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payers although the cost of living riots in the west bank the palestinian leaders desperate for calm what an anxious israel watches was signs of another uprising against the occupation. russia stands up for its energy giant gazprom saying the e.u. is trying to impose gas prices down moscow has passed the degree saying that anyone who has a problem with the company also have a problem with the government. the un warns against taking sides and soon come saying the rebels of the regime must share the blame for the bloodshed as western powers are again accused of turning a blind eye to rebel cities. and teachers will walk out of their
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classrooms in america in the beginning of the early school year and it's just like over pay and conditions that there's more american parents up to teach their children at home. it's six pm here in moscow you live with us on our do you thanks for joining us after the protests the political panic a flurry of meetings have been held among palestinian leaders jolted into action by a massive demonstrations which turned violent thousands who are furious at the rising prices of basic goods schemas do with riot police across the west bank are just policia explains what's driven people to extremes. palestinian authority ministers are meeting to discuss ways of easing the economic situation of the ordinary palestinians across the west bank this was the source of demonstrations on
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monday which turned violent in the cities of hebron and nablus when dozens of youths burnt tires and blocked streets that dovetails with a strike by municipal workers by taxi drivers as well as by those involved in the public transport sector people are really protesting against the rising cost of basic commodities you just need to look at fuel which has gone up by some five percent in recent times the palestinian authority is fast losing legitimacy amongst its own people this western backed government though has its hands tied because israel collects taxes on behalf of the palestinian authority at the same time while israelis can sell goods to palestinians they in turn cannot sell goods to his rabies so you have a situation where the palestinian economy is being held hostage by the israeli government and there's very little that the palestinians can do without the israelis giving their nod now the israelis are also eyeing with concern this
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growing discontent in the west bank and this is because they fear that it could result in the third intifada or third palestinian uprising against television to this and we have been hearing some reports that there are those within the israeli government that are urging tel aviv to hand over money to the palestinian authority quickly to hand over tax collection money despite the fact that it is only supposed to happen at the end of the month but it is questionable whether or not this is going to ease the tensions within the palestinian authority we know there that government employees have not received to date more than half of the august salaries the arab spring which took place in so many neighboring states here until now has bypassed the palestinian population but this does not mean that we aren't real schisms within palestinian society particularly over the rising cost of living policy r.t. kadima israel. political analyst a.d.'s as a nunnery says that while people are angry at the palestinian leadership there's
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not all that much of the administration can do. yes that is and get against president abbas against prime minister fayyad against the overthrow of what it did not precisely because of the crisis itself but because of the in action on more than one eleventh on the level of negotiations with israel nothing is happening there is frustration among the palestinians on the level of a consolation with hamas nothing is happening because there is also an impasse on that front and nothing is moving on and with this kind of impasse on the palestinian territories and with the prices going up skyrocketing day after day there is no way to move on on the economic fair speed of the fettucine territory in the old days there were palestinians who used to work in his or they used to make money and their living and go back and send the money back home today that a senior workers are not allowed in israel and if they are allowed only very few thousands of them out allowed then what can you expect more from the palestinian authority bring me the best magician on the to take over from set on fire from
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prison a bus will they do it they cannot do it because the overall atmosphere around is not is not conducive at all for profit economy prosperity. coming up later on in the program a ways stop a revolution live for about we look at how some of even public services but after the tales of last year's controlled rubbish tidying up on the streets of the capital. also the greek prime minister is feeling the heat as he needs one of his chief paid masters on news that debt inspections are not nearly hobbled greece of cuts planned. by new decree by russia is a president who didn't has turned the state owned energy giant gazprom into a strategic asset meaning it's now under the government's protection this comes as the european union is probing monopoly allegations against the company gazprom officials say the e.u. is just trying to push down gas prices g.'s a you got
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a piece come up joins us now with all the details are not good to see there you go basically a what does this new law mean. well let's look at it this way gas from isn't only an energy giant it's a strategic state asset it's a walled wide known brand with billions of funds with thousands of kilometers of infrastructure with extreme resources and a great influence on the russian economy its supplies millions of russian citizens with gas but not only them but millions of western european consumers as well since the company is working with most a members of the european union and according to gas problems the chief chief spokesperson said for decades of the company has been successful he would king with western european business partners but now it's starting to experience political pressure first these sources in its daughter companies around a year ago and now this anti monopoly investigation held by the european commission
