitations is almost up and the people responsible have yet to be held accountable ahead r.t. asks if these men and women will walk away scot free. it's monday september tenth of four pm in washington d.c. i'm christine and you're watching r t. well we have been telling you for months now about the f.b.i. xp plans to roll out its next generation identification program that facial recognition project that will make the fingerprint fingerprint database seem like a prehistoric relic now this is some use existing mug shots and then matches them with faces in crowd shots along with social networking sites to create a whole new database of images which according to the f.b.i. will help to find criminals and terrorists well now it's official the program has been tested in michigan has been given the green light for pilot runs in places
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like florida and north carolina two states which not coincidentally just hosted the major political conventions and also here in washington d.c. and by twenty fourteen this program will be nationwide so i do want to talk more about this with barrett brown founder of project p.n. barrett before we get started i do want to talk about something else that's happening right now a whole lot of chatter specifically about anonymous going after and shutting down the biggest domain server on the internet go daddy go daddy host up to fifty million clients and there's been some back and forth within anonymous as to who is responsible but with some taking responsibility within the movement any idea why go daddy would be a possible target. for gold a really good it was actually in the stores. so. yeah i think the story is still developing i think
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a couple people have claimed you know that they are the ones that took down the website but you don't have any idea why go daddy would be a target. no idea ok we can move on then let's let's talk more about the project the one billion dollar project designed by lockheed martin transportation security solutions barrett we've talked about this before you and me this facial recognition. but you know as of late notably within the private security system known as trap wire now we know this exists so why is this latest news from the f.b.i. why shouldn't even be alarming at all. things just are getting alarming when things start going so. we would talk about you know. we are seeing the f.b.i. misrepresent so and get on the ship so. how it operates.
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over and over again and it's going to orange between what we discuss here and what some of the things that i others end up seeing sort of in the background in the course of the work we do on this. point where. we just we've made a stop accepting accepting it just as another news story out of another the revelation. is just like on the border a lot of people i know been chartered by. the past two years now sara one of the things that can be said is just how little is known about this program and how it works you yourself have research has technology thoroughly break it down for me what you do know. well we know what we know statical details we know a couple public regions and cities for its use we know if you've seen comments from people that we've seen which are now that have abraxas talk about doesn't live in
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saying. that knowledge itself would be more accurate than that by special recognition and that was seven years ago before the show had gotten what it is now by by virtue of the mark up forward so we have a vague idea that it's pretty good technology of the sort. put out by a company but i was also very very much the top certain other knowledge that most people in the know about yet so people like myself who albrecht the company's fault for reaching the think it's probably a pretty considerable profession what's that is it's actually less alarming things that i've seen talk about feeling like a robot or a management was more alarming to me just how terribly the media got it out jane to get these issues until such time as there's a reaction and perhaps the consequences negative feedback something that we can't
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go on like this isn't sitting in dollars in the last year that i've seen inches. they will well yeah i mean it is really interesting and we should say this program has sort of been laid out on the f.b.i.'s website itself it they talk a little bit about this what it's for basically it's going to help catch criminals it's going to target terrorists but i think it's important to point out barrett you know what is not there and that is and you sort of alluded to this precisely what software is being used there's not a lot about where the information is going and how it will be used talk a little bit about these points that have been left out was simply want to avoid. they want to go to those questions that they really want to avoid that they want to court so much that australia. an article shut down. from five different web sites of major outlets and newspapers there. showing the connections being trapped wired
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the company and pubic the company that controls it and created by another company here saying an article was written about this and it was actually taken down. the next day thirteen years ago on the fourteenth by after some unknown non non all transparent discussions began saying they were very wealthy woman who owns the sydney morning herald sun it had that to go article not one of this a new york times or any other publication. dismissed the whole entire everything about everything about it the day before. involved no no when my group and the other groups put out the revelations that came the next week or so and showed that they were lying about how truthful iron difficult things are they didn't go back on that it just it's very unfortunate the system as it is now it makes it harder to deal with the government itself when you can't really rely on media and say you know what it's really terrible happens the media here in the us will take care that puts pressure on and so those of us who work in the media here as myself results
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and so much that i think we start to develop impact over time and that's what. we don't. and sometimes for enjoyment and stolen information and luck with people doing that and going to jail for it we can know about sex i've been told they drowned a producer a minute ago i wanted to make a little announcement actually about the kind of change of this because the information that this comes from office my own investigation which began in earnest six months ago the way that my house and with my my mom's house. the residence on that day. twenty four hours i'm releasing reports on what happened before that with an f.b.i. informant who was to find something to get the ground picked up on. well. so for the great job. nation. announced about an hour ago to the.