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which is a political body getting involved in basically business processes and now well this is a decree signed by president putin with and it's already in force since the moment it was published that's basically moscow's answer in this whole dispute since like i said it is a strategic state asset which now will be protected directly by the state and according to all questions to the company concerning its deals its real estate abroad of all its contracts and so on will now have to be addressed not to the company but to a specifically designated state body for that and all of that is in this decree signed by the president now also said he'd be out of added to that while gas from is being now accused of being a monopoly while in fact the company has been investing vast amounts of money in
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actually a liberalizing the european energy market but actually has been meeting boundary. which are being created by europeans themselves which is creating this problems when it comes to making the market more open and more diversified according to. sports person become pany is currently experiencing pressure which is aimed at basically forcing it to commit one sided concessions when it comes to the prices for gas possibly to make them cheaper or subsidising some of the economically weaker members of the european union especially in the east since we are going through an economically difficult time but again all this is has to be dealt with in the framework of business and not politics and as soon as well i guess one side gets involved in politics well that there has to be
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a proportional answer and that's what this week we is all about right thank. you got a piece come off the giving us his point of view of what was going on today for a closer look at how this decree could affect everything that the russian companies doing business abroad watch a business bulletin in about a couple of minutes coming your way. by the u.i. and human rights chief has said that both sides in the syrian conflict must share the blame for repeated violence and i condemn the government's use of heavy weapons while the rebels she said should be held accountable for extrajudicial execution and torture but as tests are syrian poured some foreign powers are turning a blind eye to the crimes committed by armed groups. the new joint u.n. arab league special envoy to syria left more brahimi who's been tasked with trying to broker a peace plan to when the eighteen month long conflict in syria has just called this task quote a quote nearly impossible now this is
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a different set to the stand he took when he first got the job he was optimistic in the beginning thinking that he could help pave the way for peace between the warring sides in syria also heard from the secretary general ban ki moon has the assad regime for all the atrocities they were committing against the syrian people but also the rebel groups and the condemning both sides saying that that the choosing of violence and force rather than we've also. reviewed the rights and the like who. has been a staunchly critical of the assad regime and blaming condemning the regime for their treatment of their actions in this public but she's also come out and spoke against the rebel groups and any other groups armed groups that have been committing atrocities against the syrian people she said that all sides should be held responsible for all their actions believe her from the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton as well as french president francois along both
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expressing their support for the syrian rebels france has already been sending aid to three rebel regions in syria as of recent weeks now with a lot of consensus from the international community on how to approach the situation as well as conflicting messages on whose side is responsible for the atrocities the support that is being given to one side versus another it's not hard to understand why i left more brahimi has been calling his task now as nearly impossible the editor in chief of the syria tribunals says it's obvious that the army rebels from abroad one bring peaceful syrians and. only if the country is backing their eyeballs and sending them what pins and money stop doing so we can have a peaceful resolution of the crisis if the liberal he me is capable of convincing these countries and i doubt it then yes he has a chance if not then i don't see who has any now when you say that you are supporting a liberal him his mission to reach
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a peaceful resolution you should not be supporting sending weapons to militia and specially that this militia is well known now for being islamic radical militia and for committing atrocities against civilians what's happening in syria is quite similar to what has what happened before in afghanistan in the eighty's and yet the french president is determined to send those militia weapons and yet he claims that he supports a peaceful resolution he's lying. still ahead for you in the program how serious neighbors are suffering under arrest of their own a deadly suicide bombing of a police station rocks as tumble as ex-pats as a as a spike in bloodshed is the high price to pay interfering in regional conflicts. a delicate balancing act two names for the greek prime minister antonis samaras sassi means one of his chief of paymasters the president of the european central bank mario draghi the frankfurter talks could really especially hard given recent revelation that half of the greek government's plan cuts have been rejected by debt
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inspectors six out of twelve billion euros worth of austerity measures have been deemed either to meet on three mistake in the greek government can find something else to cut to make up the difference maybe more bailout money meaning potentially bankruptcy but as you artists are terrorists and journalists and lecturer at the university of the age young says it's a consequence really don't lead only to more unrest. i think that if this is going to be able to garner page in these three governments and also the greek parliament accepting such socially devastating measures to be dictated by our friends or are quite openly of course blackmailing the greek government terence lee waiting yet another. part of the bailout agreement thirty one billions to be more precise which are absolutely necessary and i think that under this threat of such
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force the force i think that the greek government in the end may list is growing like sept this measures but of course this will open the way for an even bigger under the greater deterioration of the social crisis crisis that is now preventing british we will see more and more unrest we're going to see major strikes very big demonstrations but also actual expression of their anger not just building up within. that's close warfare in the us but it's nothing to do with social status teachers they're walking out in their thousands demanding better pay and conditions and as a school see i'm up to climb in stuff and standards more and more families are taking the concept of homework it to its ultimate conclusion as artie's marina explains. yellow buses and traffic guards are the general indicators that america's new school year house started. in chicago some
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twenty six thousand teachers carrying out a union strike in the streets indicate a problem for the u.s. education system. the city's teachers are demanding a salary increase and better job security but for nearly four hundred thousand students class has been indefinitely canceled in america's third largest school district in the nation's first more than one point one million students have successfully begun school new york city's teachers have showed up but an increasing amount of families are permanently keeping their kids home. six point four five year old julian and his seven year old brother brennan kate a routine school day involves a seat at the kitchen table. and lessons from mom or dad they can move on to literature such as shakespear they can move on to strategy thinking such as chaz
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music there's so much to learn if she's not here she leaves the plan of what they need to do the work and also with them to do it. to. kind of. hardcore learning like guitar. sondra and gregory leon. have been homeschooling their boys for over two years. a decision the couple made after researching new york city's public school system where overcrowded under budget teachers are underpaid you've got forty kids in one room with one one adult and the kids are just not getting what they deserve at that age according to the white house three hundred thousand education jobs have been eliminated since two thousand . nine due to state and local budget cuts tied to the economic crisis experts say this has forced public school students whose tutors critical programs and worst of
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all a level of knowledge is necessary for success the epidemic of an educated young americans was recently highlighted in a report which warns that u.s. children are not to being adequately prepared to compete in the global workforce a study conducted in part by the center for american progress found that china and india are moving greater numbers of children through their school systems and better preparing them for jobs in key industries in just eight years it's estimated that india will have four times more college graduates than the u.s. ironically four decades ago america was the world leader in education today among the top thirty industrialized countries the u.s. ranks twenty fifth in math literacy and twenty first in science nothing will change until there is a culture in this being smart being educated is cool you are true so liberty when you are. that's not happening in america we can
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talk about money to structure your trainee yada yada yada it won't change anything actually there is a change more than two million american parents like the liang's are homeschooling their children are reported seventy five percent increase since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. a trend that some say may eventually be the best source of preparation for america's future marine up or ny r.t. new york. the revolution in egypt where the decades old dictatorship but when it comes to sweeping the streets the country's new leadership isn't having so much success the prolonged state of flux that followed last year's uprising has led to monday in matters like basic public service to suffer with tons of garbage now rotting in the capital streets artie's oksana boyko has a story. a revolution or
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a leftover that's already starting to cause a bit of a stink it took a gyptian eighteen days of mass protests to oust hosni mubarak yet in the each an insulin month they've encountered a far more pungent problem with residents don't wait for garbage collection instead they threw it out onto the streets and we have to collect. cairo has never been a particularly clean city but the growing piles of garbage have become a major blood on its revolutionary glory president mohamed morsi promised to solve the problem in his first one hundred days in office but more than two months into his reign he's yet to show any haste in eliminating the waste. they said garbage fans were unable to access narrow alleys of small vehicles yet the regional government and cleaning commission violated the contracts but there's a much of a go to that idea for many years kyra had its own environmentally friendly system
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of processing waste for a small fee the garbage collectors most of them christians one door to door picking up organic leftovers and feeding them to pigs that was until two thousand and nine when the pigs were called because of swine flu the mubarak government came up to some alternatives but they all collapsed alongside the regime. used to be these are going to means now we have to pick up a material put it in containers but the problem is how to dispose of it that we have no place to process it. from libya to egypt trash overload has become a major visible change brought by the arab spring and an unpleasant reminder that the previous governments were not as worthless as revolutionary spain to damn well this is this is all. very nice. actually.