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oracle. some of the details after that initial announcement will be will be but will be a lot of oh yeah it sounds that way and for our viewers who haven't seen you on here before we've had you on a number of times a lot of times talking about the hot to this group anonymous anonymous. and you know it was funny when we first started to talk to you we used to say so far you haven't been targeted in that i know i think it was a few months ago right there that you were in fact targeted by the f.b.i. so it sounds like things are developing but you know just back to what we're seeing with this official rollout of this f.b.i. program we always have to ask this question you know of course having the ability to put together a database that ultimately cross-checks massive amounts of information it's staggering but there is that argument that simply says you know if i'm not doing anything wrong why should i care react to that for me. gary said
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back in the day and then we had all this stuff and exposed. all that we caught up in this we can't trust the f.b.i. or any any government any government agency or contractor right now and of course all the signal does come from contractors if you can see this in the state. to the extent we catch them over and over again committing crimes. and there are. problems we have to stop and think. you know gimme gimme gimme just keep on sort of like you know noting each new each new controversies to stand always two violations or are more. in the last two particular to change their own spiritual direction in terms of how they let's pick up the state has changed in this country particular in terms of how it fits the systems and how it uses seems to stage this time of the population starting yesterday actually visiting the state in a jar all right bare ground for founder of project pm joining us from dallas texas
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i do hope you keep us posted on the latest the fat f.b.i. investigation thanks so much for coming on the show thank you. i want to talk now about a major shift in priorities when it comes to the way each state spends its money there's a trend happening all across the country that shows that schools and the education system in general are getting fewer and fewer resources so what does this mean well it translates into larger class sizes for younger students teachers losing their jobs teachers who get to keep their jobs being forced to take pay cuts and those who want to continue their education in college having minimised opportunities to do so meanwhile the prison population is growing and the prison system is getting more and more from state budgets as a i want to focus specifically on the state of california and on a study just released by the nonpartisan research group california common sense which broke this down in the golden state and the numbers are dramatic since one
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thousand nine hundred seventy has decreased by thirteen percent that's adjusted for inflation we're spending for california prisons has increased by four hundred thirty six percent so what's going on here well joining me now to discuss this is marc mauer executive director of the sentencing project and also the author of race to incarcerate some are going know that your research has focused mostly on the prison and aspect of all this but just to start off let's speak a little more broadly what do you think is behind this shift will it's basically the results of the so-called get tough moving of the last thirty years the idea about the way to promote public safety is to get tough on criminals as it's phrased send more people to prison and keep them there for longer periods of time so policies like mandatory sentencing three strikes you're out the war on drugs and on one hand they've been very successful they've been the result of an enormous rise in the prison population but as you point out enormous tradeoffs in terms of public
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services and support that we see yeah this get tough movement you certainly see in political campaigns especially at the state and local level people who are running they want to show that they. they're tough they're going to lock people up more readily but we don't often talk about the alternate consequences of this that you have you know overpopulated prisons with people who aren't really violent offenders let me put some numbers out there some specific numbers and take a look at spending by the state of california this is according to that study released by california common sense we have a graph and this shows each system's portion of the state of california is general for the blue line there that is that you know downward slope that's higher education and the green line that is expenditures for corrections you see just sort of those dramatic pictures they're using this line graph and then we also have a population growth of each you can see there's a huge rise of corrections inmates and barely a little blip in the increase of students getting higher as education so what's the
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deal mark i mean do we really have that many more criminals than the one nine hundred eighty s. well the problem is you know if all these people were you know violent dangerous people who were threatening all of us completely some people might say well we have no choice but to lock them all up an enormous part of the growth of the prison system has been through the war on drugs most of those people are in the lower levels of the drug trade for many people in prison all sorts of problems of substance abuse mental illness abuse doesn't excuse the crimes they may have committed but it does suggest that there are other interventions we can take advantage of that could reduce the prison population and get at some of these underlying issues are we spending mansard resources the back end of the system after the arm's been done and it robs policymakers with having options for making other kinds of investments now you mentioned twice mark the war on drugs i want to talk a little bit more about it this is something that certainly i grew up with you know