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to bring it. to control so it will never. be tossed around. fifteen tons of garbage dumped on the streets of cairo every day more and more egyptians are now starting to see the difference between the politics of revolution and the policies of responsible government the main assumption in all revolutions is that when all leader is gone the quality of life can only get better and it's only later when the basic services start to crumble and when things people used to take for granted i'm no longer there that their revolution and their regime we deposed finally getting a more realistic assessment of some of the weaker our city. a brief look at some other news from around the world to twelve people have been killed in a blast near yemen's capital and now a target of the country's defense minister who escaped the attack unharmed at least
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five of those dead were the minister's bodyguards some witnesses said they heard gunfire as ambulances were arriving at the scene the attack comes just a week after al qaeda second in command was killed in yemen. at this one protester has been arrested after police spend six hours trying to evict an occupy hong kong demonstration at h.s.b.c. as asian headquarters protesters accuse police and court officers of being in the congo the bankers activists said when appearing on the streets of hong kong with a growing three also saying the country's government was elected undemocratic. a police officer has been killed in a suicide bombing outside a police station in istanbul that's also injured five it's just the latest incident in turkey's most violent years which includes suicide bombings attacks on military outposts and the kidnap of an employee the turkish stance in neighboring countries
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may have contributed to increasing tension in the country according to. a political commentator and columnist. has been seeing for an escalating wiles' particularly in the south eastern provinces bordering iraq and syria it is now. stronger than fourteen million or four commission and this is another sign of that pile of stuff the cutoff of diplomatic relations are completely with between damascus and anger led to new speculation new debates about. whether or not turkey's crossing the line two to. helped the opposition forces by allowing transfer of arms material etc etc this.
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leads certainly to a lot of. doubts glory's that this kind of attitude would lead to a backlash i see transfer of violence. in lords turkey. right let's cross over to the business just now with natasha now says mr president putin's eyes decree to protect russian strategic firms on board what's that about well that's absolutely right the decree now steps up the government's role as a negotiator the companies will now have to get state permission to deal with foreign regulators to provide information and even sign contracts the state will also have to approve price changes in these contracts alexander nazarov from gazprom bank in moscow explains what this means for strategic and apprises and their businesses these looks like to me as. a
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good protective measure which may war may not work but or other countries will know that russian companies will be supported by russian government in case of any. conflicts. abroad. and it's time now to check out the equity markets let's start with wall street which just launched it's trading at it's actually higher in the first hour of trade investors are anxiously anticipating thursday's u.s. fed reserve meeting expecting more easing to come from not european equities are mixed to the sour mining and banking stocks are pulling the footsies sounds the dax is managing to jump up above the line investors are on the sidelines ahead of wednesday's decision by germany's constitutional court it will rule on the legality
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of the euro zone's of permanent rescue fund here and all show stocks in the last hour of trade are in the mix territory the r.t.s. is recovering the my sex is still in the red and the european sentiment is certainly weighing there the biggest movers on the my sex and who did the biggest lender spared bank for its main launch the sale of the government's seven point six percent stake as early as this week it's not only holding the stocks you can see carmaker solar's is one of the top gainers after putting in almost three full rise in first quarter profits and a gold producer of poorness gold is also rally on the news that it shareholder be file pool for a may sell his almost thirty eight percent stake to a fellow billionaire so you want kerry who belong to the currency markets the european bulls are back as you can see the euro is getting to the dollar the russian ruble is losing value to the currency basket crude is on the rise again
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although it is zigzag amid concerns that europe's bailout plan may not work and after saudi arabia said higher prices would be unjustified. shows car market has become the biggest in europe autostart agency says all this. our sales in the country rose to a record levels of more than two hundred forty thousand vehicles while sales in the rest of europe were falling and that says the e.u. consumers are trying to cut down on their expenses of the light of growing euro zone problems. and seoul the latest from the business desk i'll see you back here and fifteen minutes interesting that we're actually number one in europe in terms of car buying you just see the roads tells you everything thank you natasha all right. so i interview with the man who's trying to save judy in the sun from
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