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hearing time and time again and it seems like a war that everyone was behind you know let's fight against the illegal drug sellers who poison our children talk a little bit. about that the story that isn't often told regarding the war on drugs well substance abuse is a problem we have long had problems with illegal drugs without all kinds of substances and the question is how do we approach this and what's happened over the last several decades is that conscious decisions have been made that we will fight this as a criminal justice problem to the exclusion or at least a reduction of fighting is a prevention problem a health problem and the like so if we look at resources the war and drugs two thirds of the resources go to law enforcement incarceration just one third to prevention and treatment now if you think of things like campaigns to reduce smoking and other kinds of addictions we have some good success stories there when you put resources into dealing with that in a public health approach we've seen the results you know fewer children fewer
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adults are smoking these days and in a generation ago when it comes to the war on drugs we have very heavy mandatory sentences people doing five ten twenty years in prison in many cases for not being a drug kingpin being a lower level person so spending millions and millions of dollars to incarcerate now a half million people behind bars for a drug offense and again these are finite resources we have options we've chosen whether consciously or not to invest them in the prison system so what's the answer here i mean how do we change this course or do you think the people in charge even want to well i think many people do there's now developing what are called drug courts around the country in the idea there is that we should try treatment as a first alternative rather than incarceration for many people for whom substance abuse is the underlying contributor to crime we can get better results if we get to people through treatment instead i think also we've come to rely on the criminal
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justice system to be a social services provider and someone who's got a drug problem shouldn't have to commit a crime in order to get drug treatment so we need to see much greater expansion particularly for low. income people you know if you're wealthy you can go to the betty ford clinic and get world class treatment for your drug addiction if you're poor you're going to be on a waiting list for publicly funded support and yeah the president not just serving as a drug rehab alcohol rehab center we should also mention oftentimes are serving as a place where you know the mentally ill end up because so many services have been cut for treatment for them and that that's really changed as well but just once again you know that's a tough thing for a lot of people to understand especially especially people don't have it in their life but education i mean everyone knows children or the value of going to college even if it's you know a community college or you know just a smaller you know less known degree you know but why aren't more people speaking
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out when you see the graph like we put up on screen here i mean these are this is a nonpartisan group that found these numbers why aren't more people kind of speaking out to change this well i think the value of research is that it does put these two trends together you know far too often parents see that their kids' college tuition bills gone up five or ten percent of their outrage it puts a strain on the family finances it seems to me when we do that a public institution we should probably include a little known is that all and by the way do you know how much of this increase intuition is going to support an expanded prison system you know we're making those trade offs but nobody comes out and says a directly and i think we need to think about where do we want right bold letters right that's one way to do it right reading call attention to the policy considerations you know how much public safety do we get from prison system how much opportunity we create in higher education and word of some of these trade offs look like all right marc mauer executive director with the sentencing project thanks for your insight i know you've done a whole lot of research on this i'm going to have you here and grammy do. all right
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guys we're less than two months away from election day and as we get closer one of the things most journalists are doing is taking a look at both mitt romney and president obama and president obama's record is made up of promises made promises broken and some promises that seem to be forgotten and one of those promises was a full criminal investigation into big banks on wall street for the role many of those banks played in the economic collapse and more specifically in the widespread subprime mortgage crisis that contributed to millions of people losing their homes and an economy that four years later is still on shaky ground now in his state of the union this year president obama announced the creation of a mortgage fraud task force a group that would hold those responsible accountable and then a month later in february there was a settlement between the government and big banks and the president once again mentioned this crime fighting group headed up by new york attorney general eric schneiderman and what it would be doing this settlement also protects our ability
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to further investigate the practices that caused this mess and this is important the mortgage fraud task force i announced in my state of the union address retains its full authority to aggressively investigate the packaging and selling of risky mortgages that led to this crisis let's just talk about how aggressive this investigation has actually been with roosevelt institute scholar matthew stoller and matthew from what i understand this group which is called the residential mortgage backed securities working group didn't even have a working space for at least three months no office to work out of to take on these criminals the website for the group didn't launch until may what is the deal here well it's not a group it's it's a series of press releases so it's not an actual group that's doing work even though this is something announced by the president to try to do some major things . yeah that's right i mean in two thousand and nine there was
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a whole series of sort of committees of different at different agencies to look into various aspects of financial fraud but these committees are made up of people from different agencies and you know they're not they're not independent they're just groups of people who meet occasionally and this was a new one that was announced earlier this year i guess about eight months ago at this point and it wasn't you know they presented it as a new group of people with substantial resources in fact it didn't have office space and they just took cases they were already working on and when they had some sort of action in them they would release them with press releases and say this is part of the the residential mortgage backed securities fraud task force or whatever whatever it's called now they're here in new york i mean new york attorney general eric schneiderman is heading up this group this is a guy known for at least trying to get tough on some of these financial crimes in
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the system why do you think this isn't a bigger priority why do you think we haven't seen more people getting in trouble or at least being taken to court well he's not the chair they're actually five co-chairs of this mortgage task force and when when the announcement happened i think lanny breuer who is idea j. and one of the co-chairs didn't actually bother to show up to the announcement so it was not there was never really a serious endeavor. but the you know the the reason that there no one has been held accountable for the mortgage crisis is because that's the policy of the bush administration and the obama administration they believe in protecting the capital structure of the large banks and the pay packages of wall street executives over the you know the property and political and legal rights of americans. and
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just to add a little bit to that to give a little perspective to this story kind of what you're saying the department of justice had ninety three investigators looking into allegations that former major league pitcher roger clemens used performance enhancing drugs and then lied about it before congress now this group as we said looking into fraud into all the big banks has fifty five investigators do you think matthew i mean do you think it was never going to do anything i mean that the president just sort of announces to announce something i mean it seems to me that the amount of times president obama has mentioned is that he really believed something was going to get done. well i mean you know i don't know what he truly believed in his heart soul but you know fifty five people for you know roughly five to seven trillion dollars in lost wealth is about one hundred billion dollars a person now if you saw one hundred billion dollars theft like let's say apple lost all of its cash just disappeared they probably assigned more than one person to
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look into that so was this serious. you know and i don't know what obama believed. but but but he was absolutely lying when he said they were going to look into the packaging of risky mortgage backed securities many people were lying and you know that's i think there's a there's a political crisis right now because both parties essentially routinely lie to the american public about what they intend to do policy wise in the financial and economic space and you know you saw bill clinton at the democratic national convention who is in many ways responsible for the crisis because of the financial deregulation that really accelerated under his watch and you know did the adulation towards him the adulation towards barack obama and you know romney's no better no different but what does it say about a political system when the public has no rights and effectively no way to enforce
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. political and property rights people who don't have enormous sums of wealth i think another thing to consider and this is not just president on the politicians on both sides of the aisle say you know well many of these actions alleged the financial crisis we're on as to call they were not illegal so i guess i mean is let's just i mean that's just silly like yesterday or a couple days ago i would read a story about wells fargo foreclosing on the wrong house and they just got dressed wrong and they hired contractors to break into the house remove all the. if and then the people got home all their stuff was gone and they couldn't get. an answer from anyone about where their stuff went and wells fargo after three months because of media pressure decided to issue an apology not remuneration yet they the bank just broke into their house took all their stuff and wouldn't even apologize until
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there was there was media pressure that's breaking and entering i don't know who i don't know what kind of. you know the people that it's a it's like mary jo white who's a former u.s. attorney you know just they're just captured and corrupt i mean there's no there's no question that there is crime going on right now lots of it in the white collar space and we keep hearing about it but the policy of the administration and i guess the policy of the united states is now to protect a political class and that means that we're no longer a democracy and i think people have to come to grips with that now and we should mention regarding a lot of these cases i mean the statute of limitations is about five years for so many of them so even if you know this this group was going to be tough on crime we're at the end of the line here a lot of them will not be able to be you know anytime soon but i'm sorry we're out of time roosevelt institute scholar matthew stoller in our studios in new york thanks so much hey thanks a lot. cavill account is coming up next on our t.v.
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so let's check in with lauren lyster to see what's on the agenda today hello lauren happy monday hi christine happy monday welcome back thank you it's good to be back what do you working on today well you know that's a great interview to follow i really enjoyed the last one that you had today we're going to switch gears from wall street talk about health care because that is an issue center stage in the presidential election in some ways but not in the ways that we think are important for example mitt romney made news yesterday for saying he would repeal all of obamacare a difference of rhetoric there but we want to know christine what we're going to hear from people why any our bill for a headache can be ten thousand dollars these are the kind of story it seems like everybody has one of these medical horror stories or questions about why costs are so high we're going to answer and we have a man who may have the antidote he's taking a market based approach to his surgical practice christine lawrence of everyone stay tuned looks like a good show and for us here on the news side that's going to do it but for more on
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the stories we covered you can go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our web site they're working on a whole lot today about addresses are to dot com slash usa. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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